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In Which Hutchyore Receives a Very Unexpected Gift*

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image of Piglet from Winnie the Pooh except he has brown hair like Starsky. He's holding up a box with a red ribbon to Eeyore, who has blond hair like Hutch. There's a question mark over Hutch's head and he has his hand on his chest like Who me?

Hutchyore stood by himself in the coldest, dampest corner of the lobby of Venice Place (over by the ferns, you know) and thought about Things. Sometimes he thought sadly to himself, "Why?" and sometimes he thought ponderously, "Howfore?" And occasionally, just occasionally, he would think, "Insofar as, I mean."

So when Starsklet came along, Hutchyore was glad to be able to stop thinking for a little while in order to talk to his good friend.

"Good afternoon, Hutchyore," said Starsklet, bouncing a little to himself.

"Good afternoon, Starsklet," Hutchyore said. "If it is a good afternoon. Which I doubt," said he. "Not that it matters," he finished with a gloomy sigh.

"But it is, Hutchyore," said Starsklet. He smiled and pulled out his hands from hiding behind his back. In them was a new toy, shiny and red.

"Look, A new toy! It came by FedEx Overnight!"

"That's good, Starsklet," Hutchyore said in his gloomy way. "Good for you." Hutchyore thought he should try harder to be be happy for his friend, so he sort of sighed heavily in a cheery way.

Starsklet was so excited he couldn't help bouncing around some more. "It's not for me, Hutchyore, it's for you!"

Hutchyore's blue eyes grew wide and round. Even wider and rounder than they usually were.

"For me?"

Starsklet nodded happily.

"For me," Hutchyore said to himself thoughtfully, and he scratched his head. "Isn't that a Very Unusual Thing."

The End.