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Harry sighed as he sat there reading a book on the bas back to his Aunt and Uncle's home.  He sighed as he thought about the state of Grimmauld place and the way his life seemed to be coming apart.  He looked up for a moment and was rather glad that Stan had charmed put up to hide Harry.  He'd thanked him a few times and was glad to hide out for once.  He looked at the book he'd been trying to read and sighed again, giving up on the book he pulled out the letter he’d used to mark his place before.

He looked at the letter, which he'd gotten this last week from McGonagall, yet again.  He couldn't believe she'd set it up for an eighth year for Harry's year.  He hoped he was making a right choice at going back.  He felt like he was on the verge of something but it all seemed like it wasn't right yet.  He looked out the window and sighed watching the scenery zoom by.

He could feel a new level of melancholy setting into his system.  He’d sworn he wouldn’t go back to see these people.  Sworn he’d stay out of their lives.  But something was drawing him back in.  Something was telling him deep down that he NEEDED to be there.  He sighed, he’d started out thinking it’d be fun just to screw with their heads for a bit.  But now he was starting to think that he didn’t know why he was going back.  He looked back at his book for his summer reading work again and tried to focus.

{... the most powerful way to blend substances with multiple magical signatures, is not to simply use the wand as many wizards believe... it’s more effectively to either use a magical grinding system or to use raw magic if you are so inclined...} Harry looked at it again, frowning as he tried to really comprehend the meaning behind the words.  Why he was taking seventh year potions now, he wasn’t sure.  He’d seen to the end of Voldemort, what use was he now as an Auror?  Sure there’d be other dark wizards to deal with here and there, but ultimately he wasn’t sure if he wanted to fight for his life every day as a living.  He wasn’t sure what he wanted to do with himself.  He looked back at his pre-term course work list.

‘The bloke teaching DADA wants us fluent in a lot of magical critters...’ Harry looked down the list of over fifteen books they had to read and be ready to be tested on by the time the classed rolled around.  Harry sighed, he wished he had simply had the talent for memorizing facts that Hermione had.  At least this one hadn’t written any of the books, which Harry had taken to be a good sign of any teacher since Lockheart.

Smiling to himself that at least, since the year Professor Lupin had taught him, he’d finally have a teacher who knew what he was doing.  And there was no threat this year of a repeat performance of that ugly business with Quarrel.  He shook his head to clear the nasty memories out of his head.  He put the book for Herbology back into his book bag and pulled out a book on small magical creatures indigenous to this part of England.  Harry wondered if he’d have a chance to see any of them.

“Your stop, sir.” Stan said, smiling at Harry as he lead him off the bus, the charm keeping him unknown to the people on the bus still.

“Thanks Stan.” Harry smiled.

“Not a problem, you ever need a lift, just stick out yer old wand.” He smiled as he hugged Harry.  “Now away with ya.” Stan nodded his head at the Dursley’s house.  “And don’t let them lot give you any flack, a right hero you is.” Stan nodded to himself before getting on the bus again and vanishing with it.

“I don’t think I’ll ever get used to that.” Harry shook his head and turned towards the door.  They’d be in the kitchen about this time if they’d not changed much.  Harry walked up to the front door and knocked politely.  He waited till he heard the hulking presence of Vernon behind the door.  Then the door opened and Vernon’s eyes got huge as he looked at the boy, no the man who stood before him.

“What do you want boy.” He deliberately talked down to Harry.

“I forgot a few things.  Figured I’d stay for a bit...” Harry started in the house but Vernon cut him off.

“Sorry, but we’re done with you and your kind.  Thank you and good bye.” Vernon tried to close the door.

“Oh for fuck sake.” Harry tapped the door with his wand and it shot open the whole way.

“YOU CAN’T DO THAT!” Vernon shouted, scared out of his mind.

“I’m of age, I just saved the bloody world.  Both mine AND yours, and I’ll damn well do as I like for now.  Besides which, while my home is being repaired I find myself in need of residence.  And while I do not...” Harry closed his eyes and counted to ten, he could feel his anger building and the magic that’d been laying under the surface for days now was building up much too quickly.  “As I was saying.” He paused.  “I can’t believe I’m saying this but I’m going to be staying here for a few days, just till the start of term.  School was a bit... off last year so my years’ all returning for a true last year.” Harry walked past Vernon’s stunned place.

