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Alis Grave Nil

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Alis Grave Nil

With wings, nothing is heavy



25th of December 2007, 03:17 AM

City Beach, Perth, Australia


The water dripped slowly down Lucifer's bare legs and drenched tunic. Being so enthralled with the fresh air, the warm sea breeze carried, he didn't give much notice to the cacophony of male voices in the distance.

The moonlight was reflecting on the sea behind him and consciously Lucifer stretched his leathery black wings to lose the excess water. Father's little project would after all not react well to a winged Devil who had just ascended from Hell.

With some trouble, Lucifer walked on the wet sand and spotted the small establishment in which his plans would finally materialise. With enough time to spare, he walked down the beach enjoying the little waves breaking on his feet.

'Just get in the water, mate!' a deep male voice yelled a good distance from the shore.

The whistling coming from several other men had a stocky figure joyfully undress and dive into the water, a few feet away from Lucifer..

"Quickly,, Didi!" Another snickered and by the sound of water being splashed around Didi was taking his revenge.

Well, good for him, Lucifer supposed. A few steps later he stepped on the deserted clothes the man had discarded before.

"Isn't that convenient?" Lucifer mused, putting them on quickly.

His ash greyed tunic or the black trunks would not have looked great for the purpose Lucifer wanted to use his physical presence on Earth's realm tonight. Then again the tacky green shorts and the bright flowery short-sleeved shirt were not ideal either.

Wrinkling his nose Lucifer decided he would simply have to bear with these garments for tonight. Looking at the moon he knew he had over an hour and a half until his meeting.

That meant a better option of garments could be selected once he reached the drinking establishment at the other side of the beach. Afterwards, Didi could be unfortunate enough to repossess his awful stylistic choices.

With the coast's dunes nearby, his bare feet took him on their own accord up the small hill and Lucifer shivered at the sensation of the grass slipping through his toes.

It had been so long.

He crossed his arms on his chest and fell behind the nearest large rock to look at the cloudy sky. He had missed his bright creations and only a few could be seen through the clouds.

It was a different era now and Lucifer could tell that many of his little lights had long stopped shining as he had intended them to do for millennia. But the sky, oh the sky was as beautiful as he remembered.

"Hey..." A feminine nasal call greeted him before plopping to the earth next to him.

He had not seen a human this close in a very long time. Correction. He had not seen a living human this close since forever.

In the dark, Lucifer could make her figure sitting much too close for his comfort so he scooted a little further from her.

"This place is great!" She spoke in the same peculiar manner she had greeted him with.

Before he could prevent it, she placed her head on his lap.

A human was touching him! A living human was touching him! One of Father's bugs was actually crawling over him. He shuddered in disgust and throwing her head off him,, Lucifer tried to quickly get up and sprint towards his original destination. The bar.

It was not meant to be.

The human attached herself on his back with a demon's agility. That resulted in Lucifer losing his footing in fright and tangling his feet at the roots of the short bushes.

"Ow, that hurt!" she exclaimed above his lower back.

"Ow? Ow?" Lucifer hissed incredulously.

She had essentially tackled the Devil and she was actually complaining? And why the Hell was his cheek stinging!

She slapped his shoulder hard and his cramped wings rattled soundlessly in protest.

Grabbing a handful of grass and sand in his hands,, Lucifer tried to scramble from beneath her. He had expected to have to touch at least one of them tonight but this was by Father highly undignified!

Slithering slowly from the rabid woman on top of him, he felt his shirt collar being pulled hard enough to choke him.

If he had to get rid of the shirt he would, wings be damned, which they actually were!

With one hand Lucifer undid his buttons, managing to release himself. He darted towards the bar's faraway lights as fast as his rarely used for running legs could carry him.

He had not made it far when he tripped in the sand. His weight had betrayed him. Groaning, Lucifer jerked his head in the direction of the stomping feet approaching.

"Are you okay?" Her fingers touched his forehead and swept away the sand from his slick with sweat hair.

