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Experimentation and Maintenance

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March 2007

The Asset has been waked for a mission. 

The assassination was accomplished, but somehow the target's security team spotted one of the task force. The Asset was forced to eliminate the entire group of bodyguards to cover their tracks. And so, The Asset has returned from his mission damaged. He's been shot multiple times and his right should is dislocated. I know the task force can reset a shoulder. There's no good reason to have left The Asset like this before bringing him back. Probably, they just wanted him in pain. He'll need surgery to remove the bullets. It is so much easier when the shots are through-and-through. He's already half healed around the slugs inside him.

The Asset was been given to the task force for entertainment prior to being repaired. They've given him quite a lot of additional damage. Although, they did the surgeon a favor by digging the bullets out themselves. The shoulder, on the other hand, partially healed while out of joint. The surgeon had to cut the tendons and muscles to reset the bone. It will heal fine, but it was inconvenient.

The Asset is returning to cryo.


September 2007

The Asset has been waked for a mission. He will be sent to surveil the target for 3 weeks prior to the actual kill. There is hope that the target's associates can be identified before he dies.

Prior to the start of that mission, some changes have been made in The Asset's drug regimen. Actually, the whole thing has been overhauled. Due to renewed research into control and enhancement drugs, a specialist has been brought in to make a new "perfect" cocktail.

The new stuff for making him compliant and susceptible is a combination of zolpidem, methyl chloride, ethanol, and an experimental agent called ophentonyl. Using these together makes the subject extremely open to manipulation. The Asset's healing factor will make it necessary to use the cocktail during each wake cycle but will make him much less likely to go off-program.

The other cocktail is to make him work better while on the mission. The drugs used are dextroamphetamine, valproic acid and a mix of steroids. These will make him hit harder, move faster, increase his reflexes, eliminate any anxiety, and maximize his metabolic dominance. He'll be a quicker, sleeker, more deadly weapon all around. Again, because of his healing speed, it will need to be administered at each mission. It's likely that he'll experience some withdrawal effects when he comes out of cryo. Or before he goes into cryo if he's awake for a day or so post-mission. Intense headaches will probably be the worst of it though.


October 2007

The Asset has returned from a successful mission. During this wake cycle, the new drug cocktails seem to have worked excellently. He stayed on mission and never wavered from his focus. The task force administered the metabolic regimen twice each day. The Asset cooperatively swallowed the pills and worked at top levels of functionality. The scientific team and Pierce are very happy.