“What did he say he’d saved?” Petunia looked up the stairs after Harry.

“Said he saved our world.” Vernon looked utterly perplexed.  That was NOT the boy he’d bullied, that was a man who would take none of his crap.  Vernon wondered if the boy might lash out at him.


Harry was startled by the knock at his door.  Opening it he saw a slightly perplexed Dudley looking at him as if he was waiting to be invited in.  Harry mentally kicked himself for being so slow and moved to the side.

“Please, come in.” He said wondering if this would help things.

“thanks.” Dudley muttered as he came in and sat down on the desk chair.

“You wanted to talk to me... alone I take it?” Harry sat on his bed.  Never in his wildest dreams had he thought he’d ever be calmly sitting here in this spartan room talking to his cousin without even an ounce of their old venom.

“Yeah.” Dudley swallowed.  “Um... they never told us... what happened?” He looked concerned at Harry.

“Oh.” Harry bit his lip.  “A lot of really bad things happened.” He said in a voice that showed how much he was thinking about.

“I’d... um... like to hear about it?” Dudley bit his lip.

“okay.” Harry pulled up his legs to be sitting Indian style, his bare feet laying on his denim clad legs.  “Well... after you lot left, they had to do a complex plan and attempt to get me out of here safely.  A friend of mine lost his ear in the fight, they thought he was me... and they tried to murder him.  Only got his ear though.” He gave a sad smile.  “Then while in flight, I... I tried to stop someone from killing me... he... he pointed out it was really me.” Harry swallowed.

“Really you?” Dudley blinked.

“Oh, they used a potion to make the others all look like me.  So there was a load of extra me’s running around to hide me.” Harry smiled softly.

“That makes sense.” Dudley nodded.  Harry smiled at him and went on.  “Anyways... when he announced it was really me... Voldemort himself showed up.” Harry sighed.  “He was still a sloppy aim and killed Hedwig and missed me entirely.” Harry gave a sad sigh.

“I wondered where your owl was.” Dudley swallowed.  “I’m sorry.” He said simply, giving Harry earnest eyes.

“Thanks... anyways.  I only made it to the safe house by the skin of my teeth.  He got repelled by the protections and I was safe long enough to get from the safe house to the next point and ended up in the Weasley’s home.” Harry smiled.  “I staid there for the wedding and my birthday.  And.. then it was off to my house... cuz Voldemort took over the night of the wedding.  Killed our minister and put a puppet in charge.” Harry looked down.

“Scrimjaw?” Dudley struggled to get the name right.

“Yeah, how’d you know him?” Harry frowned.

“Was on the telly, he was found mutilated in a burned out house...” Dudley shuddered.

“Yeah... he... I didn’t like the man... but I didn’t want him dead either.” Harry sighed.  “Anyways... things got worse... there was a Death Eater attack.  I had to run and Ron and Hermione and I took off to my house.” Dudley frowned now.  “What?”

“What house?”

“Oh, um... remember my god father?”

“The murderer?” Dudley shuddered.

“Turns out he didn’t do the murders.  It was someone else... at any rate... he left me everything he owned, including a house in London.” He shrugged.  “We staid there most of the summer and then we had to steal something from the ministry... and the Death Eaters followed us back to my house.” He shuddered.  “We left and survived thanks to Hermione’s quick thinking.  She’d had time to plot out several alternative plans over the time at the Weasleys’ and she kept us alive.” Harry smiled about it.  “Then over the course of the last of the summer and most of the year.. .we camped out and hid for our lives.  Had some close calls with Dementors and the like... but we made it out okay.  Till about April.  That’s when things really took a dive.”

“What happened?” Dudley was on the edge of his seat.

“Well, we got captured.  I got stupid and said Voldemort’s name.” He sighed.

“That’s bad?” Dudley blinked, and Harry was struck by how young Dudley seemed now to him.  Was it the taste of being on this side of the war that made him see how young and innocent in all this Dudley really was?

