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Remembering My Love

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She was running through the forest, her feet knowing where to step and when to jump. She could hear someone behind her in the brush, bringing a smirk to her face and causing her to move more deftly. Just as she was passing a fallen tree, a hand grabbed her arm and pressed her into the broken stump. She looked up to the beautiful face of her fiance, with his ruffled hair, sticking to the sweat on his neck and his excited, dancing blue-gray eyes.

‘Shh…’ he whispered, his lips hovering over hers. ‘Gracie is part bloodhound, I swear,’ he chuckled.

Alice giggled with him, leaning closer to her beloved-

Alice woke with a start, heart hammering in her chest. She looked around, realising she was still in her shoppe, but laying on cushions from various chairs and sofas. That was when she noticed Jefferson lying next to her, his arm draped across her waist with the other under their heads. Smiling, she remembered their activities from the night before, relishing in his touch on her bare skin.

Then Alice groaned at the mess they had made throughout her shoppe. ‘Cleaning this all up is going to be a pain,’ she pondered. 'I really hope I can wash these cushions or else I’ll have to make new covers.’ She giggled at the last thought, which seemed to rouse the sleeping man next to her.

“Good morning, Gorgeous,” Jefferson rumbled, voice still rough from sleep. His hand on her waist pulled her closer to him, allowing him access to kiss along her shoulder, to her neck, jaw and finally, her lips. She melted into his touch, wrapping her arms around his chest and resting her hands on his shoulders.

“I think Granny’s is closed now,” Alice giggled against his lips as her Cuckoo clock chimed three in the morning. Jefferson tucked his face her neck, sighing softly.

“Then we will have to change dinner to breakfast,” he purred against her flesh, pressing hot kisses up to her ear, “I have a few ideas on how to pass the time.” Alice could feel his smile against her cheek as Jefferson pressed her hips flush to his, a gasp escaping her mouth at the hardness pressing to her stomach. His lips covered hers, relishing the whimpers his slow thrusts against her hips elicited. She tangled her hands in his hair, holding his face to hers as she felt her core reacting to his body.

“Mmm…Do-share these..Ideas,” she panted against his lips, her hips pressing harder to his and rolling against his erection. The grumble rolling through Jefferson’s chest vibrated through Alice’s body, sending a shiver straight to her wet and aching core. He grabbed her ass, holding her against him as they continued making out and grinding against each other. Alice wrapped her leg over his hips, pulling him closer to where she wanted him. Jefferson took the hint, sliding his hand from her ass to her slick folds, growling in pleasure at how slick she was already for him. He teased her folds until her hips pressed against his hand, then slid two fingers inside her, and her moan was all he needed to starting pumping his hand in and out of her.

“Damn,” he rasped, “So wet for me already, love?” His hand kept working Alice into a frenzy, his thumb working her bud just how she liked it. Her hips thrust with his hand, her moans nearly pushing him to his limit. He removed his thumb and just worked his fingers, finding her spot inside that caused her to thrash and whimper. Once her head fell back he knew she was nearing her climax, her core tightening and pulling on his fingers.

“Jefferson,” she stammered, her voice filled with desire, looking into his stormy blue eyes.

Hearing his name on her beautiful lips was all it took for him to withdraw his fingers, while maintaining eye contact with her, before licking them off with his tongue. She mewled at his withdrawal, her eyes blown wide with desire for him to be back inside her. He kisses her deeply, allowing her to taste herself on his lips, while moving his body to hover over hers. She wrapped her legs around his hips, pulling him down to her damp core.

Their kiss deepened, turning urgent, as he slid inside her with ease of practice. They moaned in unison at the sensation before he started to move. His thrusts weren’t gentle, knowing she would come apart sooner that way. As he slammed his hips against hers, he felt her core tightening around him, as more moisture pooled inside her, until her head flew back as she fell into her climax. Jefferson kisses her roughly, swallowing her cries, moving harder to push her further into the bliss she was feeling.

He knew he wouldn’t be able to last much longer after her muscles finished milking his erection, his head swirling from the rush of feeling her wetness coating his member and his hips. He hitched her leg over his shoulder, allowing him an angle that would get Alice to climax again, while he could cum at the same time, if he paced it just right. Alice gasped at the position change, then moaned when Jefferson moved and simultaneously it her clit and inner spot.

She wasn’t even fully down from her as she felt the second one building in her core.

“Fuck, J,” she gasped, pulling him to her for greedy, desperate kisses. His responding purr, deep in his chest, vibrated against her sensitive breasts. As his thrusts came harder and more erratic, she knew he was as close as she was. She pulled at his hair, knowing from last night he loved it, while trying desperately to hold off her own orgasm.

“Alice,” he rasped, eyes on hers again, “I’m…Fuck!” Was all she heard before her climax pulled her under. Her walls contracting and the heated wet coating Jefferson milked his climax from him. He jerked hard into her a few more times before collapsing over Alice.

“Mmm…. Mine,” Jefferson murmured against her neck, unaware he’d even said it out loud.

“Always,” Alice sighed into his shoulder, kissing his trembling flesh.

Jefferson jerked his head up to look into her eyes, feeling de ja vu so strong he couldn’t ignore it. Alice just looked at him with a smile, her blue-green eyes full of love and contentment.

“What did you say?” He whispered, his voice laced with excitement and fear.

“I said I was yours Jefferson,” she repeated, curious at his changed demeanor. “And I don’t make a habit of saying things I don’t mean.” Jefferson paled, as though he’d seen a ghost, with tears in his eyes as he stared at her.

