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"3 and a half minutes max. So I'd say you hurry your pert little ass up and get to it, sweetheart." Hoseok's voice resonates through the earpiece and Yoongi stills, profanities slipping.



"The fuck." Vexation seeps from his lips, cursing Hoseok to hell and back as he drills a hole through tempered glass, movements fastidious. "You promised me a 10 minute timeframe. And call me that again, I'll put a fucking bullet through your head."



There's an airy chuckle from the other end and it grates on his nerves in that way only Jung Hoseok can.



"Feisty tonight. You sure know the way to a man's heart."



Yoongi sneers, resolving to deal with him later tonight. Maybe with his .22 caliber.



"I tried to get you that window but they've got a lockdown on their damn security system. It's a fucking nightmare and I can only deactivate it for so long before it triggers again." Hoseok relays distractedly and Yoongi can hear the distinct click-clack of a keyboard through his earpiece. "Sonic alarms are setting off in 2 minutes 57 so you better get working on it."



"Shit." Yoongi can feel the blood pound in his ears as he focuses on getting the drill just far enough past the other side of the glass. The sides break around the tip, laminated glass cracking without shattering and he knows it's time to pick it up.



2 minutes 36, he times in his head.



Just a little more, he thinks, watching the drill sever the opposite end of the glass and the quiet humming of the tool deafening in his ears as a bead of sweat trickles down his forehead.



2 minutes 21.










His finger comes off the trigger the moment the tip peeks through the other side, glass broken around the puncture but held in place and he exhales in relief. He reaches into his sack, retrieving the pick before positioning it right against the frame. He withdraws the tool with care, movements meticulous as the drill comes out with all the precision his dexterity allows.



"1 minute 59," Hoseok says, a hint of agitation intermingling with his words. "Yoong, tell me you at least broke through the glass by now."



Yoongi scowls, tapping nimbly at cracked glass with his pick to pry the shards out. "Working on it."



"You did hear me when I said I could only tap off the system for so long, right?"



"With a voice that grating," Yoongi starts, eyes still homed in on the display. "who wouldn't be able to hear you?"



"You're cutting it close, babe."



"And you're pushing your luck here, Jung, so I'd suggest you shut that pretty little mouth of yours and work on prolonging that window for me before I really consider shooting you."



"Always resorting straight to violence." Hoseok tuts and Yoongi almost cracks a  smile. "You know, I'm sure there's some kind of support group out there for you. Tyrants Anonymous or something like that."



The first shard comes loose and the relief subsequently trickles in. He strikes the piece with the tip of his pick a little harder, watching as it scatters onto the inside of the garish display.



1 minute 30.



"Your sense of humor leaves much to be desired." He drawls, eyes scanning the room and scoping out where the alarms are likely to be triggered. He's already mapping his route of escape the moment he gets ahold of what he needs. 






Another piece collides and there's a sizable hole in the glass display but it's not enough to fit the jewels through. The sound of his heartbeat amplifies somewhere inside and he tries to overlook the slight tremble to his fingers.



Stay focused.



It's imperative.






"You get me that extra time yet?"



A noise of frustration flows directly into his ears and that's all the answer he needs.



"I'm trying- their database is something, alright. I'm trying to override it but it's recovering quicker than I expected."



Yoongi will never admit he's starting to sweat bullets, but he's starting to sweat bullets. He taps the sides of cracked glass with more force than necessary and watches as another piece comes off, a soft clink resonating through vacated halls. 



1 minute 12.



Yoongi sizes up the crack in comparison to the jewels, eyes scrutinizing the shape. He needs wider space. 



"Fuck." His brows furrow in concentration as he cracks another shard, using his forefinger to press lightly before feeling it dismantle and slide out. "Where's Seokjin?"



A pause and a flurry of clacking before Hoseok's voice rings in his ears again.



"Positioned up the opposite building." Yoongi can hear him swear quietly and it makes his skin tingle somewhat unpleasantly as he strikes the display glass one more time.






His heart nearly stutters in his relief, a gaping hole left in its wake as he watches bits of glass tumble.



49 seconds.



"You've got a guard rounding the corners," Jin's voice suddenly filters through his ear and he knew the motherfucker was listening in. "Should be to your right in about 40."



"God damn it." Yoongi growls, peeved at the additional hindrance. "What the fuck is going on Hoseok."



He hears a frustrated noise and he thinks it mirrors exactly what he's feeling. He fits his hand carefully though the severed glass, motions steady as his arm fits through the opening. His fingers flex as he carefully unhooks the estate necklace from its display, feeling the cool press of diamonds and emeralds even through his gloves.



His heart pounds fiercely.






"I infiltrated their fucking security footage," Hoseok explains snappishly, a sliver of his irritation peeking through. "They shouldn't have any reason for being here."



"He doesn't look alarmed." Jin sounds calm, so characteristic of his persona and method of dealing with things. But Yoongi really shouldn't be surprised, cognizant of the kind of person he is. "I don't think he suspects anything, probably just patrolling."



Yoongi wraps the necklace around his fingers, pulling his arm out with the utmost care and feeling something in his chest dip in relief before it's quickly replaced with a sense of urgency.






"Just my fucking luck." Yoongi grouses, sliding the chain out of the hole he had created. He exhales when he feels the necklace in his possession, barely sparing it a second glance before he slides it into his sack. He tosses everything he held inside before zipping up and slinging it over his shoulder.






"Stay away from the window to your right, Yoong." Jin instructs, and Yoongi doesn't question it. "That's where he's coming up."



Yoongi smirks, feeling a tinge of appraisal at Seokjin's preparedness. He would expect nothing less.






"Get out now." There's a sense of urgency in Hoseok's tone that should alarm him, if only he weren't entirely acquainted with his fretfulness. 



And Yoongi means to. He really does.



Because he's cut it close and he thinks he can hear the distinct clack of shoes resounding through the hallway and he knows he's about 9 seconds away from blowing his cover and this operation.



But then he remembers a fundamental piece and he retraces his steps.



"Yoongi-" Hoseok is practically shouting through his earpiece but he ignores it in lieu of retrieving a slip of paper from the slit of his pocket. 



A small business card with nothing but two words printed consciously in the center.



He slides it through the crack, setting it carefully where the necklace previously rested before he quickly draws his arm out. 



3 seconds



The clacking is in his ears and he stands, noting the peek of a flashlight around the corner as the tapping of shoes grows louder and his eyes fall to the large window pane. He smiles.






He adjusts the lapels of his jacket, Cheshire grin in place.



Yoongi sees him before he does, grinning at the stocky middle aged male donned in uniform and holding a flashlight as he turns the corner. When he looks up, there's a flurry of emotions that dawn on his features- the confusion which morphs into shock which quickly evolves into alarm.






He sees the man fumble for his belt, shouting at him loudly and expletives fly in and out of his ear as Hoseok proceeds to lose his shit. There's suddenly a loud blaring as the system triggers, sensory alarms detecting one particular artifact removed.



The guard reaches clumsily for his gun, eyes wide and flitting from him to the broken glass display.



Yoongi maintains that lopsided grin, even as he whispers sweetly. 






The guard finally manages to pull his gun out before aiming it directly at him. 



"What are you-"



A distinct whirring, glass shattering and he never gets to finish his question.






Yoongi stares down almost impassively as he hears the thud of a body hit the ground, eyes empty and a trail of sanguine trickling from the man's forehead as he makes out a single bullet puncturing skin. The alarms continue to sound off raucously in the background and he huffs, annoyed at this misstep but resolving to do better next time.



"Yoongi, what the fuck-"



"Damage control is going to be a bitch with this one." Is all he says, indifference plaguing his tone.



"Jesus fucking Christ."



Yoongi snorts, dusting off the lint from his jacket before passing by the display case idly, eyes lingering on the slit of paper he had consciously left. He tries not to get too caught up in his satisfaction, realizing he probably has half a minute max to get out before the other guard comes swarming in and he'd really prefer not to increase that body count to 2 tonight.



Collateral damage is never terribly fun to deal with.



"Is Wonho out front with the car?"



A pause before a peeved but resigned huff sounds in his ear.






Yoongi hums. "Good."



There's a brief pause. 



"You fucked up tonight."



He rolls his eyes.



"Technically, you did." He retorts, slinking towards the back exit. "Should've bought me more time."



"You had it." Hoseok is seething and figures he's going to have to butter him up tonight to help him get over his bitch fit. He and his paranoia. "You could have left as was, you self-absorbed piece of shit."



Anger is such an intricate little thing.



"But no-" He spits, and Yoongi doesn't think he's heard him sound this livid in awhile. He traipses down the stairs, already aware of where the car should be waiting. "You had to go back and for what? Your fucking ego."



"Watch it." He warns, tone eerily calm and it successfully shuts Hoseok up. "You're overreacting. There was more than one factor that set us back tonight, but in the end we still got what we needed so everything else is inconsequential."



The other end is silent.



"The only thing you're angry about is the mess, but you can take care of that easily can't you Seok?"



Hoseok says nothing.



"Intercept and dislodge their security system and stop bitching." He instructs, pushing his way through the emergency exit, spotting a black vehicle parked off to the side and he slinks towards it. "Their system probably alerted the feds already so clean up and wipe away as much as you can of our traces."



There's a derisive snort from the other end but he dismisses it, opting to rush towards his getaway. The door opens before he gets there and he all but leaps inside, barely slamming it shut before tires screech and Wonho's speeding off. 



"A dead body is pretty hard to just wipe away. And as if they're not going to know exactly who's behind this." Hoseok states drily, and there's still an undercurrent of fury embedded in his words. "You might as well have taped your fucking name to the display case and tipped the cops off with that little stunt you pulled." A pause. "Again."



Yoongi smiles, removing his gloves before tossing them into Seokjin's lap. The elder stares at him flatly, appearing neither impressed nor unimpressed and it causes Yoongi's grin to widen.



"I suppose you're right." His smile is all teeth with a peek of gums and Seokjin rolls his eyes, unperturbed.



"You're getting sloppy." There's no real spite present, just a hefty dose of honesty and perhaps Yoongi should be affronted but he knows Hoseok is only making an observation.



He lets it slide.



"You're running your mouth an awful lot tonight." He speculates, bored. "Just do what you have to. We're heading back now."



He removes his earpiece, tired of the conversation and he barely has a chance to catch his breath- to relish their success, as close of a call as it may have been- before Jin's voice cuts through his thoughts.



"He's right, you know." There's something about the way Seokjin's inflection hardly wavers as he wipes down the bore of his sniper that tickles him. Also, that he has the muzzle pointed in Yoongi's general direction is amusing.



"Hmmm." He brushes off an imaginary piece of lint from his pants. "Use your words, Jin." Yoongi grins and it's just on the side of condescending.



Jin glances up from where he's cleaning his weapon. His expression reveals nothing but there's a sheen to his eyes that would almost be cautionary, maybe even maleficent.



"You're getting careless." The thing with Seokjin is, he doesn't need to raise his voice to be heard. His repose speaks volumes. "That's not a desirable trait to have in this business. You know that."



That he does know.



"Is it your turn to tell me what I already know?" His eyes flit towards the elder, countenance giving little away as his grin persists.



Seokjin rivals his impassivity with a blank stare, those slim fingers still skimming tenuously over his rifle as he runs a cleaning rod through the barrel.



"I have my reasons for doing things. If that bothers you, you're free to leave anytime."



It's neither a threat nor a warning- he's not that stupid. Jin is one of his best snipers, he'd be a damn fool to run him out. It's merely a statement, one that Yoongi cares little for but he supposes he should make it abundantly clear that his decisions are his to make.



There's a blur of buildings and lights behind him as the car speeds through the night and Wonho has always been efficient. That's what Yoongi hired him for. 



Still, it feels like time lags as he and Seokjin sustain eye contact, an unspoken challenge perhaps.



Seokjin breaks first, a tilt to his mouth as he redirects his attention towards his weapon. He cocks it back in place.



"Don't be so defensive." The way he speaks mirrors his affect and it always evokes a slight tinge of amusement within Yoongi. He didn't really think, even for a moment, that Jin would consider leaving. "Just thinking out loud."



Ruthless in his own way but loyal to a fault.



Yoongi smiles, leaning back against the leather seating as he cradles the sack in his lap.



"If I wanted your thoughts, I'd pay a pretty penny for them." He retrieves the sole purpose for their proceedings tonight. Emerald glimmers even in dim lighting. His smile deepens.



There's a soft noise, nonchalant in nature, and Yoongi disregards it.



"Just don't let this little ongoing competition of yours impede your ability to complete the job." There's always a note of serenity to Seokjin's tone that would almost be soothing, even when he whispers death into your ears. "Would hate to see a pretty little thing like you locked up- or worse, with a bullet between your eyes."