“Well at the time it was, he’d had his people put a ‘taboo’ on it.” Harry shrugged.  “You know how in the game, you can’t say a word or you loose.  Same idea, only it makes it so anyone who put the ‘taboo’ on the word can instantly find you.  Well the Death Eaters found us and took us prisoner.  We rescued a few people from the prison they had us in at the Malfoy’s house.” Harry sighed.  “But a dear friend died in the process.” Harry closed his eyes remembering burying Dobby.

“I’m sorry for teasing you about Cedric.” Dudley looked down, the sheer amount of guilt and shame he felt as he remembered how he’d been etched into every facet of his face.

“you didn’t know.” Harry looked far away.  “He was the first....” He swallowed.  “First person I watched get murdered.” Harry looked right in Dudley’s eyes.  “It’s not like in stories or in movies... to be talking to someone... and then someone kills them... close enough you can literally see the life fade out from them...” Harry blinked and looked away... “It scars you in away that never totally heals.” Harry shuddered.

“Anyways, we broke into a bank to steal something.  Not money, it was an object I had to destroy so I could kill Voldemort.” Dudley frowned at him.  “See he’d taken bits of his soul, yeah?  And turned them into objects, seven objects, and hidden them around the world.  So long as they existed, he couldn’t die.” Dudley gasped.  “And well, I had to find EACH one and kill it.”

“kill it?” Dudley echoed his voice small and hollow.

“Yeah, while they were objects... they were still miniature pieces of him...” Harry swallowed.  “And I’d gotten it down to four of them when we broke into the bank.  Then we road the dragon out of the bank and....”

“dragon?” Dudley swallowed.

“Yeah, we broke into the wizarding bank... they use Dragons for security... might have read something about that earthquake in London last year?” Dudley nodded.  “Yeah... that was me.” He blushed.  “Anyways...” Trying to get off the fact that he’d helped cause an earthquake that the wizards had had to play off as just an earthquake to the muggles when they’d clearly seen the dragon flying up out of the large hole in the ground.  “We killed that thing we stole, and got it down to three things left.”  Harry looked so far away in his eyes that Dudley wondered if it was okay to talk about this.  “I had to go back to the school to find the next one... two boys I went to school with tried to stop me... they... they created living fire... and it killed them and the object.” Harry swallowed.  “I don’t think I’ll ever forget the sound of their screams or the laughter of the fire.” Harry wiped tears from his eyes.

“W-what happened next?” Dudley was in shock.

“Well I had to try to kill the last two items... only... one was the snake Voldemort always kept with him....”

“And the other?” Dudley was on the edge of his seat again.

“Was me.” Dudley’s jaw fell open.  “He’d accidentally turned me into one of those things.. the night he killed my parents and tried to kill me.” Harry swallowed, a tear rolling down his cheek.  “I didn’t get to the snake and he killed me.”

“B-but.. you’re here...” Dudley looked scared now.  “Aren’t you...?” His hand starting to go up like he was preparing to touch Harry to make sure he was real.

“Yeah... but he did kill me.  I... I know what they say it’s supposed to be like on the other side... white clouds and the like... dunno if that’s what muggles get or other people get.  I ended up in a white gold train station... rather naked....” Harry blushed.  Dudley blushed to, apparently picturing a naked Harry in a train station.  “Anyways, I found out I could come back to life because Voldemort had fucked up.” Harry sighed.  “The night he killed Cedric... he took some of my blood and made himself a new body... well that made him have a piece of my soul in him... because that whole thing works if you killed someone... I... and i still do... i blamed myself for Cedric’s death.” Harry looked away crying now.  “I blamed myself for his death and that monster used my blood to give himself a new body and turn himself into my way back.  And.. when I woke up... I was at his feet.  Laying there where I’d fallen, seconds after dying.  And... Mrs. Malfoy saved my life by telling him I was dead, when she knew I was back alive.... he took me to the castle to announce he’d won and they could start lining up to kiss his arse hole.” Harry smirked then.

