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Love in a Hopeless Place

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It's quite simple really.

Kuroo Tetsurou is nothing more than a young, star athlete in need of a good fuck before one of the most important games of the season. Coach advised the players to rest up for the morning game. He warned them all not to spend the night partying and screwing around. He even went so far as to threaten the team with a shit ton of penalties if any of them were caught breaking the rules.

And while dives and laps aren't that big of a deal, Kuroo really doesn't have time for that shit. He would really rather not. Penalties are beneath someone of his caliber. He'll leave that to the rookies. 

So once practice for the night is over and they all return to their respective hotel rooms, Kuroo calls up his good friend from university.

Bokuto Koutarou was Kuroo's wingman at every function. They did some pretty wild things together. Everything from threesomes to random hookups with each other just for the hell of it. Since graduation, they've kept in touch, but not as often as they used to. Shit just happens that way. Bokuto and Kuroo chose two, totally different career paths. Still, they're good friends, though.

That's why Kuroo is one of the few who knows about Bokuto's side hustle. Bokuto prefers to keep it a secret. Not because he's ashamed of his job. He does good, honest work. Bokuto just doesn't think that other people will be accepting of it. Which makes sense. Even in this day and age, there are still asshats who look down on sex workers.

Personally, Kuroo thinks it's cool to have such an amazing sex game that people will pay just to get a piece of that action. And he's not talking about a couple hundred here and there. No. Bokuto gets paid.

Well, what can one expect from an escort agency as prestigious as Black Lotus? The screening process doesn't just cover sexually transmitted disease. If your bank account does not meet the requirements, there will be no ass for you. Kuroo knows this because he's already been through the screening process earlier that week.

Their coach pulls the same crap before every important game: No drinking. No partying. No sex.

Except for this time, Kuroo is two steps ahead. He'll have the ass come to him since he can't go out and get it. Instead of calling the agency directly, Kuroo hits up Bokuto. He tells his friend to send only the best. Hair and eye color don't matter too much. In fact, Kuroo isn't all that concerned about the escort's looks. If they're great at what they do, Kuroo will be too engrossed in the sex to pay attention to any of that.

Bokuto tells him that he has just what he needs. The phone conversation sounds like one between a dealer and a stoner. They're speaking discreetly as if someone is actually tapped into their conversation. Bokuto and Kuroo are just extra like that.


Ending the call, Kuroo takes a long shower seeing that he has two hours to spare. Convincing the team's manager to secure him his own room hadn't been hard at all. Being team captain does have its perks. Though Kuroo is well aware that he isn't the only one winning the games. Contrary to what a lot of people think, he isn't as egotistical as he pretends.

Kuroo is actually an all around good guy. His teammates respect and admire him. Kuroo just likes to give the people what they want. The sports articles describe him as conceited, entitled, and arrogant. So, that's how Kuroo carries himself in public. Since junior high, every team he's been on, Kuroo has been named the team captain. It's as if he was born to lead. Seriously, doesn't he deserve to be a little full of himself?

Besides, he isn't here to impress people. He's here to win, and make sure his team qualifies for the upcoming Olympics and bringing home gold. There's nothing more important to him than reaching that goal. 

After the shower, Kuroo lazes around the hotel room while he waits for the escort to arrive. Putting on clothes seems kind of pointless. He decides to just put on one of his personal robes from home instead; which is way softer than the ones the hotel provides. Even though he's watched it more than once, Kuroo looks at the recording of their opponent's most recent game.

In the room next to him, he can hear some of his teammates talking loudly. They're more than likely playing some kind of card game to past the time. He's already made sure to put the Do Not Disturb sign on the door. From experience, his teammates know better than to disturb him when that sign is on the door.

Although they have a Home game tomorrow, their coach still insists on them staying at the same hotel the night before. Basically, their coach doesn't trust them enough to let them out of his sight. Honestly, Kuroo thinks it's a smart idea. It's just that tonight he is really horny. The last time he had sex, was like a month ago. Kuroo went out that night and hooked up with some random guy.

The sex was okay. But it wasn't what he really wanted that night. Sometimes he wants to have rough, detached sex. Of course, not everyone is open to the rough aspect. Kuroo understands that completely.

