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Pandora's Box

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Nisha wasn’t exactly sure what she was looking at. Her lips moved but no words came out. Scarlett was crouched over an ammo crate on the other side of her cabin, picking through the contents of the makeshift loot crate. A psycho mask was went flying behind her after a particularly good throw. It landed in the corner of the room with a thump. Nisha’s gaze fell back on the image before her. She was really beginning to regret agreeing to help Scarlett sort through her treasures.

She risked another look at the picture. She looked back up at Scarlett. Back to the photo. Obviously someone else had taken the picture. Scarlett couldn’t angle her arm to get that good of a shot solo. Nisha was leery of the fact that all Scarlett wore in the picture was her hat and a rather wicked little smile. Despite herself she had a hard time tearing her eyes from the lithe, tan body in the photograph. She had a feeling it was from when Scarlett and Moxxi were together. She was so wrapped up in her thoughts that she didn’t hear Scarlett’s uneven footfalls behind her.

“You got awfully quiet. I was worried you were plotting something.”

Nisha tried to toss the photo aside, but the glossy surface stuck to her glove. A burning heat rushed to her cheeks and chest. Scarlett snagged the picture, her face lighting up with a grin.

“Oh-ho! No wonder you’re flustered! I told you I’m quite a looker.”

“What the fuck, Scar?”

“Never took souvenir photos, did you?”

“Usually you keep pics of the other person, Scar.” Nisha shifted her feet; Scarlett was much too close for comfort at that point and her leering grin was making her nervous.

“I found this quite flattering. That it and it was only a casual fling.”

“Let me guess, with the planetary slut.”

Scarlett draped her good arm around Nisha’s shoulders. Her eye had a mischievous gleam to it. Nisha tried inching away, but the grip on her shoulders was much tighter than she initially anticipated. Great.

“Sounds like you’re jealous. I’ll happily keep one of you, Nish.”

Nisha drew in a sharp breath and expelled it. The heat was back in her cheeks and rapidly spreading. Suddenly she regretted wearing her leathers. She tugged at the collar of her overcoat. Scarlett leaned closer, grin firmly in place.

“I don’t hear you saying no, love.”

“I have a boyfriend, Scar.”

“Oh come on, Jack doesn’t have to know. It’ll be our little secret.”

“You suck at keeping secrets, Scar.”

“Stick in the mud.”

Scarlett’s shoulders drooped as she heaved an overly dramatic sigh. She took a few steps away from Nisha after releasing her grip on her friend’s shoulders. Nisha soon realized that she wasn’t thinking straight, especially after she opened her mouth.

“Maybe one day I’ll take you up on it. Just not now.”

Scarlett reeled around, baring teeth in a huge grin that looked absolutely painful. Nisha rubbed at her own cheeks, feeling a subconscious ache in her jaw. Oh she was definitely going to regret that. All of that. Mostly she’d regret stealing the picture from Scarlett when the pirate was distracted by shiny baubles.