“He thought he’d won?” Dudley said in a voice of awe.  “He’s a nutter.”

“Yeah, he was right mental right up to the end.  He kept trying to hurt people but it wouldn’t take.  See... apparently dark magic can be... prevented... or stopped... if someone dies to protect you.  I’d died that night to save everyone because he told us in the middle of one fight that if I came to him, and gave up... he’d let them all live.  I knew better, but I had to trade my life for theirs.” Dudley sat there rooted to the spot, his jaw hanging open in shock.  “Anyways, my friend Neville killed the damn snake and I tried to kill Voldemort... only we ended up starting the fighting all over again and it became a moving war that moved from the grounds of my school to the school itself.  Soon we were in the great hall... and... it came down to him and me ... dueling each other for the right to live... and.......”Harry looked down.  “I told him... all he had to do was be sorry and he’d start coming back together into one being... he’d be one soul again... all he had to do was do that and he could still live.  And he tried to kill me again.  So I simply tried to disarm him... the spells... they... rebounded... and... and i killed him with his own spell.” Harry dead panned as he looked at his hands in his laps.

“you....” Dudley seemed to try to picture Harry killing anything let alone another person.  Little Harry who hadn’t so much as ever hurt a fly or another living thing that Dudley could recall, had murdered someone, the same someone who had killed his parents and apparently killed him.

“He kind of curled up... and died... and... I... kept being called the hero... I murdered a person... in front of over a hundred people... and i’m a hero?” Harry sobbed out.  Dudley came up and hugged him, holding him through the sob.  It was one of the last times they spoke through the rest of the summer months that Harry was there.  They seemed to have entered a healthy mutual agreement to simply not get in each other’s ways.  He kept to himself mainly and decided to simply enjoy himself as best he could.  It was a healthy step for their relationship though.

He found an ad in the daily prophet and had the delivery owl take some money and a letter to the ad’s writer.  With in a few days Harry was receiving weekly issues of Play Witch and Gay Wizardry magazines.  He’d long ago thought he was simply into women, but over the course of the last year he’d come to realize he might have more of an attraction to men.  The feelings he felt for girls hadn’t gone away, but in a lot of ways it felt like he was coming into his own now that he didn’t have a piece of Voldemort’s damaged soul lingering in him.  Besides, drooling over hot foreign wizards, taking their cloths off and masturbating had turned Harry on to the point he’d finally broke down and did warding charms on the room.  Soon he was beating off in the nude reading the articles and looking at the pictures.  Delighted in the power of wizarding photographs, each photo seemed to try to do something different every few times he’d look at them.

The space he’d once hid his food in under the floor, he now hid his porn magazines in.  Smiling to himself at that he began to explore what turned him on through these magazines.  Trying to understand and come to terms with is rather rich sexuality.  And so he’d spent his days, right through his birthday.  His sex drive seemed to be never ending these days as he seemed to spend day after day wanking with out end.  His new personal record was up to about 17 times in one day.

Slowly he slipped into a deep sleep, filled with fitful dreams......


"WAKE UP NOW BOY!" The lazy smile on Harry's face broke as he was rudely awakened by the trembling rage intermixed with fear in Vernon Dursley's aged voice.  Not taking the time to dress properly he rushed down the stairs, his chest heaving as he rounded the bottom of the banister.  Vernon caught him by the hem of his pajama bottoms, the sole covering pulling back to reveal Harry's backside momentarily.

"What?" Harry's alert eyes searched the room for the abnormal sense of fear and anguish from his uncle.  With Seeker honed reflexes he quickly found the cause.  The contents of the living room were soaring through the air to form a mini cyclone in the middle of the room.  As if this wasn't enough the floor of the dining room seemed to have been turned into a portal to the ocean, because the dinning table seemed to be half submerged.  Harry was marveling at this when his obscenely round cousin Dudley gave an ear-piercing scream.

"MAKE HIM STOP!" He wailed as he touched a cup and everyone goggled as it vanished only to reappear two foot above his head.  It landed with a resounding thud on the top of his head.  Harry's Aunt rushed to comfort Dudley only to reappear above him.  She landed in a heap atop him, which only lasted for a moment because when she went to touch him to right herself again, she once more began her trip from the ceiling down.  Two things clicked in Harry's mind, one that despite it's hilarity, Dudley had some how become a living portkey.  The other being his aunt was splattered and coated in a bubbling blue-white liquid.