And since he never takes the time to build a connection with anyone prior to them having sex, he doesn't really know what a person is into unless he tries it. Still, that can also backfire. You can't just go choking people without their consent or a clear sign that they're totally cool with it. Simply asking them works at times, then there are the ones who misinterpret the question.

In the end, Kuroo keeps things simple unless he's told otherwise. 

Quite frankly, Kuroo is tired of half-assing it when it comes to sex. He often reminiscences about his college years and the times he's fucked Bokuto, and vice versa. There was never any romantic love between them, but the sex was some of the best Kuroo has ever had. Bokuto was down for anything. Nothing was off limits. Bokuto is actually the one who introduced Kuroo to the indescribable pleasure of rough sex.

Now Kuroo is hooked. Unfortunately, he doesn't have it as often as he would like. That's where Black Lotus comes in.

Exactly two hours later there is a sharp knock on the room's door. Before opening it, Kuroo takes a look through the peephole but doesn't see anyone. Apparently, the person is standing off to the side, out of view. Smirking to himself, Kuroo cracks the door open just enough to stick his head out.

"Kuroo Tetsurou?" A tall, attractive blond asks.

"That would be me."

Tightening his grip on the duffle bag on his shoulder, the blond moves closer to the door. "Tsukishima," he greets curtly. "I was informed that you were in need of my services for the evening." His voice is professional. Every word is spoken with eloquence and certainty. "Is that correct?"

Okay. What in the fuck is this? Did he rent an escort or a fucking tutor for the night? Kuroo looks at the man from head to toe. Yeah, he's attractive, a little on the nerdy side. He's wearing glasses and a turtleneck, for fuck's sake. The man doesn't look anything like what Kuroo imagined. He contemplates telling Tsukishima that he is no longer interested.

Instead, Kuroo takes a step back. "Yeah. Come on in." He moves to the side so the man can step in. He's horny so he'll see where this goes.

Once the door to the room is closed, Tsukishima walks over to the desk to sit his duffle bag down. Kuroo notes that the escort has a great ass. At least that's something. He isn't necessarily disappointed. He just expected...more. Is this uptight guy going to be cool with the things Kuroo wants to do? He looks like he'll be appalled if Kuroo even thought about choking him.

"So, Tsukishima," Kuroo says conversationally. "Do you have a first name? Or is that like an alias or something?"

Turning around, Tsukishima calmly takes off his glasses and sits them on the desk. "If you were interested in getting to know me," he says while removing his shirt, "You should have requested a companion for the evening instead of someone of my expertise, Kuroo-san." Tsukishima unbuckles his belt next, slowly pulling the leather through the denim loops. "You wanted a compliant fuck toy. And, that's what you're going to get."

To say that Kuroo Tetsurou is shocked would be the understatement of the fucking year. Jaw slacked, eyes wide open, Kuroo watches Tsukishima slide his pants down long, creamy legs, and then step out of them. Tsukishima didn't bother with underwear. He opted to go commando.

Using his belt, Tsukishima binds his own hands in the front. The action is done with practiced ease. "Everything we need is in my bag. As you see," he pauses, lifting his bound hands for Kuroo to see. "I'm a little tied up at the moment. Feel free to pick what you want to use on me." Sinking fluidly to his knees, Tsukishima bats his eyes prettily, thick, dark lashes shuttering his golden eyes. "Shall we begin?"

It takes Kuroo longer than he will like to admit, to shake out of his stupor. Tsukishima's transformation from alter boy to obedient slut kind of took him by surprise. Shaking his head, Kuroo chuckles under his breath. This is un-fucking-believable. There is currently a hot, naked blond kneeling in the middle of his hotel room. It feels like it's birthday.

Kuroo takes purposeful steps towards Tsukishima, noting how gold eyes take in his every move. Walking past the escort, Kuroo stops at the desk where the duffle bag is. He finds condoms, lube, and a slew of sex toys. He's so damn horny that he doubts they'll use any of them tonight.

"Toys are great, but I really just want to choke and fuck you," Kuroo admits sheepishly. Is that too simple? Perhaps Tsukishima was expecting something more exciting. Or elaborate.

