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Challenges are some of the basic things that all police officers face from an hour to hour stand point in the job that they do. This is no different for the men and women of the 101st in Chinatown San Francisco. They family dynamic of the 101st tends to concern the top brass form time to time. Especially after the shootout in front of the building over 10 years ago.

Peter looked up from his computer when he heard a knock at the his office door. "Who is it?" asked Peter. "Your sister-in-law," says Karen. "Come in Karen. I was expecting Mary and the kids. How is it going with you and the family?" asked Peter. "We are doing good. It's been really busy with retirement and younger children. I am just happy to be able to spend more time with Kermit and the kids. I have you to thank for this, Peter," says Karen. "What do you men by that Karen?" asked Peter. "It has been 10 years since you saved my life and since you and Kermit lost your father. I would like to set up a celebration of life and honor those who have been lost," says Karen. "Does Kermit know about this?" asked Peter. He was the one that asked me to do this for the family," says Karen. "I will be happy to partake in the event when you have the time and date form me, Karen," replies Peter. Knock..knock. "Are you here Pete?" asked Mary. Karen walks over to the door and opens it up. "Hello Mary. I was just about to leave; just got done talking with Peter about a celebration event to honor Caine and to remember those that we lost on the 10 year anniversary of the shooting in front of 101st," says Karen. "I will be there as well, Karen. Good to see you again. We need to get together for lunch or dinner sometime soon," says Mary. "I would like that too," says Karen and Peter. Karen kisses her niece and nephew and give Peter and Karen a hug as she leaves the station.

"That is a really good idea Pete. Go give your dad a hug," says Mary. "Thank you for stopping you guys," says Peter as he grabs his kids and gives them both a big hug. "When are you going to come home tonight, daddy?" asked Blake. "As soon as I get the last piece of paperwork done for the day. I will be home before you got to bed tonight," says Peter. "Daddy!" yells Sarah. "hey there kiddo. How was class today?" asked Peter. "The training is going really good. I wish you would be able to come and watch sometime. I am getting better thanks to your help," says Sarah. "That is good to hear sweetheart. You know I will. I need to get this done today though. Do you have a class tomorrow?" replies Peter. "I do daddy," replies Sarah. "What time is the class?" asked Peter. "4 pm," replies Mary. "I will clear my schedule for tomorrow to see your class. No cell phone or pager. 100% yours after 330 pm. I can't wait to see the class," says Peter. "I am looking forward to it too daddy," says Sarah.

"I will see your to night," says Mary as she leans in to give her husband a kiss on the cheek. "I will see you tonight," says Peter as he gives his wife and kids a hug goodbye. "Jody, do have a minute?" asked Peter. "For you partner, I always do," says Jody. Jody starts to walk over to Peter's office to talk with him about an issue, when something caught her attention. "Peter?!" yells Jody. Peter opens his office door to see the Dalia Llama standing at the front of the station. He walks out to see what his holiness wanted. "Your holiness, what brings you to California?" asked Peter as he ushers them to his office to talk. Jody follows them into the office to give Peter some back up. "Ms. Powell. Captain Caine. I am in need of some help from you and your department."

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"I am here to see you, Captain Caine," says The Dalia Llama. "What can I help you with your Holiness?" asked Peter. " There has been an attack on the Temple in Baniff," replies the Dalia Llama. "Again. Was there any warnings made of the attack?" asked Peter. "There was no warning again, young Caine. That is why I need your families help on this," replies the Dalia Llama. "We will be honored to help you out," says Peter. "We can leave town tomorrow to start the investigation," says Jodi. "My partner is right," says Peter. "I will be ready early in the morning, Captain Caine. May I stay with you or at your father's old kwoon?" asked the Dalia Llama. "Let me call Mary to have the spare room ready," says Peter. "Follow me," says Jodi as her and the Dalia Llama walked out of Peter's office.