"Where was Aunt Petunia?"

"In the kitchen you idiot boy." Vernon spat out as if Harry should intuitively know what was wrong.  Rushing from the room before he could be accused Harry entered the swinging door to the kitchen to find half the chamber of secrets reforming from items in the kitchen.  He paused long enough to appreciate the Salazar Slytherin bust formed out of appliances and half the shredded sink.  A deadly chill crept across Harry, if the kitchen was making a lego like chamber… what would it do for the basilisk.  He didn't have long to wait.

"And whooo are youuuu." A hissing voice bit the air behind his neck, the venomous tongue flicking his hairline, tasting his fear.

"H-h-harry Potter…" He managed before turning and receiving the biggest shock of his life.  In the perfect size and shape of the deadly basilisk was a replica basilisk made out of various plants and grasses.  It wasn't a real basilisk so maybe… Harry looked up and noticed it's eyes, instead of basilisk eyes there were old light up clocks in the middle of what looked to be Aunt Petunia's favorite roses.

"Harry Potter issssss it…" The fake serpent seemed to laugh as Harry gulped.  He noted the wound to it's side, still gushing blue-white liquid around the butcher knife wedged in it's side.  How Petunia had managed to wound it was beyond Harry just now.  Harry looked around for some weapon, he immediately reached for the sword of Gryffindor only to discover it was made of various cream filled pastries and of little help.  The serpent laughed as it closed in to devour him with it's fence post teeth.  Harry only wished he had time to react or to do something, cursing himself for not bringing his wand when a mass of post moved through the air.  Harry only had time to notice it was a replica of Fawkes, letter openers and scissors for claws and Harry's Hogwarts acceptance letter as a face.  The letter form of the loving bird plunged itself through the neck of the mock basilisk, killing both in the process.

Harry sat dumbfounded as Mad Eye apparated just off the grounds and rushed as quickly as his limp would allow.  His normal eye was wide with fear and his magical eye twirled as if it'd been struck with the mystical equivalent of a magnet.

"Potter!" He growled.  "What the devil you up to boy!" Harry suddenly felt too much wisdom flowing into him.  He knew, somehow, that not only was this his fault, but also that the ministry of magic's department that tracked underage magic had blown up the moment this started.  More and more knowledge slid into him.  Dolores Umbridge had been found super glued to three Dementors and her office on fire.  He also knew how to stop this.  As Mad Eye raised his wand the world slowed down.  Harry could see the energy fill Mad Eye's shoulder and flow down his arm to his wand but instinctively knew that it was the wrong color.  As Mad Eye went to cast a restoring spell Harry shouted out "Finite Incantatem" and that's what Mad Eye's wand cast.  The room fell apart, the spells unraveling everything effected by this magic.  Harry knew inside that it had even put out the fires in Umbridge's office.

"How the… Potter how did you do that." Awe and amazement clear in the old Auror's voice.

"Dunno… but it was cool." Harry grinned but his mind was once again invaded by the sounds of another mind… this time he knew he'd beat that boy… Harry stiffened.  He knew who's mind that had been… picking up one of the gooey letter openers he jabbed it into the door frame, magically melting both into a make shift sodder as he watched, not wanting to deal with Vernon just now.

"How the devil you doing any of this Potter." Mad Eye suddenly sounded suspicious.

"Can't that tell…" Harry gestured to Mad Eye’s eye as it spun in place.

"Hasn't worked since I arrived.  Damn things gone buggy on me." The ex-Auror limped unceremoniously over to the welding Harry had used to fuse the door to the door jam.  "A right piece of work this is." Mad Eye's voice distant and dripping with awe.  "Hum… Potter…"

"Yeah…?" Harry was slightly worried at the loon on Mad Eye's face.