Tsukishima only smirks. "You're the client," he purrs seductively. Leaning forward, he rests the side of his face on the soft carpet, giving Kuroo the perfect view of his tight ass. "You call all the shots."

Kuroo's knees feel weak. Like a siren's call, he's drawn to the sight. "Is there anything that's off-limits?"

"Cum and saliva are the only bodily fluids I swallow or allow during sex."


Kuroo is so excited that he doesn't prolong it anymore. He walks over to Tsukishima, reaches down and grabs a fist full of blond curls. "Safe word?" he asks politely. It's a harsh contrast to the tight grip on the man's hair. "Just in case you can't handle me."

Tsukishima tries really hard not to roll his eyes. He humors Kuroo anyway. "Dinosaur." He only throws that out there because he knows he won't be using a safe word tonight. It's the reason why he's so highly requested; Tsukishima never uses his safe word.

"That's weird," Kuroo laughs. "Have a thing for dinosaurs, huh?"

"As I stated before, I am only here to serve as your private cum dump for the evening," he states, tone flat and disinterested. "That is all. I didn't come here to play 21 questions."

"Goodness, Tsukki... Can I call you Tsukki? Tsukishima is too long."

"As long as you pay me, you can call me whatever the fuck you want."

Kuroo smirks darkly. He'll be sure to keep that in mind. "You really have a lovely mouth." Standing up, he continues to hold onto the escort's hair, roughly dragging the man up to sit on his knees. With his other hand, he easily unties his robe. "Let's put it to better use..." His erection stands at full attention; he's already hard and leaking. 

Tsukishima seems pleased by the rough treatment. Unabashedly, he opens his mouth, sticking his tongue out greedily. He's also grateful that Kuroo is well endowed. Sucking on small dicks is a fucking pain. Sometimes he has to stuff the balls in as well just to reach any semblance of fulfillment. However, with Kuroo, Tsukishima finally has a cock worthy of his lack of gag reflex.

He shows his appreciation with a low hum as his tongue swirls around the head of Kuroo's cock, careful to lap at the pre-cum before it can drip. Tsukishima really hates to be wasteful. When Kuroo's hold on his hair tightens, Tsukishima keens. His scalp is burning. It feels amazing. Glancing up, he can see how positively wrecked Kuroo is right now. But this is only the beginning.

Kuroo uses the thumb of his free hand to brush along the escort's plump bottom lip. "Open up nice and wide," he instructs, gently prying the blond's mouth open as he guides his cock inside. "Just like that..."

Tsukishima raises up slightly and then starts bobbing his head impatiently. If Kuroo won't hurry up and fuck Tsukishima's mouth, he'll fuck his own mouth with Kuroo's dick. Surprisingly Kuroo doesn't protest. He only assists by rocking his hips. Once Kuroo gets over how surreal this all is, it doesn't take him long to live out one of his many fantasies.

Kuroo has no idea why he enjoys this so much. It's brutal as hell. Like, he's viciously fucking Tsukishima's mouth, only relenting when he feels it's necessary. The vulgar sounds of Tsukishima's throat being brutalized reverberate off the hotel walls. And it is music to Kuroo's ears. He can't describe the felling. It's difficult to verbalize the sensation of staring down at a red, tear stained face as it chokes on his cock.

From the look of it, Tsukishima is in heaven. He's actually smiling around the impressive girth. Kuroo knows that he can't be too loud since there's the chance of his teammates hearing him, still, he can't help but groan at the sight alone.

He only stops when he feels like he's close. As much as he doesn't want to stop, he really doesn't want to come like this. When he pulls out, there's so much saliva. It's almost too much. Quickly, Tsukishima leans forward again, and sucks it all back in, swallowing it with a lewd, audible gulp. Again, Kuroo is left floored. He can't believe what he just witnessed.

Tsukishima's lips are so pink and swollen now, his eyes are red, and his eyelashes damp with tears. "I prepped before coming here," he informs Kuroo, completely disregarding the dumbfounded look on the man's face. "It's been a while since I've had someone as big as you." He assumes his previous position with his cheek pressed against the carpet, ass in the air. "Gods, please, fuck me already!"

