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Experimentation and Maintenance

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April 3, 2013

The Asset has been woken to have his arm serviced and evaluated by a HYDRA group within Cybertek. They have been working on a supersoldier serum called Centipede for a while and they have nearly perfected the part that improves and enhances individuals. The Centipede Project is also working to incorporate cybernetic devices into their test subjects. They have recently begun combining their serum with another enhancer called Extremis. Maya Hansen and Aldrich Killian are trying to improve their Extremis, but it is still quite volatile. So far, every subject they have administered it to has died. Usually in a fiery explosion. 

We will not be using Extremis at this time on The Asset. We actually aren't going to use Centipede at this time either. HYDRA Agent John Garrett, in his role as Centipede's project leader with Cybertek, has tried to pitch some of their cybernetic components for The Asset's arm, but we simply can't risk the parts compromising it. Once they have made their product better, then the additions and changes can be revisited.

While we have allowed some experimentation on The Asset, it has been determined that the serum from Cybertek is also not going to be used. The serum is pretty good, but there is no guarantee at this time that it will work with the original serum in a positive way. Cybertek says that it would make conditioning and programming obsolete. They certainly aren't reconditioning and reprogramming their own soldiers the way we have to with The Asset. But the decision has been made to hold off for now in hopes of the serum and the cybernetics improving, especially with the incorporation of Extremis once it is stable. The Asset's upcoming role in Project Insight makes him too valuable to risk in a chancy experiment.

During his time out of cryo, The Asset was put to work in training exercises. No reason to waste an opportunity when he is already awake. He will be returned to cryo at the end of the week.


September 10, 2013

SHIELD has given a prototype plane to an Agent Phil Coulson. Reports after the alien issue in New York were that Coulson was dead. But Fury has assembled a team for him and sent them off to do covert missions. This seems to be completely off books. HYDRA is only aware of the mission because one of our own has been assigned to the team. There are no records in any of SHIELD's databases referring to this team. Grant Ward will report to HYDRA, when he is able, about what is going on with the covert team.


September 12, 2013

The Asset has been awakened for a mission. Almost as soon as Coulson's team was brought together, Ward notified HYDRA of a very serious situation. SHIELD is searching a temple in Peru for an 0-8-4. 0-8-4s are powerful, usually weaponizable, artifacts. HYDRA believes this particular 0-8-4 could be a potential weapon for them. The Asset has been sent to stir up dissent and organize a rebellion in Peru to drive out SHIELD's team and recover the artifact for HYDRA.


September 14, 2013

The artifact was not recovered, but SHIELD was prevented from getting anything else from the temple. Ward will continue to relay pertinent information as he is able. The Asset is being returned to cryo.


November 16, 2013

There was another alien attack. This time in London. The Avenger called Thor was crucial in thwarting it. The other Avengers didn't show. Not even Captain America. What is going on with these alien attacks? Rumor is the temple in Peru and a few other secret sites housing 0-8-4s are also hiding alien artifacts or possibly aliens themselves.


December 29, 2013

HYDRA Agent John Garrett has joined Grant Ward onboard the secret flying base of SHIELD's team. 

A lot of finalizing of plans is happening right now. The Asset isn't needed at the moment, but his mission for Project Insight is being crafted and perfected every day. 

Pierce is very excited that HYDRA's plans are coming to fruition at last.