Yoongi returns Jin's smile with one of his own, enjoying his bluntness. 



Never one to beat around the bush.



"Don't worry about it." His fingers curl around the expensive piece, thumb running appraisingly over studded jewels as he reflects upon the night and the unspoken message left for one individual intended.



His lips curl.



Time to ante up.








Namjoon is greeted with more than he's probably prepared for when he arrives at the scene, Jooheon sidling up to and filling him in before he can even get a proper breath in.



"Victim was one of the guards working the night shift, age 49- cause of death we suspect was a bullet to the head."



Namjoon's brow arches, Jooheon meeting his strides as they navigate their way through the museum. 



"You suspect?"



Jooheon grimaces. 



"Final say lies with the coroner but I'd say the gaping hole in his forehead is a pretty dead giveaway."



"Hmm." It's way too late- early?- for this and Namjoon hasn't had his coffee yet. He's allowed his insouciance. "That all?"



Jooheon hesitates and that's a tip off.



"Not exactly." 



Namjoon has a feeling he's not going to be terribly partial to whatever's about to come out of his mouth. 



"You might want to take a look for yourself." Jooheon says just as they round the corner and it's a flurry of caution tape and camera shutters and the intensification of the headache he had hoped would mitigate.



Looks like that's not going to happen anytime soon.



Namjoon glances down at the body- the small pool of blood, and the twinge of dread he's become entirely too accustomed to these past few months resurfaces.



He doesn't need to look closely to know what he's going to find. Doesn't need to dig much deeper to deduce who's behind it.



His stomach is weighted with lead, the throbbing between his temples more pronounced.



His expression is carefully schooled, revealing little and Jooheon would feel slightly disconcerted- maybe concerned- if only he didn't have a pretty solid idea of the reason behind Namjoon's solemnity.



"It's escalating." Is all Namjoon says and Jooheon can only stand idle by his side, conveying his assent through his silence.



He looks around, taking in the scene before him. His eyes flit towards the overarching window facing the hallway, noting the single hole in the glass- the cracks surrounding the entry spot. The examiners move effortlessly around them, dusting around the crime scene and snapping away at the evidence.



Namjoon is itching for that coffee right about now.



He watches people from his department bustle through with a body bag and a stretch and he and Jooheon naturally move around them, acclimated to the process by now.



Namjoon doesn't bother lingering as they carefully ease the body into the bag, stalking off with Jooheon at his footsteps. His mind is already starting to piece things together against his will, an inclination that's steadily been enforced with every subsequent call in the middle of the night.



It's a game that's getting out of hand.



He wonders how long it will take them to come to that realization. 



The display case is oddly intact, the only flaw being the puncture around the left side of the glass and the resulting cracks around the edges, leaving a mid-sized hole and scattered shards paving the inside. It looks like the result of a strategic plan.



He knows they knew what they were doing.



And if the trepidatious feeling that had begun accumulating the moment he received that call this morning wasn't enough of a giveaway, then that pocket sized business card splayed out almost methodically in the center of the display and bearing nothing more than a line of fine print certainly is.



Agust D.








"Did you see the news yet?"



A prolonged moment.



"You mean that cute little display of affection?"



Jeongguk snorts, wiping down the edge of his blade although Taehyung finds it unnecessary considering how excessively he tends to it.



"If that's what you want to believe."



Taehyung beams, stretching out comfortably on the sofa, feet perched in the younger's lap and he revels in the annoyed huff it incites. Still, Jeongguk permits it even as he continues sterilizing his already spotless dagger and Taehyung knows for all that he's worth, he's still pliant as hell.



Jimin gazes up at him, attention divided between the stacks of cash on the table and the wayward conversation.



"This little courtship of yours is getting weird."



Taehyung eyes him through his lashes, voice coming out a purr. 






Jimin hums, disinterested, already preoccupied with stacking the scattered piles of Benjamins before placing them in their designated slots.



"Nah," he breathes, shuffling wads of cash around. "already ate your ass out once. Good enough for me."



Taehyung grins, recalling the incident with fondness.



Jeongguk scoffs, twirling the knife before wiping down the other side. "Who hasn't is the real question."



Taehyung nudges him playfully with his foot, ignoring the disgruntled sound it evokes.



"Are you calling me easy, Jeon Jeongguk?"



A roll of the eyes is all he's given and he would probably take offense if only he weren't riding off a strange wave of adrenaline. Something that ignited the moment he flicked on the news only to find it blown up with reports of another... incident at the exhibit. 



"If the shoe fits." Jeongguk mutters underneath his breath but Taehyung catches it, pressing the heel of his foot retaliatory against the front of his jeans and smirking at the soft grunt incited.



"That's not very nice, Gukkie." He admonishes, digging his heel in a little harder and relishing the way the younger shifts uncomfortably in place. "Especially when I know you'd be the first to offer your services." He goads, continuing to press against him and Jeongguk shoots him a scathing look before shoving his foot away roughly.



"Been there, done that." Jeongguk returns gruffly, eyeing the tip of his blade in consideration. "Not something I care to revisit."



Taehyung bites his lip to hide a smile.






Jeongguk looks up, eyes stony but lips twitching almost imperceptibly at the sides and Taehyung's so attuned to his nuances that he doesn't miss it.



"Caught me."



He makes a noise of contentment, curling closer and preening when Jeongguk doesn't budge.



Jimin makes a derisive sound at his side and Taehyung can't help but to wink at him, amused grin intact.



"Could you guys maybe be a little more disgusting somewhere else?" There's the sound of a lock clicking into place, suitcase snapped shut and Taehyung eyes it with approbation. "Preferably away from this general vicinity." 



"You're no fun, Chim." There's something teasing pervading his tone and Jimin can only bemoan his choice in partners- friends. "Are you sure you're not jealous? I mean, I don't blame you. I'd cry a fucking reservoir over the loss of this sublimity."



Jimin eyes him blandly, trying not to let his skepticism show. He's probably not doing too commendable of a job.



"Positive." He says, monotonous, and Taehyung pushes down a laugh. "You're too fickle for my tastes."



He tuts. "Rude."






"I'm inclined to agree for once." Jeongguk chimes in and Taehyung is 200% certain no one asked for his input.



"Maybe I just like to keep my options open." Taehyung smiles, Cheshire-like, before reaching over to twirl a strand of Jeongguk's locks between his fingertips. He hears a quiet grunt of annoyance but nothing else so he persists, grin unfaltering.



"Ah," Jimin leans back so he's settled comfortably across the couch, one leg crossing over the other. "Token response for the non-committers."



Taehyung smirks, proud and maybe a little infuriating but Jimin takes it for what it is. 



"Commitment is overrated, Jiminnie." His mind drifts towards a certain raven haired male, volatile but somehow still enthralling in his eyes, and the adrenaline pulses a little quicker beneath his veins. 



Jeongguk snorts, tickled by the direction in which this conversation seems to be heading.



"Right." Jimin sounds unconvinced, or perhaps consciously disinterested is more accurate. "That's a pretty bold statement considering how many months you've been having me keep tabs on shortcakes. New record for you?"



Taehyung remains unbothered, mien carefully withheld even as his lips curl, smile saccharine with just a touch of disingenuousness. Something about it causes his mind to draw parallels with those wolf-in-sheep-clothing metaphors. 



"You've seen him." Taehyung states without a hitch, but Jimin knows he's encroaching on slightly risky territory. "You know even I can't resist a pretty face."



Jimin has a theory. He wishes to test it out.



He folds his arms behind his head, body lax because a part of him thrives on evoking reactions from Taehyung. He positively lives for it.



"I have." It rolls off the tip of his tongue easily, syllables drawled as he grins at Taehyung knowingly. "Can't blame you, I guess. Pretty little thing like that, I'd smash him into the nearest surface if I got the chance."



Something flickers in those dark, feline eyes and Jimin has to tamp down on the small twinge of victory in his chest. Humility is a flattering trait, after all.



"Would you now?" It's pleasant enough, but Jimin knows behind a string of roses knotted up with pretty words lies a bed of thorns peeking from beneath. He molds his frame against plush cushioning, amusement seeping from his very pores and it'd be a miracle if Taehyung didn't pick up on it.



Jeongguk's ceased with his ministrations by now, attention entirely devoted towards the two of them and their increasingly tense exchange and it fills Jimin with a sense of delight, knowing he's roped Taehyung and Jeongguk in like this.



Perhaps not so disinterested after all.



He shrugs, feigning nonchalance even as excitement grips him from the inside. He has to fight terribly hard to keep his emotions at bay, lest Taehyung find out too soon that he's pulling his leg. The things Jimin will do for shits and giggles.



"Of course." He answers, succinct. "I'm not blind. He's gorgeous as hell, it'd take a lot more self restraint for me not to want to fuck him."



Jeongguk remains silent, watching them both with interest and Taehyung smiles, tight-lipped.



"It would, wouldn't it?" Taehyung muses, fingers curling around Jeongguk's wrist as he retrieves the blade from his grasp. He brings it to eye level, inspecting his own reflection before running the pad of his thumb carefully over the edge. "Jimin."



Jimin looks at him, interest piqued.



"We're friends, aren't we?"



His mouth twists, something alight in his eyes. "Of course, babe."



Taehyung returns the sentiment, warmth flooding from dark eyes but there's something cautionary bleeding around the edges.



"Then you'll know it's in your best interest if you stay away from this one, yeah?"



It's not a question.



Jimin hides his delight, packing it down tight but still keeping it within reach for whenever he requires access.



Theory supported.



"Are you subtly threatening me, Tae?"



Obsidian eyes curl into half-moons, creased around the edges.



"I don't think there's anything subtle about it, Minnie."



Jeongguk snorts, leaning back and getting comfortable. Jimin throws him a sly grin before looking at Taehyung again. He chuckles, raising his hands in surrender.



"Relax," he says, and Taehyung does, the tension visibly seeping from his frame as he falls back against Jeongguk. "I have no intentions of stealing your boytoy from you. You don't have to worry about me being a contender for his affections. Besides," He drawls, something devious belying his tone. "He'll be all the resistance you need. You've got your work cut out for you on this one."



"That he does." Jeongguk comments offhandedly, fingers dancing along the nape of Taehyung's neck. "You've picked a real spitfire this time."



"You'd know, wouldn't you." Taehyung tries not to cave into the touch but he's always been strangely tactile and Jeongguk's fingers do wonders against his skin.



Jeongguk makes a dismissive noise, fingers curling around the back of his neck while he rubs circles with his thumb. Taehyung approves of this. 



"Anyone with a lick of common sense would know there's always something lethal behind a pretty face." He stares pointedly at Taehyung. "He might be a beauty, but only an idiot would take that at face value. He'd smile at you with his fingers around the trigger."



Taehyung derives great satisfaction from this, feeling something spring to life at the thought of the other pointing a loaded gun in his face. Or better- his mouth.



"I do like a challenge."



Jimin rolls his eyes, propping his feet against the table.



"Yeah, well, let's just hope this is one challenge that doesn't end up with you in a casket."



"Party pooper." Taehyung throws lightly, humor emanating from his eyes. He runs his fingers over the blade, the edges catching the light. "Hey," He adds as an afterthought, something content unfurling within his chest as he sprawls out freely across the couch.



"Don't you think it's about time we meet this Min Yoongi?"









Yoongi had no intentions of causing another ruckus quite this soon.



After all, Hoseok had practically chewed his head off after the last mishap, instructing him to lay low for a couple of weeks until he could at least eradicate any traces of their fuckup.



Yoongi's not an idiot.



He knows the risk factor- knows what's worth diving headfirst into. As a result, he realizes it's in his best interest to heed Hoseok's advice while he works on throwing the feds off their trail.



Not that he honestly believes anything could derail that one cop for long. That Kim Namjoon. He's a crafty one, the right one to look out for.



He doubts that tidbit of information would bring much solace to Hoseok's overwrought mind, however. That, and the fact that Yoongi may have purposefully been trying to leave hints of his presence behind.



He supposes he deserves it. 



Leaving that compromising of a trail for him to clean up. The least he can do is to give him a couple weeks of inactivity.



Especially since nothing has seemingly transpired from the other side.






He can't tell if he's pleased or disappointed.



Perhaps it's an odd variation of both.



After his last stunt, he was sure the other would follow it up immediately with some form of retaliation of his own, stoking the flames to this unspoken but ongoing strife between them.



Instead, it's been radio silent for the past week.



He's not foolish enough to interpret it as a ceasefire.



No. He's planning something- this, Yoongi is more than certain of.



The thought makes him smile.



Pity he doesn't even know the name of the person he's going to empty his barrel into. 



Not that he can really be bothered to care. No. Yoongi's interest may have been piqued, he's secure enough to admit this to himself, but his ire has been unearthed even more so.



He doesn't care for children who interfere, thinking they're old enough to play a grown up's game.



