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Guardian Angel

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I looked back at Dimitri. Briefly our eyes met. I saw the look in them. They told me we were almost there. We were really going to be together.

That's when the Strigoi attacked. Dimitri was taken by surprise and a Strigoi bit into his neck. Dimitri still tried to put up a fight. The Strigoi dropped him and Dimitri fell to the cave floor too weak to stand on his own. Stan and my mother were pushing me back towards campus. I couldn't go with them. I remember the look in his eyes and I made up my mind. We were going to be together. No matter what. I broke out of their hold and ran back to the cave.

I saw the blonde Strigoi lunge for Dimitri. "DIMITRI!" I screamed. A saw a little light come to Dimitri's eyes and he rolled over just in time. I ran into the cave. I would take on any and every Strigoi that tries to hurt him.

The blonde Strigoi bared his fangs at me. His earlier threat came back to me, the one where he was talking about the last Dragomir. The one where he was talking about my best friend. Looking at the harm he caused Dimitri and the harm he wants to cause Lissa made me deadly. We both got a few blows in on one another, but finally I found my opening. I staked the blonde Strigoi. As the life faded from his eyes, I pulled out my stake alert for any other threats. I was still nauseous so I knew there were still Strigoi alive.

Keeping a careful eye on my surroundings, I helped Dimitri stand up. I had to support a lot of his weight, which wasn't easy, because Dimitri was heavy! We slowly made our way to the cave exit. I realized we might not make it back to the Academy. The sun was almost down, and while we were momentarily safe, I knew I wouldn't be able to move as quickly supporting Dimitri. Gripping my stake in my hand, I urged Dimitri to move as fast as he could. A soft moan escaped his lips. He was in pain.

His pain gave me strength. I knew we had to get back. There had to be a way. I moved faster than I ever had before. It was suddenly as if Dimitri were as light as a feather. We were so close. Only a few more feet and we would be inside the wards.

It wasn't enough time. I saw a Strigoi out of the corner of my eye. He wasn't expecting me to react so quickly. I dodged his punch and got in a well-aimed kick to his stomach. He managed to get a kick in to the side of my stomach. All of a sudden I was having difficulty breathing. I knew I wouldn't be able to fight him off now.

I did something very childish. I pointed behind him, faking a face of shock and fear, which given the circumstances wasn't that difficult. He looked behind him, which gave me the window I needed to stake him.

"Dimitri!" I yelled. "Get inside the wards! Move! You can do it!" I urged him. I wasn't going to be able to support him and fight off Strigoi. Slowly he began to crawl towards the wards. Three Strigoi suddenly appeared. I knew I wouldn't be able to take on all of them, so I mostly stayed on the defensive protecting both myself and Dimitri. I knew the exact moment we passed over the wards, because the Strigoi stopped moving forward, and the guardians swarmed towards us. We made it. We were both safe.

Dimitri was immediately rushed to the clinic, and I refused to leave his side. I don't care if anyone figured out that he was more than my mentor. I couldn't bear to leave his side. Lissa and Adrian were in the clinic, helping out where they could. When Lissa saw me come in with Dimitri, she immediately came over to us.

"Please Liss. Please fix him…" I begged. I never once took my eyes off of Dimitri.

"I'll try. But Rose there's only so much I'll be able to do. I've done a lot of healing today." She warned me.

"Anything you can do. Just make his pain go away." I begged. I felt it through the bond. Pieces of the puzzle started to fall together. She realized I cared for Dimitri as more than a mentor. I could feel that she was going to ask me about it. "Later Liss. Please just help him."

She nodded at me and got to work on Dimitri. She healed his major injuries, leaving him with a sprained wrist and a lot of bruises. She turned on me. "Your turn." She told me.

At first I thought she meant that it was my turn to talk about Dimitri, but then I realized that she wanted to heal me. "Oh no, Liss. I'm fine. Don't worry about me." I put as much Rose Hathaway bravado into that statement as possible.

"Rose." Lissa said giving me a look that said quite clearly she wasn't buying it. I sighed and lay down on the cot next to Dimitri's. She healed my broken rib. I wouldn't let her heal anything else. The bruises and cuts would be gone in no time and she didn't need to use anymore Spirit on me.

I looked at Dimitri. He had fallen asleep right after Lissa had finished healing him. He looked so peaceful asleep, like an angel… no like a god.