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When I became a trial captain, I was infatuated with another trial captain. Kiawe. I don't know what it feels like without him being there saying my name, "Ilima! Kiawe wants to see you!" One of my closest servants yelled upstairs. I came running down as quickly as I could. Me and Kiawe went outside. My heart was pounding.
"How have you been lately?" He asked. I was confused. This didn't seem like his character. I rubbed his back and said,
"Rough night?"
"Yeah, nearly everyone in the building was drunk off their asses and started to have sex in all of the rooms around me and I got barely any sleep."
"That sucks."
I kept rubbing his back even after we sit down. I was looking at him and he pulled me in. I was blushing a lot of blood rushed up to my face. Kiawe looked at me and smiled. He said,
"Hmm, we're lovers now, so, have you told your parents?"
"You came to get me just to ask this question!?"
"Yeah, babe."
"I told 'em..."
"You seem a bit bitter now..."
"It didn't go so well."
"They'll warm up to your sexuality someday."
"But today is not that day."