When the time comes, he'll properly dispose of the waste. Of that, he's sure.



In the meantime, he has more pressing matters to attend to.



Like this expendable piece of filth before him.



A smile tugs at his lips, elbow pulled back before surging forward to land another violent blow to the side of his jaw, reveling in the sharp crack and afflicted shout drawn. He cracks his knuckles, humored by the sight of that bloodied mouth and the faint traces of magenta blossoming beneath swelling lids.



He could go all night.



Seokjin remains stagnant at his side, watching with distant interest. 



Yoongi lifts the man's face so they're eye to eye, something delighted brewing in his countenance. His fingers tighten around his chin and he chuckles at the pained groan it evokes as he squeezes harder.



"How you feeling?"



He smiles, all teeth, and something like glee permeates his heart when those beady eyes flicker with an emotion akin to fear.



"What's the matter, cat got your tongue?"



The restrained male says nothing. Wise.



"No, that's not right." Yoongi continues, tossing him a saccharine smile that's the farthest thing from genuine. "I suppose it'd be the other way around since you seem to have a penchant for taking it out on those who can't defend themselves."



Yoongi rolls up the cuffs of his sleeve, taking his time and enjoying the way the other squirms through his silence.



"Now that's just not very gracious of you."



The irony makes him laugh.



He suddenly rams his fist brutally into the bridge of the other's nose. It brings a sick sense of satisfaction when there's a strangled cry, hearing another crack and he wouldn't be surprised if he shattered something.



He hopes he did.



Because while Yoongi may be a different brand of nefarious, a stain in this godforsaken shithole-



He would never fall into the category of animal abuser.



Even criminals have some semblance of morality.



Like he said-



He had no intentions of dirtying his hands so quickly after the last incident, but not even Yoongi could resist this one. He had been minding his own business, too. But he's always had a keen ear and there was no mistaking those pitiful whimpers and harrowing yelps as he and Seokjin passed by what appeared to be a desolate warehouse.



Curiosity had gotten ahold of him.



And when he had, he almost wished he hadn't. Because he was trying to give Hoseok a break, he really was. But then he saw what had been done- what that vermin was doing- and he knew he'd be conveying his apologies to Hoseok once more later that night.



Yoongi had taken one look at the bastard with his hand wrapped around that cowering Doberman's neck as it yelped in pain, dragging it across the hard floor before delivering a harsh kick to its stomach- prompting another pitiable cry from the animal, and he didn't have to think twice about pulling out his Glock and emptying two bullets in each kneecap.



The agonized noises that escaped the stout male had almost made up for it. Almost.



Yoongi smiles down at him, eyes flitting down towards his legs, jeans stained with sanguine around the shins and he has to tamp down on his approval.



He crouches down, fingers digging into his bloodied knees and he watches closely as the bound male writhes wildly in place, muffled shouts ringing in his ears. His lips quirk.



"Does it hurt?" Yoongi notices the tears pooling at the corners of wide eyes and it makes his chest simmer with pride when the man nods his head frantically.



He thinks he hears Seokjin muffle a laugh behind him but that's not confirmed.



Yoongi's lips furl, something insidious creeping into his mien. 






Fear is such an interesting phenomenon. 



"You know," He says, sinking the pads of his fingertips into his knee stoically and wresting a choked scream but he doesn't care. Not really. "I don't have a very high opinion of people who mistreat animals." He stands, looking down at him the way one would look down at the scum on their shoe. "I mean, what'd they ever do to you?"



Yoongi adjusts the lapels of his suit, reaching inside his pocket for the switchblade attached to him at all times. 



He toys with it in his hand, brushing his thumb over cool varnish. He meets that stricken gaze, mouth tilted at the corners as he flicks the blade open. 



He wonders how many self-proclaimed powerful men have cowered in the name of fear.



"What's with that face?" Yoongi asks, crouching down to eye level with the man tied to the seat. He runs the edge of his blade across the meat of his chin before trailing it along the curve of his jaw. He presses the tip of his knife in gently, nicking plump flesh and taking in the quiet whimper of pain.



Yoongi has to hand it to him. He had his money on the other passing out by now.



Color him impressed.



"You like pain, don't you?" Yoongi's really not looking for a response. "Like inflicting it on those that can't fight back." He creates another nick along his cheek this time around, making sure to dig his blade in a little deeper. The resulting cries are melodious to his ears. "I don't blame you."



Yoongi doesn't blink as he pulls back his knife and jabs it violently into the flesh of the other's thigh, ignoring the piercing scream that follows. Crimson quickly flourishes and stains the punctured area. 






Seokjin shuffles behind him.



"I know all about that kind of adrenaline- that power." Yoongi says, eyes boring into that pale face. "Hey, hey," he hushes him when the whimpers turn a little too grating for his ears, slapping his face lightly as his gaze grows unfocused. "Eyes here," he indicates to his own with two fingers. "Don't pass out on me yet, we haven't even gotten to the good part."



Oh, yes. Fear is a wonderful thing indeed.



"With people it's easy-" He pats the other's bloodied face, grinning when tears spring from his eyes and a shudder wracks his frame. He wonders how long he has to wait before he goes into hypovolemic shock. "We're all bound to turn into degenerates sooner or later. There's not a lot of room for regret there." He jostles the knife roughly, eyes fixed on the other as he attempts to jerk away from the pain. In vain, it is.



"But animals, dogs-" he pauses, eyeing the other with disapproval. "They're loyal to a fault. No matter how many times you screw them over, they'll come back to you at the end of the day begging for just a lick of affection."



If Yoongi had the patience, he'd carve those beady eyes from their sockets, staring up at him in such a state of bewilderment. As though he has no idea, no inkling of responsibility for what he's done. The lack of remorse irks him.



He grabs his face with brutish force, thumb purposely digging into the gash along his cheek and he relishes the harrowing cry of pain. His eyes narrow, some of the feigned congeniality leaving his visage.



"See where the problem lies?" Yoongi poses disinterestedly, as though he's getting through formalities. 



The other says nothing, merely staring up at him with a panicked expression and sweat coating his forehead but Yoongi's not having it. His patience wanes.



"You know," he breathes, words solemn. "I was thinking about all the things I was going to do to drag this out- maybe see how long I could go before you started screaming."



Those eyes still tinted with pain widen and he thinks if fear embodied a distinct scent, it'd smell something like this.



"But I wouldn't want to waste another second on a failure like you." Yoongi rises, watching the other closely while he does so. He reaches into his back pocket, feeling the steady weight of the gun in his palm. "Dogfighting as a means of profit? Really?"



He undoes the safety lock.



There are protests- pleas- as his gun hangs idly at his side.



"A little outdated and barbaric, don't you think?" He brings his Glock up to inspect it, eyes trailing over it with approbation. "Couldn't have come up with something a little more creative, like extortion or robbery at least?" He sighs, gun falling back to rest at his side. The other is practically shaking, whether it be from his wounds or the presence of Yoongi's gun, he can't exactly say. His ratty jeans are soaked with carmine by now and he doesn't think a trip to the dry cleaner is going to do it any favors.



He grins.



"I really can't stand idiots who pick fights without good reason." A click, barrel pointed forward and he ignores the pleas muffled by thick cloth. "Should have picked on someone your own size."



Yoongi doesn't blink as he empties one- two bullets into the center of his forehead, resounding bang and splatters of blood lining his tie. He thinks some of it may have struck his face as well, eyes bored as he watches that stocky build jerk unnaturally before slumping forward. 



He sighs as he glances down, annoyed at the state of his clothing but appreciating the way those lifeless orbs stare into nothing, trails of blood trickling down his face.



What a mess.



The same kind he promised he wouldn't make.






"Hoseok's going to have your head."



Yoongi had almost forgotten Seokjin was there. The other is so good at blending into the background sometimes.



"When does he not?" Yoongi clicks the safety back in place, wiping at the wet spot on his chin and grimacing when his fingers stain red.



What a drag.



Seokjin doesn't respond, posing instead, "What are you going to do with the dogs?"



Yoongi shoves his gun in the back pocket of his slacks, wiping his fingers in the process.  






Yoongi thinks about the lot of them- the bloodied, battered ones he and Seokjin saw in the cages, some with visible scars lining their bodies and others with snouts so deformed it made his skin prickle. He thinks about the way some of them cowered, molding themselves to the other side of the cage while others bared their teeth so fiercely it was a gruesome mess of blood and jaws.



He stares down at the bruised, limp form in front of him and suddenly is comforted by the idea of eliminating one more monster in this world.



"Have Kihyun call the nearest animal coalition, anonymous tip off." He loosens his tie, dismayed still by the specks of scarlet dotting it but he figures he can just toss it when they get back.



Jin makes a noise of acknowledgement, shoes clacking across the pavement as he finds his spot beside Yoongi.



Yoongi leans down, fingers wrapping around the handle protruding from the other's thigh before yanking it out without a touch of grace. Crimson colors his knife and he thinks about what a mess he's made indeed. He wipes each side carefully across his slacks, knowing they're going to end up in ashes anyways.



A succession of things happen following this.



The sound of clapping, an unfamiliar voice reverberating through the empty warehouse and two of Seokjin's bullets narrowly missing the side of that even more unfamiliar face. He knows the last one was intentional- if Jin had wanted him dead, he would be.



Yoongi's never seen him before- or his two cronies at his side, but he doesn't have to because the telltale prickle along his spine is enough to have the cogs working in his head.



So this is the poor bastard that's going to end up on the other side of my blade.



He meets the other's amused gaze unflinchingly, dark brown locks falling messily in his eyes and a hint of a smile tugging at his lips. The two beside him have their guns up in the blink of an eye, one pointed at he and Jin respectively. That smile seems to stretch a little wider.



"Why the hostility?" Yoongi keeps his expression schooled even as his fingers itch to throw his dagger at the space between the other's eyes.



Seokjin still has his pistol aimed, eyes sharp as he calculates how quickly he'd have to shoot to take them down collectively. One word from Yoongi is all he needs.



"Easy there- Jimin, Jeongguk." The other's voice is surprisingly deep, a contrast to the youthfulness of his features but it's the glint in those eyes that intrigue him.



Yoongi must admit, he thought his competition would have had years on him. He isn't sure what he was expecting exactly, but it wasn't this. A bundle of recklessness and juvenility, he can already tell. He's almost disappointed.



"I think we can all get along, don't you think?" There's something humorous plaguing his tone and it makes him crave the sensation of his gun in his hand once more. "I had hoped our first meeting would go much smoother than this, but I see you like to keep us on our toes." 



Bold, Yoongi thinks, as he takes a step towards him. There's a lack of hesitation in his movements and it's the kind of audaciousness that's sure to get him killed one day, he knows.



Yoongi has first dibs.



"You know," he starts, watching Yoongi with the kind of precision that gets under his skin. It's not only evaluative- it's probing, almost invasive and it has him on edge. 



Not that he'd ever show it. 



He moves with an easy gait, unyielding until Seokjin cocks his pistol, silently beseeching him to take another step. Yoongi waves him off, meeting the other male's effusive gaze. They're at a standstill.



"I knew you'd be stunning, but those pictures-" he continues, something consuming rising from the depths of his irises. "God, they don't do you justice.



It's odd, and mildly unsettling he has to admit, but he refuses to let it deter him.



"Lovely." Yoongi finally speaks up, eyes boring into his. "Should I be flattered?"



The other laughs, eyes curving downwards and it irks Yoongi that he can't put a name to that face. 



"You tell me, sweetheart." Yoongi's jaw ticks at that, envisioning the many different ways of killing him. But not today-



No. That would be too abrupt- unplanned and even more unsatisfying. When he does kill him, he's going to take his time so he can savor every moment.



That boyish grin doesn't suit the sharpness of those vivid orbs. It's a juxtaposition that would leave him reeling if only he weren't accustomed to the trickery inherent with this lifestyle.



"Haven't been able to get you out of my mind these past few months. It's pretty inconvenient to be quite honest." There's a sheen to those dark eyes now and Yoongi has to tamp down on the urge to blow a hole through that pretty face of his. He supposes he could have Seokjin do it, considering how homed in he seems to be on all of them, pistol still leveled in their direction. It'd be messy though and he thinks he's created enough of a mess for the night.



"You hardly seemed to spare me even a lick of attention though," the other pouts, the glint in those orbs more prevalent. "Up until last week at least. I know that little act you dropped was for me."



Yoongi's fingers twitch, and all he can think about is how lovely the other would look bleeding out on the cold floor. All three of them perhaps.



"You don't know how pleased that made me," he purrs and Yoongi's face remains carefully blank. "Were you thinking of me when you broke in, or even better- when you had that guard offed?" He turns to Seokjin then, appraisal written all over his face. "Nice job by the way, such a clean shot even from the outside." 



