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Head bobbing, feet tapping to the beat and rapping softly, Taehyung diligently wiped the counter. The song blasting in his ears drowned out the soft conversations of the few patrons and the acoustic music playing in the background of the cafe.


It was after the morning rush on a Wednesday. College students, some office workers discussing work, and well married ladies are the patrons at this hour at the cafe; though there are still plenty of empty tables and chairs.


Customers tended to order coffee and pastries and then hang around the cafe for hours. Perhaps because of the cozy atmosphere and the wide array of beverages and pastries to choose from or because the prices were reasonable. The cafe was located by the corner of a peaceful street, down the road from the park, residing on the same road as an old book store and an art gallery.


Inside, there was a corner with floor to ceiling window that let in natural light on a sunny day and on rainy days, when it tended to be more gloomy and dark , it emitted a picture of warmth and comfort. It is a beautiful sight to watch whenever it rains heavily outside, thunder and lightning, trees barely standing and people running. However, today is not one of those days. It was one of those bright spring days that most people love.  


As tedious as lunch hour was, Taehyung enjoys his time working at the cafe. His boss was pretty lenient on him too, since the owners are his parents who are just happy to have him back home.


His parents decided to open a cafe when he was in high school; during those days, he helped out through the weekends and holidays. Taehyung loved the time spent working in his parents’ cafe, and now that he’s back home, his mother allowed him to take charge of the cafe whenever she’s not around.


The bell rang softly signalling the arrival of a new customer, catching the attention of some customers; everyone noticed except for Taehyung who was busy headbanging softly to the song. Taehyung only noticed there was a new customer when he went to put away the cloth and he scrambled to pull out his earbuds. If his mother was here, he would be dead no matter how old he was.


The customer looked at him with a raised eyebrow but Taehyung chose to ignore the gesture and gave him a bright smile; it is a beautiful day after all.


“Hello! What can I get you?” He asked and shoved the earphones in the pocket of his apron.


The customer didn’t reply, eyes scanning the menu on the chalkboard above. He looked as if he had just woken up, his skin was pale as snow and Taehyung wondered if this was what a modern day vampire might look like. The man had dark circles under his eyes. His outfit was simply thrown together; a pair of ripped jeans and a plain oversized black shirt, he wore a loose beanie over his bleached blonde hair.


“Americano, the breakfast set and whatever cake you have,” the man finally said, sounding tired and proceeded to fumble around his bag for his wallet.


Taehyung typed in the order and the man paid in cash before moving to the table at the corner by the window. The man pulled out a notebook and a pen and stared at it. Taehyung doesn’t pay him much attention as he made his coffee.


He carried the sugar syrup with the hot coffee to the man and settled it down on the table gently. The man was writing in his notepad and there were a lot of scratched lines over written words.


“Hot americano,” Taehyung announced with a smile. “This is our special sugar syrup,” he added, pointing at the small clear jug of pure sugar.


The pale man looked at the jug carefully before turning away. “That won’t be needed, thanks.”


Taehyung watched in horror as the man drank the black coffee like it was water. He swallowed and slowly retreated to the safety behind the counter, crouching and eyeing the pale man with his guard up.


Do vampires take sugar-free stuff nowadays? Is that how they survive without blood? But the pale man is sitting by the window, with the sun directing at him. Aren’t they suppose to burst or something? Maybe Twilight was right, maybe vampires do sparkle when exposed to sunlight.


“Hyung, what are you doing?”


He looked up from where he was hiding to see his friends looking at him weirdly.


“I think that man over there is a vampire,” he stated, eyes back on the man eating scrambled eggs.


Jimin and Jungkook both turned around to look at the direction their friend was looking at to find the pale man eating quietly while scribbling in his notebook.


“What?” Jimin blurted out.


“He takes his black coffee without any sugar! And he’s so pale.” Taehyung hissed out.


His two friends shared a look before bursting out in laughter.


“How did you even- never mind. I’m going to tell the guy,” Jimin said, already started walking towards the man. Taehyung’s eyes widened in fear and he tried grabbing his best friend towards him to save his life, but it was already too late, he was already halfway to the table.


In a state of desperation, Taehyung quickly jumped out from behind the counter and pulled Jimin back.


“Take my blood instead! Don't hurt Jiminie!” He offered, eyes shut tightly and head tilted to the side to offer to the vampire.


He was expecting to be attacked immediately but nothing happened. Taehyung opened one of his eyes to find 3 pairs of eyes staring at him oddly and when he opened his eyes fully, he realised the entire cafe was staring at him.


“What?” The vampire looked confused.


“Sorry man, my friend here thought you were a vampire,” Jimin said apologetically. Jungkook muttered sorry to the other few customers and bowed politely.


The pale man watched in silence, processing what just happened and nodded slowly. “...Okay,” and he returned back to writing.


His friends dragged him back to the counter and Taehyung was burning.


“Don't do that! What if he was a vampire? You could have died!” He scolded Jimin.


His best friend only smiled and patted him. “I'm not sure if it's a blessing or a curse to have you as a friend.”


Taehyung ignored him, “What do you want?”


“I'll have iced mocha. What ‘bout chu, Kookie?” Jimin teased.


“I want a latte, thank you,” Jungkook said.


Taehyung keyed in their orders and they took their usual seats at the back of the cafe with the blackboard wall.


Taehyung started on the mocha first and then the latte, carefully designing the Iron Man art on the coffee for Jungkook.


He also cut up different cakes before serving his friends. A red velvet cake, a chocolate cake and a black forest cake.


Jungkook was drawing on the blackboard and Jimin was watching when he placed their orders down.


“Are those cakes for us?” Jimin beamed.


“Yes, but not the black forest cake though,” before his friend could ask, he carried the plate towards the pale man.


He gathered up his nerves and took in long and deep breaths. If he died, at least he died with a delicious cake in his hand. He stood in front of the man, hands shaking and he willed them to stop.


The vampire man looked up at him, hands still holding the pen and Taehyung realised after a long minute that he was staring at the man.


“Um, I'm sorry about earlier. Here's a cake, on the house,” he said quickly, placed the plate on the table and walked away just as quickly.


When he took a glance at the vampire, he saw an amused look on the man’s face as he looked at the cake and then back at him. There was a hint of smile as he ate the cake.


At least the vampire enjoys the cake, that means they're on friendly terms, right?




A week later, Taehyung was listening to his iPod and almost fell asleep at the counter. It was a slow and lazy day at the cafe when somebody came in.


He jumped and quickly greeted the customers; there were three men, two of which scanned the menu board and the other looked uninterested, as if he would prefer to be any place but here.


They ordered a ton of food alongside pastries with a latte, iced tea and an iced chocolate. Taehyung wondered if they could finish all of that food when he keyed in their orders which they paid in cash.


The kitchen staff started preparing their meals and one of the staff took care of the pastries while Taehyung made their drinks. As usual, he left the latte for last.


Two of the men were looking around the cafe with interest and the the other took pictures. Taehyung realised belatedly that the one with the camera was the vampire man.


He paused for a while and looked at the other two men. They don't look like vampires. The vampire is wearing a black beanie with a Kumamon badge on it, so Taehyung took inspiration on it.


By the time he was done, the food and pastries were already on their table and they were having a discussion while the vampire took pictures. Nobody touched their food.


“Iced tea, iced chocolate and a latte,” he announced as he placed their drinks down carefully.


The trio eyed the beverages with curiosity and-


“Did you- oh my,” the vampire man couldn't finish his sentence, a hand covering his mouth in disbelief.


Taehyung only peered at the drinks and wondered what's so special about it to realise that they were all looking at the latte art.


“That's really impressive, kid,” the dimpled man praised.


Taehyung grinned, “thank you! I saw the pin on his head and I was inspired.”


“Where did you learn that?” The third member asked excitedly, eyes going back and forth between the coffee and the person who made the coffee.


“Oh, I learned it when I was in Japan. I was there for a year or so,” Taehyung recalled.


The vampire started taking pictures of the coffee and the dimpled man hummed.


“You travel a lot?” He asked, interested.


Taehyung scratched the back of his head, a little embarrassed for some reason. “I used to,” he admitted. “I'm taking a break now though,” he decided to add.


“Breaks are important. Just ask Yoongi hyung,” the sunshine member of the group laughed, followed by the dimpled man.


There seemed to be an inside joke that Taehyung doesn't get.


“I'm Hoseok, by the way,” the sunshine man introduced himself.


“And I am Namjoon. That cameraman is Yoongi. He was the one who suggested us to come try the food here,” the dimpled man, Namjoon, said, glancing at Yoongi who was taking pictures.


“I’m glad that you liked the food here, Yoongi hyung. Nice to meet you guys! I'm Taehyung,” he smiled brightly, good to have new friends. They seemed friendly and nice.


Hopefully Yoongi didn't bring up anything about the vampire event that happened last week. Taehyung would have hid in his bedroom forever and never come out if that happened.


The bell rang again, signalling new customers had arrived and Taehyung greeted them.


“Just let me know if you need anything. Back to work now!” He couldn't help but smile at them again.


“Oh, and Yoongi hyung, the latte is sugar-free!” He whispered loudly before rushing back behind the counter.

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You can’t miss it! Their breakfast was delicious and the homemade pastries are tasty, especially the Black Forest Cake. It is to die for! Overall environment is cozy, comfortable and clean. Not to mention, their barista is extremely talented in latte art.


Taehyung blinked at what was shown to him. His mother was beaming next to him at the table, delighted and hands clasped together. The picture of a plate of potatoes, eggs, sausages, and mini pancake was first. Then followed by a picture of the pastries and other food and the Black Forest cake with the drinks and latte. The latte had a picture to itself after that, Kumamon . Last but not least, at the end of the blog, a picture of Taehyung concentrating on making one of the coffee orders. He wasn’t even aware the picture was taken.