The moon was allowing him to see her form looming over him but when the clouds filled the sky and darkening the halo of her hair, Lucifer surrendered to his fate.

Years of planning only to be trapped by a mortal. Father certainly liked irony.

His defeated confirmation was delivered with a sign and he took a last glance at the stars he had so dearly missed. After tonight, Lucifer would be once again trapped in the place he hated the most. The second place actually but semantics would not help him at the moment.

At his whimper over losing everything he had worked for so long, Lucifer felt his heart lurch at the sight of Altair shining above him. His chest rose and fell with rapid breaths which halted with a gasp when two hands rested on his face.

"Shhh.." She tried to calm him which led him to a mirthless laugh. Comfort for the Devil was too much to bear.

Her fingers scratched his unshaven chin and traced his cheekbones up to his ears only to dive
them in his now sandy, wet locks.

Lucifer struggled for breath when she moved her body on top of his lower stomach, now apparently content on slowly exploring his features. His eyes searched in the darkness to catch a glimpse at what she was discovering at the tips of his ears or the edges of his lips. Why was the curve of his nose so interesting and why did she brush her thumb lightly over his eyelashes?

Nothing was ever revealed to him.

Staying motionless, Lucifer allowed her to leave warm trails with her fingers. Despair had left him and time was once again pointless to keep track of. Instead, there was now a compulsion to remain tranquil where he was. For once, Lucifer permitted himself to allow this wish of calmness his mind craved before going blank.

Her fingers abandoned him, much to his perplexed feeling of displeasure. The warm breath over his cheeks sizzled him slowly in a very gratifying way. He didn't have to wait long for an emotional overload when dry lips placed a soft kiss under his right eye making his eyelashes flutter at the welcomed invasion.

At the proximity of her mouth above his eyes, Lucifer became aware of her tongue darting out to lick her lips before a moist as the breeze kiss was placed on his cheek, making his breath hitch.

Lucifer's surrendered limp body stiffened traitorously by surprise at the rousing experience when he deeply inhaled the scent of the woman above him.

A distressing thrill welled within him. Instinctively he nuzzled her cheek with his nose and his mouth found hers. There was no experience that would have led him to move his lips on hers so Lucifer was content for a while to enjoy the closeness of her body. Hands moved of their own accord to keep her upper body flush to his.

This was an agreeable move by his companion, if her probing tongue between his lips was anything to go by. Laying still, he enjoyed the hint of alcohol that still lingered on her tongue but was otherwise clueless on how to proceed.

His advance on participating in this snogging session was awkward but was met with patience, encouragement and an occasional nip which made him rumble a low growl.

As tentatively it had begun, it stopped and she rested her head over Lucifer's wildly beating heart. He didn't even know he had a heart that could accelerate that much, or a heart period.

Flabbergasted at what had just passed between them, he progressed with his exploration. It hardly seemed fair for her to know every detail of him.

Her cheekbones were high and her face had several soft angles. The eyelashes were short and trembled underneath his index. Her nose was thin and symmetrical to her face, only it was covered by a coarse bandage.

At her yelp of pain, he stroked her cheek to express his apology, brushing his fingers through her long thin hair. At least her oddly distorted voice was a result of nasal congestion caused by an injury.

"I should not have pressed myself so hard on the last day," she murmured, hiding her face in his neck as she proceeded to slowly suck the tender flesh over his carotid.

The existence of hypersensitivity and blissful pain escaped him when she applied more pressure in her task.

Lucifer's body throbbed under her touch, leaving a burn where her palms came in contact with his bare flesh. His pulse was synchronised with the motions of her mouth on his neck and his hands were fisted in her thin cotton dress.

The agony in his throat was soul consuming and unparallel to everything Lucifer had experienced before. It wasn’t even close to Maze's tension-relieving sessions.