Seokjin deigns not to respond, eyes still glued to the other as he takes another careful step and his finger curls tighter around the trigger, daring him to make the first move.



"Relax," he assures, playful grin in place. "We're not looking for any trouble tonight," he turns to the two by his side. "Isn't that right?"



There's something like an unspoken command that Yoongi recognizes in his tone and he deduces that must have been the case because they're suddenly lowering their weapons, bodies visibly tense and eyes fixed closely on both he and Jin. 



Yoongi knows Jin won't let off until he gives the order, but he's not so sure he cares to. It's entertaining, finding himself at the root of this kind of tension. The other turns back to him, gaze searing in the most peculiar way and Yoongi's suddenly appreciative of the fact that Jin still has his gun trained on him, lest he be tempted to rip out his own before emptying his round and causing more bloodshed.



Patience is a necessary evil he supposes. 



"What does a guy have to do to get your attention around here?" He poses, lips quirked as he trails his eyes down appreciatively, making sure to drag it out so Yoongi catches it. "To think, I finally got far enough under your skin for you to feel the need to expose yourself. How do I feel, baby?"



Yoongi's not daft enough to miss the implications behind his words, eyes thinning in the face of blatant smugness. He hardly even registers that he's pulled his Glock back out until the tip of the barrel is kissing his forehead.



He could probably use some work with the whole patience, delayed gratification thing.



The other two have their guns whipped out in a flash, both leveled directly at him, Seokjin be damned.



"Real spitfire, aren't you?" 



Yoongi smiles, returning the pleasantry.



"You're catching on." Despite the tilt to his mouth, his gaze remains impassive. He presses the tip of his gun harder against his forehead, taking in the way the brunet doesn't even flinch at the prospect of death.



He's not afraid.



Something about that is strangely appealing.



"Oh, Yoongi," he says and it causes his fingers to tighten around his gun because somehow he knows his name though Yoongi still doesn't know his. "You know, this relationship really isn't going to work without communication, babe."



"Funny," Yoongi cocks his gun, eyes glimmering beneath fluorescent lights. "The only relationship I foresee us having involves me wiping my bullets clean with your chest." 



A smirk. "The mouth on you." He seems far too pleased and Yoongi's patience dwindles. "I can work with that."



It's a bit of a challenge keeping his gaze trained on him, staring so intently his eyes begin to burn. It's nice, feeling his finger wrapped around the trigger. One slip is all he needs and he'd be absolved of further headaches. Although, he and Jin would then have to deal with the collateral in the form of the other two. It'd be an ordeal either way.



"Are you going to shoot me, darling?"



It's definitely intentional now. The bastard probably senses how much it grates on his nerves.



"Can you quit fucking around and let me shoot him?" One of the two asks, voice airy and surprisingly reminiscent of wind chimes. Although, considering the boyish youth to his features it's not too much of a contradiction.



"Get your panties out of a twist, Jimin." He says, still staring into Yoongi's eyes and it's intense in a way he doesn't wish to think about. "We're just getting acquainted. Yoongi isn't really going to shoot me-" There's a conviction there as he arches a brow lazily. "Isn't that right?"



Yoongi shrugs, expression giving little away. "Try me."



This seems to be the right thing to say because the other's smile widens, teeth showing as he chuckles softly, the sound reverberating in his ears like a bad habit.



"If you had really wanted me dead, you would have pulled the trigger by now." The confidence is disconcerting. "Or you would have let your guard dog take a few shots." A row of pearly whites reveal itself and he stares coldly in return, Seokjin and the other two long forgotten. "Truth is, you don't want to kill me. Not yet, at least."



So he's perceptive as well. Somehow that doesn't come as much of a surprise.



"Don't worry sweetheart, I'll get out of your hair soon enough." Continues Taehyung, eyes glimmering underneath dim lighting. "Just wanted to make your acquaintance finally and to find out if you were really that beautiful up close."



Yoongi's finger curls tighter around the trigger, temptation coursing through his veins.



"You are, by the way." He confesses, eyes trained on him so unabashedly it has him clenching his jaw. "Especially like this. You have no idea how- breathtaking, you look in your element. I could watch you all day."



Yoongi's grip tightens inadvertently.



A warm hand suddenly covers his own, keeping the gun in place and he feels how alert Seokjin and the other two are. The other looks at him with a ghost of a smile on his lips.



"You're interesting, Min Yoongi." He breathes, fingers slipping between his own. "I like that. Maybe I'll even be the one to put that gun in your hands when the time comes."



Yoongi stays silent, watching him as he guides his hand down, moving the Glock away from his face in the process. He can't pinpoint exactly why he allows it, but he knows in the back of mind he has no intentions of killing him today.



"Has anyone ever told you looks are misleading?" The brunet laughs, gesturing to his two acquaintances until they lower their guns. "I think there's more to you than meets the eye." Something knowing pervades his gaze.



He takes a step closer, almost pressed against Yoongi by now.



"Besides," he whispers, words wrapping closely around his ear. "Someone with a soft spot for dogs-" He moves close, crowding him and it's not dissimilar to a predator. He leans in, breath tickling his neck and something unbidden stirs within Yoongi, starting from the pits of his belly and migrating somewhere else. His fingers around his gun flex of their own accord.



"A man after my own heart."



He backs away and Yoongi finds that his next breath comes with a little more ease.



"I'll be seeing you around, Yoongi." It resonates like a promise. "Sooner than later, I hope. I don't think I'll be able to stay away for long."



He says it in the most infuriating way and Yoongi is convinced he must have a death wish.



He gives him one last lingering glance, eyes swooping over his form and something about the way he looks at him makes him feel oddly disconnected from his surroundings in that given moment.



He can't explain it.



He turns and Yoongi can feel the other two scrutinizing them before turning to leave as well. Jin still has his pistol raised, watching them with a hawkish gaze and there's something to be said about that level of loyalty.



The brunet suddenly stops, glancing over his shoulder as he relays in a complacent tone. 



"Kim Taehyung." That's all he offers but it clicks for Yoongi immediately and he hates that he replays the utterance of his name in his mind. "Just in case you need a name to put to this face."



He thinks it rolls just a little too easily off his tongue.



"Don't show your face around here again." Yoongi says, reactive and feeling the need to reassert himself after this debacle. Something about the exchange has unnerved him at a core level. "Because the next time you do, I'm going to blow a hole clean through it."



Taehyung turns, lips twisting into a smirk and it has Yoongi wishing next time equated to right now.



"I look forward to it, sweetheart."








Yoongi discovers that soon comes much quicker than anticipated.



Although he's starting to suspect that with Kim Taehyung, it's ineffectual to assume he'd adhere to expectations.



He should have figured, really, that Taehyung wouldn't take long to act. History repeats itself after all, only this time he has a face and a name to put to the thorn in his side.



Three mutilated bodies in a warehouse near the outskirts of town. Some desolated area no one would dare think to enter but the perfect place for covert drug dealings.



Yoongi would entertain the possibility of the crime being the deed of some other perpetrator if not for the card mirroring his own, containing naught but one letter in identical print.






Yoongi must admit, Taehyung is nothing if not bold- cheeky.



He should have also suspected that Taehyung would try in some menial way to outdo him, cognizant of the fact that it would irritate him.



Three bodies splayed out strategically throughout the warehouse. One literally pinned to the wall with a nail gun, sockets bleeding scarlet where his eyes had been nailed shut. Another gutted open from the larynx to the abdomen, intestines pouring out from the brutal gash along his stomach. And finally, the last with a crushed skull and a face so unrecognizable from how violently it'd been smashed in with what he assumed had been a baseball bat or crowbar.



All the while with Mozart's Lacrimosa on loop, from a Victrola record player that should have long been unusable.



A colorful display indeed.



Loath as he is to admit, it may be challenging to top this one, short of seeking out a bloodbath. That's not really up to par with his tastes, however. He finds it a little too reckless and dehumanizing even for him.



He'd almost felt bad for the sorry bastards after Hoseok had hacked into the headquarters' database and seen for himself what the autopsies and reports looked like. 



Taehyung was certainly exercising his artistic freedom, to say the least.



He perhaps would have had a little more sympathy to spare if only he weren't aware that those same vermin ran trafficking deals with some of the nastiest underground dealers around, enabling the smuggling of children within sex trades.



Needless to say, his tolerance ran short with that lot.



He's almost regretful he couldn't have done it himself. He supposes he can admit that Taehyung did a decent enough job with the repentance. 



He still wants to put a bullet through his head, don't get him wrong, but a job well done is a job worth recognizing. He'll jump back on that destructive wagon tomorrow.



What was perhaps the most interesting thing was the white carnations amidst the bloodshed, littered methodically over the bodies in some flawed design.



Yoongi is humored by the paradox.






Kim Taehyung certainly is something, alright.



The next move is ours. 









"You're playing with fire, I hope you know."



Taehyung smirks, arms spread over the width of the sofa.



"Oh, Jiminnie," he stares at his friend with a buoyancy to his eyes. "Believe me, that I know."



Jimin stares, hard and speculative.



"You're going to get yourself killed." There's a particular flavor coating his words- it tastes like worry- and try as he might to quell it, he finds it surfacing all the same.



Taehyung's laughter fades, something indistinguishable settling across his features and despite the edge that never leaves his eyes, Jimin notices the way his face softens almost imperceptibly. 



When Taehyung speaks again, it's subdued but with a conviction that befuddles even himself.



"Then I guess I'll just have to sway him enough so that what he feels contradicts what his mind keeps telling him to do."









Poring over the autopsy reports is how Jooheon finds him, all other sections of the office vacated by then.



"You're still here?"



Namjoon lets out a noncommittal grunt, rereading the files and coroner's notes.



"You realize it's-" Jooheon glances at his watch. "9:52. Everyone's left."



"You're still here." Namjoon observes, peering up from the files to eye him critically.



Jooheon rolls his eyes, leaning casually against the door. "I was downstairs." He shifts, stance uncomfortable. "Had to do something to get my mind off of that."



"Hmm." Namjoon thinks that's something they can both agree on. Although, his method of distraction seems to involve him immersing himself fully in the case. "Hey-"



Jooheon looks at him, expectant.



Namjoon pauses. "What do you make of it?"



Jooheon frowns, crossing his arms as he inhales slowly. "It's-"



Namjoon waits.



"It's almost as though they're responses to each other." He wets his lips nervously. "Like echoes of the other's crimes or something like that. I- I don't know. I can't wrap my head around it."



Namjoon nods, eyes flitting back to the report before he gazes up at Jooheon again. "They're aware of each other's existence." It's not a question. "They've been watching one other. Or- at least, this person has."



"We've never really seen anything like it before."



"It's like they're competing to see who can wreak the most havoc around here. And they're getting more and more bold with each crime." He runs a hand through his hair, already mussed from how frequently he wove his fingers through it.



Jooheon appears uneasy at this, and with good reason, Namjoon thinks.



"Something's changed recently."



Namjoon stares at him questioningly.



Jooheon's brows furrow, hesitating before he continues. "I think something's transpired between them. In some way, somehow." 



He considers Jooheon's words carefully, attempting to make sense of it. He feels like he's grappling for that one missing piece, that one component needed to tie everything together. What the hell are they up to? 



"This last incident was different from the previous ones. It's as though they were trying to convey a message, but I'm not so sure that it was meant for us."



"Go on."



"The gradual escalation, the cards." Jooheon explains, stepping into his office now. "They were supposed to be indications of their presence, a way of them making themselves known to each other. Maybe even a threat or warning of some sort- I don't know." He prattles, gesturing wildly. "But this last one, it was different."



The reports scoot to the back of his mind as he digests Jooheon's words, the implications behind what he's saying.



"It wasn't just an attempt to supersede the previous crime. It was-" he breaks off, frustrated as he drags his fingers through his hair. "It was almost as though these last murders were for the other. Like a gift."



Namjoon takes a moment to process what's just come out of his mouth.



"What are you saying?"



Jooheon stares at him for a long time before answering again. "I'm saying, what if this isn't just some unspoken rivalry between them anymore?" It sounds like apprehension that's woven into his words. "What if-" he bites the inside of his cheek in doubt. "What if, in some sick, deluded way, this is some kind of courtship?"



Namjoon says nothing.



That's an odd speculation, a bold one.



"It's just, there was something deliberate with this one. It was methodical and carefully sequenced compared to the rest." He hovers over Namjoon's desk, meeting his gaze with fixed determination. "The strategic positioning of the bodies to an artistic degree. The looped music in the background, the flowers  for God's sake. White carnations-" he paces back and forth, gait unsteady. 



Jooheon stops and Namjoon eyes him warily.



"I looked it up, do you know what they mean?" He continues, voice solemn. 



"I'm sure you're about to tell me."