“Good job, Taetae! You managed well!” His mother said proudly. Jimin laughed at his reddened face and Jungkook patted him on the head. Taehyung quickly pushed them away and closed Jimin’s laptop before anyone could make fun of him any further.


“You know, this is a quite famous food blog. I did some research and apparently they travel quite a lot and went to many countries and states to eat. According to the blog, one of them simply choose a place to go and then review the overall atmosphere and dining of the place,” Jungkook said thoughtfully.


“You look cute in the picture,” Jimin pointed out and laughed.


“Since you weren’t slacking off, I am going to cook your favourite for dinner tonight and you get to choose today’s special,” his mother announced with a bright smile and stood up. She dusted away the invisible dust off her green shirt dress; his mum is still surprisingly well dressed for her age.


“I am going to the market, please open up the cafe. I’ll leave it to you guys today,” his mother said to no one in particular, adjusted her handbag and she off she went.


Taehyung sighed and laid his head on the clean table. Who knew they were actually famous food bloggers? Taehyung should know by the camera and the notebook the first day that Yoongi visited.


“Get over it, Taetae. Your mum asked you to choose today’s special.” Jimin nudged him playfully and he heard his other best friend chuckle at the background.


“Who were they? They didn’t have any information about themselves on the blog,” the short red haired man asked. Taehyung sat up straight at that information.


“Three men, one of them was the vampire that came in last week. They said their names were Hoseok, Namjoon and Yoongi,” Taehyung said, recalling the way the vampire man’s eyes lit up at the art latte.


Both of his friends looked at each other at that piece of information while Taehyung got lost in his own world. He hummed thoughtfully for a minute before an idea hit him.


“I know what to make for today’s special!”




It took him longer than expected but with the help of Jimin physically and Seokjin on Skype, they managed to make the cake. Thankfully Jungkook was there to man the cashier and the coffees. Taehyung wanted to pat himself on the back at the end result.


“Thanks for the recipe, hyung,” Taehyung turned to the laptop with the end product in hand.


“No problem, you guys are easier to teach than my boyfriend,” he grinned wide. The three males laughed.


Seokjin has been dating a mysterious guy for three years now and nobody knows who it is. Seeing from the information the older man has revealed, they can only decipher that the man breaks everything he laid his hands on.


“Oh right, when are you guys flying back? Are you guys even flying back or are you just going to travel to other places?”


Taehyung felt Jimin looking at him and he knew the look he was giving him, an expectant but understanding look. “It has been months, Tae,” Jimin said softly and Taehyung had to put the cake down before he dropped it, or worse, smashed it after all their hard work.


He clenched his fists but remembered it wasn’t worth the effort and so he released a deep sigh. “Soon.”


“Good, work is so boring without you guys cracking me up,” he pouted. “Tell me when you guys are coming back, I will make sure I get on that flight.”


They said their goodbyes and Taehyung wanted nothing more than to drop to the floor and sulk- maybe cry a little and smash everything in the small kitchen. Then, a hand landed on his shoulder with a squeeze. Taehyung held the hand for a moment and squeezed the hand back, turning his head to look at his best friend who was giving him a reassuring smile.


It was times like these, he realised that Jimin and Jungkook were the only people he could trust- to truly trust with his life and they were the only people who cared. He felt bad, he felt guilty for holding them back. Jimin and Jungkook didn’t need to deal with his crap and bad attitude, but they still stayed. Taehyung wanted to apologise, wanted to say something and thank them for it but he couldn’t mutter a word.


“It’s okay, Taetae.” Jimin said understandingly, he’s always been able to read him so easily.


“Now let’s go serve some cake, yeah?” Jimin took the cake and head outside to place the cake in the display case. There were a lot of people in the cafe, more than the usual Friday crowd and Taehyung wondered if it was because of the shoutout by the blog.


“Did you bake this?” Taehyung had to look over the counter to see Yoongi. The older man glared at him and for a brief moment, Taehyung thought he was going to die but he laughed it off.


“Yes, I guess?” He lowered himself and smiled at Yoongi through the display case. The shorter man was wearing a maroon V-neck shirt and a hoodie over it, a pair of black jeans held up by a white belt and a baseball hat on his head.


Yoongi stared for a moment before those eyes looked up at him from the cake. A smile tugged on his lips, “You have frosting on your face,” he commented and Taehyung’s face went red, he tried to locate the cream on his face.


“I’ll have the cake and today’s special drink.” Yoongi said, watching Taehyung struggle with amusement before heading to the counter.


Jungkook gave the man a curious look and Taehyung quickly wiped off whatever he could and then went back to work. Grabbing a knife to cut the cake and making the iced americano with sugar syrup.


Yoongi inspired the drink, of course and Taehyung felt playful when he added sugar into the order. He peeked up at the crowd and scanned for Yoongi. The man was sitting at the same corner he sat three days ago. Taehyung quickly looked back at his work in hand, no need to be caught staring.


Yoongi was alone today, so maybe it wasn’t for the blog? Either way, he was at the corner with his legs crossed and looking outside the window.


“Hyung!” Jungkook yelled and Taehyung jumped. “What?”


“Table 2, 6 and 15.” he pointed at some coffee and pastries. “And also, those girls from Seoul University has been looking at you for the past ten minutes,” Jungkook said teasingly.


“And they asked for your number,” Jimin sang when he passed by them with a grin.


“Did you give it to them?” Taehyung’s eyes widened and he trailed after the red haired man.


“No, but I will if you don’t get back to work,” Jungkook threatened.


Taehyung quickly and gently took two cups of coffee in hand when Jungkook looked at him again, “I meant your actual work. Not the cafe, hyung.”


It’s easy to forget just how evil the youngest of the three could be. With his face sweet and innocent that could rival a cute little boy, he actually has a mind that could conquer the world within his grasps while watching it burn as he laughs from his throne. Taehyung could only look at him, horrified.


As Taehyung placed the plate of cake and coffee on Yoongi’s table, he was stunned into silence. Yoongi realizes as he looked back at him after checking his food, his eyebrows quirked. “What?”


Taehyung was sure his admiration was a little annoying but he couldn’t care less. “Cool piercings.” He couldn’t see the piercings the last time since he wore a beanie over it. There were also a lot of piercings and there were two on his eyebrow that Taehyung didn’t notice until now. “Do you have hidden piercings?”


Yoongi gave him a weirded out look and it took him a while to figure out why. He shook his head and his face flushed. “No, that’s not what I meant! I mean like tongue or belly or something,” he justified with bright red face.


Yoongi scoffed. “Get back to work, kid,” his eyes back on the street outside. It wasn’t annoyance in his tone, it was something else.


After two hours, the rush died down but the cafe was still full with people. To Taehyung’s dismay, the two tables of college girls were still there and still watching him work. Taehyung avoided their gaze as much as he could and made Jimin deliver their orders instead. His mother returned then, with a small plastic bag in her hand.


“I got some new chalks and dusters!” She said excitedly and placed them on the empty counter. “Taehyung, be a dear and put them at the creative corner,” his mother ordered in the typical mum tone which he sighed and took the plastic.


He could feel his friends giggling behind the counter as the college girls’ attention followed him as he made a beeline to the side of the small corner of the cafe. His mother seemed to be completely oblivious about the unwanted attention he was getting but Taehyung focused back on the task at hand and made his way to the corner.


The area was originally a storeroom but his mum decided against it; she made the contractors demolish it for more beanbags and made the walls entirely out of blackboard material so customers can be creative and express themselves with art, quotes, etc. As for now, it was covered with doodles, lovebirds claiming their loves and some friendship forever sort of promises.


It was always sad to wipe it off, but old memories should remain only as memories in order to make new memories. It was part of life; Taehyung told himself and begun to wipe away the chalk drawings.


The bell rang again and Taehyung turned away for a little to catch who has arrived into the cafe and was a little giddy when he saw the Friday band came in. Mark caught Taehyung’s eyes and grinned wide.


“Taehyungie!” Mark greeted and waved, Jackson and Yugyeom followed behind. Both of them waved and Jungkook poked his head out from behind the counter.


“Jungkookie!” Yugyeom called out and made his way to the counter.


“Markie hyung!” Taehyung ran towards him and pulled his hyung into a tight hug. “Where is Coco?” Taehyung let go to look around, hoping to find the small ball of white fur.  


“She’s at home, if you missed her that much you should come visit more often,” Mark stuck his tongue out at him playfully and Taehyung pouted.  


There was a tiny area within the storeroom left for a small stage in the cafe which his mother thought was a brilliant idea. There was an acoustic guitar, cajon drum, a secondhand piano and a microphone on the stage. It had been tradition that they have a band over every Friday to perform from lunch hour til an hour before closing time. It helps to make the environment more comfortable and was one of the sole reasons there were more customers who stayed longer on Fridays.


“What can I get you guys today?” Jungkook asked with a friendly smile.


“The usual is fine,” Jackson waved him off, a playful smirk on his face.


“You’re right though, it has been a while since we last hung out,” Taehyung wondered aloud. “Let’s watch a movie after work?” He suggested which everyone agreed on.


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“If you missed her that much you should come visit more often,” the cheerful brunet said. For some reason, Yoongi couldn’t shake off the tight feeling in his chest; was it jealousy?


He didn’t stick around long after that, couldn’t bear to see the exchange between Taehyung and “Markie hyung”. Yoongi didn’t even finish his coffee and cake when he was already half way stomping down the road to the hotel he was staying at.


“Tomorrow’s shoot is confirmed and the transport has been arranged. There is a radio interview after that and then a few magazine shoots. Next week will be your last week in Seoul for your short holiday then it’s back to work,” manager said through the computer screen.


