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Who's the Daddy?

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I was in trouble.

Big trouble.

The kind, well,…I’m sort of getting ahead of myself.

My name is James Tiberius Kirk. I’m a cadet at Starfleet Academy. First year student. Things are going well, academically. I can’t say I didn’t have my doubts that it wasn’t the career for me. But I liked it. A lot.

The first semester I started, I got myself a best friend. That would be Bones. His name is actually Leonard McCoy and he’s a doctor. Why do I call him Bones? Long story and kind of boring. Besides, it’s irrelevant. Bones is my best friend. And he’s great.

I also got myself a boyfriend. Not so great. I didn’t know that at first. But Gary was a prick. Gary Mitchell. My boyfriend. Ex-boyfriend.

If only I had broke it off with him a long time ago.


“Bones, I’m in trouble.”

Bones looked up from his PADD with a frown. “What you do? Cheat on the Kobayashi Maru?

“Funny,” I replied. “I haven’t even taken that test yet. And I’m not even sure I’m going to.”

“Why not?” Bones leaned back in his chair.

“Do you know who programmed that test?”



“The Vulcan instructor who teaches astrophysics for your first period?”

“Yeah, you know who.” I felt a little queasy. Which fuck me, I didn’t want to feel queasy. I put a hand to my stomach. Turned to look in the mirror. I lifted my shirt.

“What’s this all got to do with you being in trouble?”

“Nothing. You brought it up, not me.” I tore my bottom lip open with my teeth, tasting blood, as I flounced down in the chair next to Bones. “You know my mom’s mom was from Xaltalantia.”

“Er, yeah. You said your mom spent the first ten years of her life on Xaltalantia until your grandpa, Jim, moved the whole family to Earth.”

I leaned my head on my crossed arms on the desk. “How much do you know about Xaltalantia?”

Bones shrugged. “Planet in the Storovian solar system with a similar atmosphere to Earth. Mostly an ice planet”

“And Xaltalantians?”

Bones blew out a breath. “Why the pop quiz? I learned all about them in xenobiology back in med school. Humanoids. Look like Terrans, mostly, but both females and males can become impregnated and give birth.”

I blanched. “Yeah.” I moistened my lips with my tongue. “About that.”

“What about it?”

“Do-well-the thing is…” I had begun to sweat. A lot. “I never told you this, but I guess some of that stuff about Xaltalantians kind of sort of passed on to me.”

“Kind of sort of?”

“It did.” I swallowed. I buried my face in my hands. “I can, you know.”

Bones was now staring me with his eyes bugged out. “Can what?”

“Get-get pregnant,” I whispered. “Like them.”

“Holy shit, Jim.”

I know. I fucking know.”

Bones stood up suddenly, causing his chair to fall to the floor with a loud crash. “Wait. Wait just a damn minute. Why are you telling me this now?”

I shook my head, not looking up.

“Jim? You’d better not be telling me what I think you’re telling me.”

“I’m not totally sure.” I finally dropped my hands from my face and bravely met his gaze. “See, normally, I use a shot that suppresses the ability. Like a, like a birth control kind of thing. The chance I’d get pregnant is really small. Or so I’ve always been led to believe. I used the shots anyway.”


“I ran out. And I didn’t have a chance to renew the prescription. And since the chance was so slight, well, I didn’t think it was a big deal.” I put my hand on stomach again. “But then, well, I started having these weird symptoms and feeling sick, so I did a test. One of those over the counter things.”

“It was positive?” Bones was shouting now.

I dug my fingers into the palms of my hands. “Yeah. I-maybe it’s not accurate.”

“Goddamn it Jim.”

“Could you give me like an official test?”

Bones closed his eyes, then shook his head. When he opened them, his expression was determined. “We’ll need to go down to the hospital. Let me get my coat.”

I nodded. Dread pooled in my stomach, warring with the nausea. He handed me my own coat and I shrugged it on. He was staring at my stomach but pretending not to be.


I knew from Bone’s face that the news was just as bad as I suspected when he returned to the hospital exam room. He held a PADD in his hands and he was looking at it instead of me.

“The results are positive, kid,” he said very softly.

“Oh, God.”

He set it aside and then put his hand on my shoulder. “What are you going to do? You can choose to terminate it, if you’d like.”

“Terminate it?” I touched my stomach. “I-I don’t know if I can.”


“I know. What am I going to do about the academy? I mean what are the chances I can go up into space with a kid?”

“Well, the chances are getting better. And I guess you still have a few years left to go before you graduate.” Bones sighed. “I’ll do whatever you want, Jim. And if you decide to keep it, I’ll help you too.”

I nodded, feeling more than a little numb.

“So…Gary?” Bones blanched. “I thought you two broke up.”

“We did. But that last night before the break up, we did have sex.”


I felt like crying, but I didn’t. Wouldn’t. “It gets worse, Bones.”

“How in blazes does it get worse?”

“I-I’m not sure the baby is Gary’s.” I blew out a heavy breath. “The next day I had a one-night stand with a guy I met at a bar.” I rubbed the back of my neck. “Turns out he was some diplomat from Orion.”

“You fucked around with an Orion?” Bones asked, incredulously.

“He fucked around with me, but yeah. It was, um, kind of intense.”

“He forced you?”

“Not exactly. But, well, I won’t see him again, anyway.”

Bones frowned. “Why not?”

“I saw a report a couple of days later that he was killed in that shuttle explosion on Delta IV.”

“Son of a bitch.”

I winced.

“So, it could be his or Gary’s?”


Bones eyes widened. “Or?”

“Okay, promise you won’t freak out or anything, Bones.”

He was bright red. “Freak out? Why in the world would I freak out?”

“You’re raising your voice.”


“I was arguing with this instructor about, um, well, everything really. He sort of brings that out in me. Arguing that is. He’s so annoying. Anyway, so we were arguing, and well, suddenly, we were, um, fucking in his classroom.”

“For God’s sake, Jim. You fucked a teacher? And do not say he fucked you.”

I blushed. I knew I was because my face was flaming hot. “It was the next day after the Orion. Next morning, actually. And so, um, it could be…him too.”

“I am going to regret this but who?”