"Love. Of the purest form." He scoffs. "Isn't that ironic?"



Namjoon runs short of words.



"The person responsible for three gruesome deaths wants to vouch for soundness and purity before the other. If this is some weird mating pattern, then it'd certainly be one of the most fucked up kinds of its century." Jooheon says, shaking his head in dismay. "Whatever is going on between the two of them-" 



Namjoon listens.



"They're playing a dangerous game, and it's only a matter of time before someone gets caught in the crossfire."









It's a careful see-saw of interactions, meaning conveyed without words. 



Yoongi does. Taehyung reacts. Taehyung acts. Yoongi responds.



It grates on his nerves and he finds his resolve weakening with every mark- an unspoken taunt he reckons- that Taehyung leaves behind. He doesn't like interference. He likes Taehyung even less.



The other seems intent on inserting himself in Yoongi's business, a stain in his life.



He also doesn't care much for being challenged, and when it's done with such brazenness and an upfront manner like Taehyung has seen to-



Suffice to say, that's not his cup of tea.



He's going to kill Kim Taehyung.



It's only a matter of when.









Yoongi watches the estate burn from a distance, flames licking at the weakening exterior. Thinks about the poor soul with 12 bullets littering his chest consumed in the inferno.



His lips curl.



It had been a joy, having Hoseok finally pinpoint the exact location of his home before dismantling his security system. That had been a feat even for Hoseok this time around.



CEO's and their dirty money.



Yoongi doesn't usually seek out targets, finding it far too tedious. But he had been following this one for the past few months, Hoseok gathering the necessary amount of information before he deemed it acceptable to intervene.



And my, how a renewed meaning had been instilled into good things come to those who wait.



It wasn't nearly as difficult getting through this time around, Hoseok dismantling his system with a surprising amount of ease and fluency. The only near-hiccup had been the identification scan, but Yoongi had come prepared with the man's swiped fingerprint, transferring it with precision to their system.



He knew Jin had scoped out the premises, perched in his designated spot with his sniper poised.



He may or may have not caught them unguarded, but luckily Jin had already taken care of the lingering guards downstairs, making the trek upstairs much smoother.



He'll have to remember to buy Seokjin coffee later.



By the time he had approached the man's study, he had been so caught off guard it had been easy for Yoongi to unload the first bullet into his shoulder. Poor bastard had thought he would be swift enough to reach for his gun in his incapacitated state but Yoongi had taken care of that by blowing out his other shoulder bone.



They never learn. 



Yoongi had watched with disinterest as the other squirmed and pled and it had been a riot because such desperation in the face of a mere 9 mm caliber.



He has to say, he was expecting a little more self-dignity than that.



Complacency is such a fickle thing.



Oh, how the other suddenly had so much to repent for near the brink of death when he had spent the majority of his career ensconced in his passivity. Exploiting employees, outsourcing jobs for an atrocious amount while his company continued to thrive along with his bank account. Consciously enabling the production of hazardous goods that he chose to manufacture and sell elsewhere for a lowered cost of labor, knowing the devastating effects it'd have on those communities.



Yoongi really does have a bone to pick with people like that.



That was his thought as he emptied the 7th- 8th?- bullet into his face, watching crimson splatter everywhere as that visage gradually became more distorted.



The sound of his gun clicking as his rounds emptied had been the only thing stopping him from persisting.






But it was a therapeutic experience, and Yoongi supposes cutting the gas lines on his way out had added to that. 



Since the other was so adamant about dying with his money, he figured he should at least honor that last request.



Oh, how he would go down with it indeed. In elevated temperatures and with hues of nectarine swimming up his body- his beloved home.



Yoongi had laughed.



How funny it must be, to be morally tied down to one's possessions like that.



What an interesting thing to die for.



It's all he can dwell on as he watches the flames grow, contentment simmering in his chest. He gives one last appreciative once over before resolving to head back where Wonho and Seokjin are waiting. He probably shouldn't keep them waiting for too long, that's just not very considerate.



He preens as he turns, and it occurs to him that the letters burning steadily on the front lawn are probably a touch excessive and self-indulgent but he figures, with such an affluent persona and high profile case like this, set for more coverage and airtime than usual-



Well, he might as well make it count.









The next time Yoongi sees him, it's under less than desirable circumstances and it's only the presence of a third party in the room that prevents him from shooting him point blank then and there.



Yoongi wasn't lying when he said he didn't care for interference, and Taehyung has somehow managed to inject himself into the epicenter of his life.



"I know we've been doing business for a long time." The man proffers, tone hardly apologetic as a brume of smoke eclipses him. "But he topped your deal. And you know the supply for those arms and ammunitions are low."



Taehyung sits across from him with a placid smile, eyes gleaming as the man rattles away.



His jaw ticks, fingers flexing at his sides as he resists the temptation to gut Taehyung and maybe his supplier in the process. Unfortunately, he still needs the latter for goods so he refrains.



"And what is that supposed to mean for me then?" There's a hitch to his cadence, something ominous creeping into his tone as he eyes the man with distaste. 



The other seems to sense Yoongi's disapproval and the foreboding atmosphere, for he attempts to reason with him.



"Look," he explains, gesturing to a lockbox off to the side. "I can sell you some of the other models, just not the one you're asking for this time around. Already sold it to this guy here- paid upfront with cash and everything."



Yoongi's patience is being tried. Truly.



Taehyung watches him closely, that grin never faltering and Yoongi wonders if he'd still have anything to smile about if he carved up that face of his.



"And you took the offer, knowing that I come in here requesting the same thing each time?" The words are spoken plainly enough but it leans towards the side of baleful.



Yoongi may not entertain the idea of killing him today, but that doesn't mean he won't make him squirm.



"Gotta do what's best for business and he made me an offer I couldn't refuse."



Yoongi seethes, cold eyes flitting towards Taehyung's and it incenses him to see him staring back, gaze fixed closely on his face and amusement overshadowing his features.



"Call me when you can be of use again then." He says, staring him dead in the eye. "Until then, I'll find someone else to provide me with what I need."



He senses the other is about to protest, dissuading him from leaving but Yoongi isn't interested and if he decides to allocate supplies elsewhere then so be it, but he'll be damn sure to take his business along with it.



"I'm sure we can-"



Yoongi cuts the stocky male off with an icy gaze, effectively silencing him.



"I said call me again when you can be of use to me." He reiterates without inflection, rising from his seat.



Taehyung watches the exchange quietly, stewing in his own delectation at having successfully ruffled Yoongi's feathers.



Oh, he knows he did, if the way he looks at him as though he'd like nothing more than to turn him inside out is any indication.



He can't even begin to describe how gratifying it is knowing he's crept beneath his skin like that again. He doubts he'll be far from Yoongi's mind in the following days.



He smiles, appeased. That's what he wanted, after all.









"Do you really think it's a good idea to be intentionally provoking him like that?"



Taehyung thinks Jimin and Jeongguk have sure been inquisitive these past few weeks, needling him about anything and everything pertaining to his decisions.



He stares at the younger with an arched brow, expression unchanging.



"Do you think I would waste my time if I didn't have my reasons for it?" He asks, staring at Jeongguk expectantly. "Is there something you're trying to say- both of you, because you've been talking in fucking circles these past few weeks and you know I don't have time for that shit so if you're going to say something then spit it out." 



Jeongguk at least has the decency to appear somewhat contrite. Jimin merely glances in his direction in passing before going back to restocking their ammo. 



The bastard.



"I just don't understand why you need to purposely step on his toes like that." Jeongguk continues, fingers toying with the pistol on the table. "We have a designated supplier. You had no reason to seek out another, especially knowing it was one of his." His features are pinched in a frown, dissatisfaction scrawled all over his face. "You knew it'd piss him off, and you did it anyways."



Taehyung threads his fingers behind his head, leaning back. "Your point being?"



Jeongguk's lips furl as Jimin watches from a distance, eyeing them both carefully on the off chance that a brawl breaks out. 



"My point," he grates, jaw clenched. "is that you're being fucking reckless and stupid. Don't think we don't know your intentions aren't a part of some bigger, self-serving scheme." The look he shoots Taehyung is filled with disdain and it would bother him perhaps if only he weren't aware that it's Jeongguk's peculiar way of expressing his concern. "We're here to do what we do, not to cater to your agenda of whatever the hell it is you're trying to achieve with Min Yoongi. Your actions are going to land all of us in deep shit."



Taehyung doesn't utter a word, watching him silently as his chest heaves with his anger.



"Is that how you feel?" Taehyung finally speaks up, gazing at Jeongguk with a dire expression.



Jeongguk goes back to the weapon at hand, picking it up and turning the safety on before pulling out the casing, loader pulled back. Two gold bullets fall in his hand and he sets them on the table before Taehyung.



"You knew these were his." Continues Jeongguk solemnly, and his gaze flits towards Jimin's stoic face for a brief moment before falling back on Taehyung. "Just like you knew the supply would be scarce, subsequently provoking him by buying them off. You interfered without any good reason, risking your life and ours."



Taehyung remains quiet, allowing him to finish.



"You didn't do it for us. You know we don't need shit like this." There's something to be said about the way the disapproval never really leaves his tone. "You did it for yourself."



And perhaps that's true, Taehyung considers.



Because inserting himself into Min Yoongi's business meant inserting himself into his life and that-



That was too difficult of an opportunity to pass up.



He supposes there is some validity to Jeongguk's words but last he checked, he was still the one calling the shots.



"I know what I'm doing." He answers simply in lieu of diving into a longer explanation.



"Do you really though?" Replies Jeongguk, and ah- there it is. That sliver of worry he expected and was waiting for. He can be such an open book at times. "Maybe you don't anymore. Your head hasn't been in the game for a while."



It's been somewhere else, is what Taehyung hears.



"Like I said." Taehyung silences him with a look. "I've got it under control."



Jeongguk's throat bobs, setting the casings aside.



"I hope so," he says, glancing away as he avoids Taehyung's eyes entirely. "For your sake, Tae, I truly hope so."









Namjoon watches as plumes of smoke pollute the night sky from the outside, Jooheon trudging towards him as the sirens sound off in the background.



They've yet to extinguish the flames completely but he oversees it all, noting as it begins to wither.



Whatever will be left of the building he can't say, nor the bodies piled up inside.



He exhales, but the weight continues to rest upon his shoulders.



3 chairmen, 2 executives ushered in one room. How they managed it, Namjoon has no clue.



"Minhyuk's going to have a hell of a time processing this later."



Namjoon keeps mum, watching wisps of apricot twine with crimson from afar. 



Jooheon seems to detect his unease, releasing a deep sigh beside him. "I would have thought they'd give us a break after the last one."



 Namjoon didn't. 



Quite the opposite actually. He supposes he should be somewhat impressed they managed to wait as long as they did before acting again.



Five bodies and a corporate building in flames.



Definitely a step up from a CEO and his estate.



"How much do you want to bet they were dead before the building went up in flames?" He pauses, thoughtful. "Like the last one."



He has to admit, the Agust D burning vividly on the front lawn of that CEO's home was certainly an added touch.



Similar to the V lined in pink camellias yards away from the scorching building.



Talk about an artistic flair.



Casings that Forensics still can't trace, which honestly doesn't come as a surprise. He knows there's no way they'd get their ammo from legitimate institutions, likely reaping resources from private suppliers and underground trades.



It's them going around in fucking circles, with no solid leads even though he feels like they're so close he could probably catch a whiff of them beneath his nose. It makes him want to resort to less than admirable methods to extract what he needs.



"I'm starting to think that maybe you were onto something the other night." He thinks back to the stylistic connections, the increasing similarities amongst crime scenes, almost syncing up and mirroring one another.



One does, the other attempts to outdo and thus a cycle perpetuates.



"About what?" Jooheon eyes him curiously, frown unveiling. "Their rivalry or this uncanny method of peacocking?"



Namjoon stuffs his hands in his pockets, feeling the cold settle deep in his bones. "Both." He breathes and a cloud of white trickles from his lips, the frigid winter air wrapping around his flesh. "Longing."



Jooheon peers at him in confusion.






"Longing- the camellias. That's what they represent. Longing."



Jooheon intakes sharply, body lax in what he reckons must be defeat.



"What the hell are they playing at."



Namjoon shrugs, staring at the ruins and shattered glass as the building continues to burn. What a mess.



"I don't know." He admits, and there's something solemn coloring his tone, voice subdued. "I have a feeling the only ones who do are themselves."









 It continues in that fashion.



A push and pull. Call and response.



Yoongi's finding it more and more strenuous to remain level headed but he manages, expending his anger in more feasible ways.



After their last bump in, he had allowed himself to simmer in his own ire for only a moment, quickly recollecting himself before considering more meaningful ways of dealing with a certain Kim Taehyung.



He should have predicted Hoseok would not have been the biggest fan of his idea but well-



You win some, you lose some.