Yoongi wanted to roll his eyes and tell the manager that they were still technically working, so it wasn’t exactly a  ‘short holiday’ but thoughts of “that Friday band” at the cafe mingling with Taehyung in familiarity struck him quiet; that odd kid. He scoffed at the memory of how the sunshine boy oh so casually pulled someone into a hug.


“-gi hyung!” Namjoon was being annoying.


“I told you his attention was caught by something or rather someone. ” Hoseok teased and avoided the kick from Yoongi. “He was gone mentally ever since he returned from that cafe,” Hoseok shouted while running away from Yoongi.


A knowing smile appeared on their manager’s face but the man managed to sound serious yet in a joking manner asked, “Is this something I need to worry about?”


Yoongi casted a glare to the both of his friends and group members.


“No, I was just thinking. Leave me alone,” he bit out, shooting Hoseok a glare.


They talked business for another hour after that and before they knew it, it was dinner time. Namjoon and Hoseok left for their own rooms and decided to meet up for dinner afterwards. Yoongi took that time to do a little clean up of his room before taking a shower and putting on a change of clothes.

He was ten minutes earlier than the rest so he waited in the lobby instead of his room. The hotel they were currently staying at was a high end hotel, which he appreciated since the people who usually stayed in these sort of hotels were rich, snobby business men/women or people rich enough to afford to go on vacation whenever they want. In other words, they don’t listen to his music and he didn’t have to cover up or disguise himself.


Yoongi waited patiently and fiddled with his phone to pass time. Not knowing what else to do, he pulled up Safari and before he knew it, he was reading comments from their food blog. There were a lot of comments, as usual, and he scanned through them quickly.


Most of the comments were from girls going on and on about how cute the barista was and little on the taste of the food. A comment caught his eye however, stating that she was a regular and the barista just joined a year or so ago and is apparently the only son of the owner of the cafe.


Scrolling deeper, there were a few snaps of Taehyung, who was clearly unaware of his picture being taken. Some of which he was focusing on making coffee, serving customers and smiling at a customer. It made Yoongi’s heart flutter and he quickly caught himself and locked his phone before he felt the embarrassment spread even further on his cheeks.


“Hyuuuunng!” Hoseok called out, walking towards the leather chair he was sitting in with Namjoon following behind.


Yoongi raised a pierced eyebrow at what they were wearing; Hoseok wore a black hoodie with a graphic design, black pants and styled his hair up while Namjoon wore a white v-neck and a blue stripe suit with his favourite sunglasses (the ones that haven’t broken on him); Yoongi himself wore a loose white t-shirt, ripped jeans and his favourite leather jacket. Yoongi eyed them suspiciously and saw the white bandages in Hoseok’s hand.


“We got invitations to go drinking in one of the exclusive nightclubs,” Namjoon said delightfully. “You don’t have to come if you don’t want to, hyung,” he added.


Hoseok jumped on Yoongi, wrapping his arms around the member. “You should totally come, get some action tonight before the shoot tomorrow.”


The shorter man pushed Hoseok off of him with a scowl and straightened his clothes.      




The group was the loudest at the pizza place but nobody paid them much attention. “Oh, man- this is bringing back so many memories,” Jackson chugged his beer.


After the movie, they have all decided to grab dinner before heading back home and ended up in the pizza parlor they used to hang out in.


“Definitely,” Mark smiled while eating a slice of pizza.


Yugyeom was sitting in the furthest corner with Jungkook opposite of him, both scrolling through their phones, eating and making comments once in awhile. Jimin sat in between Taehyung and Jungkook while Mark and Jackson sat with Yugyeom.


Jackson sighed fondly. “Just like college with-.” Mark slapped a hand on Jackson before he could finish his sentence.


Everyone went silent for a while that it was awkward. Taehyung could feel all of his friends were giving him side glances. “Shut up and eat your goddamn pizza,” Jimin was the first to break the silence and took a huge bite of his own.


Two hours and six boxes of large pizza later, Taehyung was at the brim of crying if he wasn’t beyond pissed off.


“And for the third time! His excuse was that I never have enough time for him! He was telling me that I was the fucking problem when he was the one cheating, for the third fucking time!” He used his fist to hit the table, angrily.


Jimin, being the dear that he was, was patting him on the back soothingly. “Fucking asshole. I will cut off his dick if I ever see him again,” Jimin said darkly. Taehyung shivered at his threat.  


“Is he still working there, is that why you’re taking a break?” Jackson asked carefully.


Jungkook shot up in alert, grabbing everyone’s attention. The rest of the group turned to him with confused stares, Jungkook clutched his phone tightly in his hand. Jungkook had been on his phone for the past hours they were there. His eyes were wide, shocked like he just found out that Santa wasn’t real, but his face showed excitement. “We’re leaving- now!” He grabbed his bag urgently.


“Where?” Jimin tilted his head.


“Gong-gan!” He showed his phone to the group who crowded around it curiously.


“What? Why didn’t you say so earlier!” Taehyung screamed, already up from his seat and running to the exit sign. “Grab your keys and let’s go!” He yelled at them and the rest quickly paid and literally ran to the parking lot to get into their cars.


In all his excitement, his anger and sadness was forgotten as his friends all drove as fast as they could to the nightclub. The radio was on and the radio DJ was asking for song requests which Taehyung quickly dialed in multiple times.


It must be his lucky day when his call got through and he was on the radio. He didn’t even let the DJ finish before he was yelling his song request. The whole car was shaking with all of them buzzing and screaming.


When the familiar sound of bass started, Taehyung was screaming rap lyrics with Jungkook, one doing better at rapping than the other. He pulled Jimin and Jungkook tightly into a group hug and he was crying but he was smiling and yelling lyrics at the top of his lungs. Too many emotions pushed through all at once and he couldn’t help it.


“Oh my god, oh my god. I can't believe we are about to see Suga, J-Hope and Rap Monster!” Mark yelled at him from the front seat while bobbing his head to the beat.   


They barely parked right and Taehyung quickly climbed over Jimin to get out of the car as he ran towards the club, across the road as a car zoomed past him, nearly causing an incident on himself.


“Taehyung!” He could hear Jimin yell as the red haired man ran towards him quickly. He didn’t wait for the shorter man, or anybody really. Taehyung was fighting his way through the crowded, screaming fans outside the nightclub, blocked by more than the usual bouncers. People were swearing at him but he ignored them.


It suddenly went silent for a moment as the door opened and three people exited. J-Hope was wearing his signature black mask, the one with spikes, Rap Monster’s fedora was tilted low and his signature sunglasses blocked out all the flashlights and... Taehyung couldn’t take his eyes off of him. Min Suga. He looked so stunning that the world probably stopped for a minute. His hair was pushed back and his famous white bandages wrapped around his head expertly covering his eyes, his earrings were all black and he was extremely pale, everything about him looked clean yet badass.


The fans were pushing almost aggressively and snapped Taehyung out of his trance. He joined in and screamed ‘Min Suga!’ For a moment, he could have just imagined it, but he swore that Suga turned back and glanced at him. It was too sudden, too shocking and he couldn’t breathe and it was black and black and-


“Hyung!” Jungkook pulled him away from the crowd and Taehyung must be dreaming.

Chapter Text

Taehyung doesn’t start work on Sundays until around lunch time so he had the privilege to lay in bed, staring at the masked poster of Min Suga across his bed as he smiled to himself. Min Suga maybe looked at him for a bit yesterday. He saw Min Suga in real life. Taehyung had woken up with a headache that morning and his mother told him that his friends carried him after he passed out from seeing his favourite rapper.


The knock on his door made him jump and he looked at the opening door. Both his parents were at the door, standing a little awkwardly. He scurried to sit up and greeted them.


“Hello,” he tilted his head as they entered his room.


His mother took a seat next to him on the bed. “How are you feeling?” His mother asked, looking concerned and soft.


“Good, really good actually,” he grinned.


“Your mother and I were talking earlier,” his father interrupted.


There was something comical in the way his mother glared at his father and said father cleared his throat to avert her gaze. “As I was saying, you’ve been back here since last December.”


“And we are really glad to have you back, my dear,” his mother projected, still glaring at his father.


“Don’t you think you’ve had enough of a break? You should go back to work.” His father said sternly, making his heart dropped to his stomach.


“It is totally fine if you want to stay here though! You don’t have to go back if you aren’t ready,” his mother smiled reassuringly and stroked his back soothingly.


“What kind of man are you if you don’t get back to your actual work? It is very irresponsible of you, Kim Taehyung.” his father scolded and left.


“Don’t listen to your father, Taehyung. You know how he is, he just worries that you will lose your license and everything you’ve worked so hard for. It comes from a good place.” She pulled him into a hug and kissed his forehead before standing up to leave.


Taehyung let out a sigh he didn’t know he was holding and let go of the blanket he gripped tightly in his fist. Taehyung got up from his bed, grabbed his iPod and strolled out. His hard breathing and the tightness in his chest evaporated when the rap started.


Suga’s first solo album was his favourite since he was his bias of the trio. He started listening to Bangtan when he started college and have been since then. The trio were probably internationally famous at this point and yet nobody found anything regarding their real identity. The group was widely known for being mysterious with their appearance, always covering their faces up and preaching their music instead of their looks. It was a good message and Taehyung appreciated it.


He was in a better mood when he went into the cafe to start his shift, but then he saw the look on Jungkook and Jimin’s faces. They were sitting at a table with paper documents spread out in front of them. They gave him half a smile when he approached them.


“We… got offers to go back to work.” Jimin said slowly.  


Taehyung’s blood ran cold.