"You're unreal," Kuroo breathes out. He quickly grabs the bottle of lube out of the duffle bag. "I'm not going to use a condom. Can't pass up the chance..." Kneeling behind the escort, he prods the tight ring of muscles. "You're still tight..."

"Trust me. You'll fit."

Kuroo thinks about testing Tsukishima's readiness for himself just to be on the safe side. But truthfully, his dick is so hard that it's painful. Instead, he applies a substantial amount of lube to his cock. If Tsukishima says he's good to go, then that's that.

Teasingly, he rubs the head of his cock across the quivering hole. His other hand caresses Tsukishima's back, silently coaxing the escort to relax for him. Tsukishima doesn't need too much coaxing. His muscles are relaxed and ready for impact. Absently, Kuroo wonders why he's never seen Tsukishima before. Someone this gorgeous couldn't have slipped past his radar.

"For fuck's sake," Tsukishima snaps irately. "Stick your dick in my ass and fuck me with it!"

Well, that succeeds in putting an end to Kuroo's appraisal. The demanding tone also irks him. It gets under his skin, making him feel as if he has a point to prove now. Like he as to somehow regain his dominance. So without further ado, he placed his hands on Tsukishima's hips, digging his nails into the smooth skin, and rocked his hips forward.

The sudden, forceful entry knocked the wind out of Tsukishima. Surprisingly, instead of shouting out in pain, he threw his head back and moaned. "Yes!That's what the fuck I'm talking about!" He doesn't bother waiting for Kuroo to make the next move. Propping up on his elbows, Tsukishima takes things into his own hands. With finesse, he eases up slightly and then slams back even harder.

"God, Tsukki," Kuroo groans loudly. Fuck his teammates. This shit is amazing, he doesn't care if they hear him. "Shit!" His hands on the escort's hips only get in the way, so he places them on his head and just stares.

Kuroo can only stare as Tsukishima fucks himself. Rolling his hips, the blond seems to bounce back on Kuroo's cock like he was born to do it. This kind of skill can't be found on any plain old hookup. It's something that takes the time to perfect. No. That's not it. What Tsukishima is doing has to be a natural born talent. It's a rarity that not everyone can master.

Tsukishima is the true definition of a power bottom. As phenomenal as it is, Kuroo can't just be a spectator. He can't just allow Tsukishima to call all the shots. At least not tonight.

With both hands, Kuroo grabs Tsukishima by the neck. The action causes him to sink balls deep inside of the blond. They groan in unison. Nose flaring, Kuroo whispers hotly against the shell of Tsukishima's ear. "I think you've forgotten who was in charge tonight, Tsukki," he teases, voice husky and dripping with dark authority.

Unbothered, Tsukishima rolls his hips, grinding his erection into the carpet and messaging his own prostate with Kuroo's cock. "You were acting like you didn't know how to fuck me. I was only helping you out." The hold on his neck tightens. Tsukishima curses, "Fuck! That...that's perfect! Promise to do that again?"

Kuroo does it again. This time he starts rocking his hips as he does so. His chest is pressed against Tsukishima's back as he literally fucks the man into the carpet. Tsukishima only gets louder. Kuroo has to keep one hand on his neck, while the other muffles the escort by shoving three fingers into his mouth. Tsukishima's contended hums send a shiver through Kuroo's fingertips and straight down his spine.

The safe word is never uttered. Even when Tsukishima's eyes roll into the back of his head, or when his head feels light. He never taps out. Still, Kuroo eases up on the choking. He's more concerned than Tsukishima is that much is for sure. Bruises still form on the blond's neck, and they're gorgeous.

When Tsukishima comes, he isn't as loud as Kuroo expects. He whimpers cutely, with a hint of aggravation. Almost as if he wants the pleasure to last forever, and he's pissed that it didn't. Of course, nothing lasts forever.

Kuroo moves his hands back to their previous place on Tsukishima's hips as his thrusts become erratic. He slams his hips one final time, holding himself in place as he empties his seed inside of the escort, refusing to waste a drop of it.

Tsukishima mewls at the warm feeling in his stomach. It's very rewarding after a good fuck, in Tsukishima's opinion. When Kuroo pulls out Tsukishima feels empty. Not the natural emptiness that comes after every fuck. This emptiness is much more noticeable, mildly annoying. 