That doesn't mean he hasn't reached his maximal level of patience however.



"Are you sure that's the best-"



"Ask me again and I swear I'll-"



"Shoot me in the face, yes I know." Hoseok interrupts, features pinched in annoyance. "Look, I know you're ruffled by the last stunt but do you really think that adding fuel to the fire is going to help?"



"Yes." Yoongi answers without a hitch.



Hoseok looks like he's in danger of catching on fire, with the pillows of smoke coming from his ears. It's mildly entertaining.



"You realize you're behaving like a child?"



Yoongi grins, gums revealing themselves.



"I didn't realize all children had nihilistic tendencies and vivid dreams of killing someone. What has this generation come to."



He doesn't think Hoseok finds it very funny, if the way his eyes narrow into slits is any indication. He folds his arms across his chest, eying him direly.



"You know," he starts and Yoongi rolls his eyes because if this is another one of Hoseok's spiels. "For someone who claims to detest his very existence, you sure spend an awful amount of time thinking about Kim Taehyung, even if most of those thoughts involve you running him through a wood cutter."



Yoongi perks up, eyes glinting.



"Wood cutter?" He turns to Hoseok in wonder, like he's just made a breakthrough. "That's an idea. Why didn't I think of that?" He nods, patting his shoulder. "Thanks, Seok. I guess you're not entirely useless after all."



Hoseok glowers, nose upturned in defiance.



"I resent that."



Yoongi raises his fingers in a salute, throwing a wink his way.



"Resent all you want, the truth requires no approval."



Hoseok looks like he's contemplating murder himself but Yoongi brushes it off because he's as good as harmless.



He laughs to himself.



Ok- that's not entirely accurate but for argument's sake.



"Anyways," Hoseok enunciates, tone sharp. "You're letting your ego strip you of rationality." His gaze sharpens before continuing succinctly. "Don't."



Yoongi chuckles, eyeing him derisively.



"Don't get ahead of yourself, Seok." He says, but it's a warning in disguise. "You don't give the orders around here."



"Maybe I should." He returns, expression severe. "With the way you've been pulling our fucking leg lately, going off your own rules-"



The irritation is discernible in Hoseok's tone and it's the catalyst to his own vexation but he decides to hear him out. He'll humor him.



"Do you even remember that the goal is to operate in a clandestine manner?" There's a bite to his words that has Yoongi raising a brow, expression giving nothing away. "And here you are- making a fucking joke out of it with your little stunts just to one up a self-declared nemesis?" He scoffs, a wildfire erupting from the depths of his irises. "You're going to expose us."



Yoongi feigns disinterest. "Are you done?"



This seems to incense Hoseok further, put off by his nonchalance.



"This isn't a fucking game, Yoongi."



Yoongi is inclined to disagree.



"You're putting us all at stake because you can't handle being shown up."



"Funny how you suddenly have so much to speak for." 



Hoseok barks out a laugh, derisive in nature.



"No," His voice is clipped. "I've been telling you. You just chose not to listen."



They maintain a weighted staredown, neither willing to sever their gaze as the tension lingers heavily between them. It's only when Hoseok seems to realize that Yoongi has nothing further to add that he deflates visibly, the fight seeping out of him accordingly. When he speaks again, it's with uncertainty plaguing his words.



"You're wandering in the lion's den, Yoongi." There's a furrow between his brows that Yoongi doesn't think is going to leave anytime soon and a part of him is starting to feel slightly repentant now because it's not often that he genuinely upsets Hoseok as much as he has. "How much more of this back and forth is it going to take for you to realize that no one comes out of these games unscathed?"



His question is met with silence and Hoseok sighs, a part of him already anticipating it. He turns to leave.



"I don't know." Yoongi utters after a prolonged moment, effectively halting him in his steps. He sounds detached from the situation but Hoseok swears he can almost make out a tinge of remorse. "I'm sorry, Hoseok, I am. It's never been my intention to put any of you at risk. But- I just can't leave it be."



Hoseok peers over his shoulder and the smile on his lips is reminiscent of something plaintive.



"Yeah." He whispers, resigned. 



I think we both know why.







Yoongi hadn't meant for it to happen.



But Taehyung had somehow managed to meddle once again and not even he could let it slide this time around.



Which might explain why he has the other pinned against a wall, fingers wrapped tightly around his neck and gun pressed to his head.



"What the fuck do you think you're doing?"



Taehyung grins, the image jarring and it has him counting backwards to rein in his temper.



"Are you going to shoot me, darling?" 



It catapults him back to their first encounter, and what he wouldn't give to turn back time so he could undo his hesitation at offing him that first night.



Would have saved me a shit ton of angst.



"I'm considering it."



"But you won't." Taehyung's fingers curl around his own, despite his thumb pressing into his neck and impeding speech. "Because you find me enthralling and it's been a while since you've felt challenged like this." He rasps, the satisfaction never receding from his eyes.



Yoongi has no contesting words.



"Why don't you just finally give in and let me in baby." He purrs and Yoongi doesn't miss the innuendo. "After all this time of trying to get your attention- making sure I was the only thing left on your mind. If that's not devotion, I don't know what is."



He's already sent Seokjin off, ensuring the elder that he would take care of Taehyung through his own devices. He had been reluctant but eventually complied, speeding off with Wonho in the car.



Everything is left to his discretion now. The opportunities are endless.



"Did you get the flowers?" There's something dangerous lurking in those dark eyes. It's consuming. "I left them for you. Along with everything else."



It's a gamble. One he's not sure he's willing to partake in, but Taehyung is persuasive to a fault.



"It could be so good, baby." He utters, voice raw with how tightly Yoongi's fingers are seizing his throat. "Imagine the possibilities."



Slim fingers suddenly eclipse his own, squeezing harder against the area he has his hand locked around Taehyung's throat.



"What have you got to lose?"



Maybe it's about time he indulges in his own game of chance.









Nothing about it is graceful.



Not the way his back knocks harshly against the wall, Taehyung pinning him with the weight of his body, nor the way his teeth dig into his lip, breaking skin and tasting the blood on his tongue.



It's the farthest thing from graceful.



But Yoongi finds himself pulling Taehyung flush nonetheless, fingers crinkling the material of his shirt as he tries to feel- to taste more, more, more. 



It's a consumptive thing, and Yoongi will think about the repercussions tomorrow but for now-



He'll let it consume him, teeth clacking and tongues brushing as Taehyung shoves him against the wall, caging him with both arms before moving along the expanse of his throat. He resolves to not make a sound, chest rumbling when Taehyung catches the skin along his collarbone, pangs centered in that one spot. Yoongi threads his fingers through his hair, yanking as Taehyung sucks a hefty bruise.



"Cut it out." He grits out, breathless.



Taehyung sinks his teeth in spitefully before pulling away, staring at Yoongi in a way that's starved. He kisses him again, palming his cheek as he licks into his mouth hungrily. Yoongi doesn't think before letting him in, opening up and pressing their mouths together hard. He swipes his tongue across Taehyung's lips, feeling him groan heatedly against his mouth.



"God, I want to fuck you so bad." He pants, forehead resting against his as the desperation bleeds into his tone.



Yoongi smirks, biting at his lip and rejoicing in the hiss it evokes.



"Yeah?" He asks, voice hoarse but sly. "What makes you think I'd let you do that?"



Taehyung crowds him, slipping a leg between his thighs and making no secret of what he'd really like to do.



"Because I'd make you ride me until you're fucking wet and dripping all over yourself."



Yoongi throat bobs, fingers curling instinctively around his shirt as he resumes sucking bruises along his neck.



That's... persuasive.



"Doubt you could." He relays shakily, Taehyung's thigh rubbing against his crotch and it's shameful that a part of him wants to drag him closer and grind against him, riding his thigh until he can't anymore. 



"Oh, I think I could." Retorts Taehyung, smiling up at him knowingly. 



Yoongi doesn't think, just acts as he pushes Taehyung off before switching their positions, the thud of his back as he shoves him roughly against the wall resounding in his ears. He smirks before slotting their lips together, fingers entangling in messy locks and teeth sinking into soft flesh with a vengeance.



"Prove it." He breathes between heated kisses.



Taehyung groans, hands falling to Yoongi's hips as he tugs him closer, bodies molded and cocks rubbing together. He captures Yoongi's bottom lip between his teeth, tugging and drinking in the sounds elicited. He squeezes his hip warningly, belly suffused with heat as his mind is consumed with thoughts of Yoongi wrapped around his cock and how he's going to ruin him until they've made a mess everywhere.



"Get on the fucking bed then." He instructs, the command shooting straight to Yoongi's cock.



"Why should I?" Yoongi doesn't take orders, never has. Funny how the same likely applies for Taehyung. What a riot this'll be.



"So I can pin you down and give you my cock until you're shaking all over." Taehyung murmurs, the sound guttural and it hits him so hard in the gut his breath hitches.






Taehyung chuckles and Yoongi feels it against his lips- feels him against his front and it's all he can do not to pull him in and maybe have his way with him.



"I guess we'll find out." He says, pulling Yoongi to him before connecting their lips and everything about it is sloppy, from the way Taehyung traces over his mouth to the way he presses his tongue against his. It's messy and still Yoongi desires.



He yanks Taehyung close, directing them towards the bed while he shucks off his jacket. Or- Taehyung is the one who practically rips it off of him, ridding himself of his own in the process before advancing on him without pause, hands cupping his cheeks as he eases them towards the worn down looking bed in this equally worn down motel. But hey, he'll take what he can get.



Yoongi's legs knock against the edge of the bed and he drags Taehyung down with him, lips locked as the other breaks his fall just in time, arms caging his head before their mouths move in sync once more. Fingers fall to his shirt, undoing the buttons clumsily. His impatience seeps through, wresting the material roughly before the buttons finally pop open.



He rakes his nails vengefully across Taehyung's chest, leaving welts across tanned flesh and roping strangled growls against his lobe.



"God- you play dirty." Taehyung rasps, sucking on his lower lip before catching it sensually between his teeth.



Yoongi smirks, returning his fervor with playful nips before slinging a leg over Taehyung's hips and flipping them so the other is suddenly flat on his back.



"How unfortunate for you to have found out just now." He fumbles with his own buttons, undoing them without any sort of finesse whatsoever before Taehyung's batting his hands away, yanking the front apart with haste. He tuts. "I'll blow your head off if you ruin this shirt. Versace ain't cheap."



Taehyung rolls his eyes, leaning up so he can reconnect their lips. His fingers slither into Yoongi's tresses, pulling gently and appreciating the small groan it incites.



"I'll buy you a dozen more of these fucking shirts if you just hurry the fuck up and sit on my cock."



Yoongi chuckles, voice like gravel, and allows Taehyung to peel off his silk shirt before slinging it to the side. He pulls back just as Taehyung leans in, educing a quiet growl that he silently rejoices in.



"You wish you could buy me off that easily." He whispers jeeringly, evading his lips as he crowds in to kiss him and he can tell it pisses Taehyung off but that's exactly the kind of content he's here for.






"Do you have stuff?"



Stuff. Clearly, eloquence is out of the picture when he's half hard and sitting on top of a moderately attractive but highly infuriating mortal enemy of his.



Taehyung pales, a stricken look flitting across his face before pure agitation settles in. 



"Fuck-" he swears loudly, voice low but tortured. "No- shit, I don't have anything. Fuck, Yoongi-"



"Are you clean?" Yoongi interrupts him, eying him in consideration.



Taehyung looks bewildered. "What- yeah, I am but-"



"Good." He stops him, slowly undoing his jeans even as his eyes never leave Taehyung's. "Just pull out before you finish. And I swear to God, if you come inside me I will actually shoot you in the fucking head."



It's juvenile and entirely reminiscent of adolescent recklessness but he doesn't want to admit that a part of him has exceeded his threshold for patience. He's not entirely sure he wants to wait either, and he knows for a fact that he's clean so he can only take Taehyung's word for it.



Besides, if he finds out he was lying, he'll personally see to it that he atones for his sins.



"We don't have lube either." It's a statement not a question but Taehyung nods nonetheless. "So I can either suck your dick or you can put your tongue in my ass." He gazes down at him almost coquettishly, fringe falling messily in his face and Taehyung wants to run his fingers through it so he does. Yoongi raises a brow at him but makes no move to retreat. "Since I'm feeling particularly gracious tonight, I'll let you take your pick."



Taehyung stares up at him and Yoongi can feel it to his core, the way his eyes bear absolutely no shame as they rake over his form, drifting south and he fidgets uncomfortably in place. When he swallows, he can see the way his Adam's apple bobs. "I want to eat you out."



Yoongi's body is enshrined in a pleasant haze and he nods, pulse skittering beneath his veins.



"Then what are you waiting for?" He challenges, a glint to his eyes.