“And we are still discussing it,” Jungkook added slowly, as if Taehyung will break if they’re not careful.


“We also have yours here. I read it through and it is damn good offer too, all things considered,” Jimin said quickly, showing him a few pieces of papers.


Taehyung looked at the papers then back at both of his best friends. Why does everyone want him to go back?


“It has been a year, hyung… I-” Jungkook started and he bit his lips, looking anywhere else other than Taehyung. “I missed working,” he admitted softly.


Taehyung wanted to cry all over again, the guilt climbing out of their hiding places and eating at him. He looked at Jimin, waiting for what he had to say but the look of yearning and pain was all he needed to know.


“Go ahead and sign it. I shouldn’t have made you guys stay here with me for so long. I’m sorry.” Taehyung said, eyes teary and he bolted out of the cafe before anyone could stop him.


He was running down the opposite road when he bumped into someone. “S-sorry,” he sobbed, eyes blurry and attempted to push the person away but the stranger gripped him tightly.


“Taehyung! What the fuck- what happened?” The voice was familiar and he wiped away his snot and tears to see Yoongi looking at him, horrified and worried.




They ended up walking down the park together in silence as Taehyung sniffled and tried to stop crying. He was also a little embarrassed to run into the man he found attractive like that. How many more awkward events were going to occur to scare Yoongi away, he wonders.


“Are you okay?” Yoongi asked when they sat down on a bench.


Taehyung shook his head and swallowed whatever was in his throat.


“You don’t have to tell me anything if you don’t want to. I know what it feels like, kid.” Yoongi said and leaned back on the bench.


Taehyung was so grateful and he was genuinely surprised by the man’s words. He pulled out his iPod and put one of his earbuds in before playing the song, giving the other earbud to Yoongi who took them curiously.


They sat there in silence as they listened to two songs from Suga’s mixtape. When the third song started, Taehyung finally calmed down enough to talk.


“I listen to this album when I’m upset. It’s pretty old but it’s gold,” he smiled a little at the rhyme. Yoongi snorted and Taehyung shoved him playfully and let out a giggle. “Shut up, hyung. You probably don’t even like rap music.”


Yoongi only shrugged. “What’s so good about this anyways?”


Taehyung shoved him again, harder this time. “Don’t insult Min Suga or his music. I will kill you,” he warned and looked at his iPod for another song. “He’s a genius with lyrics and he helped me through a very difficult and confusing time of my life, just like he is helping me right now.”


Yoongi looked offended and he clutched his heart. “And here I thought I was helping you feel better,” he feigned hurt.


“You're not doing anything, hyung. You're just sitting there while I cry,” Taehyung laughed, feeling far better already.


Yoongi then took off the earbud and stood up, stretching. “Come on,” he said and shoved both of his hands into his pockets.


Taehyung tilted his head in confusion. “Where are we going?”


“I am buying you ice cream. I know a place.” Yoongi already started walking and Taehyung’s eyes lit up at the mention of ice cream.


“You’re the best hyung I have ever met.” Taehyung couldn’t help but squeal a little.


“You barely know me, kid. For all you know, I could be a serial killer luring you with ice cream to then murder you and sell your organs in the black market,” the older male said as they walked quickly down the road until they paused next to a white sports car.


Taehyung eyed it with awe and when Yoongi unlocked the car, his mouth dropped to the floor in disbelief.


“This is your car?” He demanded, eyes wide.  


Yoongi raised an eyebrow and Taehyung couldn’t help but find him attractive again, in a very familiar way but he couldn’t place his hand on what it was.


“Yes. I just received it last night as an early birthday present, so it still smells like plastic and... other stuff.” Yoongi scowled and removed his hat, running his hand through his soft platinum blond hair.


Taehyung was in awe again, a beautiful man in a beautiful car. He got into the car excitedly and put the camera bag on his lap as Yoongi drove. He didn’t switch on the radio or anything and Taehyung enjoyed the comfortable silence with the windows down. The wind felt nice and he couldn’t help but smile when he looked at Yoongi.


Yoongi’s bangs are swept to the side, he looked calm and relaxed and Taehyung took him in for a while. He was finally given the opportunity to look at Yoongi properly and not just briefly or from behind the counter. He has makeup on, eyeliner, Taehyung noticed belatedly and the piercing on his eyebrow glistened.


“You know, Suga had his right eyebrow pierced too. You guys even have similar hair colour!” He recalled with a smile and Yoongi stepped on the break so suddenly it caused people to honk at him from the back, his right arm extended out to Taehyung’s chest protectively. Yoongi cleared his throat and continued driving, faster this time.


“So I’ve been told,” he said in a clipped tone, lips pressing into a thin line.


“It’s not a bad thing. I meant it as a compliment.” Taehyung smiled dreamily at his imagination.


Yoongi seemed to be more relaxed then.


“Also, who gets a sports car for their birthday?” Taehyung voiced out, clutching the camera bag with a little jealousy. “I don’t even know what your full-time job is! Maybe you’re the heir to a successful company or maybe you’re actually the boss of the underground-- oh my god, please don’t kill me. I’m too young to die! I didn’t even adopt a puppy yet!” He cried, panicking.


Yoongi snickered at his distress and Taehyung decided then that the older man was definitely a sadist.


“I actually work for the black market. There has been a high demand for tall and adorable blood type O males,” Yoongi hummed and he couldn’t help but grin.


“Jokes on you- I’m an AB! Hah!” Taehyung said smugly and Yoongi was chuckling and shaking his head when he parked the car outside a near empty parking lot of an ice cream parlor.


“Take the camera bag,” Yoongi instructed and pulled up his hood before getting out of the car.


Taehyung followed quickly and they made it inside. There were only two other tables occupied and Taehyung took his time to marvel at the vintage looking parlor. He hasn’t been in Seoul for that long and this place was obviously one of those stores that only regulars would visit since it was so secluded.


They ordered and Yoongi paid in cash as they took a booth at the back for themselves. Yoongi took his camera out and laid it on the table.


“How did you even find this place, hyung?” Taehyung asked, still looking around at the old furnitures and a jukebox at the corner.


“I’m good at finding good places for food,” Yoongi said and grabbed his camera.


“Is this where your food blog brings you?” Taehyung asked, eyes darting everywhere.


“It’s not on the blog.” Yoongi fumbled at the camera’s strap.


“Did your grandparents bring you here or something?” Taehyung grinned, missing his grandparents suddenly.


“No. I’m not from here, Taehyungie,” he teased and looked up at the younger man with a small smirk.


Before he could ask where the older man is from, their ice cream mountain arrived and Yoongi was taking pictures while Taehyung eyed the ice cream with joy. He was the happiest man alive at that moment as he dug a huge spoonful of it.

“Thank you, Yoongi-hyung!” He grinned from ear to ear and shoved the ice cream in his mouth.

Chapter Text

The shoot was cancelled in the last minute, it was a waste of time and Yoongi was beyond pissed. He had to wake up early, his face layered on with cakes of makeup and the photographer called in sick. He threatened to sue and left the studio in his brand new custom made car, courtesy of Namjoon and Hoseok.


Before he knew it, he was already parked near Taehyung’s cafe and he sighed. He wondered briefly if he works on Sundays and got out of the car.


He only took a few steps forward before a person bumped into him. Usually in this kind of situation, Yoongi would curse or shove the other person for not looking where they were going but then he saw the messy brown lock of hair and- oh lord, were those tears?


He smiled fondly at the thought of how he managed to make Taehyung smile, changed his mood and got to know him a little. It was pleasant.


Yoongi remembered watching the younger man devour the ice cream like no one’s business and all Yoongi could do was take pictures and feel his heart flip whenever Taehyung flashed him a smile or moan at how good the ice cream was. He couldn’t help but feel genuinely happy that it scared him a little; how long had it been since he felt this relaxed and happy? And it was from looking at a younger man eating ice cream. There must be something wrong with him- Namjoon and Hoseok will never let him live this down. Never.


“Why are you smiling? Hyung, I think our Suga hyung has finally cracked,” Hoseok said next to him as the stylist sprayed the hairspray.


“You were cursing us all to death yesterday, what happened?” Namjoon added.


Yoongi rolled his eyes and grimace. “I drove around for a bit. I swear if that photographer cancels on us this time, I’ll personally run him over with my new car.”  


Both rappers flinched and quickly changed the subject. “The shoot is going to take the whole day, you want to get a drink after this?” Namjoon suggested.


Hoseok jumped into agreement quickly, wherever the party was, wherever Hoseok will be.


“Pass.” Yoongi answered simply, looking at his nails as the makeup artist finished the final touches.


“Wanna bet he’s going to the cafe?” Hoseok wiggled his eyebrows suggestively and Namjoon laughed, hitting the armchair.


Yoongi could feel his ears turning red and he tried to control himself because even if he doesn’t admit it, he knew that it was indeed the place he’ll be heading to after the photoshoot. He wants to see how Taehyung is doing and if he was still upset after yesterday.


“The coffee there is good,” he said lamely, earning himself a teasing grin from the other two.


“Sure, hyung. The coffee is so good that you’re refusing alcohol and sex,” Namjoon teased.


Yoongi’s head snapped with a crack as he sent them both a death glare.“I still have that special edition RM Ryan with me; let your knowledge of who I am as a person help you guess what I’m planning to do with it when we get back,” he pointedly said at Namjoon before turning to Hoseok.


Hoseok swallowed audibly.


“I didn’t mean it, hyung. I was just joking! I’m really sorry, I’ll buy all the coffee you want today. Please-” Namjoon begged.  


“You’re buying me all the drinks at the club after this.” Yoongi deadpanned.




At the club, he regretted his decision. He wants coffee, not whisky and he wants to see Taehyung’s cute face, not being pressed against strangers and dancing. He wondered why he was always making the wrong decisions, what was he trying to prove?