Oh well. It's just another day at the office for Tsukishima. Nothing more. While Kuroo is on his back, trying to catch his breath, Tsukishima unbinds his own hands. As always, he takes a brief moment to admire the fresh bruises. He can't wait to see the ones on his neck. The turtleneck wasn't chosen by chance, obviously.

Some escorts prefer half of the cash upfront and then half later. Tsukishima usually wants it all upfront. Tonight, he forgot to even ask about the fucking money. Want to know why? Because he knows exactly who Kuroo Tetsurou is. He'll be lying if he said he wasn't a fan. He was a little starstruck earlier so asking for the money up front slipped his mind. Will he ever reveal that to Kuroo? Not a chance in hell.

As if reading the escort's mind, Kuroo says, "Your money is on the bedside table," he tells him as he walks to the bathroom.

Tsukishima figures that are his cue to leave. His legs are sore when he stands. He lives for the aftermath of sex. The soreness in his throat, the numbness in his ass, and all the other aches are another reminder of a great time. Tsukishima loves it all. Walking over to the bedside table, Tsukishima picks up the envelope of cash.

Crisp money makes his dick hard.

Smirking to himself, Tsukishima runs his fingers over the bills. He's happy that he allowed Bokuto to convince him of working on his off day. At first, Tsukishima wasn't interested. Then, Bokuto casually let it slip that Kuroo Tetsurou, the captain of the national volleyball team, was the client. How could Tsukishima resist? He has a thing for fucking celebrities. He loves to kick them off of their high horses and see how they unravel before his very eyes.

Feeling something warm run down his leg, Tsukishima sighs. He really wishes Kuroo would have just come on his face instead. It's all fun in the heat of the moment, but he hates having to clean it up afterward. 

"Allow me," Kuroo says, kneeling down behind Tsukishima. "It's only fair that I clean it up. Don't you think?"

He didn't even hear the man walk out of the bathroom."Holy fuck..." Tsukishima breathes out through his nose. "Are you fucking serious?"

Instead of responding, Kuroo continues to lick up the semen as it trails down the man's legs. Making his way back to the source, he pushes two fingers in."Tsukki, we really need to do this again." He scoops out any remaining semen.

What he does with it is lost on Tsukishima. He's too busy staring up at the ceiling in awe. Who knew Kuroo Tetsurou is actually a great fuck? Arrogant people tend to never live up to expectations. Kuroo is an exception. Tsukishima is grateful for the experience.

"You can set up another appointment through the agency." Tsukishima still gives Kuroo the same line he gives everyone else.

Kuroo doesn't want to hear it, though. "Why can't I just contact you directly? I'm still willing to pay."

"I do not give out my personal number. Not unless you were interested in drawing up a contract." Tsukishima starts to get dressed. He's already stayed longer than he normally does. Especially since aftercare isn't necessary for the client. He'll take care of himself once he gets home.

Contracts sound too over the top. Kuroo just wants to be able to hit Tsukishima up whenever he feels like it without having to speak with a receptionist or go through a middle man. Shit seems like too much work. But Tsukishima is definitely worth it.

"What kind of contract?" Kuroo asks despite himself.

Tsukishima is putting his belt on when he pauses to look at Kuroo directly. "Basically, you'll get to own me for an extended period of time. It's only temporary. I can't take any other clients during that time frame. Depending on your marital status, I can even live with you during that period so you'll have me anytime you want." There's more to it, but he doesn't feel like going into details on something he knows Kuroo isn't going to agree to.

Sugar Daddy is the term the escorts use. Mainly because it's normally older men who go for the contract. It's really just about sex and indulging. The escorts are showered with gifts, expensive dinners, and lavish dates. It's the closest thing to a vacation for them, honestly. Bokuto has had several contracts. As well as Iwaizumi, another favorite.

Tsukishima has never had a client who he wanted to mention the contract to. It's not something that everyone knows about. If a client doesn't ask about an extended rental, Tsukishima doesn't tell them. Like he said, Kuroo is an exception.