This time when Taehyung surges forward, seeking entrance, Yoongi doesn't deny him. He's unrelenting as he pries his lips apart, slipping his tongue inside as his hands find purchase along the front of his pants.



His zipper is undone, pants peeled off before he can really process it. Taehyung's haste bleeds through, maneuvering them so Yoongi's on his hands and knees in a flash and it all adds to the buzz surrounding his mind. He feels the other remove his pants, grace forgone, and his throat catches when wandering hands trail up his legs. He swallows effortfully when slim fingers tease the hem of his underwear, curling around elastic before slipping them down the length of his thighs at an unhurried pace.



"Fuck. You're beautiful."



Yoongi's cheeks warm but he hides it behind his indifference, turning on Taehyung with a sneer.



"You can tell me that after you put your cock inside me."



Taehyung grins, devious, and Yoongi has to bite back a snarl.



"Settle down, princess." He teases and Yoongi glowers. "I have no intentions of keeping it from you."



Yoongi would argue- he would- but then Taehyung's dipping his head low, hands spreading his cheeks to the side and he fumbles with a comeback.



"Oh, Yoongi," he whispers reverently, gently breathing over the area he wants him most in and it has his face burning with added heat. "I'm going to ruin you, baby."



Yoongi's throat feels parched even though he knows it's not, a byproduct of Taehyung running his thumb teasingly over his rim and he intakes sharply.



"Quit fucking around," he hisses, burying a groan behind his words, tone laden with strain. "Jesus-" he breaks off when Taehyung works his thumb inside him, wriggling and pressing against his walls roughly and his heart thumps so fiercely he fears he's in danger of being exposed. "F-fuck, just, put your tongue in me."



Taehyung slides his finger out, pressing a kiss to his cheek before grinning haughtily against pale skin. "You got it, sweetheart."



Yoongi thinks he really needs to cut it out with that pet name shit but he's minutely distracted and wow



He loses his train of thought when Taehyung gets his tongue on him, licking a wet stripe from his balls to his rim, fingers prying his cheeks apart and easing his tongue inside. Yoongi's arms tremble and he bites the inside of his lip to hold back a sound, trying not to think about how good his tongue feels- how fucking wet, hot it is against him.



Taehyung draws back slightly so he can spit over Yoongi's entrance, groaning softly when he sees that tight ring of muscle flutter as he rubs his saliva in. 



God, he can't wait to feel him.



He gathers more spit in his mouth before dragging his tongue over Yoongi's pretty hole again, a trail of saliva connecting from his lips as he resolves to get him wet. Try as he might to hide it, he can feel the other shivering beneath him and it does wonders for his libido. He's fucking hard and all he can think about is Yoongi pleading beneath him as he fucks that tight ass until it's stretched out for hours.



He spreads Yoongi wide before flicking his tongue rapidly over him, mouth slick with his spit as he licks at his hole filthily. He hears him exhale harshly, head bowed and his chest swells with pride. Taehyung dips his tongue in experimentally and Yoongi tenses in his arms. It prompts him to pull the other closer, arms wrapped tightly around his legs as he buries his tongue inside his ass.



"S-shit." Yoongi berates himself for the slip up, but not for long because Taehyung is suddenly easing that slick muscle between his walls, making him tighten involuntarily around the intrusion. His nails sink into the bed and he thinks his vision bursts with hues for a millisecond, back stiff from the way Taehyung curls his tongue easily inside him. "Fuck. Keep, ah, going." 



And Taehyung wouldn't dream of denying him, shoving his face closer against his ass so he can lick at Yoongi's hot walls, muscle wriggling fervidly inside as he growls heatedly at the taste of him against his tongue. His grip tightens around those slim legs, head bobbing as he eats him out with abandon.



An inferno arises from the pit of his belly, cock leaking at the tip and fringe matted to his forehead. It's fucking stifling- he's burning all over and the only thing he registers is how incredible Taehyung's tongue feels pressing against his walls. He's wound up so tight he might shatter, and it's that thought alone which has him reaching back, fingers sinking into a bed of locks as he attempts to push him away.



"E-Enough." The sound that escapes him is carnal but he pays it no heed, fingers flexing around Taehyung's hair as he continues to ram his tongue deep inside. "Fuck- your cock, give me it."



Taehyung pulls away eventually, swiping the back of his hand over his lips. He crowds over Yoongi, chest glued to his back as he tugs on his hair so he can kiss him hard, lips bruising.



Yoongi grimaces at the tang invading his senses, shoving him away after a period.



"You're disgusting." He gripes, features set in a scowl.



Taehyung laughs, breath fanning his lips as he presses their foreheads together.



"Maybe," whispers Taehyung, smile coy. "But that doesn't stop you from wanting me to desecrate you."



The look Yoongi levels his way is only partly minacious.



"You know," he says, eyes homed in on him. "You're strengthening my resolve to kill you."



Taehyung grins, brushing his lips teasingly over his. "Maybe another day. Right now, I'm going to fuck you the way you want."



"Oh, and what way is that exactly?"



A gleam in dark brown orbs that promises much more than he can fathom at the moment.



"Deep enough for you to feel me tomorrow."



Yoongi does his best to control his expression even as his fingers tighten minutely across the sheets. 



"Yeah, hotshot?"






Yoongi hums, bucking up for the challenge. He turns, just far enough out of reach so that Taehyung has to seize his jaw between his fingertips to slide their mouths together again.



"Guess we'll see." Yoongi drawls when Taehyung finally gives him a chance to breathe.






And then Taehyung's retreating slightly so that he can remove his shirt, thin material sliding off the expanse of broad, golden shoulders and it makes his mouth feel particularly arid but those are trivialities. Deft fingers fall to the front of those pants, revealing in a manner that's almost provocative. 



He can't be too sure though. 



When Taehyung finally pulls his cock out, hard and thick, Yoongi almost regrets not choosing to get his mouth around it. But that's quickly superseded by his desire to have it crammed deep inside him, rubbing so thoroughly against his walls that it'd be a fucking feat if he could see the world properly on it's axis.



He watches as Taehyung manages to get his pants off, chucking them to the side before he spits generously in his palm, slicking himself up as best he can. He presses close against Yoongi, hand falling to his hips as the other grabs the base of his cock. He whispers throatily against his neck, reveling in the shudder pulled. 



"Are you sure?" He waits, because he may be a criminal but he's not that much of heathen. "It's going to hurt."



Yoongi swallows when he feels Taehyung rubbing his cock torturously over his spit-slick hole and he finds himself reacting, muscles clenching involuntarily as he inadvertently eases back to feel him pressed close.



"If it doesn't, I'll slit your fucking throat." His pitch drops low, need pervading his tone.



This draws a quiet laugh from Taehyung. "Always so hostile."



Yoongi envisions Taehyung with a bullet between his eyes, the heat flaring in his belly as he pushes back, feeling the pressure against his rim as the tip of his cock teases him so bad.



"I'll show you hostile if you don't fuck me- oh."



His back is suddenly ramrod straight, breath hitching as Taehyung pushes the head of his cock inside. The stretch burns like a motherfucker, not at all alleviated by the lack of lubrication and Taehyung curses loudly behind him. Those fingers dig painfully into his hip and Yoongi emits a lewd noise as he feels him ease further inside.



"Shit, holy fuck-" It's nonsense, really, there's no excuse for it but he can't bring himself to care about reason when Taehyung's sliding his cock inside at an aching pace. His eyes roll to the back of his head when he's finally buried to the hilt and he feels him so fucking deep.



"Jesus," Taehyung doesn't sound much better off, voice hoarse as he moans raggedly against his neck. "Gonna come so hard inside you baby, fuck."



Yoongi's trembling, lids shut as he breathes through the prevalent ache between his thighs. It hurts so good, Taehyung stretching him apart with his thick cock and he hates him, he truly does but he also wants him to ruin him. He hardly registers what Taehyung says, only barely, but it has him gritting testily through his teeth nonetheless.



"Like hell you are," He hisses, thighs quivering when Taehyung shifts, fucking shallowly into him. "Ah- shit." His arms wobble and he's so fucking lightheaded but he tries. "Do it- ngh, and I'll cut off your dick and f-feed it to the dogs."



Taehyung lets out a breathless laugh against his nape, gripping him around the waist as he inches in so his hips are flush with Yoongi's ass and it pulls a strangled sound from his lips.



"Fuck, Yoongi." He tilts his head back, feeling those muscles flutter around him and it drives him up the wall. "Love the way you wrap around me- look so good on my cock."



Yoongi should have predicted Taehyung would be vocal but this is some pornographic level stuff and it'd be stomach turning if only he weren't physically aching for him to drive his cock straight through him.



"God, just- shut up." He groans, fucking himself slowly on Taehyung's cock and shivering at the deep growl it evokes. "Move."



"Don't." Taehyung warns, the sound primal and it sends a surge of lust through his spine. 



"I'll do what I fucking want." Snaps Yoongi, ignoring Taehyung's warning as he tightens around him spitefully and he feels those nails sink into his flesh. Bruises aren't a pretty thing, but in this case he may be willing to make an exception.



Taehyung's suddenly seizing him by the hair, twisting his head to the side as he mutters threateningly against his skin.



"I said don't."



Yoongi chuckles, breaths airy as he throws back. "Or what?"



Taehyung suddenly snaps his hips hard, educing strangled groans from them both and it has Yoongi reeling, fingers digging into the bed because fuck- did that hurt.



"Trust me, babe," Taehyung's words wrap potently around his ear, honeyed cadence making him burn between his legs for an entirely different reason altogether. "You don't want to find out."



Yoongi's lip curls in distaste, put off by the smugness plaguing his inflection.



"Try threatening me again," he utters lowly. "See what happens." 



He stitters when Taehyung yanks him roughly onto his cock, feeling him balls deep and the friction is one too many shades of uncomfortable but he bites his lip and endures. He's pretty sure his limbs are locked in place, too wrought with tension to move but Taehyung's murmuring words against his skin and it's all he can do to not fall into them.



"No." He plants a kiss along his throat, voice mellow. "I'm not going to waste my time on that when I can shut you up through other means."



"Big talk for a- shit."



Taehyung rocks his hips, holding Yoongi's ass in place as he watches his cock disappear inside that tight hole and it has him swearing hotly above him.



Yoongi breathes harshly through his nose, eyes lidded as Taehyung thrusts into him with the kind of control he knows he wouldn't possess in this situation. Air is punched from his chest when his muscles stretch to accommodate his cock, the pain acute as he rubs against his walls, friction dry.



"F-fuck," stutters Yoongi, snarl dying in his throat as Taehyung's sinks deep, balls pressed against his entrance. "Harder."



Taehyung grunts before acquiescing, driving his cock so deep inside that Yoongi's arms give out and his face falls against the mattress.



"Oh-" his fingers crinkle around the bedding as he feels Taehyung jerk his hips, moving sturdily inside him and amplifying the sound of skin slapping against skin as he persists. "Jesus- fuck me."



"Shit." Taehyung spits, forehead sticking against his nape as he speeds up, fucking him so hard the bed creaks with it. "Fucking impatient."



Yoongi clenches his jaw through the pain, cheek squished against his arm as he's pushed forward from the force of Taehyung's thrusts. Warm hands glide up his waist as that cock is rammed further inside and he shudders, his reaction instinctive.



"Then fucking- mnh- pick it up." He sinks his teeth into his arm as Taehyung snaps his hips particularly forcefully, making his eyes slip shut. "Ah, fu-"



Taehyung drapes himself over Yoongi's lithe frame, sweaty chest sticking to his back and he pulls nearly all the way out before sinking back inside that incredible heat, groaning throatily as the other's walls wrap around him in a viselike grip.



"God- s'good, Yoongi," he slurs, fucking into him relentlessly, balls slapping against his ass as he resolves to give it to him even faster. "Fuck baby, your ass."



Yoongi shakes beneath him, emitting a strangled moan as Taehyung suddenly shifts his hips and fucks him at a different angle, making his vision spot for a moment.



"Ngh-" he chokes on a whine, feeling so full and relishing it. His thighs ache with exertion, ass feeling raw as Taehyung's hips continues to slam into him, prolonging the pain between his legs but leaving him so fulfilled at the same time. "T-Taehyung- fuck, I, oh God."



Fingers slither into his hair, forcing his head back just as he feels a vigorous thrust and his words devolve into a keen. Taehyung's pounding into him so good he can feel tears spring to his eyes. 



"Fuck, baby." Taehyung's words dip into a snarl, his hold tightening in his hair and Yoongi can only take it. "Wanna stretch you out, make you fucking hurt tomorrow." He spews senselessly against his ear, not letting up with his thrusts as he does so and it has him panting breathlessly, too overcome with pleasure to respond. "Shit-"



Before Yoongi can comprehend the situation, Taehyung's suddenly pulling out, the movement so abrupt it steals a gasp before it breaks off into a whine. He's trembling all over, unable to understand why he stopped and he feels his eyes burn with frustration.






