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Experimentation and Maintenance

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April 1999

The Asset just returned from a mission. He is high as a kite. He was shot 4 times! The team shot him up with heroin to take the edge off for the trip back. The bullets have been removed, but he is still flying. It's kind of hilarious.

Before the mission, there was more brain mapping. When The Chair arrives, the neurologist will be able to use smaller pulses to trigger places in his brain to help him remember specific things. And then there will be more intense sessions to erase stuff that he doesn't need. 

He's back in cryo tonight.


May 1999

The Asset seems to get hurt a lot lately. He fell from a roof and broke his leg in like 4 places. He's flying on the heroin again. Pierce doesn't mind and the team gets a kick out of it, so it's fine I guess. He hasn't failed a mission in a while and he seems to like the heroin, so it's almost like a reward as much as a pain reliever.

He's going back into cryo.


August 1999

The neurologist did some more brain scans. The Chair is almost ready. I guess the scans are helping to calibrate the machine.

Pierce took The Asset to a HYDRA gathering with some bigwigs. Senators and such. Rumor is, The Asset obeyed perfectly. He did a demonstration of his shooting skills and fought some cage fighter to the death. Everyone was extremely impressed. 

Pierce made some "deals" with a few guys to allow The Asset to commit a few assassinations in return for a few political favors.

I guess he's the best party trick ever.

Unfortunately, Pierce allowed him to be fed solid food while he was there. He hasn't had actual food in years. His intestines and stomach were not in any condition to digest anything. He spent hours after they got back puking. And then most of the rest of the night alternately sitting on and hugging his bucket. Pierce had already gone home, so he didn't have to deal with it. But he'll be getting a very detailed report with a strong recommendation not to do that again.

The Asset is back in cryo again.


October 1999

The Chair is here. The Asset has been in it once already. The neurologist clamped the crown on and zapped a few places and Pierce went through the whole volunteer-to-save-your-country spiel again. The new system should make this get saved into long-term memory.

While he was strapped to The Chair, he underwent a session with the engineer too. The maintenance on the arm isn't too bad. The Chair will also be the place he gets his PICC feedings from now on.

There was no mission this time, so he'll just go through a few more stretches of programming and then back into cryo.