Kuroo still needs time to think it over. He has money, but he isn't fucking loaded. And there are other reasons why he isn't all too sold on the idea of owning another person. "I see. Well, thank you for your time, Tsukki. Hopefully, we'll be seeing each other again real soon."

"Hn." Tsukishima finishes with his belt. "I'll be leaving now."

"Aren't I suppose to take care of you now? Aftercare or something along those lines?"

The sly grin on Kuroo's face is hard to read. Either Kuroo is being sincere or he's being passive aggressive. Tsukishima isn't interested in determining which one it is. "I'm sure I'll manage. Goodnight, Kuroo-san." He puts his glasses back on. He hates wearing them during sex. They tend to get foggy, and smeared with spit. That shit isn't cute. 

"Fucking hell, Tsukki. I just licked cum out of your ass. No need to be so formal." He laughs.

"Stop talking to me so I can get the fuck out of here!" That is what Tsukishima wants to say. Of course, he doesn't. He remains impassive. "Kuroo," he corrects himself. "Goodnight."

Without waiting on another response, Tsukishima picks up his bag and his money, then he walks to the door. Kuroo is right behind him. At least he is no longer talking to him. Tsukishima has disregarded too many of his own rules tonight. He's pissed at himself for it too. Rules are what keep his head above water in a job like this. When they're at the door, Kuroo peeks his head out first to check if the coast is clear.

When it's confirmed that the hallway is empty, he motions for his guest to take his leave. "See you later, Tsukki."

Tsukishima walks out of the hotel room without a backward glance.

Kuroo takes another shower before getting into bed. Finally looking at his phone, he sees several text messages from the team's group chat. His teammates give him a proposition: If Kuroo doesn't buy them all a drink after the game tomorrow, win or lose, they're going to rat him out to their coach.

Kuroo agrees to the terms. He'll also be sure to remember the blackmail for future references. Until then, he has a game to focus on. Now that he's no longer on edge, he's confident in their victory tomorrow.

It's quite simple really.

Tsukishima Kei is nothing more than a broke ass college student who needed a job with great pay and flexible hours. That's why when he heard about Black Lotus, he applied without a second thought. Doesn't hurt that he's paid to do something that he very much enjoys. Why give it up to the fuckboys around campus when he can just make their father's pay for a piece of his ass?

He's been working with the agency for only two months and he's already one of the top five most requested escorts. It has more to do with his ability to adapt to the client's desires rather than him being drop dead gorgeous. In the bedroom, he flawlessly takes on the roles he's assigned. If the client wants a cute, blond submissive, Tsukishima can be that. If the client wants a stern, cold dominant, Tsukishima can do that as well.

Some clients want to fuck an unresponsive, sack of potatoes who moans despite how pathetic the sex is. Tsukishima can do that as well, albeit reluctantly. The sex isn't always fulfilling. Honestly, it's more unfulfilling than it is fulfilling. Thank fuck the pay is always worth it, though.

Half an hour later, Tsukishima is at the two-bedroom apartment he shares with his best friend, Yamaguchi Tadashi. All of the lights are out so he knows Yamaguchi hasn't made it home yet from his respectable job as a cashier at the campus bookstore. Yamaguchi is the only person out of Tsukishima's personal circle who knows about his employment with Black Lotus.

And hopefully, it stays that way.

Tsukishima isn't interested in having the entire university knowing that he's a high-class prostitute. He isn't as comfortable with it as the other escorts. But that's to be expected. He's still relatively new to this. He isn't ashamed. It's more so the stigma surrounding sex workers. And he cares about what people think, contrary to what he lets on.

Tsukishima tosses the envelope on his dresser. He'll count if after he finishes his self-care ritual of, a hot soak in the tub for twenty minutes, washing his hair, applying ointment to his bruises, and then, he brushes his teeth, flosses, and burns his throat with mouthwash. He does other things that will remain unmentioned. When he's done, Tsukishima counts his money.

Since he already paid his tuition earlier that month, he'll have more money to fuck off with. But he doesn't. Tsukishima and Yamaguchi are far from home. He likes to keep a stash saved just in case of an emergency. As much as he wants to splurge on pointless things, he wants to be smart with his money.

