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Animalformer Drabbles

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Ultra Magnus and Ratchet always slept together. Even though Optimus had bought separate beds for them, they found that the top tier of the cat tower had just enough room inside for both of them to curl up comfortably against one another and sleep for hours. However, that was before Rodimus and Drift. Ultra was woken from his light sleep by a soft scratching sound and watched Drift’s white face appear over the side, blink at them, then scurry back down. Not five minutes later the sound returned and Rodimus clung on the side.

“Room for one more?”

“No.” Magnus flipped his ears back. 

“I think there is.” Rodimus crawled inside despite the low hiss from the largest cat. “See, if I squeeze right here - yeah. Drift, come on there’s room.”

“There is no room! Get out!” Magnus growled and eyed Ratchet, trying to scoot away from the Charteux. “Rodimus, there’s another spot just below this one. You and he can sleep--go away!”

Drift clung to the tower and stared at the three cats crammed into a tiny space. “Okay.”

“No. Get in here. We’re supposed to be a-”

Ultra Magnus toned everything out when Ratchet’s ears flipped back and his lip twitched. “Rodimus be quiet.”

“You have been telling me from the get-go that we have to learn to get along. How better to learn than-”

When Ratchet’s eyes snapped open Magnus threw himself out before Ratchet’s claws could catch him. He landed on someone that was passing by and dug his claws into their shoulder. Ratchet was shouting profanities and a chorus of hisses came from within the hole until Drift followed Magnus’ idea and flung himself off, twisting mid-way to land on his feet. Two hands grabbed Ultra Magnus and held him close to his chest and Magnus leaned against him.

Optimus jogged out of the room just as Rodimus launched himself out of the hole and away from the puffed out, furious feline. “What happened?” Optimus reached out and took Ultra Magnus from Megatron and stroked his back. “Did someone wake up Ratchet?”

“Yeah.” Magnus meowed, curling his tail around Optimus’ arm.

Rodimus flicked his tail nervously on the coffee table, eying the giants around him. Drift sat beside him and watched Ratchet snarl from his spot at the top of the cat tower and disappear farther inside. “So there wasn’t enough room in the hole after all.”

Magnus growled at him.