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SasuNaru Happy Family

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        Hinata dashed and maneuvered around the villagers of Konoha trying to find a certain short tempered kunoichi, she had certain information the girl would be titillated to hear. Though she herself was beyond ecstatic, Naruto was back! After four years the man that she loved was back, with Sasuke the young Uchiha, who his friend was in love with. Both of them had been in love with the boys since childhood, watching them grow into spectacular men who would be the two heroes of the war. Granted it took many years for Hinata to confess to Naruto and it wasn't the best time since Naruto was about to be taken by the ex-leader Pein. Although she wasn't sure if Naruto felt the same about her, she knew Naruto was oblivious about his emotions and hoped Naruto at least acknowledged as a person now not just a meek little girl watching him from the shadows. Finally Hinata spotted her friend Sakura who was heading to the hospital, her red attire and pink hair set her apart from the crowd.

Hinata slowed down as she was only inches away from the female, she placed a hand on her shoulders which made the pink haired Kunoichi turn quickly. "Oh hey Hinata" Greeted the girl with a pleased smile, she noticed the girl was slightly out of breath and gave her a few seconds to catch her breath.

"T-They're back" she panted, her cheeks burned crimson, white eyes with excitement.

Sakura frowned, "who's back?" she asked confused, Hinata only smiled wider, " Naruto-kun and Sasuke" Sakura's eyes widened,

"what?" she asked shocked. "Tenten told me they returned, she saw them when she was heading back from a mission" Hinata said feeling her heart flutter, "she also said they had a surprise"

An image of Sasuke appeared in Sakura's head, his ominous obsidian eyes, cool demeanor and presence, it all came flooding back. She had repressed her feelings for all these years focusing on her career in the hospital. Watching her best friend marry and have a child broke her heart, to see she would not share in this happiness for a long time, though now... Now Sasuke was back in Konoha.

"well then" Grabbing Hinata's hand Sakura grinned, her green eyes glinting, "what are we waiting for?" the two of them ran off, only thinking, 'we'll be reunited!'


 "Goodbye Sakura" Sasuke whispered softly as he headed out, his eyes focused forward. It had been so long since he had been in Konoha, and even now he only stayed for a few days. Mostly because he felt the animosity of some of the villagers, he knew it would be a long time before they forgave him and accepted him again as one of their own. The only reason he stayed for a while was because of one person, Naruto. He had owed a lot to that idiot, he caused him a lot of grief and trouble. He knew he would never repay Naruto, his kindness and stupidity. i mean how can someone be so stubborn? for so long he had threatened and attempted at his life but that idiot persisted. It was incredible how someone can be loyal and have such a strong will, but all that had caused a lot of damage, emotionally and physically. Well they both suffered damages, loosing their arms and most important person. Learning things about themselves and choosing different paths that ended together, it was something like fate for them to come together in their final fight. He could still feel the warm blood on his knuckles as he pounded Naruto's face in, everything else was numb but that feeling, even when they were finished he only felt raw.

"i didn't think you would come Naruto" Sasuke paused as Naruto appeared from behind a tree, he wasn't wearing his usual clothes, but he looked well enough.

He had a headband on and from what he could see a bandaged artificial arm that Tsunade and Sakura had created for both of them for their missing limbs. "why do you have a backpack" Sasuke questioned once he noticed the straps, the blonde only grinned like a fox. "isn't obvious?" Naruto tilted his head staring straight into the Uchiha's eyes, the same vibrant eyes that Sasuke could not help but wonder if they were jewels. " I'm going with you" Sasuke could not help but smile a bit, it wouldn't be Naruto if he didn't do something unexpected. "It wouldn't be you if you didn't do something spontaneous like this" Naruto laughed as Sasuke continued his walking, the two looking forward heading onto an unknown journey.


"NARUTO! SASUKE!" Sakura shouted as she found the two, receiving many looks from the villagers but that didn't bother Sakura as she ran towards the backs of her teammates, Hinata closely behind, trying to calm her beating heart.

The two males stopped as they both recognized the shrill voice of their friend, turning around to face her and Hinata, their hands grasping softly of the tiny hands of the surprise.

"welcome back!" she waved her hand frantically, no longer able to hide her excitement, " let's go eat at Ichiraku's" she suggested as she got closer. Though as she was centimeters away she did notice something between the boys, a small child.

'huh' Sakura's eyes bulged, 'who's the kid?' Sakura wondered slowing her pace until she was in front of them. She stared down at the child trying to process where she came from, the girl smiled gently at her waving at Sakura. "Hello i'm Yume" she greeted happily and respectfully. Sakura knelled down analyzing the young child, she was about four years old. She was like a small porcelain doll, large obsidian expressive eyes, fair skin, long black hair and bangs that framed her face, small plump childish lips. She wore a black sweater and skirt, knee long purple socks and the usual black sandals. All in all she was a beautiful child, she appeared to share the Uchiha good looks but have this warmth and openness like Naruto.

"That's a cute name, " Sakura placed a hand on the girl's head, Sasuke's eye twitched but only Naruto caught that, " what are you doing with Naruto and Sasuke" Yume pulled away from Sakura's touch, "well considering they are my parents"

Yume emphasized the word parent with a little annoyance at Sakura, "i think that's a good reason to be with them"

"PARENTS?!" Sakura screamed jumping back, her mouth wide as well as her eyes bulging, Hinata on the other hand fainted hearing the word parent, imagining Sasuke and Naruto doing things.

Naruto sweat dropped as a stone faced Sakura stared at them like a lunatic, while Hinata was laying on the floor muttering nonsensical words. "Papa your friends are weird" both parents sighed.