Kuroo didn't cheat Tsukishima out of any money. He paid the full amount as well as added a nice tip. Tsukishima definitely would have kicked the man's door in if he would've paid him less than what he was owed. For obvious reasons, he doesn't play about his money.

All in all, tonight was a win. Not only did he make some extra money, but he also had a pretty decent fuck. The fact that the client was one of Tsukishima's idols is only icing on the cake. 

He's in the kitchen looking for something simple to cook when Yamaguchi arrives.

Yamaguchi takes one look at the bruise on Tsukishima's neck and frowns in concern. "I thought today was your off day."

"Bokuto called in a favor."

He walks into the kitchen and sits his bag on the counter. "You've been complaining about not being able to have a day off in weeks."

"The client was worth it."

"Who was it?"

"Kuroo Tetsurou."

Yamaguchi grins. "Really? Wow! How awesome is it to fuck one of your idols AND they pay you for it?"

Tsukishima laughs. "You have no idea."

Saying that Tsukishima Kei is a fan of Kuroo Tetsurou is truly an understatement. His older brother, Akiteru, played volleyball, so naturally, Tsukishima has a love for the sport. Other than his older brother, Kuroo Tetsurou was a player who's career Tsukishima followed closely. When it was announced that Kuroo would be playing for the national team, Tsukishima, along with others who have been secretly rooting for Kuroo's success, celebrated over drinks.

"Oh shit!" Yamaguchi exclaims suddenly. "That's right! They're all staying at the Ritz tonight. Did you see Ushijima? Please tell me you told him that I would suck his dick for free?!"

Ushijima Wakatoshi is the stoic, Ace, and vice-captain, of the national volleyball team. He's also a personal favorite of Yamaguchi for reasons that are unknown. Well, Ushijima is like fucking Superman so that can be the reason why. The only reason why he isn't the captain of the team has more to do with social cues rather than his abilities as a player. Kuroo is more personable so it's easier for him to communicate with players who all come from different cities, backgrounds, and things of that nature.

"I only saw Kuroo," Tsukishima says. He gives his best friend an apologetic smile. "But I promise, if I ever run into Ushijima, I will be sure to pass along the message."

Yamaguchi pouts. "You get to meet so many famous people. If I had the looks I would definitely apply."

"You do have the looks."

"You think so?"

"Duh. And you don't have to have sex with anyone either. You can just be an escort escort."

An escort escort, describes what Tsukishima is actually supposed to be doing; escorting wealthy men and women for the evening. The sex aspect of the job is one of those things that's a given but isn't explicitly stated.

"I'll think about it," Yamaguchi decides. He is seriously tired of his boring job that barely pays enough. "Anyway, how was it?"

Tsukishima gives Yamaguchi the spill. On top of Yamaguchi being his best friend, the young man never judges Tsukishima or makes him feel like crap for his chosen occupation. They're able to talk about these kinds of things without fear of being judged by the other. It's great. Yamaguchi's only concern is Tsukishima's safety. Which is understandable.

He starts with how nervous he was at first. Because, fuck, he was standing outside of his idol's hotel room. Of course, Tsukishima did not reveal how he has a jersey with Kuroo's number on it. Or how he used to go to Kuroo's games when the athlete was still in college. Yeah, Tsukishima definitely left all that out. He made sure to treat Kuroo like he does any other celebrity client. 

"...I just kept reminding myself that Kuroo is nothing more than a client. He's like all the other rich fuckers I've been with. Once I got that through my head it was easy. His dick is big. I think I would have cried if it wasn't. Like, this is the guy I've been jacking off to since I was 16. You know?"

"Yeah. That would have like, ruined your childhood." Yamaguchi grimaces at the thought. Then, he smiles again. "Did you make a good impression?"

"I think so. He asked about us doing it again."


Tsukishima ignores the remark and continues with his story. In retrospect, the sex was good, yet it wasn't as kinky as the sex Tsukishima is accustomed to. The other clients seem intent on using every toy in Tsukishima's arsenal. Most of the time, the toys feel better than their cocks. It makes him wonder if they insist on using so many toys to make up for what they lack.

Kuroo didn't use any toys and it was one of the best fucks of Tsukishima's existence. He tells Yamaguchi that.