His lack of genitalia had made Mazikeen resourceful so how could a mere human drive him to this euphoric state of madness? But even in his flustered condition, Lucifer knew that the Devil did not get mad, he got even.

Taking advantage of her concentration on his throat, cradling her neck Lucifer gently rolled them earning a bite at the same spot she was so fervently marking on him. The jolt of pain from the skinned flesh had him growl deeply in her hair as Lucifer retaliated by catching her earlobe between his teeth.

A short gasp made him chuckle and graze her lobe again, avoiding her earring this time. Nails glided over Lucifer's flexing hips, up to his ribs, trembling due to his harsh breathing and finally reached his exposed backside.

In distress, Lucifer remembered what exactly she would find when she got to his upper back and shifted above her. The movement prompted her to arch her back on his torso and they both moaned at their new position.

Her hands, encouraged by their flushed bodies, clawed up Lucifer's back to meet his wings. At her caress, the wings trembled, extending their full width above the couple.

If Lucifer had thought that the existence of something on his back would be disturbing for her he was wrong. She didn't mind the soft membrane of his wings and manipulated his bony spine between them.

The warmth from the base of Lucifer's twitching wings spread to their edges and the itching intensified his need to expose more of her body to his touch.

Delicate fingers pushed him softly away, wrestling to free the body underneath him from the confines of her sundress.

Lucifer could feel the fabric moving upwards with the aid of her hands and the tingle each contact made with his bare torso had him shuddering. With a faint thud, it landed close to them.

Eagerly their bodies met again this time with no barriers between them aside from Lucifer's shorts. His eyes searched for hers in the darkness and when her fingers trailed tenderly along his cheek, the absence of sight was more than tolerable to him.

Under his dark gaze, there were two eyes searching his eyes with the same fervour. Perhaps this time Lucifer could rely on his other senses to understand why this woman had managed to do what no human or Demon had managed to do

Seduce him.

Lucifer's lips crashed onto hers with vigour and he demanded entrance attempting to find the serenity flames always offered him. He had known Hell but a newfound heat seared within him.

Leaving her mouth sooner than he would have wished and expected, Lucifer gave his attention to what awaited him rising and falling with every struggling breath in the midst of her arousal. Knowing what to do with her nipples came as a relief to him, having avoided any kind of the deeper acts of intimacy such as kissing in the past.

Lucifer's curls gave way to her petting hands and when she tugged them, he complied by taking her mouth again. Her right hand was still keeping his head in place as they now teasingly fought for dominance. With her left slipping between them, she undid his shorts button.

Lasciviousness sparked Lucifer to move closer to her only to remember that there was nothing for her to find down there. With the implication dampening his lustful intentions, a longing had him snort at his condemned to Hell luck.

Lucifer's sad gaze could not be seen and came as no surprise to him when the zipper was lowered for a fishing palm to reach for what would never be found. Swallowing with difficulty, Lucifer felt her fingertips descending further in his shorts and waited for her to realise what was not meant to be.

He squirmed uncomfortably which allowed her to cup the bulge where his genitals should have been over his underwear. It was the first time in aeons he felt shameful and loathsome of his very existence. Her warm palm continued to slide over him until he had had enough and reached down to stop her.

The throbbing of his body was yearning for more but Lucifer knew that he would not be able to deliver. Regretfully he reached for her hand and mistaking his joining her in his trousers she slipped it inside his waistband. It was then that the throb gave way to the excruciating agony of being slashed into pieces.

Flesh came into existence and the forbidden act for Father's children introduced him to a new realm of sin.

A sweep of fingers tousled his hair. The sleek dampness of sweat soothed his overheated body while he was enjoying the light touches and the deep explorations. All too soon the contact ceased with a sigh of dazed relief and the ruffling of clothes meant the end of this mystifying encounter which had occurred.

"See you soon," she promised.

With a final stroke on Lucifer's scruffy cheek, she left him breathless in all his exposed glory under the glimmer of his once faraway creations.


To Be Continued Tomorrow...