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Doctor Strange & The Vampire Slayer

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The demons attacked the sanctum sanctorum in the night Dr. Strange has been fighting them for over an hour the three red skinned demons with black tattoos on there skin carrying katanas with which they are skilled also tall, thin and stronger than they look the three stand in line attacking one after the other until Strange casts a spell of vertigo on an attacking demon who stumbles down to the bottom of the stairs and his chin meets the hard stone cold fist of Wong "Do you always have to make such a mess sorcerer supreme"
"Honestly Wong yes, now please help me stop these infernal demons"
"KEEEYAH" shouts Wong taking off into the air with a kick that knocks one of the demons needle teeth down his throats and closes up his face Dr. Strange uses his trusty go to magic weapon of an energy whip wraps it around the last demons neck and pulls his face into the ground with an awful KRACK, Just as the as soon as that happened the largest demons sword flew Into the air and the red demons became blurs which were pulled into the sword which flew down the stairs, out the doors and into the sky "Shit" said Doctor Strange "Language" said Wong.

"Well Wong you know were these ugly gentlemen come from" Wong turned with his sullen look and said "Your sorcerer supreme"
"I know but I'm still in the learning curve besides I've not seen this species in any of our books" Wong rubbed the back of his neck "I must admit I can't recall seeing these demons in any of our mystic texts" Strange rolled his eyes "wonderful we're going demon hunting I suppose"
"Looks that way" said Wong "Alright Wong we first we need tea and some research no sense going in half cocked, an I really need a cup of tea"

The self pouring tea pot was levitating in the air while Dr. Strange was bent over reading a book, Demonology Encyclopaedia of Europe he was nearly positive that the demons had a connection to ancient Europe. "Hmmm" Dr. Strange closed the book "nothing that's the tenth encyclopaedia I've read and nothing, WONG" he shouted "I'm coming what's the problem"
"The problem is that according to every book we have these demons do not exist" Wong shrugged his shoulders "Strange maybe you could name them after yourself since you've discovered them Strange Demons" Wong smiled "come on that's funny"
"Okay yes I applaud your comedic stylings especially since last month you didn't know what a smile was, however I must remind you that they attacked us and they attacked us here at the sanctum sanctorum"
"Yes I must admit that's not good However it's possible these demons don't exist because they cannot be seen" Strange rubbed his temple with his index and middle fingers "Wong if they can't be seen how the hell did we just have a full on fight with the red samurai ninja demons who nearly handed me my ass"
"If you were quiet we'd get through this stuff quicker, now some demons cannot be seen in there dimensions but when they cross to others they take a physical form and some demons biology can be changed by the dimension they are in" Strange raised his eyebrows "Well thank god for the demonologist 101, were where you before I read the demonology library in its entirety"
"You know sometimes your words they hurt" Strange rolled his eyes "is there a dimension from which such demons could enter ours" Wong then proudly announced "Yes follow me" Strange followed Wong as he picked out items from one of the many stock rooms in the sanctum sanctorum. "Remember Strange in other dimensions our mystical abilities can be greatly weakened especially one with such dark magic as this one, it is a place of unfathomable evil" Strange kneeled as Wong took blue chalk and outlined a circle around him with weird symbols like the letters S, F and Z were mashed together "What dimension are you sending me to Wong ?"
"One similar to ours however without superheroes or avengers but it does have a few mystical protectors it's not the dimension you need to worry about it's the particular town I'm sending you to and what's below it" Strange raised one eyebrow "What's below this town" Wong picked the petals of a flower and began sprinkling them all over the circle "A hell mouth" Strange giggled "haha a little on the nose don't you think Wong"
"I didn't name it Strange and I wouldn't giggle use your mysticism sparingly the magical barriers between our dimensions will effect yours greatly and if you run out of magic you'll be stuck there"
"So what do you call this town Demonspit, Ravenhill, Residents of the dammed or simply Hell town"
"Huh...." the blue chalk outlines glowed and the flower petals burst into purple sparks and Doctor Strange was flying through the inter dimensional portal to were these demons possibly came from Sunnydale.

Dawn Summers was just another slightly less than ordinary American teenage girl with a little sister complex being the younger sister to the sexy bad attitude tom boy Buffy Summers, Buffy could've been the typical high school popular girl you know the type cheerleading captain, jock boyfriend and prom queen. However Buffy unbeknownst to the regular teenage girls at the time had an ancient quest to forefill seriously like Luke Skywalker becoming a Jedi or Frodo Baggins destroying that evil ring, she was a slayer one chosen every generation to fight the vampires, the demons and monsters that threaten the blessed ignorant. Dawn hated high school after all she'd seen outside of school with her sister and her sisters friends she wanted to learn how to be a witch like her sisters best friend Willow and her girlfriend Tara, Buffy had firmly told her no as a matter of fact her exact words wer "No way in hell DAWN!" Dawn thought she was such a hypocrite when she was my age she'd already faced a team of possessed cheerleaders and god knows how many evil megalomaniac vampires and yet here she was in third period class.

