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Guard Dog Of All Your Fever Dreams

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“You know me, you know why”
I’m not leaving my brother to die
No matter what comes between us
How many times have I thrown you under the bus?
Too many, but please know how much I care
This life we lead, this fate we share
It’s all we have, but it’s ours
So I’ll keep on fighting these wars
I hope that you’ll be by my side
Our brotherly bond is bona fide
This world is an arms race
So “screw destiny right in the face”
Well make it through this adversity
And although we don’t have eternity
Our sacrifices are all worth it
This world were saving from the pit
It has its ups and downs, but humanity
Is what needs its salvation, needs its sanity
We were put on this earth to help
And we’ll be dead before it all goes to hell