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Forward Without Seeing

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Time Stamp: Mid Episode

The sight that greeted Cordelia when she opened her eyes shocked her. Giles stood near-by, Spike pinned against the wall, stake about an inch away from plunging into his heart. For a moment all she could do was stare at it. This was not what she had expected to wake up to when she had fallen asleep reading the book about today’s current monster. A book that Giles had hoisted on her, upon their return from their meeting informing Buffy just what baddie they were facing. She had complained - but thanks to the spell it had fallen on deaf ears. It wasn’t like there was much more to know anyway. Also, Cordelia was getting very sick at looking at pictures of people with their hearts ripped out.

As wakefulness crept in it took Cordelia a moment to figure out what she was looking at. However her mind was able to slowly put the clues together. A tipped over mug of blood was on Giles’s table top, with books scattered around it. Spike had blood smeared across his face and Giles was staring at Spike with a look that could only be described as devastated. Clearly he had thought that Spike had killed her - what with the her being asleep and all.

Actually it was rather exciting - that Giles was defending her.

Recently she had felt like everything she had been saying to him was falling on deaf ears. A few days ago Giles had thrown Spike at her to take care of so he could have time with a visiting female friend. And like okay Cordelia got it, he wanted time to be romantic that was important. But sometime between that first hand off and today he had gotten it in his head that Spike should stay at Cordelia’s indefinitely. At least until they could figure out what to do with the chipped vampire. Which was ridiculous because Spike was a slob and Cordelia just knew he would be the worst roommate ever. However, watching Giles defend her like this, well - Cordelia was struck suddenly by the fact that he cared for her.

He had done a good job of hiding it by piling book upon book, upon homework assignment on her but Cordelia could see now how her death would affect him. And the fact that yes, he would kill someone in her honor - it felt good.

She was brought back to earth by a pained look on Spike’s face and she finally got up to touch Giles’s arm. As she did so his head turned to look at her and she could see the fear there slowly melt away. He dropped the stake he was holding and turned around to wrap her up in a big bear hug. Cordelia found herself too astounded to really do anything but let him hug her. A moment later Giles realized what he was doing and he moved away from her clearly flustered. Rolling her eyes Cordelia’s internal frustration at the past few days activities vanished and faded. If this was how Giles truly felt then it really wouldn’t hurt to watch Spike for him.

That was if he even let Spike stay with her after this.

Unfortunately Cordelia discovered, he would.