The restaurant was buzzing with noise of both customers and employees, smell of meat and fish filled the air, the environment was busy but welcoming. Well almost all of the atmosphere was welcoming, in a table at the end of the restaurant five people were seated in silence staring at each other awkwardly, many of the employees avoided the table until they gave a more relaxed and not so menacing aura.The calmest of the five was trying to come up with anything to break the tension but wasn't coming up with anything, as the news of her first love having a child with another was still buzzing in her mind, still making her blush uncontrollably.

"okay, how the hell did this happen, " Sakura demanded, breaking the awkward silence, Yume frowned hearing the tone directed to her parents. Naruto laughed nervously rubbing his neck, "many things happened, me and Sasuke spent more time together and i guess it happened" Sakura glared not liking the answer Naruto gave.

"It happened?! that is not an explanation Naruto, you two are together and  return with a kid" Sasuke's hand gripped Naruto's under the table tightly in irritation at her attitude, " i want to know everything, so spill"

Yume looked at her papa and did not like this, her papa was always loud and bright. "why does it matter how it happened, its none of your business" Yume leaned on the table looking up at Sakura with distrust, " if you want to know dad got papa pregnant, papa and daddy love each other, it's not your business ugly!" Yume said narrowing her eyes at Sakura.

Sakura was frozen, she had never heard anyone but Sasuke speak to her like that, Yume huffed and crossed her arms leaning back on Sasuke who petted her head, proud. Naruto tried not to smile but his lips twitched up. "its not like you ever had a chance, ugly" she muttered.

Hinata looked at Sakura with concern as she trembled, she didn't know how Sakura was going to react, would she cry? She knew the feeling right now, she loved Naruto but seeing Naruto with little Yume and the way he seemed more comfortable with Sasuke she knew she had to move on. It hurt her, deeply and pierced every hope and dream but Hinata wanted nothing more but Nauto's happiness.

Sakura slammed her fist into the table, nearly shattering it, Hinata moved back placing her hands on her chest as that had surprised her. Sakura growled moving around the table her hands clenched in tight fists, "don't you think i know that now?!" angry tears rolled down her cheeks as she continued to shout at the child, "Sasuke will never love me!"

Sasuke took a deep breath as he didn't want to maim the idiotic girl, he didn't want Yume to see a dead body so early, he could sense Naruto was conflicted at the moment, " all my chances are gone because of you, you brat!"


The restaurant was silent as the echoing of the slap stopped, Sasuke stood before Sakura, a hand print burning on her cheek. She was utterly shocked, the slap shook her more than she expected it to. No face of sympathy was shown, not even on Naruto who just stared blankly at Sakura with no warmth, " Sakura i think its time for you to go", his serious expression something unexpected.

Hinata looked around quietly trying to figure out how to feel, she looked at little Yume. Her eyes were guarded, holding onto Naruto, Hinata could not tell what she was thinking but she imagined her thoughts were not kind. Sakura turned to Naruto hoping to find some comfort but found none, she bit her lower lip in desperation, 'dammit!' she screamed internally as she finally ran out of the restaurant.

Hinata stood up halfway but was stopped by Naruto's hand, "it'll be okay" Naruto smiled at her, " Sakura needs to come to terms with this, it can't always go her way. Especially now since we have a kid, we can't spoil her anymore" Naruto said lifting his child up in an embrace, Yume snuggled up to Naruto.

"i guess your right" Hinata sighed sitting back down, nodding at an employee who cautiously approached them.

Time went on well, the four of them enjoyed a great dinner, catching up to what happened in all the years. Hinata informed them that she had given title of heir to Hanabi and returned to missions and duties of being a Hyuga, also what happened with everyone else in Konoha and which had kids. She listened to them intently as they told their journey, not noticing that throughout the afternoon and night she had consumed a lot of alcohol until she was inebriated.

"Sorry Hinata we have to go, Yume is asleep and needs a bed," Naruto bowed apologetically, placing some bills on the table to pay for dinner, all three of them getting up and heading out. Sasuke held Yume safely in his arms.

"Goodnight" Hinata bowed and bumbling around as she headed home, Naruto hoped she would get home safely.

Naruto looked up at the sky and then Sasuke, sharing a smile with him, the moon was full. Like how it was when they conceived Yume. They recalled when it happened, they were in an inn when Naruto came bursting in the room naked in his girl form announcing he was pregnant to a disgruntle Uchiha. Naruto laughed, they were such idiots back then, not knowing that it was about to be the best decision they made. Naruto clung to Sasuke's arm, snuggling to the tall Uchiha as they walked to their home, "ne, Sasuke let's go see Tsunade-baachan tomorrow"

Sasuke glanced at Naruto with a slight grimace, not just the thought of dealing with Tsunade but as nostalgia stuck in his mind. At the beginning, how they were scared to raise a child, anxious and angry nine months and years of pure emotions both good and bad, yet that lead them to become even closer. "no" Sasuke said simply, "why the hell not?!" Sasuke pulled Naruto closer, carrying Yume with one arm, while wrapping the other around Naruto, he couldn't imagine how strong their bond had become. The love for each other and Yumewas immense , she was the representation of the love they held.

Sasuke sighed sleepily, " i don't want to deal with another loudmouth" Naruto puffed out his cheeks in annoyance, "fine!" he said but he held no anger or resentment, it was just how they interacted. They all came to Naruto's old apartment exhausted from a tiring day, sleeping together in wondrous bliss, they only hoped the coming days would get better in Konoha.