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To save a universe with love

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"So...I was wondering saitama-sensei-"he turns around,"what is it?and I keep telling you too not call me that!"he says,scrunching up his nose.

I slowly got down on one knee,his eyes widened,I took out a small box,he blushes,"will you...marry me?"I ask,he covers his mouth with his hand,and starts too cry tears of joy,"YES!"he shouted before pouncing on me.

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The whole place was...surprisingly silent this night. The "criminals" would usually make a ruckus:drag iron cups across the jail bars,fight,or eventually...not going to talk about what they eventually do!


but they were all being extremely quiet! You might be thinking,"well aren't they asleep?"


Well...let's just say this isn't your "everyday jail" life...


the criminals didn't do anything. They were just normal people with jobs,housework,or even children to love for! Though they were considered a criminal label to the so called "king"


The kings minions were weird, deformed,alien,like beings. Some had spots,some red,blue,orange-you get the picture. They followed their leaders orders and barged into houses. They took away money,animals,gold,silver,and even children. Afterwards they would burn the building down taking the people to this confined hell.


They treated them worse than animals! They would whip,starve,beat the bloody hell out of them! The only way someone could at least get a scrap of something they would have to... ( shiver) pay them special favors.


It's been about two weeks since they were brought to the jail,and most of them were getting diseases due to the punishments they received. A few hundred of them already died,but there were still thousands of them inside ready to receive the same fate.


That is until on this night when two newcomers were caught by the aliens. They were trying to sneak food/water to the people in the jail cell through a tiny trap door,that was hiding underneath the mat at the entrance.


they both seemed...strange.


one was an old man,probably around his 80' or 70's. He had light blue eyes,thick eyebrows,thick mustache,with spiky white hair. He wore a long sleeved black shirt,light colored pants,and kung fu shoes. His eyes were closed calmly as if he was trying to imagine some other place to be than here. He would once in a while glance at the other person walking beside him...


 Nobody could see the other one's face due to the caped white hoodie covering most of it. The only feature of his face visible would be his mouth,but that's basically it. He wore a yellow jumpsuit that fitted comfortably around his figure. On his hands red gloves,and on his feet red boots. His hands were clenched tightly into fists,but at the same time he walked calm/serenely.


They might look somewhat normal...but for some reason to the others on the other side of the bars...they both seem to scream danger.


"A 113,that's your jail cell number!" Screeched an alien.


A lot of people stare wide eyed at the alien. The room 'A 113' was also known as the 'room of death and despair' due to the screams that rang out during the night. Nobody knows what happened or what punishment someone received in the room because nobody ever lived after setting foot in the room.


The alien beside him looked shock,"already gonna send these two there!? They just got here!"


"So? I don't care! You know how many days it's been since anyone has gone into the room? 4! And I need my dosage of screaming,pain,and blood! C'mon it'll be..."the alien stops to smirk(I think)evilly,and sway his tail,"Fun~"


Most people shook in fear and sadness for the two newcomers. They were doing nothing but trying to help but instead get punished for that. 


A few of them looked at the two to see their reactions...if you look more closely you see the smallest of smiles on the old mans face,while the other one just leans on the wall calm as ever. "Well...I'm not sure we should send THEM! Besides one of them...actually scare me" the purple one replied shaking while glancing at the hooded one.


The one with the tail starts laughing uncontrollably,"pwah,ha,ha! He,he,he!"


He then walks confidently towards him,grabs his face with one hand,AND smiles(somewhat),"this one doesn't look like it could hurt a mosquito!" He turns his face to the side,pushes the hoodie a little to the side showing a bit more of his cheek,sticks out his tongue,and licks his cheek  PAINFULLY,PAINFULLY,SLOW!


the old man watches uncomfortably as his friend was getting...he doesn't even know WHAT they were even doing to him!


The one getting licked doesn't have a huge reaction. Usually a person would immediately try to get away,but surprisingly he just tensed up. The lizard alien then leaned back licking his scaly dry lips as if savoring the tasty flesh,"huh...he honestly was even better tasting than all of the females here..."he leans forward,puts his face in his neck,and sniffs,"that's a bit odd...he tastes somewhat like chocolate,yet he smells like a fresh group of flowers on a Sunday morning."


the hooded man let's out a light gasp. The alien then started to wag his tail excitement building up ,"and I feel this...aura coming from him! It's an absolutely powerful feeling radiating off."