Maybe because he could feel an attraction towards Taehyung? He probably couldn’t date him with his busy schedule and travelling all the time. Not to mention his odd habits of not sleeping. Dating is just not possible at the time and due to his celebrity status, they won’t be able to have a peaceful and quiet life no matter what.


But Yoongi might have been getting ahead of himself. Maybe Taehyung has a boyfriend to begin with, he seemed really close to those other two guys. Or maybe Taehyung wasn’t even attracted to men to begin with. Yoongi has never felt so frustrated and aching for someone like this before.


He got another drink and dragged someone back to the hotel with him. He didn’t even know it was a woman until halfway through sex. The woman turned out to be an actress but he doesn’t recall her name, only the face.


Sex is sex. It usually felt good and helped Yoongi to unwind but this time, it just didn’t. It felt good, don’t get him wrong, both of them achieved an orgasm but it just felt… odd. He took a pack of cigarettes from the bedside counter and took a cig out before lighting it. The actress had finished dressing up and fixing her hair by the time he exhaled a smoke out.


She eyed his cigarette and Yoongi offered one to her. They smoked in silence as the actress puts on her high heels.


“Who’s Taehyung?” The actress asked so casually that Yoongi choked on his spit.




The actress rolled her eyes, exhaling the smoke. “You kept saying that name when we were having sex. Who was it?”


“Get out.”


She looked at him, offended. “Excuse me?”


“I said get out!” Yoongi yelled and she quickly took her bag, put out the cigarette and left.


Did that really happened? Did he actually called out Taehyung’s name during sex? What the fuck?


Yoongi tore at his hair, not sure what to do, he pulled out his phone and called the only person he trusted enough at that moment.


“Yoongi?” The voice came from the other line.


“Seokjin-hyung, I-I think I might be feeling… feelings .” He cringed at his choice of words. He didn’t know what else to say.


The older man gasped loudly, “Is this about someone? Did you meet someone?”


“It happened so fast, I don’t know!” He uttered in frustration. “ Hyung , what do I do, what do I do?”


“Give it more time to figure out, Yoongi. If it was a crush, it’ll fade soon and if it doesn’t then find the right moment to confess, silly.” Seokjin chirped.


He nodded, even though Seokjin couldn’t see it, but he agreed. He needed more time to sort this feeling out. It could have just been a small crush that he hasn’t had in a long time. A feeling of having a crush on someone was fresh again and he was just going through the symptoms of being attracted to a cute, strange as fuck barista who makes amazing coffee and has the brightest smile and--


“You’re thinking about them, aren’t you?” Seokjin laughed.





Taehyung worked the morning shift and it was hectic. He wondered if Yoongi would come in today as well, he made him a cold americano with sugar syrup as a thank you for yesterday and he kept watching the door, waiting to see pale skin and a hoodie.


When the bell rang after lunch time, he quickly whipped his head up with a bright smile but it fell a little when Jimin and Jungkook came in, looking a little awkward and surprised when they saw Taehyung at the counter.


“Hi guys!” He greeted cheerfully anyways.


“Hey…” they both greeted back warily.


“Listen, about yesterday, we’re sorry. We didn’t meant it like that and you ran off before we could explain and you didn’t bring your phone with you and we got so worried-” Jimin blurted.


“We are really sorry, hyung. We just missed flying.” Jungkook said and Taehyung nodded.


“I understand. I do too, you know,” he admitted, earning himself two pairs of widened eyes.


“Tae…” Jimin started but seemed to be lost in words.


“I’ve given it some thought,” Taehyung said while wiping some cups. “And I've decided that I'll go back,” he finally finished.


After the ice cream date with Yoongi, he had thought about it, calmed down enough to think over his life choices. All of his friends and family cared deeply for him, they were just worried for his future. If they were so worried, so should Taehyung and he finally understood.


“I’m serious, I’ll sign the contract. I’m sorry I worried you guys so much,” he said with an apologetic smile and pulled them both into a hug, at a very awkward position from behind the counter.


“I’ll bring the documents tomorrow and we can sign them together,” Jungkook said excitedly, smiling huge and he suddenly looked his age.


“I love you guys so much,” Taehyung declared and pulled them even closer. He couldn’t help it if his eyes darted to the door again, waiting for a vampire to come in.

But the ice in the americano melted and Taehyung ended up throwing the coffee away at closing time.

Chapter Text

They all sat around a table, reading the documents one final time. Jungkook got a call from the higher ups and Jimin had called to confirm the contract was legitimate. They got Taehyung’s father to read through the documents to triple check.  


“It’s fine,” his father put away his reading glasses and passed the papers back to them.


Taehyung held up his pen and signed the paper swiftly. It sent a thrill throughout his body and he was anticipating again. It’s a new beginning and he’s going to do it with the help of people who cared about him.


“I’m proud of you, baby,” his mother kissed him on his cheek and his father patted his back.


“I hope you still remember how to speak English, Jungkookie,” Taehyung teased and the youngest man groaned.


“Aw, I hope this doesn’t mean that we have to retake all those classes.” Taehyung groaned, hiding into his hands. His parents laughed lightly.


“Well, I’m going to the office now; see you kids later,” his father picked up his briefcase and after goodbyes from them, he left.


His mother hugged him affectionately. “You can choose the songs today, Taehyung-ah. Play anything you want,” she said proudly and Taehyung returned the hug, more out of sheer happiness.


When his mother left the cafe, he connected his iPod to the speakers and Bangtan started playing. Taehyung couldn’t be more eager to open the cafe.  





The cafe was occupied with mostly Literature, English and Art major students on Tuesday afternoons. Taehyung was manning the cashier while Jungkook made the drinks and Jimin was at the back helping with the kitchen. They were so busy that it took him by complete surprise when he heard a familiar sultry deep voice at the counter.


“I’ll have an americano and a chocolate cake.” Taehyung looked up and saw the pale, tiny smile on Yoongi’s face. He broke into a huge grin.


“Yoongi-hyung!” He exclaimed and leaned over the counter.


“You missed me that much huh, kid?” He sounded amused and leaned forward on the counter as well. He’s wearing a nice leather jacket that Taehyung immediately loved on him. Both of them were so close, that Taehyung could probably count the eyelashes on Yoongi’s eyes.


“I didn’t get to thank you properly for Sunday,” he grinned playfully. It earned them strange looks from Jungkook and the other two men who came in with Yoongi.


“Glad that you’re feeling better.” Yoongi said and Taehyung giggled while keying in the order.


“What can I get for you hyungs?” He directed the question at both Namjoon and Hoseok who looked slightly surprised.


They ordered and Taehyung keyed in their orders too. Namjoon pulled out his wallet and Hoseok looked around, taking in the amount of customers and the song playing.


“Good choice of music.” Hoseok commented with a knowing smirk.


“Right? You like Bangtan too? Which song? Which album? I have all of them, just tell me and I’ll play it,” Taehyung knew he gets really passionate about Bangtan and people were creeped out or annoyed by it, but he didn’t care what others think.


“All of their songs are good, especially any songs by J-Hope.” Hoseok announced, getting smacked in the head with Namjoon’s wallet and Yoongi rolled his eyes..


“Bangtan is amazing,” Taehyung smiled sheepishly and accepted the cash from Namjoon.


“Let me guess, your ultimate bias is Suga. ” Namjoon stated nonchalantly making Taehyung gasped.


“How did you know?” He whispered, eyes widened comically and both Namjoon and Hoseok laughed.


“Just a feeling.” Namjoon answered easily.


“What’s with the Tuesday crowd?” Yoongi interrupted, looking a little flustered. The crowd seemed to be enjoying the songs playing in the cafe if the head bobbing and attempted rapping means anything.


“Hm? Oh! Tuesdays are for slam poetry day here. It’s a hot spot for the artsy people to share their feelings and stuff,” he explained the best he can and shrugged. “My mum thought it would be nice to have a space to share people’s creations, especially to the poets and writers and hopefully this space helps them get recognised.” He continued, feeling blessed. “It’s fun too,” he decided to add.


“That’s really thoughtful of your mum, Taehyung.” Namjoon said.


“Can I join? Can I join? Can I join? Please, please, please, please, please?” Hoseok asked nobody in particular. “Alright, I am going to join!” He announced excitedly, clapping his hands.


Yoongi pinched his temples and Taehyung decided that he liked Hoseok.


“I’m joining too.” Namjoon added with a dimple smile.


“Me too! Me too!” He held his hand up and the three of them squealed loudly.


“You work here!” Yoongi yelled at the younger man.


“Doesn’t mean I can’t join. It actually means I definitely have the right to join,” he stuck his tongue out at the older man and Jungkook had to pull him away to get the drinks served.




It turned out pretty bad in the end. Hilarious, but bad. At some point, Yoongi spat out the sweet cold coffee on his shirt from laughter when Taehyung and Namjoon were on stage reciting what they’ve written. It was the most fun they all had in awhile and Hoseok ended up spilling his drinks twice from hitting the table repeatedly.


Namjoon started off with a poem he wrote on the spot and it was on the subject of feelings and denials. Yoongi wanted to throw his shoe at all the innuendos his friend was making but the personal feelings and emotions poured into the reading made him appreciate it more than anything.


After a round of applause, he came up with another poem on love, heartbreaks, longing and distance which Yoongi tried to understand. He knew that it was about Seokjin and how they were distant but so madly in love with each other. They’ve known each other since high school and gotten together not long ago. It was all still odd to Yoongi since he knew them both and they were all friends but he supposed it wasn’t just that simple between Namjoon and Seokjin.


His train of thought was shattered by Taehyung getting on the stage and removed the microphone from the stand.


