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The Hunger Games: Ultra FANFIC!

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"Citizens of Panem!" President Coin said, her voice ringing out through the crowd. Katniss had killed Snow and, now that she saw her as a threat, she recommended she go home. She did, and now that she was out of the way, Coin would enforce her new plan. What she said next surprised everyone so much, you could hear a pin drop in the crowd of three-hundred citizens who had attended the speech.
"The Hunger Games," she said with a smile. "Will continue!"
Everything was quiet. Once what she had said sunk in, many people began shouting. Coin kept her fake-looking smile spread on her face, and she held up a hand calmly to silence them.
"You needn't worry!" She called out, and some of the rebels stopped to see what she would say. When mostly everyone was silent, she continued what she was saying. Reapplying the fake smile, she said, " You and your children will not be in the games. Any criminals will be put into the games, as well as beings we will take from other worlds. We have built a portel that is ready for action!"- People were beginning to get angry, and pitiful for the beings who would be randomly thrown into the horrible battles that they called games, but no one dared say anything- "If you'd like to apply as a designer, stylist, trainer, or gamemaker, fill out some papers in my newly built office on the end of the road. That will be all- thank you!"

In a galaxy far, far away...
"What is this madness?" Lea asked herself angrily. Strange, white armoured men had stomped through a swirl of purple light into the center of tatooine, and everyone had been called to be there. They looked like storm troopers, but they weren't. Many aliens and different creatures were gathering, and Lea turned as Rey hurried over.
"What's going on?" Rey asked her. "An oddly dressed woman was knocking on doors and telling everyone we had to come out and listen to... I'm not sure, I think a speach is what she said. And she said something about Hunger, and games..."
"It is very strange," Lea said in agreement. "We'll have to wait and see what happens."
"Where's Finn?" Rey asked. "I haven't seen him since we all met to discuss the problem of Kylo Ren's odd new plan to build a pink death star."
Lea laughed. "He's pretty strange, isn't he?"
"His mind's twisted," Rey said. "But anyway, have you seen him?"
Lea nodded.
"Where?" Rey asked. "When?"
"Behind you. Right now," Lea said.
Rey turned around, and saw Finn standing a foot away grinning at her. "Didn't think I'd want to miss a crazy new ordeal, did you?"
Rey smiled. "Of course not. Anyway, what do you think about this?"
Finn turned to look at the small stage that the odd people had set up. A woman with bright blue hair and a strange clown-looking costume was walking up the stairs, holding a microphone. She got onto the stage, and then turned to stare at everyone.
"I think we're about to find out what to think,"Finn said.
The woman raised the microphone to her mouth, and then began to speak.
"People of...." She looked over to one of the white-armoured men for help. They seemed to say something, and the woman turned back to the crowd.
"Citizens of Star Wars World- whatever that is- I am here to announce that you will be put ino our annual hunger games."
What the death star is that? Rey thought.
"You're probably wondering what that is," the woman said.
Whoa, she's good.
"So I'll tell you." The woman said. She then explained that there was a fight to the death for entertainment from where they were from, and how the people of 'Star Wars Land' were to be their tributes.
"You'll have such a jolly wonderful time! Unless you die, of course. But anyway, four tributes will be chosen this year. Two boys, and two girls. You may volunteer for someone if they're the same gender as you, but do remember that you have a large chance of dying in these games. Do not try to fight us either, because our peackeepers have good weapons and won't mind shooting you at any time. So, any questions?"
"Good! Everyone write your name on a slip of paper, and put it in the dish up here labeled with your gender. Don't try writing anyone else's name, either, because the bowl is magic so we'll know."
"Look," Finn said to Rey quickly and quietly as people began writing their names and putting them into the bowls. Rey looked at him through scared eyes. "Don't try and fight the men in the white suits. No matter how sick and horrible this is, we'll be okay. There are many of them, and I don't want you to get hurt. Anyway, it's very unlikely that you'll be picked."
"What about you?" Rey asked shakily. "What if you're chosen?"
Finn searched her eyes for a moment, trying to figure something out. His thoughts were interrupted, however, as a peacekeeper urged them forward. They wrote their names down and put them in the giant bowls. Finally everyone was done, and they went back into the crowd.
"This year," the woman in the crazy clothes said. "As always, ladies first!"
Rey turned nervously to Finn, who grasped her hand in his. He gave her a reassuring nod. "It'll be okay," he whispered.
"The first female tribute from Star Wars land will be," She began, and took a slip of paper from the bowl. Rey's heart pounded quickly in her chest.
"Kendall Welse!" the woman said, looking back to the crowd. A little girl, probably only nine, nervously walked toward the stage.
"No!" A woman screamed. "Not my little Kendall! Please, no! Don't do this!"
That must be her mother, Rey thought. She knew what it felt like to loose your family...
"I volunteer as tribute!" Rey heard herself calling out.