"Mary?" asked Peter. "Hey Pete. What's going on?" asked Mary. "We are going to have a house guest for the night. It is the Dalia Llama," says Peter. "Oh...Okay. Isn't tonight the tournament that you promised your daughter that you would be at?" asked Mary. "It is. I was going to ask his holiness if he wanted to come for the event," says Peter. "Then okay. I will have the spare room set up for two people. I know that he usually travels with one other person as a body guard," says Mary. "That is correct sweetheart. I will see you tonight," says Peter. "I will see you at dinner time," says Mary. "One other thing, he is a vegetarian too," says Peter. "That I did remember from our previous conversation," says Mary. "Alright. See you soon," says Peter.

Peter got up from his desk and walked out into the main squad room to see Jodi and the Dalia Llama talking and laughing. "Your Holiness, it would be an honor to have you as a house guest for the night. Mary is also going to have a vegetarian dish on the table for you as well. Would you care to join us at a tournament tonight that my daughter is going to be in?" says Peter. "It would be an honor young Caine to partake in this tournament. I am looking forward to seeing this display of such great talent," says the Dalia Llama. "You honor me and my family by joining us tonight," says Peter as the Dalia Llama and he walk out of his office and head towards the parking ramp. Something caught Peter's attention. The Dalia Llama noticed that Peter was on edge. "Get in now!" yells Peter. The Dalia Llama took Peter's advice and climbed into the back seat of Peter's SUV.

Peter looks over by the far wall and saw the glint of a scope. Peter gets in to the car and starts the car. He felt a burn in his chest. "Not now!" yells Peter. The Dalia Llama climbs into the front seat to treat his injury. "Breath" is all the Dalia Llama says to Peter. "Dispatch, this is Captain Caine from the 101st. Please let the desk Sergeant know to contact my family to let them know that we are on the way to the hospital," says Peter. "10-4, Captain Caine," says dispatch. "101st desk sergeant, what is your 20?" asked dispatch. "My 20 is the 101st desk right now. What's going on?" asked Broderick. "Captain Caine wanted me to relay a message for his family. He's on the way to the hospital," says Dispatch. "10-4 dispatch," says Broderick.

"Mary?" asked Broderick. "Hey Sarge. Peter bad?" asked Mary. "His on the way to the hospital. This is all that I know. Dispatch relayed it to me. He was with the Dalia Llama when they left the station," says Broderick. "Thank you for calling," says Mary. Mary hangs up the phone and calls Kermit. "Kermit?' asked Mary. "What's up Mary?" asked Kermit after he heard her tone when she had asked for him. "He's hurt and on the way to the hospital. The Dalia Llama is with him too. I need you to help protect both of them. I am on the way down to see them," says Mary. "I am on the way. I will let Karen know as well," says Kermit. "Thank you. I will see you there," says Mary. "Come on kiddo. We need to get going. Dad's been hurt," says Mary. "Okay mom," says Sarah.

The two Caine women get into the car and drive off to the hospital. The drive only took them 10 minutes, but it was a very quiet ride. "Mom, is daddy going to be okay?" asked Sarah. "I hope so sweetie. I will find out more once I speak to the doctor. I know that he will always put up a good fight," says Mary. "I love you mommy," says Sarah as the two women hug after getting out of the car and walking towards the hospital. "Blake!" yells Mary. "Mary, they just took him to surgery. This is the E.R. doctor that treated Peter when he was brought in," says Kelly. "Doctor, what can you tell me about my husband?" asked Mary. "There was a single bullet that was found in your husband's chest. The Dalia Llama was able to stop the bleeding and was able to stabilize Peter enough for his bodyguard to drive them into the hospital. Peter was taken up to surgery about 10 minutes ago. I will give you an update as soon as I hear anything. If you would like I can have one of the nurses take you to see the Dalia Llama," says the doctor. "That would be great, doctor," says Mary as she hugs her daughter. "Thank you," says Sarah as the Nurse walks up to the two Caine women. "Follow me, please," says the Nurse. "Mary!" yells Kermit. "Hello," says Mary as they hug. "Anything?" asked Kermit. "He's in surgery," says Mary. "The Dalia Llama?" asked Karen. "The nurse was about to take us to see him," says Mary. "Lead on," says Kermit.