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In Every Generation...

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In that moment, with Alicia Johns staring at her as if she had gone quite mad, Marie Potts was quite certain of one thing. That she had done nothing to deserve this, no matter what the Council might say.

“Are you alright Miss?”, and there was an infuriating edge to Alicia’s voice, there always was of course, and Marie took a deep breath to maintain her professionalism.

“I understand it seems a lot to take in, and in your position I would be disbelieving as well. Regardless, it is true and I need you to listen to me”, and even before she had finished the sentence, she could see Alicia glancing around, as if she were checking whether this was some over-the-top prank that the teachers had decided to play.

“I’m sorry but…”, and before Alicia could finish, Marie waved her hand to cut her off,

“Tonight, come out to the stables once everyone else has fallen asleep. I will show you and then we won’t have to go through this ordeal of me convincing you”, she said. Alicia’s eyebrow raised and a smirk tugged at the corner of her lips.

“What if I don’t turn up?”

“Oh I know you quite well Miss Johns, I’m quite certain it’s not in your nature to just stay tucked up in bed after what I’ve told you. I will see you tonight”, and Marie turned on her heel and made course back to her room. She had expected a quiet life when she had left the Council and relocated to Cornwall. Of course she had entertained ways that they might find to pull her back in, after all no-one ever truly retired from the Council. What she had not expected was that Alicia Johns of all people was a Potential Slayer.

Marie paused at her door and mentally corrected herself, because Alicia was a Potential no more. With another sigh, she decided she must have really upset someone to deserve this.