He doesn't get to finish that statement before Taehyung is flipping them around, back laid flat against the mattress as he manuevers him so he's straddling his lap, lifting him by the hips before he sinks him slowly onto his cock. Yoongi's protests die in his throat, head thrown back as the shudders roil off him in waves.



"O-Oh-" he stutters, hands splayed across Taehyung's chest as he fucks up into him purposefully. "Fuck, that's so deep."



Taehyung seizes him by the hips, grip brutal as he snaps his hips quickly, cock sinking inside that delicious heat and strangled sounds escaping as Yoongi's muscles contract with every inch eased inside. "Christ- Yoongi."



"Don't stop, oh fuck." He growls as Taehyung pushes him onto his cock, meeting his thrusts as he grinds harshly onto his lap. "Fuck, fuck- fuck."



Taehyung nails him hard with his cock, reaching deep and his thighs honest to god shake as the angle begins to take its toll on him. He emits a choked sound when he suddenly feels the tip of his cock strike that particular spot inside, mouth parting as his tongue comes out to wet his lips. 



Taehyung plants his feet firmly on the bed before squeezing Yoongi's hips roughly, snapping his own furiously as he yanks him down hard and the sensation makes them both utter profanities into the space between them.



"S-shit, I'm gonna come." Yoongi's fingers rake across his chest as he gasps aloud, head bowed while he takes every inch of his cock eagerly. His own slaps against his belly and he can feel the wetness smearing his abdomen as his tip drips with precum. He's so close. "Taehyung- fuck, keep going."



Expletives fall from Taehyung's lips as he watches Yoongi move on top of him, ass slapping against his hips every time he drops down on his cock. The other looks otherworldly like this, a thin sheen of sweat coating his skin and his eyes shut as his throat is exposed for him. He groans, desperation fueling his movements as he drives his cock in with all he strength he can muster before suddenly surging upwards, holding Yoongi's hips down as he sinks all the way in and it evokes a sharp gasp from the other.



Yoongi whimpers when he suddenly feels every inch of Taehyung, body quivering as he kisses him. Taehyung pants heavily into his mouth as he continues rocking his hips, cock sliding in and out and everything about it feels strangely intimate when he cups his cheek and urges him to look at him.



"Come for me," Taehyung croons, baritone husky as he continues rutting against Yoongi's ass. He wraps a hand around his cock, his fingers slick with his precum. "Fuck- you're so wet baby." He groans, sounding tortured at the revelation. He rubs his thumb across the slit before pumping slowly, swallowing the whimpers escaping his lips. "Come around my fucking cock baby, do it."



His ass is beginning to sting with how hard Taehyung's ramming his cock in and that coupled with his hand moving around him is what pushes him over the edge, frame tensing as his balls tighten. He swears brokenly, forehead pressed against Taehyung's as he comes hard around him, muscles clamping down on his cock and painting his fingers with streaks of white. Shudders roll off his frame, growl distorted as the only thing that leaves his lips are garbled noises.



"Ah f-fuck," spits Taehyung, rhythm faltering as Yoongi's muscles clench so hard around him he can hardly move. "Baby- shit."



Yoongi shivers as Taehyung continues pumping him through his orgasm, the stimulation too much. His eyes are lidded and he tries to look at Taehyung but he can't fucking see straight and everything around him is splattered with specks of white. "S-stop." He stutters, words shaky as Taehyung continues to rock into him steadily, exacerbating the heat flaring beneath his veins. "T-Tae, stop."



"Fuck." Taehyung groans, feeling Yoongi tremble fiercely in his arms and his muscles spasming around him. "Alright." He relents, kissing him one last time before grasping him by the hips and easing him slowly from his cock. He's so stiff and close to coming, he can sense it, but he promised he wouldn't so he can only silently bemoan the loss of that wondrous heat. He feels his cock slip out, prompting quiet groans from them both before he maneuvers Yoongi onto his front, fingers drenched with his cum.



Yoongi claws at the bedsheets, trying to ground himself as he waits for reason to trickle back in, still reeling from his climax while shivers wrack his frame. He hears Taehyung shuffle behind him but he can hardly focus, cheek pressed against the mattress while his fingers flex around rough linen. 



"Shit." Taehyung moans, gripping his cock by the base as he strokes himself slowly, the slide easy with Yoongi's slick staining his fingers. The other is spread out on the bed, looking positively ethereal as his eyes fall to that perky ass and that pretty hole swollen and stretched out. "Gonna come all over you Yoongi."



There's a burn that starts from inside and runs all the way up the base of his spine and he knows Taehyung's made good of his word when he said he'd feel him tomorrow. He supports himself on shaky arms, eyes hooded as he peers over his shoulder, gaze smoldering.



"Come on me." He orders, voice rough with use and cracking around the edges. "Paint my back with your fucking cum."



"Fucking hell." Taehyung leans in, pressing close against Yoongi as he strokes himself faster, fingers squeezing the base of his shaft as he chases his release and he can't help thinking about how fucking pretty Yoongi looks like this- how much fucking prettier he's going to look utterly debauched and covered in his cum. "Close- baby fuck."



He pumps himself a few more times before he senses that telltale tightening in his abdomen and every part of him suddenly goes stiff.



"Oh f-fuck." He growls, jerking himself off furiously as his climax blindsides him, hitting him so hard his vision bursts for a moment. "Shit."



Yoongi's breath catches when something wet and viscid coats his back, making him feel even filthier on these spent sheets. He moans softly at the sensation.



Taehyung groans, hand still gliding up and down his cock as he comes all over Yoongi and it's the most exquisite sight, alabaster skin painted with even more spatters of white. His arms trembles as he milks himself through it, fingers sticky and Yoongi's back even more so. He inhales harshly, head lolling to the side as his tongue comes out to wet his lips. "God." He rumbles, voice gruff.



Yoongi sighs, back slick with sweat and cum and it's pretty vile but something about it is oddly appealing at the same time. His arms are unsteady so he props himself on his elbows, groaning as everything aches and he waits for Taehyung to finish.



Taehyung gives one last stroke before releasing a loud groan, fingers stilling over the length of his cock as he exhales shakily, cum pooling at the tip while the rest drips from his fingers. 



He pants heavily against perspired flesh, forehead resting against his shoulder blade before he lets out a tired chuckle. "Fuck."



Yoongi's eyes slip shut as he hums, exhausted but heart running rampant in his chest. "Yeah."



Taehyung presses his lips gently to Yoongi's sweaty back, fingers trailing down to the mess he's made before smearing it across the dip in his spine.



Yoongi grumbles, turning so he can shoot Taehyung a glare.



"That's fucking foul," he mutters, attempting to sound threatening but mainly just sounding fucked out. "Quit it."



Taehyung shoots him a cheeky smile, hair tousled and pupils blown but still just as attractive, loath as he is to admit. His eyes follow Taehyung's as he leans in, lips quirked as they brush over his own and it's irritating that he does little else but to allow it. 



Soft, is what he thinks. Taehyung's lips are soft and it's odd that he's only noticed it now. And what a strange thing to take note of indeed. He feels him smile into it and that's when he decides it's all getting a little too chummy for his liking.



He's pretty sure it violates some kind of principle to bump uglies with the person you're planning to kill.



"Get this shit off me."



Taehyung laughs, a light to his eyes that Yoongi finds perplexing. 



"Bossy." He teases, bumping their heads together. "I like it."



"Great." Yoongi responds succinctly. "Now go get a towel."



"Alright, alright." Taehyung chuckles, peppering a few more kisses along his jaw before Yoongi nudges him away. "I'll be back."



He rolls his eyes, staring back at him dispassionately.



"Take your time." He says drily.



"Always with the proverbial pigtail pulling, huh?" He grins, moving off the bed lazily before running a hand through his hair, mussing it further. He stretches, working out the kinks in his back before he makes his way towards the bathroom.



The bathroom turns out to be more mundane than the room itself but he supposes you get what you pay for- in this case, a run of the mill motel room located in the middle of nowhere.



He studies his reflection in the mirror, smirking when he notices the flush starting from his chest and the glazed look in his eyes and man- if it doesn't incentivize him to rush back and lay Yoongi flat on his back again. He turns on the faucet, splashing his face with water before reaching for a hand towel and wetting it.



When he reenters the room, Yoongi is lying on his front, the sheets pooled at his waist and allowing a glimpse of his ass. He approaches the bed with a steady gait, the mattress dipping underneath his weight as he finds his place above him, arms caging him on either side. His chest rumbles as he crouches down to plant a kiss just below his nape, lips caressing unblemished skin and he exercises restraint as he tries not to jump him again. The towel is long forgotten at his side.



Yoongi lets out a sigh of contentment, spine arching instinctively as Taehyung imprints kisses down his back, touches fleeting but no less satisfying. 



Taehyung eventually moves back up, mouth seeking Yoongi's and the other grants him access much to his surprise. He'd expected more resistance, quite frankly. 



He soon finds out why when he's flipped onto his back, Yoongi pinning his hands above his head before sealing their lips together. Taehyung is intrigued by the sudden fervor but also equally distracted by the feel of Yoongi's mouth moving sensuously over his, tongue coming out to trace his lower lip.



Distractions are parlous things, is what he will tell himself later on.



He realizes he should have paid heed to his suspicions when he hears- feels- the cool press of metal against his wrist before it's followed by a soft click. His eyes flutter open and he has little time to process what will later be deemed the quintessential image of smug satisfaction before his wrist is yanked up and another sharp click resounds in the stagnant air between them.



The sneaky little shit.



"Handcuffs. Really, darling?" He jiggles the cuffs, efforts futile as he finds himself bound to the damn bedpost. "If I had known you'd be this kinky, I would have brought out the big guns. Literally." He offers a smile, a little crooked and smug at the edges. "Maybe we can explore that next time."



Yoongi laughs, a pleased look settling across his features as he watches Taehyung struggle aimlessly.



"Next time may be out of the picture." He supplies helpfully- which, in Taehyung's case is not very helpful at all. "Especially considering the Feds should have a lockdown on this this place in about, oh I don't know- ten minutes or so?" He laughs. "I'd planned for about twenty but I have to say- I'm impressed. You lasted ten minutes longer than I expected. I suppose congratulations are in order." He smiles, glint never leaving his eyes as he retrieves the towel from Taehyung's side, wiping his back haphazardly before grimacing at the coolness assaulting his skin. "We'll see what they make of you. The infamous compromised and handcuffed to a bedpost in some desolate motel. The media will have a field day with that one." 



Sneaky indeed, Taehyung thinks.



Yoongi grabs his clothes, sparing Taehyung a glance as he simply stares from his position on the bed. There's an amused- almost approbative?- look in his eyes as he laughs, smooth like refined liquor.



"Color me impressed." Taehyung makes quite the sight, one arm raised above his head and connected to the bed but he somehow manages to sustain that same air of cockiness that used to grate on his nerves. The effect is somewhat mitigated now that he has him locked to the bed but it's still an accomplishment in itself. "I'll concede defeat this round. Next time though, it's mine and baby, am I going to have fun with that."



With you, is what Yoongi fills in.



But that's under the assumption that he actually manages to find his way out of this tight spot.



He says as much.



Taehyung breathes out a laugh, eyes raking over Yoongi's form as he slowly gets dressed. "Do you really think this is the last you'll see of me?"



"We'll see." That's all he offers, sly grin persisting as he buttons his shirt. His skin feels filthy and every part of him is sore but he ignores it in lieu of collecting his things. Besides, the constant visual reminder of Kim Taehyung handcuffed to the bed makes up for it somewhat. "You'll have to get yourself out of those cuffs first. Hopefully the cops don't beat you to it." He can't help adding as he retrieves his gun.



Taehyung brightens, staring up at him with an almost childlike fascination, eyes flitting to his weapon.



"Are you going to shoot me, darling?" 



Yoongi's starting to think that may be his trademark phrase.



He grins, eying him thoughtfully before slipping the gun into its holster.



"Maybe tomorrow." He drawls, content smile tugging at the corners of his mouth. "Consider it a token of my appreciation for your respectable dick game."



Taehyung smirks, knowing, as Yoongi finally turns to leave. He glances at him briefly before ambling towards the door, jacket slung casually over his shoulder.



"I'll be seeing you soon, Yoongi." 



Taehyung's words ring in his ears and he stops in his tracks, feeling a strange twinge of anticipation that's unprecedented and a little uncanny. His lips twitch as he turns, sending a blasé look over his shoulder before he unlocks the door, sliding out and letting it slip shut behind him.



He smiles.



For once, that doesn't sound altogether unpleasant.