"Do you think Ushijima will be a good fuck?" Yamaguchi asks once the story is over.

Tsukishima takes the time to think about it. "I hear it's normally the quiet ones you have to watch out for. People think he's awkward because he doesn't talk much, I just think he prefers not to waste his time on idle chit-chat."

"You two have that in common," Yamaguchi teases. "You need to make Kuroo fall in love with you, move in together, and then throw a housewarming party."

Tsukishima knows where this is going. "And I'm guessing you and Ushijima will be the only guests we should invite?"


"Your thirst for Ushijima is inspiring, truly."

Yamaguchi smirks smugly. He even pops the collar of his work uniform. "You know me. I like to aim high." He wiggles his eyebrows, further showing off how cheesy he is.

Tsukishima blinks. Turning on his heel, he leaves his best friend standing in the kitchen.


"Shut up, Yamaguchi."

. . . 

The next day, Yamaguchi and Tsukishima watch the volleyball game together. Tsukishima can't help but feel smug about how he had Kuroo practically drooling over him last night.(He disregards the fact that he was the who actually did all the drooling) He also notes how Kuroo is so merciless towards their opponents. It's sexy as hell watching someone dominate in a sport that's more difficult than people give it credit for.  

Tsukishima hopes they'll have another session together soon. 

Indonesia doesn't stand a chance.

Not that anyone expected them to, honestly. Japan now has the closest thing to a dream team in regards to volleyball. It's been years since Japan has qualified for the Olympics. Now that dream seems closer to reality. Nothing can get past their impenetrable wall. Kuroo, Aone, and Lev won't allow it. Any ball that they fail to stop, which is rare, the Guardian Deity of Japan, Nishinoya, takes care of it. They also have two, reliable setters: Shirabu and the rookie, Kageyama.

And there's nothing strong enough to stop Ushijima's spikes.

The game is over before it's started. Kuroo doesn't even break a sweat. He almost feels bad for their opponents who traveled this far just to get their asses whooped. At the rate their going, the upcoming Asian games will be an easy win. During an interview following their match, Kuroo is asked if there's anything he did differently prior to this game.

Was there a different training regime with the team? Maybe he meditated? Or something along those lines. Because he was on top of his game today. Everyone noticed it.

While Kuroo wants to tell everyone at home who are currently watching, that he had an amazing fuck last night that consisted of pounding a gorgeous blond into the carpet of his hotel room, he doesn't. He simply tells the kind reporter that he made sure to follow his coach's orders of getting a good night's rest. Technically he did. After Tsukishima left, Kuroo slept like a fucking baby.

In the locker room, his teammates remind him that he owes them drinks. The only one who isn't privy to what's going on is Ushijima. When most of the players have filtered out of the locker room, Ushijima speaks.

"You played well today," he says, voice deep and surprisingly cheery. Well, it's not necessarily cheery. Kuroo can just tell that Ushijima is in a good mood. If you listen closely you can tell by the pitch of his voice. "Lev said it's because of your personal masseuse who paid you a visit last night. Is that true?"

Kuroo snickers. "Personal masseuse, huh? I guess you can call him that." Although, Tsukishima is way better than a masseuse in Kuroo's opinion.

Rolling his neck, Ushijima tries to get the kinks out. "I never believe in things such as luck. It all comes down to natural talent. But, you appear to have your very own good luck charm." He slams his locker shut. "Maybe I need to get one."

A good luck charm? Kuroo likes the sound of that. Fucking Tsukishima the night before every game sounds like an excellent idea. Then, he glances over at Ushijima. His lips quirk faintly, forming into his signature smirk. "I think a massage will help you loosen up a little. Tell you what, I'll take you to the same agency I go through."

Ushijima nods his head. The man has no idea that Kuroo is referring to an escort agency.

Kuroo pats him on the back. "You're going to love it."

Ushijima isn't that dense, though. "Why do I get the feeling that you're setting me up?"

Perceptive as always. "Oh, Ushijima, I would never. Don't you trust your captain?"

"No," Ushijima flatly states.

Kuroo can't blame him. He isn't called the "Scheming Captain" for the hell of it.