“Good afternoon, ladies and gentleladies,” he giggled, earning small laughter from the audience. “I am Kim Taehyung, the adorable barista who made your drinks, please give me more tips- the jar is over there,” he said and pointed at the counter. He saw Jungkook face palmed and Jimin was laughing and giving him a thumbs up, he grinned.


Taehyung cleared his throat dramatically and held up his phone.


“I am shy,


After a cup of coffee

And a glass of wine

I know how to

Espresso my feelings.”


There was a moment of silence before erupted clapping and laughter bombarded the cafe.


“I have another one!” He said excitedly. “When you feel Depresso, Have an Espresso.”   


Hoseok repeatedly hit Yoongi and laughed too loudly in his ear. Yoongi couldn’t be bothered because he couldn’t help but laugh at the really bad pun. Taehyung took in the lively audience to continue.


“Well, I met this hyung a few days ago and he was a little hesitant to this strong beverage called espresso. He gave it a shot , anyway, and he liked it a latte .” Taehyung winked when he saw Yoongi in the audience. That was also when Yoongi spat out his coffee laughing too much for his liking.


At closing time, the trio took a cab back to their hotel, everyone in a light mood and tired from laughing so hard. Yoongi wondered what Taehyung was doing after closing time.


“Taehyung is really… something huh?” Hoseok commented with a fond smile. The atmosphere felt like one of those moments the trio shared where their personal feelings and thoughts would pour out of themselves. Yoongi cringed a little at the change of pace. It’s getting a little out of hand too quickly.


However, a flash of Taehyung in his ridiculously oversized sweater and his cheesy sunshine smile warmed up his heart. It was incredible and it made him absurdly proud of himself when he saw Taehyung in the large crowd outside the nightclub the other night. A smile crept its way on his face as he looked at his shoes.  



Chapter Text

Jungkook clicked on another video and Taehyung bit on his lower lip as the video started playing. Music played and the few women in the video started dancing. Jimin was moving, hands jerking and body movement mirroring the ones in the video; he has been doing that for the past half hour that they had spent watching YouTube videos.


“I wanted to dance Red Velvet,” Taehyung said for the umpteenth time in that half hour.


“And here I thought you didn’t listen to any other songs besides from Bangtan or anything with Min Suga,” Jimin teased. “Anyways, I want to dance to Girls Generation,” Jimin said, eyes on the video playing.


“But I am your hyung, I should decide,” Taehyung pouted.


“I want Genie,” Jimin pouted as well.


“I want Russian Roulette! You chose last time!” Taehyung whined.


Jungkook sighed loudly and shut his laptop. “I’m choosing. Now, please settle down,” he warned the older two.


They stood in their positions up on the empty stage, microphones and whatnot moved to the side and Jungkook’s phone plugged into the stereo system. It was near closing time and nobody comes in during this hour so they had been deciding which song to dance to for the past hour. That’s how they ended up dancing to TT by Twice when Hoseok and Namjoon came in.


Taehyung quickly hopped off the stage and went to lower the volume at the cashier but Hoseok joined in the dance, taking his place to continue dancing with Jimin and Jungkook.


“Namjoon-hyung!” Taehyung greeted brightly, looking behind him expecting to find Yoongi, but the older man wasn’t there. Taehyung’s face fell a little and he tried focusing on Namjoon instead. “What can I get for you?” He asked.


“Anything hot for me and cold for Hoseok,” Namjoon said, giving him a dimpled smile.


Taehyung nodded and keyed in random drinks and Namjoon paid in cash, as usual. Namjoon was wearing a dusty pink oversized crocheted sweater over his black clothes and jeans, it wasn’t his usual style but it looked nice and cozy.


“I like your sweater,” he said genuinely.


Namjoon looked down and his hands caressed the material and smiled softly. “Yeah, me too. It’s made by my-”  


The next song started to play and both men at the cashier looked up at the stage. Three of the dancers were in position, waiting for the bass to drop.


The three danced in sync and they were like professionals even though it was a girl group dance. It was almost scary how amazing they were at the dancing the choreography. Taehyung watched in awe for a while before returning to making the actual drink.


Namjoon waited at the cashier and cheered rather loudly at the three sexy dancers.


After a few more songs, all of them sat down on the middle of the stage in a circle as the three dancers calmed their pounding hearts.


“Hyung, you are so good at dancing,” Jungkook commented between panting at Hoseok who was drinking the cold lemon tea.


“Oh, why thank you. You guys aren’t bad either,” Hoseok grinned and the other two’s smile widened.


“Are you a dancer?” Jimin panted.


“Used to.” Hoseok drank more of the sweet beverage. “I love dancing and I could have been a dance instructor if my full time job didn't work out,” he laughed.


“Oh my god, that reminded me of the time when Su-Yoongi-hyung danced to Hyuna. Remember that?” Namjoon said before anyone said anything else.


The information caused the trio to tense up in shock except for Namjoon and Hoseok. who bursted out into body shaking laughter.


“Show me, show me!” Taehyung demanded and Hoseok dragged his phone out, looking for the video as he tried to contain his laughter.


“Ah, he's gonna kill us,” Namjoon said as they all surrounded the phone.


“The video is a little old, it was recorded about five years ago if I’m not mistaken,” Hoseok giggled and showed his phone to the eagerly waiting group.


It was shot in a dancing studio of some sort with good lighting and sound system. There were three people in the video, which he only recognised two- Namjoon and Hoseok. They were all dressed in similar colours and comfortably with shirts, tank tops and sweatpants except for the guy in the middle.


“Where is Yoongi hyung?” Taehyung asked as his eyes scanning for a blond short man. He only paused a little longer on the shortest man, who happened to be wearing all black, a black oversized shirt, black shorts and a black hat over his red hair. Taehyung can’t look away from those pretty pale legs.


“The one in the middle,” Jimin pointed to the middle guy.


“Yoongi hyung had red hair?” Taehyung gasped, stunned and turned to Hoseok who grinned a little unsurely.

“He just dyed his hair blond a while ago,” Hoseok replied, eyes darting to Namjoon.


Taehyung wanted to ask more but the video started and he turned back to look at the dance. Yoongi removed his hat and his face was a little red but otherwise, expressionless. His red hair was floppy on his face and without a hat, the black roots growing out were visible.


The song started immediately and had Taehyung’s jaw on the ground in no time. Hyuna’s Bubble Pop started playing and they started dancing to it. Yoongi was in the middle so it was easy to focus on him.


“Hoseok hyung slayed the dance,” Jungkook said admirably, eyes sparkling.


“I didn’t know Yoongi hyung could dance,” Jimin mused aloud.


“You’ll be surprised by the things that Yoongi hyung could do and despite what he says, he practiced really hard for that song,” Hoseok said with a little laugh.  


Taehyung was still in shock at the video and he might have been feeling a little confused. He might also be a little turned on by that and he wasn’t sure if he could look at Yoongi the next time they talked.


“Aw, Taetae’s face is red,” Jimin teased and Taehyung quickly covered his face with his hands.


“No, my face is fine!” He insisted, embarrassed as the group laughed.


“Speaking of Yoongi hyung, why didn’t he come with you guys?” Jimin cocked an eyebrow, crossing his arms like he disapproves of it.


“Some work related stuff, the both of us actually finished early and decided to come here to hang out,” Namjoon explained and Taehyung nodded, a little disappointed as he wondered what Yoongi was doing.




Yoongi had been trying to write songs for their new album that was supposed to be released in summer, but he wasn’t inspired enough for anything and he felt that all the stuff he wrote wasn’t good enough to go on the album.


They had an argument the week before and Yoongi didn’t want any help from any of his group members. He stood up and left the hotel room they had the meeting in and went straight to bed in his room; his philosophy was to sleep on your problems, then an answer will come when you wake up, if it didn’t work, go back to square one.


His early sleeping resulted in him waking earlier than usual and though his anger muted, it was still lingering. Yoongi didn’t know what else he could do besides deciding breakfast would be a good idea. He needed a new quiet environment to think and so, he got ready, packed his bag, and explored a little.


He had been walking for twenty minutes and ended up at a park which he appreciated a little, thinking of melodies and words. The park was clean, quiet and peaceful but the sun was getting hotter as minutes passed by and his stomach growled, reminding him that he hadn’t had breakfast yet. He wasn’t even sure where he was at the moment and he exited the park to find a cute little cafe up the road a little.


It wasn’t anything special on the outside, it looked quite old and the paint job was peeling off a little. He needed coffee though and without thinking much, he walked into the cafe.


The environment was cosy, a little like home, and it even has the smell of home that follows with the smell of fresh coffee. He was thankful that there weren’t a lot of people in the cafe and made his way to the empty counter. Except it wasn’t empty, a brunette was wiping the counter with really nice earphones plugged in his ears. He watched the brunet curiously for a while and wondered how long it was going to take for the brunet to notice him and the moment came too quickly.


The brunet’s eyes widened a little, shoving his earbuds into his apron and he was trying so hard not to cringe at the action. Then, Yoongi was greeted with the brightest and most genuine smile that he had seen in awhile. Yoongi thought he was blinded for a minute and quickly looked up at the menu board.


Jesus Christ, this boy was cute.


When he took his seat by the window, he wanted to write about it. He felt at home and he wanted to write. He stole a few glances at the cute boy who was also the cashier and barista as he wrote.


Two males came in after that, one with bright red hair and the other looked younger; they spoke with the barista like old friends and they laughed really loudly.


Before he could process anything, the barista was suddenly running in front of his red haired friend and jumped in front of him, begging for Yoongi to take his blood instead. Yoongi froze and wondered what the fuck was going on; did they figure out his identity?


