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How To Relate

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'I know how will we beat the megalomaniac' Stiles said as he stepped in to the loft.
'Correct me if I'm wrong but as far as I can recall it was less than two days ago when you yelled at me that you never want to be a part of this whole nightmare again' Derek answered as he walked down the stairs.
'I know, I know. I was a bit dramatic' the boy smiled and he sat down to the couch. 'But to be fair, it was your psychotic girlfriend who wanted to sacrifice me for some ancient Celtic gods right after she kidnapped my father.'
'I already apologized for that' the werewolf replied but he seemed guilty.
'Don't be mad but I have to ask you something' the younger one said and he waited for the other one to nod. 'How can you always choose the bad girl?'
'Stiles, I don't care that you were almost killed two days ago' the werewolf said and he started to walk to the boy. 'I'm gonna rip your throat out if you ask me something like this again.'
'With your teeth, I remember. I finished' Stiles raised his hands up to protect his face. 'But there was Kate and now Ms. Blake…'
'Stiles…' Derek showed his fangs. 'Stop talking about me and tell me why you came here.'
'Okay, I'm sorry' the boy cleared his throat. 'I don't know how much you remember but we already spoke about what makes an alpha strong.'
'His pack' the older one said and he walked to the window. 'The stronger the betas become, the more powerful their alpha becomes.'
'So you actually listen to me sometimes. It makes my heart melt' Stiles nodded and put a notebook on the desk. 'I read some interesting history books and I realized something. You don't have power if you don't have people to rule. So all we have to do is make sure Deucalion loses his pack.'
'I won't do that again' Derek shook his head. 'I already lost Boyd because a plan like this. I won't attack them again.'
'Did I say something like that?' Stiles asked and the werewolf turned to him in surprise. 'I know that the pack isn't strong enough to fight them. And I don't want to risk their lives.'
'So what's your plan?' the older one walked to the couch but didn't sit down.
'We have to make them leave Deucalion' the boy said. Derek looked at him like he was insane so he continued. 'We all know that he's cruel. They just have to find out how much. I asked Scott to talk to Deaton because he was the one who tried to save Ennis' life after you fell '
'He helped them?' the werewolf raised his eyebrows.
'He's a veterinarian, he tried to' Stiles replied. 'But why does it matter? He's dead.'
'It does matter' Derek answered. 'Whether he tried to save him and he failed or he killed him without the alphas noticing it. I don't even know which version is worse.'
'He is dead, we know more than they do. I don't see how is it bad' the boy said. 'Why are you here anyway?'
'Cora sent me home' the werewolf sat down. 'She said she needed some alone time.'
'Which means you looked terrible' Stiles nodded. 'Where's Peter?'
'I don't want to know' Derek opened the notebook. 'The farther he is, the better I feel.'
'I love these Hale family feels' the younger one stood up. 'Your disfuntional family makes me feel better about mine.'
'Shut up, Stilinski' the werewolf followed him to the door. 'Call me if you get to know something. I'll probably be in the hospital.'
'I don't even know what would you do without me' Stiles smiled as he left the loft.
'Enjoy the silence, I assume' Derek replied and he closed the door behind the boy.
He walked back to the couch, sat down and started to read the notebook. There were just words, not sentences and at first sight they didn't even related. Danny's name appeared a lot of times, mostly next to Ethan's. And Lydia's as well, next to the other alpha twin's. Between Ennis and Kali's name there was a huge questionmark and the word 'revenge' with big letters. Stiles' theories could make Derek mad but most of the times he was right. After a few more minutes the werewolf closed the notebook and hid it. He went to the kitchen, grabbed some juice and snacks and left the loft.
On his way to the hospital he was thinking about how Stiles can see every little detail the way they actually are and still believe that they don't have to kill the alphas. As he waited for the lift, he saw Danny left the hospital and he started thinking about his part in this whole story. Mrs. McCall left his sister's room in the minute the elevator's door opened, she waved at him and walked to the opposite direction. Cora was sleeping when he stepped in, so he went to the chair and quietly sat down. He watched his sister's heart monitor for a while and it popped in his mind that he hasn't seen Cora's name in Stiles's notebook. And that Erica and Boyd's names weren't in it either. Stiles wasn't stupid, he made everything on purpose and Derek was afraid that the boy wanted to say something, he didn't want to hear.