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Father and Daughter

Author's Note: Originally published on September 8, 2008


Ron sat in his favourite armchair and couldn't help grinning at the sight in front of him. His daughter, Rose, was curled up on the sofa, her nose buried in one of her new school books. It reminded him of another beautiful, intelligent witch who often sat in that exact same spot.

It was a special time for his daughter. In just a few days, his eldest would be leaving for Hogwarts. Both he and his wife were saddened by the thought, but they were also very proud of her.

Hermione was devastated that she had to spend today at the office, but he assured her that he would make it a memorable occasion. He had dropped off Hugo with Harry and Ginny, and the two of them, father and daughter, spent the day in Diagon Alley shopping for her school things and enjoying some quality time together.

He sat next to Rose and put his arm around her. "Learning anything interesting, sweetheart?"

"Yes! I can't wait to start school. Mum said I should always read ahead so that I don't fall behind in my homework."

"Luckily, you've inherited your mother's brains, so I don't think that will be a problem."

"Can you teach me the wand movement for this?" She asked excitedly, pointing down at the page in her Charms book and brandishing her new wand.

He looked down and read the spell she was pointing to.

Wingardium Leviosa

He smiled again, thinking back to that fateful Halloween. That night had brought Hermione into his life and his thoughts.

"Rosie, have I ever told you about the first time I performed that spell correctly?"