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Laughing With...

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Laughing With, by cupidsbow

This year's DeanCas Xmas entry isn't at all what I thought I'd be making when I signed up. But as soon as I saw the prompt for a story from God's perspective, I knew it was the one. :)

I really loved making this. Everything from finding the music to working with so many episodes was a pleasure. While I've made other vids that were more technically demanding, like the race-car AU, this is one of my most ambitious. The sheer number of episodes I was working with made the project a lot of work -- I actually thought I'd need more than I ended up using, and did all the prep work on them, as is so often the case when making vids. I really love the scope of the finished vid, so it was definitely worth it.

Title: Laughing With... by cupidsbow
Visual Source: Supernatural
Music: “Laughing With” by Regina Spektor
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Violence, fast cuts, flashing lights
Spoilers: Seasons 3 to 11
For: Dogsled, I hope you like this. I’ve jumped off from your prompt of “I would love to see a Destiel fic written from Chuck's perspective,” but for a vid. :)

Summary: God can be so hilarious.

Download from Mediafire: SPN-LaughingWith-cupidsbow.rar (57MB, MP4)
Stream: YouTube


  • Music: Laughing With by Regina Spektor
  • Supernatural: 3x16 No Rest for the Wicked; 4x01 Lazarus Rising; 4x06 Yellow Fever; 4x10 Heaven and Hell; 4x18 The Monster at the End of This Book; 4x22; 5x13 The Song Remains the Same; 6x20 The Man Who Would Be King; 7x01 Meet the New Boss; 8x01 We Need to Talk About Kevin; 8x02 What's Up, Tiger Mommy?; 8x07 A Little Slice of Kevin; 8x10 Torn and Frayed; 8x17 Goodbye Stranger; 8x23 Sacrifice; 10x16 Paint It Black; 10x17 Goodbye Stranger; 10x22 The Prisoner; 10x23 Brother's Keeper; 11x20 Don't Call Me Shurley; 11x23 Alpha and Omega
  • Stock footage: "moving clouds" Part 2 - free green screen effects by BestGreenScreen; Turn Off TV_Screen - Free Footage - Full HD 1080p by cinetrove