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My Instinct Always Told Me

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I can feel my consciousness quickly slipping away. The pain is unbearable. I don’t know how much longer I can hold on. For the first time, the electricity throughout my body is ripping me inside out… All I wanted to do is protect… protect them… protect… Who? Who am I? I don’t remember…


Who’s calling? That voice… I want to protect that voice…

“Spark!!! Nooooooo!!!!”



Spark opened his eyes, searching for the voice. He smiled when he saw it was from the silver-haired beauty.

“Get down from there! We’ve been looking all over for you. If it wasn’t for Raindrop picking up Donglord’s scent, I would have never found you up there.” Blanche had a frown with their arms crossed, tapping their foot while their vaporeon fidgeted next to them.

Spark was taking a nap on a branch near the top of what looked like a 30ft tree with his jolteon laying besides him. He jumped down from the branch landing right in front of Blanche with a big goofy grin on his face. “Did Professor need something?”

Blanche stood there, eyes blinking in surprise. “I can never get used to you being able to do that. Do you and umm… Do you and he switch places whenever you jump from such a height?”

Spark laughed, noting how Blanche always tried to be discreet when mentioning Zapdos. Since they’ve bonded since he was a child, it was different how he and Zapdos interact compared to the other leaders and their legends. A part of Zapdos will always be in him and vice versa. Spark squatted down to pet Raindrop and sneak a treat to the happy vaporeon. “No, we don’t switch places. You know that I am him and he is me. He loves to fly and since my body physically cannot fly, the only way he can let me feel the wind is allowing my body to survive 50 feet drops. Hahaha.”

“I saw that Raindrop. No more treats for you today after you and Donglord raided the cookie jar in the lab this morning. Professor Willow got a shipment of pokemon eggs from Celadon City and several eggs look ready to hatch. Since this is your field of expertise, we need you. By the way, what were you doing all the way up in the tree? What have you been up to?”

“I was tired and wanted to take a nap. I tend to nap in high places.”

“You tend to nap anywhere but usually you’d be doing your noon runs with your trainers around this time. Go said you suddenly went on your own during your usual run.” Blanche was curious to know what happened since Go sounded concerned when he was recalling to them what happened. Blanched had asked Go why he didn’t go with Spark but Go had told them that Spark commanded him to take the trainers back to the headquarters and make sure the surrounding gyms near their route were okay. Spark had a tendency to disappear but he always came back with either an egg, injured or lost pokemon, or a new trainer. Spark’s assistant had an uncanny knack of being able to guess if something was off, almost as well as his leader. So when Go had called them asking if they had heard from Spark in the last few hours and asking them to let him know when they found him, Blanche knew he was worried something must have happened to his leader. Since they were already looking for Spark because of Professor Willow’s request, they told Go that they will contact him as soon as they found Spark. “You haven’t answered my other question yet. What were you doing?”

Spark was walking ahead of them and they noticed that he was carrying Donglord. The jolteon has gone back to sleep in his arms. That was odd. Spark and all his pokemon always seemed to have limitless energy, especially Donglord. He preferred to run around beside Spark and only likes to be carried after strenuous pokemon battles. Blanche was starting to wonder what Spark has been up to in the last few hours. Spark turned to smile at them and moved his hand close to their face.

“Don’t give me that look Blanche. I had a feeling something was wrong at a nearby pokestop and helped a couple new trainers from getting hurt catching wild pokemon. It was a pretty strong tentacool but it got away. Don’t frown so much or you’ll wrinkle. I’ll give Go a call so you don’t have to. I only had Donglord with me but he put up a good fight so he’s pretty tired from that. To make sure no other trainers had a problem, the tree had the best view of the pokestop. Now come on, I want to see those eggs!” Spark didn’t lie to Blanche. He was a bad liar but he did tend to omit a few details. They didn’t need to know that the tentacool wasn’t the pokemon the trainers were trying to catch or that it was Team Rocket that put those trainers in danger. Blanche especially didn’t need to know that he was suffering from several bruises on his body because their twin happened to be the Team Rocket member he was protecting the trainers from. He climbed the tree to make sure Team Rocket left the area instead of following the trainers and to heal himself from the battle. Fortunately he had several potions he likes to keep handy or Donglord would have been in trouble.

Blanche felt shivers run down their spine. They don’t know if it was from the autumn breeze, Spark’s sudden close proximity, or the intense look Spark just gave them as if to silently them to drop the matter in regards to what he was doing. “Pppe… Personal space… Sp…Spark…”

Spark likes it when he catches Blanch off guard since it doesn’t happen often. “You had a leaf on your hair. Let’s go.”


“There you two are! Some of the eggs already hatched and now several Odishes and Bellsprouts are running around the lab.” Candela was standing outside Professor Willow’s lab with an Odish jumping on top of her head and three more squirming in her arms. “We don’t have enough incubators for all of the eggs.”

Spark grabbed the Odish on top of Candela’s head to keep it from falling and end up hurting itself. “Lucky for you that I told Go to bring a cart full of incubators from HQ. He should be here any moment. I’m going to look at the rest of the eggs to make sure none of them suffered from their trip.”

Candela put down the Odishes in her arms and watched as they followed Spark into the lab like little chicks following a mother hen. “So… where was he?”

Blanche sighed, “I found him up a tree, few miles away from the route he takes with his team members during their runs. He said he was helping new trainers from getting hurt catching wild pokemon. I feel like he was leaving something out from his story.”

Candela watched Blanche’s expression turned to worry and decided to tug at their ponytail. “You know how Spark is. He’ll tell us what we really need to know and he doesn’t like us to worry. A couple of bellsprouts spilled some stardust on themselves and its becoming a hassle to keep control of them.”

“Just how much stardust was spilled Candela? Never mind, I’ll see for myself. Where is Professor Willow?”

Candela followed Blanched into the lab. “He was talking to Nurse Joy from Celadon City inquiring about where the eggs came from. It looks like a serious conversation since he’s been on the phone for a while now. I got a call from some of my trainers reporting Team Rocket sightings near Valor headquarters. I told Chuck to keep me informed and deal with them as necessary.”

Blanched frowned. “They were inactive around our area for several months but it seems they are snooping around again. Guess their leader is better now.”

Candela glanced at Blanche, “You mean that asshole of a twin of yours is better now. After the damage you dealt on them from our last encounter, I’m surprised they healed so fast. Have you talked to them recently?”

“No. After what they tried to do to my team members and Spark, I won’t be talking to them for a while. Spark is too forgiving.”

Candela chuckled. “Are you jealous? You got pretty mad at Spark after finding out he took care of your twin a couple months after the battle. Don’t worry babe, I’ll keep you company at night when Spark is occupied with your twin.”

Blanche sighed. “Stop joking around. I was mad because he wasn’t healed himself. We may not be close siblings anymore but Spark knew I was worried for them but I couldn’t bring myself to check up on them. Why do you keep calling your assistant different names? Charles has his hands full with you.”

“Hey! I’m not bad as Spark! I’m surprised how Go manages to keep up with him. Plus Charles doesn’t mind. He is ‘Chuck’ this week.” Candela noticed the quick change of subject from Blanche but decided not to comment on it.