Then the friend apologised and explained. Yoongi’s first thought was this guy can’t be serious but seeing the barista’s face turning red made Yoongi’s heart fluttered. Seriously undeniably cute, Yoongi wrote down.


He had a melody in his head of how it could work but was interrupted by the cute barista; he held a piece of cake on a plate in his hand and Yoongi looked up at him, taking in the slightly flustered boy. The barista apologised again and gave him a free cake before walking off quickly.


Yoongi wasn’t sure if the guy knew who he was or not but the gesture and his adorable face made him want to smile. All his anger from last night magically disappeared as he took a bite of the cake and continued writing. He hummed softly and reminded himself to bring Namjoon and Hoseok here for their blog.


His train of thought was interrupted by the rapid knocking on his door and Yoongi groaned from where he was laying down. When the knocking didn’t stop, he stood up, set his laptop down and was prepared to yell at whoever it was to go away.


He pulled open the door to find Namjoon and Hoseok with plastic bags that could only indicate fried chicken and beer. They invited themselves in and Yoongi’s anger dissolved when he saw a glimpse of a coffee cup.


“Taehyung wanted me to give this to you,” Namjoon said and held up a separate plastic container with a large plastic cup with cold black liquid. A lime green sticky paper stuck to the side.


Yoongi quickly took the cup out of its confinement and read the handwritten note on it:


Yoongi hyung,

I heard that you were busy so you didn’t come today. That’s okay though, I hope this cup of coffee was what you needed! Work hard! Fighting!!!



Yoongi’s face flushed deep to his neck as he took a sip of the sweet cold coffee. None of the group members commented on it and he was grateful for that. He really didn’t need another discussion of how much he was feeling in such a short amount of time.


Namjoon placed the food down and looked at the laptop on the table. He pressed one of the keys and a beat started along with the sounds of a keyboard. The three of them listened in silence and Hoseok picked up the second laptop on the bed and looked over the lyrcis.


“This is just a draft. It’s not going on the album,” Yoongi stated and closed the door.


Hoseok turned to him quickly in shock. “What? Why? The lyrics’ good, hyung.”  


“It’s my private project,” Yoongi stated and both of his friends immediately nodded, understanding. Namjoon quickly paused the music and pressed for the next.


“I have some other stuff that I just finished drafted too, I can’t work without a proper studio and the whole thing is sort of a mess,” he shoved a piece of chicken into his mouth.


“We can work with this actually,” Namjoon reasoned, adding stuff to the new beat and Hoseok looked over the next page of lyrics.


“It’s a pretty good start, hyung,” Hoseok grinned excitedly.  


Since the last few albums, Yoongi started to feel alive again. He felt the energy that made him surge forwards to work really hard and make this their best album yet. He plopped down in between his two close friends and they looked over the next set of lyrics.


“Oh, before I forget!” Hoseok fumbled for his phone and eagerly scrolled through his phone. It was after a few minutes that Yoongi’s phone vibrated, signalling that he got a message.


Curiously, he opened it and cocked his eyebrows at Hoseok who was giggling at the corner. Rolling his eyes, Yoongi tapped on the play button and the video of Taehyung dancing to Twice with a pout. Yoongi’s eyes widened and he quickly closed it. The two men were laughing at him already and he could feel his ears getting warm, he’ll look at the full video later after the other two men left.


Kim Taehyung will be the death of him.


Chapter Text

“I think we need to re-dye our hair,” Jimin commented as they laid upside down on Taehyung’s bed. Jimin’s hair had turned into an auburn orange and Taehyung’s own had turned darker.


Jungkook and Jimin stayed at with Taehyung in his parents’ house ever since their break began since it was technically his fault that they were with him. In return, both of his best friends would help out at the cafe when the cafe needed extra help. Taehyung was grateful for them and he had cried and thanked them tremendously the first week back home.


It was Thursday.


It was a mystery why Thursdays were such good days to Taehyung. Even back in school, Thursdays were the days he loved best; he got giddy with excitement and had a more positive outlook to everything even though it was just another weekday.


Kim Taehyung loved Thursdays.


His mother took over the cafe to catch up with her friends and the trio had the day off.


Taehyung finished his phone call with the airline company and was texting his mum back when he saw Jungkook leaving the guest room with a duffle bag. He shared a look with Jimin before they quickly got out of bed to follow the youngest downstairs with curiosity.


“Where are you going?” Jimin asked Jungkook as he filled his bottle up with water.


“Gym. I haven’t had a proper work out for a while now,” he said nonchalantly.


Taehyung groaned out loud, he wasn’t out of shape or anything but whenever he goes to the gym, he would prefer not to go with Jungkook since he was better at… basically everything and anything.  


“I’m coming too!” Jimin exclaimed excitedly, running back upstairs to change.


Taehyung didn’t want to go but he also didn’t want to be alone on a day off. “Fine, I’ll follow. But my mum wants us to stop at the cafe for breakfast first,” he grabbed his water bottle and threw it at Jungkook to fill it up, which he caught easily. Taehyung went back to his room to change into his gym gear while texting Mark.


It was an open opportunity to put their youngest friend in a contest. Friends or not, it was going to be interesting.  


“Mark hyung and Yugyeom are joining us!” He shouted, shoving a face towel and extra clothes in an old gym bag.




Taehyung’s mother made everyone coffee and breakfast when their friends joined them at the cafe. Mark and Taehyung ate toast as they whispered amongst themselves of their plans to test the two boys. Of course, Taehyung had to bet on his golden Kookie and Mark placed his bet on Yugyeom.


“I’m going to win,” Mark said in between chews and Taehyung laughed.


“No way, hyung. Jungkookie can do anything.”


“Oh yeah? Let’s make this a bit more interesting then,” Mark suggested playfully.


“What are you suggesting?” Taehyung suspiciously asked.


Mark scooched a little closer and leaned in close, “If Yugyeom defeats Jungkook, you’ll go out with me.”


Taehyung should have seen it coming from a mile away; Mark had been flirting non-stop with him ever since their second year of university after a drunk Halloween party. Long story short, it was flattering, but Taehyung didn’t feel the same way towards Mark so... it was best to just reject him.


“Hyung, you know I can’t. You’re nice and fun and all but, I can’t,” he smiled apologetically.


“Come on, just once? You’re not giving me a chance here, Taetae,” Mark was doing aegyo and Taehyung was feeling weak to his knees.  


“Only once,” he said, index finger in front of Mark’s face.


Mark had a huge grin on his face and it was times like these he was reminded why people in school called him weak. All you needed to do was work up a bit of aegyo or looked sad enough for Taehyung and he will fall into any trap that’s been laid out. Taehyung wanted to slap his hand on his forehead but refrained from it, he just had to have faith in Jungkookie that he will kick Yugyeom’s ass.


Then an idea popped up in his head. “If I win, which I will, you’re going to buy me VIP tickets for Bangtan’s next concert,” he grinned. Mark looked a little taken aback but nodded with a winning smile.

“Hey, Taehyungie!” A familiar voice called out after the ring of the door chimes. “Is it your day off?” The trio walked towards their table and Taehyung broke into a broad smile.


“Hi! Yeah, we’re heading to the gym in a while actually,” he told Hoseok, who was leading the group. Yoongi and Namjoon behind him, a little further.


Namjoon looked around and nodded at the small group and Yoongi looked away with a scowl. “At least it wasn’t fucking slam poetry day again,” the short grumpy man said with his arms crossed and memories of the night flooded back; Taehyung couldn’t help but laugh at it.


“Don’t listen to him, Taehyungie. He thought it was great,” Hoseok said between laughter.


Yugyeom and Mark glanced at the trio curiously and there was silence in the group which Taehyung forgot to direct.


“Oh, right! Markie hyung, Yugyeom, this is Hoseok hyung, Namjoon hyung and Yoongi hyung. They are the food bloggers I told you guys about the other day,” the smiling brunet briefly introduced.  


Yugyeom only nodded and Mark watched them curiously. The both of them taking in the odd trio quietly, which, said trio quickly dismissed them in their own ways: Hoseok waved enthusiastically, Namjoon smiled, and Yoongi ignored them.


“Let’s go?” Jungkook stood up, grabbing his gym bag.  


“Oh, right,” Taehyung said absentmindedly, standing up as well..


“Hey, actually, do you guys want to join?” Taehyung directed the question at Hoseok but his eyes drifted to Yoongi. The shorter man was pointedly looking away and he looked just as good as he did any other day. “It isn’t far from here, we’re walking there,” he added with a smile.  


Hoseok and Namjoon glanced over at Yoongi who had a poker face at the moment and Namjoon nodded to Hoseok. “We’ll be there after we change,” Hoseok said, pulling Yoongi by his shoulder so he faced Taehyung and the small group.


Taehyung thought his face almost split into two with how big his smile was.




Mark could be the perfect guy to date, all things considered; he’s funny, charming, chill, caring, and has a killer body. Taehyung couldn’t stop staring at him and his stupid muscles. Mark knew for a fact he was being stared at and made it a point to actually put on a show for Taehyung, throwing a wink once in awhile when he was lifting.


“You’re an asshole, you know that?” Taehyung giggled at Mark. He started lifting his dumbbells as well and he knew his face was a little pink from watching the dark haired man workout, but he could always blame it on his exercising.


Hoseok, Namjoon and Yoongi showed up not long after as Mark started flexing his abs exuberantly at Taehyung who was laughing at the display.


Yoongi looked more irritated than he usually was and Taehyung’s wondered briefly about it as he stopped laughing and went over to the entrance to greet the trio.


“Hey-” He stopped in his tracks when he saw the approaching trio in full view.


They all had sport jumpsuits on as if they were modeling or sponsored by the sportswear company instead of three guys going to a gym. Yoongi was wearing all black, which was always a stunning colour on him. Taehyung stared jaw dropped, as per usual, nothing new.