Then something snapped...the hooded man then suddenly shoved the lizard off him,and when the lizard staggered back,he took this as a chance to punch him...seriously. He reared up his gloved fist,and punched him in the gut.


Everything was silent...too silent you could hear a needle drop. The lizards eyes were widening,he wasn't even breathing! The prisoners were all staring at him shocked. The purple alien and the old man were both just standing there mouth agape.


Then what felt like hours,but really was just a couple seconds,the lizards eyes popped out of the head,and soon enough,the whole body blew up. Guts,blood,and alien goop was the only reminder of the existence of the lizard guy.


The purple alien then let's out an ear wrenching scream that echoed around the whole building.


"Old man,he's calling for backup,get everyone out of here!"The hooded man shouted,"I'll take care of these guys!"


The door at the end of the hall was then kicked open and another horrific scream rang out from the foul creatures mouth. The caped man ran over to the creature,and tackled him,making them both fall backwards on the other monsters  that were behind the first one.




The old man then looked around the place trying to find keys,a button,anything to help free the people.


"that certainly looks suspicious..."while glancing at the floor for a moment a tile was peeking through a little,but the other tiles seemed perfectly placed,"well what do we have here?"


Under the tile was a blue gem that gleamed a sky blue. When he picked it up a jail cell that contained two couples also had a bright sky blue color.


He then glances at the lock...It was the shape of the gem he had in his hand. He then jogged his way to the door,and placed the gem inside the lock. A second later the door then completely disappeared leaving the gem behind.


Be then picked it up,as the couples were then hugging each other in pure joy,and of course,all of the cells were gleaming the same color.


He grips the gem tightly,while glancing at the door his companion just went through. He could practically smell the disgusting liquids that leaked as some sort of blood from the aliens.


He grins," this rate you are sure to be a man of great talent."


He jogs to another cell,and unlocks it.


The old man was off with a bang.



Not two seconds after tackling the monster the door immediately closed behind him,as he was then face to face with another monster.


He reacted quickly though and punched the alien immediately after.


Soon after they were all coming at him quickly as well,but sadly not quick enough to dodge deadly punches. Punch-after-punch they all went down. Alien goop/blood soon stained the walls. Each punch creating a different kind of painting on the wall.


Soon he was covered in goop,the last punch was soon delivered to the last alien monster. He then looked around at the wall with wide eyes,before then looking at his fists.


"no...not again"he drops to the floor,"all it took was one punch"in his moment of anger,he raises a fist in the air then brings it down:




He didn't even know what he was doing,but when he did it was already too late. The shockwaves of his punch were harder than he was expecting! The place started shaking uncontrollably for a few good seconds before he then heard crumbling walls.




He then jumps to his feet,and runs out of the door to see his friend unlocking the last cell which held two woman,"Hurry old man! Let's blow this joint!"


The woman then followed them outside the now falling jail. They just barely made it outside when the whole place just started to give away. The people then started cheering giving praises to the two heroes who saved their lives.


But they didn't hear them...because they already left.




Saitama and bang soon fled the scene. Stamina does come in handy! They both are extremely fast,so they left afterimages of themselves while running. 


They both now were walking to their sacred little hangout place. They usually come here to relax and talk a bit before going home...


"Saitama,please don't tell me you're the one who caused the whole building to collapse..."




Bang chuckles,"positive? Because I heard you curse out,and after that,followed what seemed to be a punch to the floor."


Saitama blushes lightly while turning around to give his friend an offending look,"H-hey! It was an accident! I didn't mean to punch the floor THAT hard!" 


Bang laughs before suddenly going silent. Saitama obviously noticed the sudden change,but decided not to comment on it. If it saved him a little lecture on his power than he wasn't going to complain.




"*sigh*Boy I could never,ever,get tired of the beauty of this place!"


They finally arrived at their location after a few good minutes of walking.


Their area was on the edge of the cliff near their house. The cliff though,was definitely different than the rest of the town. Cracked,and dry grounds with plants dying all over. The trees had no leaves on them anymore,and most of the buildings now abandoned due to the people that used to be in jail.


Though bang saved this little area because he wanted to keep something beautiful to remind him of the good old days before the new ruler ever came....The cliff held green grass with flowers now beginning to bloom,and there was even a cherry,blossom tree resting close to the edge.


 Saitama sighed while pulling off his hoodie/cape,"Old man...I know I'm dense or oblivious to most things...but I'm not stupid and right now I could tell something's up..."