Mr.Tipton came into the classroom "hello boys and girls I know many of you are upset that today third period which is usually a free period is today being filled with a lecture on the new centre of reunification however I think you can all take a break from playing pool, snacking and seeing who's interested in who and listen to a genuinely good cause okay now give a warm welcome to Professor Mordo"
A tall dark handsome African American man entered the classroom "Hello boys and girls" Dawn was sat in the front row and got the distinct arousing feeling his smile was aimed at her.

Giles and Willow were haunched over chairs in the shop reading endless amounts of books on magical phenomena when Xander entered "hey guys so what are we reading" Giles popped his head up from his book "Oh Xander good could you grab that pile of books over there and start reading"
"Oh gee I'd love to but..."
"Now" said Giles with that strangely commanding voice more or less saying I know you have nothing better to do with your time so get cracking. Xander shrugged his shoulders and made his way to the pile of books "So ancient demon on the lose" Willow turned leaning one arm over the back of her chair "No actually there's nothing it's as if they demons made like a banana and split until a week ago, me and Tara sensed a powerful magical surge emerging here in Sunnyvale it's a strange magic one we've not encountered, Then last night it happened again Giles picked it up this time on that magical meter reader over there" Xander looked at the gadget in confusion "Ah the old M.M.R so when did we get this then" Giles took of his glasses off and turned to Xander "Xander stop procrastinating and start reading please"
"Shouldn't we tell Buffy about this" asked Willow "No, not until there's something to tell she has a date tonight I want her to enjoy it she deserves a little bit of a happy distraction for the time being" Willow smiled "Yeah I wonder who the mystery date is who's tempted her out of solitary single life"
"Out of the old cat lady future" interjected Xander "out of loneliness actually Xander" said Willow rolling her eyes Xander shrugged "Yeah well that works to but still we should be vigilant last thing we need is for Buffy getting another stinker of a boyfriend" Giles then answers "Xander that's very harsh even if it's true it's harsh"

Buffy was home trying on outfits for her date, Dawn had been going on and on about this professor who had been at her school today some professor for the new centre of reunification whatever that is thought Buffy she showered just an hour ago to get that daisy fresh feeling. If thepast week was an indication then nothing particularly bad was going to happen this week which was actually a nice change of pace judging by the past week every vampire and demon in town had cut there losses and left town. Maybe the monsters finally got the message that this is the slayers town so they'd best get to steppin so I might as well let myself have fun tonight with tall dark and handsome she told herself.

Willow was watching some chick flick with Dawn "I don't get why girls love these movies" said Willow "Your a girl" replied Dawn "I know but I'm the slightly rare lesbian variety that goes for glam rather than butch" Dawn and Willow both giggled if Buffy had a third sister it was definitely Willow and Dawn was probably closest to Willow more so than she was to Buffy who was by blood her older sister. "Well" Buffy announced "how do I look" to be frank she looked hot as all hell in skin tight navy strapless dress "WOW" said Dawn with a smile "I guess you won't be here for breakfast huh"
"What ?" Willow jumped in "Buffy I think she means that dress while so hot on you is leaving precious little to your dates imagination haha"
"It's not that bad is it"
"Oh please your boobs like floating orbs" said Dawn "Okay this can work all I have to do is.... is, I gotta get changed but"
"Oh No ! Stall guys" Buffy hissed as she ran up the stairs to get a slightly less slutty outfit. "I'll get it" declared Dawn as she skipped over to the door "Hell... Oh professor Mordo" Dawn thought o god am I in trouble "Dawn oh so Buffy is the sister you were telling me about I can't believe I didn't see the family resemblance" Willow came to the door also "so this is the professor you've been talking about all day" Dawn flashed a smile to cover embarrassment and added a giggle to sell it, she was also masking disappointment after all every teenage girl at some point sees that older man with some distinguished attraction an when the man finds a women it's a sledge hammer to heart a painful realisation but unfortunately in life a very necessary one if love knows no age then the law has strict rules on age "ah well Dawn is a very bright young women I'm glad she was interested in the lecture my name is Karl Mordo miss" Willow smiled "Just Willow for me is fine come in, sit Buffy should be down any minute" Willow flashed an oh my god he's so hot look at Dawn, to which she smiled again masking disappointment.