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My Hero

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It was only a year ago… Grey eyes flashed shut.

“Draco, honey. I’m home.” A voice drawled as the front door slammed.


Marcus had been home early unlike usual, Draco couldn’t expect him back from the pub stinking like beer at that time. God he was so stupid, he should have thought about the possibility, no wonder nobody loved him... A flood of panic had came over him, washing over his brain and lungs. He wasn't ready yet, he was still preparing himself.


A year ago and he was trapped like an animal, in the clutches of a monster… He could remember the feeling clear as day and crisp as new bedsheets. Everything was alive then, the hair on his skin, his mind, his eyes and ears. Everything was in tune, like he was a creature of prey, in escape of the hunter within his home.

All common sense just seemed to leave him as strained and sensitive ears hounded the closeness and proximity of heavy footsteps and breathing. If things weren’t as Marcus pleased, he’d be getting a pounding tonight, and his neighbours would have to endure more sounds of muffled screaming.

Dinner ready? Check.

Table set? Check.

House clean? Check.

Laundry done? Check.

Draco hastily searched around his flat, searching for anything he had left out, the TV was on, volume at twenty-three – just the way Marcus liked it – the curtains drawn, three beers and a pack of pork scratchings were left on the coffee table for Marcus to consume later in the evening, like every other day.

Phew okay.

Marcus was a fussy lover, anything that he wanted he would get, Draco would make sure of that. Any times that things would not go the way he wanted, Draco’d be the bearer of the consequences. He struggled to think of how he had gotten here, and how his once lovely open home had turned into a place that he’d like to burn to the ground and send the walls up in flames. His home had stopped being open a long time ago. Nobody visited, nobody looked at it, nobody questioned. It was like watching the world from a glass bowl.

Draco ran to the porch where Marcus was stood expectantly, he looked irritated. His eyes were blown and hard, he had no clue what he had been doing in the last few hours but Draco didn’t even want to know. The sickening aroma of alcohol filled his nostrils. There was nothing that Draco hated more than alcohol, it made Marcus evil towards him, like a concoction that turned him from an angel to the devil himself. He wondered what apology he’d get tomorrow morning...

“Dragon, you know I don’t like it when you make me wait. I’ve been stood here for almost ten minutes already.”

Draco’s heart leapt. Had it been that much time? God he was so, so stupid, this was his fault...

He had been used to this constant fear…


Deep down he knew it had only taken him a few seconds to get to him but he wasn’t about to say so. Any cheek towards Marcus usually earned him a slap which wasn’t as bad as he was used to but it still wasn’t good. Whatever the master says goes, that’s the rules that everybody should live by, unless you’re not a good slave.

Living life in hell…

“Sorry babe – I was busy.” Draco murmured hesitantly, turning to pull Marcus out of his coat and hang it up. He didn’t understand why he had to do this for him, taking one’s coat off is a pretty simple thing that should be automatic, nobody should make anybody do it for them. It had become a kind of routine for them, to instantly remind Draco of his place as soon as Marcus came back to their home.


Draco knelt to the floor to untie his boyfriend’s laces. He fumbled for a few seconds, his fingers were shaking from nerves. He was so engrossed from trying to undo them as quickly as possible, he almost didn’t hear the small clinking sound of a belt being unbuckled, and a zip being drawn.

Oh no...

Eyes always wide, even in sleep...

The blonde looked up, he was used to being in this position, face to face with Marcus’ crotch.

A sex monster…

“Are you hungry, sweetface?”

The question surprised Draco. He was never usually asked if he wanted food.

“You must be pretty hungry and tired from all of the work you’ve been doing today for me. My sweet angel, always on your hands and knees.” Marcus cooed, it made the blonde internally cringe.

“N-no. I’m not hungry, I had some lunch a few hours ag-“

“Well that’s too bad, isn’t it, darling? Because you are not moving from that spot until you get that pretty mouth of yours on my cock.”

Draco didn’t mind pleasing his lover, in fact he loved it, and he loved the praise he got from it, he just didn’t happen to want a cock in his mouth twenty times a day… He had already blew Marcus three times that morning and had let him fuck him. He didn’t want to be cheeky though so he tried his best not to beg.





“Marcus,” Draco rushed, “Please, come on, I’ve made you your dinner, it will get cold if you don’t-“

But Marcus wasn’t listening, he never listened, he had already pulled his half-hard cock from his jeans and thrust it into Draco’s mouth, immediately choking the blonde. The feeling was familiar of course, though he could never get used to the taste and how big it was inside of him. It was almost impossible to satisfy him when it was forced on him this way.


Tears started forming in his eyes as he felt Marcus’ hand grip his long hair and force his mouth along the large girth. Having troll ancestry had certainly affected Marcus’ anatomy in terms of size. It felt like the suffocation would never end, but Draco had learned better than to struggle and try and get away. Instead he sat as quietly as he could, inhaling desperately through his nose which offered minimal relief.

“Mmm, babe, you get me so hot. Look at what you do to me! You’re gagging on it.”

Marcus groaned and grunted, the sound of Draco’s mouth making wet, sloppy sounds. Personally Draco didn’t find this arousing or even sexy in the slightest, it seemed grotesque and degrading, and he had no idea why he couldn’t just fight. He counted to ten, screaming at himself in his brain to get up and fight for himself, but his body just never seemed to listen to him. He was weak.

After a short while, Marcus came loudly, shooting a large quantity of semen down the blonde’s throat. Draco had no choice but to swallow all of the liquid, the salty taste making him want to vomit. It left a nasty taste in his mouth as usual, but he couldn’t complain. At least it was over now.

Marcus gripped his ponytail and pulled Draco off of his knees to his feet, startling the blonde into yelping. He wasn’t ready to move yet, his feet were struggling to give him support.

“What’s that smell?”

“It’s dinner, I made shepherd's pie…”


Marcus seemed to doze off into space for a moment, staring at the wall behind Draco’s head. He chuckled quietly to himself before beckoning the blonde with his finger. Draco hated when Marc had that deranged look in his eye, it made him look inhuman and it scared the living daylights out of him. He knew that look, that look meant pain would come, and he didn’t want to go anywhere near that monster.

If he moved towards Marcus, he would get a beating, but if he tried to escape, then he would get a beating anyway, usually a worser one, so he normally just did what he was told.

Unfortunately, Draco’s feet weren’t working properly, and he was frozen to the spot, like a deer in headlights. Move! Come on, just do it, or you’ll get worse!

A huge hand gripped a swollen wrist and dragged him upstairs into the bedroom. The only noise being the thundering of angry steps throughout the house. A door slammed, and bone-chilling screams could be heard throughout the rest of the night…