He looks up at the starry sky,and walks by the tree"Saitama...I'm just...worried"


Saitama looks him,confusement obviously on his face,"what do you mean by that?"


bang puts a hand on his forehead as if he was getting a headache,and scrunches up his face,"saitama...remember what I said when I salvaged this tree?"


Saitama nods,"you wanted something to help you remember the beauty of the world before the new ruler came..."


Bang nods slowly,"yes that's one of the reasons I saved this cliff...but yet I didn't tell you the other reason why I saved this..."


Saitama raises a brow,"well...what's the other reason?"


Bang slowly turns around to stare into Saitama's chocolate brown eyes that were hidden under the white hoodie,"I want this be my tombstone."


Saitama was still confused as ever,"old this some type of joke I'm not getting?"


Bang only walks towards him,grabs his hand,puts something in it,and then makes him close it into a fist.


"Woah...this looks sick!"


What bang put in his hand was a little red/yellow gemstone that had a purple dot in the middle. When he turned it to the other side it was a plain icy blue color that gleamed beautifully...


"Saitama...I can't stay time of living is up",bang stops to breathe in/out,"today is the day."


Saitama let's out a pained gasp,his chest suddenly feeling much more heavier than before,"you're joking aren't you? You sure have a dark sense of humor...right?"


Bang clenches his teeth,"I wish I was...but sadly I'm not. You see Saitama-kun when I was barely born my parents thought I was a stillborn. My mother didn't want to have a funeral for me...she whispered to me that I deserved so much better than that. So she shaved off her hair,and put the hair into a wooden cradle as a pillow. Then she put me inside,and let my basket flow down the river. The gods eventually found me,and gifted me with water power."


Saitama wouldn't usually listen to anything over 20 words...but this time was different...this time it would be the final time when he could actually listen to bang...


Bang stops before continuing,"and now...they need me...I need to go back where I truly belong."


Saitama slumps,"I...I understand. You need to go and start being the great God of water...but I will miss you old man."


Bang looks at him,his eyes filled with regret/sadness,he then sighs and sits down next to saitama,"listen saitama I also have something else to tell you...have you ever heard of the word fusion?"


Saitama immediately knew what the word fusion meant. He's heard the word only about 1,000,000 times before,and soon his friend mumen rider told him what that was.


It's usually called a synchronized fusion dance by two or more people in order to fuse completely making a new person. I can't really fuse with anyone though because you have to have a fusion gem to make it work...though I do wonder how it would feel to be completely connected to someone else. 


"Yeah I know what it is...but I can't really fuse with anyone because,well,you know-"he waves his hands up and down,"I just don't have a gemstone."


Bang smiles,"Saitama I have no idea what you're talking about. You're holding one right now."


Saitama then looks down at the beautiful gem glowing in his hand,"old man...isn't this yours?"


Bang waves his hand,"not anymore...I won't need it where I'm going,so it's all yours."


"...But...I'm not sure how I'm gonna handle the dances...they all seem pretty perverted sometimes..."but saitama knew THAT was a pretty lame excuse for someone who just knocked the guts out(seriously)of an alien lizard dude who was all up smelling him,"nevermind...I'm sure I could handle the dances fine."


Bang then takes out another gem that was a  mix of a golden honey,and black. On the other side was a plain gray,"That's for you're other friend...his name is 'Genos'."




"To sum it up:he was accidentally born in the wrong universe,so can you bring him back?"


"I don't really know how to travel somewhere else."


"ah,don't worry! Just ask my good friends! Here I'll write where they live."


Bang then gives Saitama a piece of paper with an address scribbled on,"they're professionals at that,so they should help you."


Suddenly the faint noise of chimes  caught both of the males attention...the atmosphere grew much lighter but at the same time it felt more heavier,"It's time."


Bang then walks towards the tree and fixes his posture. Cherry blossoms then started to shake violently on the tree branches,the aide got more thicker,and bang then shouted at him,"Saitama-kun,make me proud my boy!"


As soon as he said that the cherry blossoms then flew off the branches,and started swirling around him. Eventually they consumed him,and they flew with the wind carrying them to the sky.


Saitama watched as the petals flew off into the distance,and he soon felt a tear trickle down his cheek,but quickly wiped it off.


He then looked at the stone in the palm of his hand,"Genos huh?"


All of a sudden,he hears the sounds of birds chirping,tweeting,and singing their songs of the morning.


Saitama chuckled bitterly,"A brand new day,huh?"


This fucking world is a living disaster...