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Bad Girlfriend

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Ino Yamanaka was angry, no angry was too weak of a word, no she was downright livid. Her teammates’ Chouji Akimichi and Shikamaru Nara were supposed to be following her and their Sensei Asuma for some needed training but while they were walking in town both boys had slipped away and because of them Asuma-sensei went and had told her that training was canceled for the day. After telling her he had walked off into the crowd leaving her standing in the middle of the street.

But he didn’t seem to have a problem with having to cancel training. The man was just as lazy as her two wayward teammates; Shikamaru and Choji wondered why they almost failed their mission to bring back Sasuke. But it was plain as day to see, it was because they never train unless they are forced too and they were only forced when there was going to be a group training with the other teams. Now because they don’t want to train she can’t get training done either. Clan training can go only so far when the people who are training you are never home.

So here she was walking around the Village board out and pissed off out of her skull. Ever since Sasuke had been stripped of his Ninja states and put in prison because he tried to leave to train with the traitors Snake Orochimaru and Naruto had left to be with that perverted old guy Jiraiya things had gotten dull around Konoha. Then add the fact that Sakura was learning from Tsunade in the ways of Medical Ninjutsu she had no one to talk to anymore. She was all alone with nothing to do but to sit back and wait on a mission to be assigned to her team.

(Man if it weren’t for Chouji and Shikamaru I wouldn’t be so board!) The bleach blond thought in frustration. Soon her walk through Konoha had taken her deep into one of the many wooded areas that surround the inside of the Village, when she looked up she noticed that she was in one of the many abandoned Training Grounds. “Great now where am I?” She asked herself as she looked around and saw nothing. With an angry sigh, she was about to turn around when she heard a noise coming from her left. She quickly pulled out a kunai and listened after another moment she heard it again.

This time she put the kunai away when she heard someone moaning in pain. “That sounds like someone is hurt.” Ino took off into the trees in search of the injured and possible dying person. As she hopped from tree to tree the sound was getting feather away so she stopped and listened. “Damn it I’m going in the wrong direction.” She turned around and turned to her left as she listened she could hear it getting closer. “I’m all most there just please hang on just a little bit longer.” The mind walker in training said to herself as she speeds up her jumping through the trees. Hoping to every deity that she could get to them before the person died.

She stopped and listened as she heard that the moaning and groaning were somewhere in the area around where she was standing from her location. “Hello is anyone out there!” She called out worried. It was strange that the thought that it may be a trap never crossed her mind. Ino was just about to leave to search more of the location when she heard her name being called. When she hopped over 4 more trees she got the shock of her life.

Imagine her surprise when instead of finding someone hurt and/or dying, she found her old classmate Hinata Hiroshima sitting up against a training stump moaning her name as she stroked her dick in broad daylight.

(Wh-what the hell…) The baby blue eyed girl could only watch in awe and embarrassment as she watched the girl go to town on herself.

As Ino watched the bluenette it explained so much about the shy girl up until this moment.

The reason she would wear baggy clothes all the time. Why she never wanted to get into the water when the Academy had swimming lessons and would go to the hospital for the Academy physicals. Why she turned down invitations to slumber parties or sleep overs and trips to the Village Hot Spring. Why she was always refusing to going into the girls’ or boys’ locker room or bathrooms, why she had on more than one occasion wet herself during the first year of the Academy. And most off all why she would fidget and blushed around people when she saw them.

(I thought she had a crush on that blond idiot Naruto!) She screamed to herself looking away before she started panicking and on the verge of having a mental breakdown. (I would never have thought that she was actually a boy!) The blonde’s mind was racing as her thoughts of why Hinata would hide her gender when a memory crossed her mind. (Wait! But that doesn’t make since I’ve spared with her when the Rookie 9 got together. And I clearly felt her boobs when I tackled her to the ground!) Ino’s head was swimming but was brought out of her thoughts when she heard Hinata scream her name.

“Ino-chan… something is… ahh… s-something is. AH!” With one last loud moan, load of cum shot out of her cock and at least half a foot in front of the shorter girl, Hinata slumped against the training post trying to catch her breath, before she looked at her hand and screamed bloody murder.