"Can you try undoing this… with out your wand?" He added as if as an after thought.  Harry looked at him puzzled for a moment but turned and seemed to know the only way to do that was to ask it.  So slowly Harry reached out and stroked it with his index finger.

“Please…” He whispered almost lovingly.  As if heated from the inside out a perfectly clean letter opener melted out of the sodder and lay polished in Harry’s accepting hand.  Confused as to how he’d done it and more then a little aroused for some reason, Harry turned back to the straining door.  On closer inspection he found the mock basilisk’s blood had become a glue like substance with out the opener and had effectively fused the door shut.  “Wow…” He said breathlessly.  His chest heaving as his breathing deepens.

His tan body a striking contrast between the bland color of the walls and his pale blue pajama bottoms.  His mahogany colored nipples erect nubs on his toned chest.  The honey suckle colored hair across his chest lead down his chiseled abs to his treasure trail, the line of nearly black hairs thicken to lead to his pubic mound.  Most of which was visible since his pajama’s had slid down.  Still turned to admire his handy work a golden tanned hip was bare to the air.  He seemed to give off an aura of honey, sawdust, and seventeen summers’ worth of wind… before he knew what he was doing Mad Eye pushed Harry against the fused door and began feverishly snogging the dazed and confused Harry.  But snogging wasn’t all Harry was in for, as Mad Eye slid a work harden hand down Harry’s chest, he knew where Mad Eye was going.

Harry let out a moan as Mad Eye’s glove like hand encircled his aroused cock inside his pajamas.  The ex-Auror drew out Harry’s man hood to the open air, his fur covered balls with them.  Not bothering to stop to hook the elastic under Harry’s balls Mad Eye tore the pajamas down to Harry’s knees, deftly stroking Potter’s stiffening member.

“So good… so big…” Mad Eye cooed as he sucked on Harry’s neck.  The love and affection not going unnoticed by the occupants pushed up flush against the other side of the door.

“EW! Dad I think he’s with a boy!” Dudley’s croaking voice was the first one found.  Vernon banging on the door, anger and lust clear in his voice.

“YOU LET US IN THERE!  IF ANYONE SHOULD DEFLOWER THAT BOY IT’S ME!” Aunt Petunia’s shriek and Dudley’s sounds of disgust did nothing to dissuade either Harry or Mad Eye.

Harry’s tender flesh responded with vigor as the ex-Auror's gruff hand brought him dangerously close to completion.  His body raring towards his aching need as his throbbing cock erupted white jets of hot cum all over Mad Eye’s pumping fist.  As the same instant he had came, Mad Eye had been sucking on his nipple and had stopped abruptly.

“We should go…” A veiled depth to his voice startled the very naked and cum splattered Harry.  He eyed the ex-Auror, taking note of the fresh cum stain spreading in his still tented crotch.  The flush creeping up on Mad Eye’s neck and face a lingering remnant of his orgasmic high.

“YOU’LL LEAVE THAT BOY HERE!” Vernon strained scream of lust shocked the nude Potter into the arms of Mad Eye and a moment later, after an all to familiar tight compression, Harry felt a cool breeze on his exposed body.  Quickly turning he discovered he was standing in the yard of number 12 Grimmauld Place, just with in the hiding spells.  The weaving of which Harry was aware of now, literally able to see them.  He turned his bum to the world, knowing no one could see him, to question the vanishing ex-Auror.  Mad Eye had just dumped him off?  And after he’d all but made love to him?

“What’s the matter Jake?” Harry turned to see two teenaged punks standing beyond the wards.

“Dunno Mike… just… REALLY need a piece of ass right now…”

“Dude, looking at old apartments gets you hot?”

“I’m 17, looking at horse head bookends gets me hot.”

“Riiiiiggghhht….” Mike smirked.

“Shut it.” They slowly walked away, giving Harry the distinct impression that even though he couldn’t see him through the magic, that Jake had been aroused by him.  A little over whelmed by that at the moment he turned back and walked towards the derelict house that was number 12.  The charms and magics in and on the house oddly welcoming Harry for the first time.  His mind so overwhelmed by what he’d gone through that Harry didn’t even really give thought to all his possessions still back at his Aunt and Uncles.