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The Rossi Family

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“Baby girl, stop it.”

Penelope looked away from the mirror and to her husband. “Are you sure I look okay?”

Derek laughed and kissed her, “You look sexy.” Derek started kissing her neck.

“You better not give me a hickey. We're going to see my family.”

Derek placed one finally kiss on her neck before pulling away. “Such a tease.”

She playfully hit his shoulder, “You know it my chocolate thunder.”


Aaron was finally shaving. It had been weeks. The shaving helped him look younger, but he still looked aged. His hair greyer, his frown more evident, and the wrinkles in his forehead were more noticeable. He had started going downhill when Haley found out about his affair. He hadn't seen Jack in three weeks. He begged and pleaded, but Haley wasn't giving in.

He put his wedding ring on and adjusted his tie after he was done shaving. Trying to look like the perfect lawyer his dad wanted him to be.

If only his dad knew.


“Are you sure you can do this?” JJ asked nervously.

“JJ, it’s fine.” Her best friend Kate reassured her.

“Okay, just cal-”

Kate interrupted her, “I promise I’ll call if something goes wrong. Now you better get going.”

JJ looked at the time on her phone. “You’re right.” She pulled Kate into a hug. “Thank you again.”

“Of course. You’re always helping others, especially me. Now,” Kate pulled away from her, “go have fun.”

JJ grabbed her light blue suitcase and rolled her eyes. “Oh, yay, family reunion. SO much fun.”

“Try to have fun?” Kate suggested.

“I will. I’m going to go say bye to Mom then I promise I’ll leave.” JJ walked into the living room where her mother was doing a crossword puzzle. “Mom.” Her mother looked up at her.

“Yes?” She answered.

JJ walked over to her mother and hugged her. “I’m leaving and I wanted to say goodbye.”

“I love you, Rosaline.”

JJ gives her mother a weak smile. “I love you too, Mom.”


Spencer had been texting with his sponsor a lot that day. Having to face his family wasn’t helping his temptations at all.

Spencer, maybe you shouldn’t go

Spencer quickly texted back. If I don’t go then they’ll know something's up.

Just text me whenever. Call if it gets too bad, okay?

Will do.

Spencer checked to make sure everything was off before he left.

Spencer put his small black duffle bag in his twin sister’s silver 2008 Honda Accord then jumped into the passenger side.

She started to pull out of the apartment parking lot. “How are you doing baby bro?”

Spencer rolled his eyes, “JJ, we’re only two minutes apart.”

“Spence, we’ve talked about this before, you're always going to be a baby to me.” She smiled at him then ruffled his hair. Making it more messy than it already was.

“Speaking of talking how about we go over things we are NOT talking about.” He and JJ had always kept secrets between the two of them. It was apart of their twin code. If your twin told you NOT to tell anyone else (especially the rest of their family) something then you didn’t. It was as simple as that.

“I don't want them to know about Will. You don't want them to know about your recovery and neither of us want them to know about Mom.” JJ listed off the things the two wanted to keep away from the rest of their family.

“I'm glad we both remember.” He cheerfully told her.


Emily looked at the house in front of her. She could have gone on with the rest of her life just fine without having to come back, but here she was. Back at her childhood lake house. She still wasn't completely sure why she was here. If she hadn't shown up then her family would have known something was up.

Emily then once again tried to get the car seat out of her car. Her son was luckily fast asleep and not crying. That would only make things more frustrating.  

“Em?” Emily turned around to see her big brother Aaron.

She smiled at him. “Hello, Aaron. How are you?”

“I'm good, how are you?”

“I'm good too, except I can’t get this car seat out.”

Aaron laughed at her. “Want some help?” He asked her.

“Yes, please.” Emily moved out of the way to let Aaron try. Five seconds later and it was out. Emily was shocked, “How did you do that?” She exclaimed as she took the car seat, now baby carrier, from Aaron.

“You hadn’t unbuckled the seatbelt that was attached to it.” He explained to her.

“Oh.” Emily said defeated. Emily looked up and saw as another car pulled up. Inside was a little blonde girl. She wasn't really that little, but she always would be to Emily.  In the passenger side was the baby of the family. Emily pointed to the car, “Little ones are here.”

Aaron turned around to see them. “They really are little.”


Dave had been waiting all week for his kids to come home. He could barely contain his excitement when he heard the knock at the door. Behind the door were four of his kids. His two oldest and two youngest. Also, his grandson.

“Come on in kids.” He pulled each one in for a hug and kiss on the forehead. “Now where's that crazy sister of yours?”

“Pen?” Emily asked him as she took Declan out of the carrier. He nodded. Emily smirked now Declan was laying on her chest with his head resting on her shoulder, “Probably distracted by that husband of her’.”

Dave cringed, “I'm going to pretend that I didn't hear that.”

Then there was another knock at the door. Dave opened it to see his daughter Penelope and her husband of two years, Derek Morgan. Penelope hugged him. In his ear she murmured, “Remember to be nice, Dad. Please.”

“I’m always nice, Pen.” He replied.

After hugging Penelope he hugged Derek. “Good, to see you sir.”

“You too son.” Dave replied. “And it’s Dave. You’re family.” He reminded him. “Okay, now let's go eat!” His kids and Derek followed him into the kitchen.

The night was a fun one. They eat spaghetti and laughed.

Little did Dave know that all of his children were putting on a facade and each was hiding a deep secret.