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Drabble Drabble Drabble (and the fic go marching on)

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“Really, Finch?” He dangles the watch in front of the computer monitor. It’s not as ostentatious as the one Pierce had tried to fob off on him, but it’s clearly worth a small fortune. And the glinting GPS device isn’t even hidden under the crystal face.  

“Yes, Mr. Reese? Did you have something to ask me?” The raised eyebrow is a challenge.  

“Nevermind,” he says, and slips the watch onto his wrist. It fits snugly enough that it won’t slide when he’s running, and the crystal face is scratch proof; considerate, in his line of work. Almost instantly the weight becomes familiar. He never used to wear watches (they felt too much like handcuffs) but this feels different. Less a foreign object, and more a reminder.

In return, Finch only pauses for the barest second when John carefully sets a new pair of cufflinks on the table in front of the keyboard along side their morning tea and coffee.  They’re silver, to better match with the majority of his suits, and the trackers sit on display like gemstones. If together the cufflinks and the watch appear to be a matched set, John will plead coincidence.

“I take it...” Finch trails off and licks his lips as he rolls the cufflinks in his hands. “Thank you, John,” he says, and he has a far off look on his face.  Something blooms in Reese when Harold immediately takes off the old pair and replaces them.

“New Number?”

Finch tips his head and hmms. “No, actually. I was thinking we might go to the movies. If that’s alright with you, of course?”

John reaches for Harold’s coat hanging on the rack behind. “I’ll get the umbrella.”