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Experimentation and Maintenance

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January 2000

The Chair is amazing. There were some adjustments made to the headpiece, but it is working so well! Pierce is thrilled. 

To test the effectiveness, The Asset has been sent on several non-critical missions. Planting evidence and stealing files and threatening one senator who was pissing Pierce off. Before each mission, he was given the details and parameters using the pinpoint short-term memory jolts. After each mission, the more extreme memory removal shocks were used. After those shock sessions, he was completely unaware of the missions he had just performed. He was not a blank slate per se, he had the memories from before the missions still intact.

The Asset seems to have completely incorporated Pierce's life profile. He is unaware of his long life, he is unaware of his time in Russia, he is unaware of anything before his military service that Pierce has implanted. He willingly goes into the cryo chamber.


May 2000

Pierce has brought back the neurosurgeon to work with The Asset. Brain scans have been taken and the surgeon has shown Pierce which parts of the brain control different types of memory. Pierce wants to be able to remove short term memory himself. He wants to be able to utilize The Asset for certain things without worrying about the long term effects involved and without the need for an outside helper. 

To cut down on the screaming, a new bite guard has been given to The Asset. It isn't enough to stop the screaming, but the shock holds his jaw tighter on this guard and so the noise level is more limited. The technicians can be in the room without cringing at least

The Chair is having one drawback. When The Asset is placed in The Chair, he is docile enough, but as soon as the restraints are being engaged, he becomes very agitated. He borders on a violent reaction. It seems as though his body has an involuntary reaction. Maybe some kind of muscle memory of the shock therapy. No one knows for sure. But that is the theory of the neurosurgeon.

As a result, guards are now stationed in the room when The Asset is scheduled for The Chair. As a precautionary measure.


August 2000

The Asset has been sent on an assassination mission and returned successfully. The handlers have had a bit of fun at his expense.

They've been talking since the mission where he was injured. Apparently, The Asset on drugs is entertaining. So, they gave him heroin after the assassination. They told him it was a reward for a successful mission. But it was just so they could laugh at him high.

Pierce was angry at first but decided it didn't actually do any harm. He used The Chair to wipe the memory and the incident was forgiven and forgotten. It will probably happen again.

Pierce has grudgingly admitted that the handlers need some entertainment and relief due to the boring aspect of their mission role. The Asset doesn't ever require their assistance for anything except transportation and radio control.

The Asset is back in cryo.


October 2000

Another successful mission.

This time there was tacit permission for the handlers to "play" after return. Due to the pain relieving aspect of heroin, they were allowed a slight torture session. Once The Asset was high enough to be virtually out of his mind, they tased him and whipped him. He was given time to recover from his wounds and then tased and whipped again. The handlers thought it was funny and egged each other on to do more damage each successive time. After it was over, The Asset healed completely and was put in The Chair.

It's a little strange that he can be hurt like that and then an hour later have no memory of it whatsoever. He went straight to the same handlers who hurt him and let them redress him and put him into cryo like nothing had ever happened.