“Alice, you’ve said that to me before,” he softly whispered, fear lacing his words. Alice thought about the dream she had this morning, as well as others she’d had in the past. Maybe they were truth instead of delusion, like Dr Hopper had said they were.

“Um, would that have been while we lived in a forest with Gracie?” Alice chewed her lip, unsure how Jefferson would react to her voicing her dreams. She watched at him through her lashes, noticing how his face went from hesitant fear to unadulterated joy and excitement, his smile lighting the whole shoppe.

“My Alice!!” He exclaimed, hugging her tightly as tears fell into her hair. She held him quietly, tears running gently down her face, as she rubbed his back to soothe him. “But…How?” he rasped finally, lifting his head to search her face. “Regina said it was my curse alone to remember..?”

“Well, love, it’s a long story,” Alice shyly stated, looking for his shirt to put on, “and it’s going to require coffee before I can make sense of it.”


Alice made the coffee, wearing Jeffersons button-up, as he cleaned the mess from their fun the previous night. His brow gathered in concern, unsure of the conversations direction that she kept putting off. All he was certain of was that Regina would pay dearly for the harm done to his Alice. 'Hell, she didn't bother to change her name, like she did to me,' he fumed internally.

"Coffee's ready," Alice chirped, interrupting his spiraling thoughts. "You enjoy yours mostly sugar with a splash of coffee, right?" She taunted, the smile on her lips not  reaching her eyes.

"Haha," Jefferson smiled, enjoying her recollection of their previous lives, but disliking the toll they  had on her life. He walked behind the counter, pulling Alice to him and burying his face in her hair. Sighing, he turned to her ear before whispering, "I never thought I'd have you back."

"I didn't think you were real, even once you started coming into my shoppe," she whispered back, turning in his arms to stare into his eyes. Her hands seemed to memorise his every detail: roaming over his chest, shoulders and finally his face, tracing his jaw, nose, cheekbones, then playfully tugging on his hair. Pressing a chaste kiss to his jaw, she turned to grab their mugs, and began to amble to the restored sitting area.

"When do you want me to start?" Alice mumbled, eyes not leaving her mug.

~~2 hours later~~

The sun has risen sometime between their second and third pot of coffee. Alice's eyes red-rimmed and raw from talking about her dreams, Dr. Hoppers medication, and how no one believed her. The medications were to keep her 'delusions' from keeping her awake and in control, getting more added to the cocktail once Jefferson came into the shoppe and she told Dr. Hopper about it, who said she was manifesting her delusions.

When she divulged to J about the conversation she overhead between Mr. Gold and Regina, he broke his second mug that morning.

"What did they say?" He demanded, speaking for the first time since Alice started talking.

"Um, well, they said that your curse was to remember everything, but that hers was to remember in a way that would make her insane," she stumbled over the words. "OH," Alice gasped, finally realising that the Her they spoke of was herself.

Jefferson sat very still, seething at the audacity Regina had to do this to his beloved. He fidgeted with the broken ceramic in his hands before standing quickly to throw away the second mug he broke.

He had so many questions for the broken woman in front of him, but he dared not ask them knowing how raw talking about this all made her feel. He raised his pale, ice blue eyes to her reddened ones, just in time to see her bolt off the couch and race to the bathroom.

"Too much coffee!" She yelled, slamming the door behind her.

His brows raised up, confusion dancing upon his expression. Did I scare her with my silence? he pondered, ambling slowly to the door. He raised his hand to knock, to apologise for his silence, when he heard the toilet flush and the tap running.

After a few moments, Alice emerged pale and shaken. He delicately touched her shoulder, unsure of what happened and his apology forgotten.

"So, breakfast?" Alice asked timidly, looking up to him through damp lashes. He nodded, not trusting his words. "But first, I think we need a shower and to change," she looked down, indicating their lack of clothes and freshly fucked appearances. Giggling, she grabbed his hand and led him to the back stairs leading to her loft above the shoppe.

As heavenly as a shower sounded, Jefferson was quickly distracted by the peak of her Hello Kitty panties from under his shirt with each step she took. Growling, he picked up Alice and threw her over his shoulder to bound up the last flight of stairs.

"Does this shower include us saving water?" He teased, nipping her backside and eliciting a giggle turned moan from her.

"You're insatiable, J!" Alice playfully swatted him, scrambling off his shoulder so she could unlock her door.

"I've spent 27 years watching you, unable to touch you and I want-" Jefferson stopped mid-sentence, realising she had silent tears on her cheeks. "Damnit, what'd I say now, love?" He pulled her close and held her as she cried gently into his chest.

"Why...Why didn't you say something sooner?" She pleaded, her eyes a pale mint of sorrow and loneliness. Wiping away her tears, she pulled her face back to look at him before continuing, "I spent all those years thinking I was crazy, that the dreams were my escape, but they were true. You could've helped me heal and understand," she stammered, unable to finish as tears spilled fresh.

Jefferson gathered her close to him, tears running down his cheeks at her obvious pain. He was a fool for not noticing it sooner, not knowing she suffering like he was.

"Regina wouldn't have allowed it and would've made us more miserable than we already were," he confessed, knowing it was true as Regina had a habit of turning people's happiness to misery out of spite. "With Emma here, her attention is diverted. Now we can help Emma destroy the curse that has kept us apart, Love. I promise."

Sighing softly, Alice nodded. She opened the apartment door and led him into what should've been her sanctuary, but was her own version of hell.


To Be Continued