Yoongi never seemed to fail to surprise him. The older man watched him, eyeing him up and down for a bit and Taehyung felt a little self conscious; he knew he was sweaty, if his hair sticking to his face indicates anything.


“Taetae, come back here!” Mark called out from his sit-up position.


Taehyung pretended not to hear his friend and walked to the trio as casually as he could. “You guys look like you’re modeling instead of coming to work out,” he joked.


“Tsk,” was Yoongi’s reply as he moved to a treadmill. The older man placed his stuff down and pulled out a bottle of water, face towel, and an iPod with earbuds. Taehyung watched the man get on an empty treadmill, his ear piercings were taken off which made his eyebrow piercing stood out even more.


“Don’t mind him, I forgot to mention that hyung isn’t really a big fan of exercising,” Hoseok said next to him. Namjoon was getting on the treadmill next to Yoongi as they both warmed up.


It was an odd thing to say and Taehyung was left with the question as to why Yoongi came to workout in the first place.



Somewhere during the middle of their workout, everybody moved to the empty yoga room and both Mark and Taehyung were cheering and screaming at their younger friends. The boys were sweating, shirts and hair stuck to their body as they panted, catching a break.


A few minutes later, random songs began playing and the freestyle dance battle started again.


“You can do it, Kookie!” Taehyung screamed from his side.


“You seem invested,” Yoongi commented and took a huge gulp of water from his bottle.


Taehyung jumped a little at the sudden intrusion of the blond man but was quickly slack-jawed at the sight of Yoongi tilting his head back, gulping water like air, and his Adam’s apple bobbing in his throat. Some strands of hair had stuck onto his face and speaking of his face, it was a healthy flush of pink against his pale skin. It almost knocked the air out of Taehyung.


“I- yeah...“ he coughed and looked back at the dancing boys to distract himself from the walking sin next to him. “I made a bet with Mark-hyung and if Jungkookie lost, I have to go out with him,” he groaned.


“And you don’t want to?” Hoseok asked in a curious tone, joining into the conversation. He had been the judge and referee of the dance competition.  


“Not really,” Taehyung answered honestly as they watched the match. “Jungkookie, stop fooling around and kick his ass!” He yelled again.




The friendly match ended with Yugyeom winning. Mark was hugging him with glee and pride while the exact opposite happened to Taehyung as he groaned at Jungkook.


“I’m sorry, hyung. I guess I’m just not as talented as you think I am,” Jungkook said as he wiped his sweat away.


“But, you’re the Jeon Jungkook,” he dreaded.


Namjoon suddenly whistled loudly and Jimin was cheering on by the side. Everyone’s attention drifted towards the source; Taehyung and Jungkook slowly joined in to see what the commotion was about. There were a few gym goers watching the showdown between Mark and Yoongi as well.


Hoseok was beat boxing and Mark was rapping in English. It was catchy and even though Taehyung didn’t understand, he knew it was good. Namjoon slipped up next to him and told him he missed out on Yoongi rapping and now Mark is rapping Drake.


“I’ll say this is another tie so let’s just determine the winner with a simple freestyle rap shall we?” Hoseok proposed, a little out of breath and the atmosphere in the gym went hot. The tension was heavy and Taehyung was trying to get over the fact he missed out on Yoongi’s rap earlier. He was also trying to recover from the fact that Yoongi raps. Which Hoseok gave him a tie.


Mark was an awesome rapper, therefore he wondered on how good could Yoongi’s rap be.


Yoongi unzipped his black jumpsuit and folded it neatly, placing it next to his bag. Taehyung was glad that Jimin stood close to him because he needed to grab someone before he collapsed. Yoongi, despite being old and grumpy, is in shape, more than that actually, he wasn’t buff like Jimin but he was just right. He was stunning to look at with the black tank top and his pale skin.


Jimin was understanding enough to let Taehyung hold onto him as they watched the scene unfold in front of them. Taehyung had never seen Mark so determined to win something so badly before, it was a little overwhelming. Yoongi on the other hand, looked expressionless and oddly calm for the situation he was in. It was definitely a scene to watch.


Mark might just win, he was grinning reassuringly at Taehyung and he shared a few hushed words with Yugyeom. Taehyung would like to give Yoongi the benefit of the doubt, but it was almost easy telling who would win this battle.


“Ready?” Hoseok said and then started giving them a beat.


Mark started the rap first, greetings and it was an easy flow then. It was smooth and he added a few English words in here and there. At the end, everyone cheered and screamed. Mark smirked and turned to look at Yoongi with a cocky ‘Come at me bro’ gesture.


Yoongi stood up from the equipment he sat on a minute ago and let out a sigh. He made a show of cracking his neck before he nodded at Hoseok to start.


Yoongi started a little laid back in the beginning, warming up his words and his mouth, but turned aggressive so quickly, provoking Mark and taking everyone surrounding them by surprise. He was dissing Mark so incredibly hard that Taehyung gripped Jimin’s arms, confused at what was happening with the scene in front of him. Jimin looked just as surprised as he and turned to look at Taehyung from time to time with a look of utter shock.


When Yoongi ended his rap, the silence in the room was heavy and dense.


“What just happened?” Taehyung blurtered out.


After seconds of silence everyone watching suddenly burst into applause and screams, chanting the winner’s name.


“That, my friend, was called dropping the mic.” Namjoon told the duo with a proud smile, nodding at his friend like he expected no less from Yoongi.


“I suppose you’ll follow through to our agreement,” Yoongi told Mark easily and shook his hand.


“What agreement?” Taehyung butted in curiously.


Yoongi turned to him slightly. “Nothing that concerns you. I want lunch,” Yoongi stated bluntly and turned back to Mark. “You’re not bad kid,” Yoongi said, picking up his jacket.


“Oh my god, hyung! You totally just got your ass handed to you by an old man!” Taehyung exclaimed with glee, earning himself a whack at the back of his head with a towel.


“Watch it, asshead. I’m not that old,” Yoongi glared.


Yugyeom on the other hand was comforting the defeated and still in shock Mark.


“I didn’t know you rap, Yoongi hyung,” Taehyung said with admiration. “You were like-” he attempted to rap and Yoongi immediately went to cover his mouth with his hand with a look of (fake) disgust.


“Stop- stop, my ears are bleeding.”


Taehyung laughed.


After everybody has cooled down, they planned to walk down the street to a nearby bistro to grab a bite. On their way, Jimin’s eyes caught a newsstand and grabbed one of the many copies of magazines sold. He then proceeded to shove said copy at Taehyung’s face, whose eyes went wide.


“This one says he was seen with an actress the other day,” Jimin said, holding one of the other gossip magazines.


Taehyung ignored him and paid for the magazine. Namjoon peered at the magazine and smiled a little before Taehyung hugged the magazine tightly.

“What is that, Taehyungie?” Hoseok asked, taking a few steps to get closer to him.


“Bangtan’s interview,” Taehyung said with a happy blush. He was an adult and yet, whenever anything concerning Bangtan came up, he was a teenager again, fanboying in his room.


“You really like that group, huh?” Namjoon interjected.


Mark and Jimin sneered, “He is obsessed with that group. Ever since college, he wouldn’t stop talking about the one and only Min Suga,” Mark recalled and Taehyung hit his arms, hurting himself in the progress and his face now red from embarrassment.


“Shut up, I just really like their songs, okay?” He tried to defend himself.


“And Min Suga,” Jungkook mumbled loud enough for everyone to hear.


Everyone snickered at Taehyung’s embarrassment and he dared himself to steal a glance at Yoongi out of curiosity. And it turned out the pale man was watching the exchange with a raised amused eyebrow. Taehyung’s face couldn’t get any redder. Not only did his friends had to reveal how much of a Bangtan fan he was, but they had to embarrass him in front of the person he has a crush on too; who remotely looked a little like the rapper they were talking about.


“Didn’t you go to their concert or whatever?” Yoongi asked casually.


It was a question that always made him sigh out loud with depression and a feeling of remorse.


“No, I was too busy with all my work; there were two really close ones though. The year that they had a concert here, they landed in Seoul just a day after I left for Boston, and a few years ago, they landed in New York on the day I was leaving,” he sighed regretfully.      


“I’m sure you’ll see them live someday,” Hoseok said, patting his back and grinning mischievously.

Chapter Text

After opening the cafe, Taehyung handed out cups of freshly brewed coffee for the staff, his mum, and Jimin. Yesterday left him in such a good mood that it even lasted till the moment he woke up. He wasn’t sure why, maybe it was from all that exercising or from reading the interview of Bangtan. Or maybe the fact that his crush Yoongi can really rap.


Taehyung shook his head and went back to thinking about the interview and photoshoot of Bangtan. Suga looked really cool and handsome in it, as usual, but something was different; under those white bandages Suga looked strangely familiar- and well, more expressive in the photoshoot. Maybe he was reading too much into it but it left him in a blushing mess.  


Taehyung’s cheery mood even shocked his mum who looked at him in blank amazement when he presented her with the cup of latte, just the way she likes it with a heart art. He smiled and greeted the customers that came in, which are mostly older women and college girls. Some giggled at him and a few blushed.


Jungkook came in an hour after opening time with a few packages and a frown. The young pilot did a doubletake at the state of the cafe, then looked at his watch before he approached the counter where his friends were at.


“Good morning, Mrs Kim,” he greeted distractedly as he glanced at the almost full cafe.


“Oh, hello Jungkook,” she greeted with a warm smile.


“I came with good and bad news but first, aren’t there more customers than usual?”


“Well it is a Friday, and the live band usually brings in more customers,” she said softly.


Jungkook looked around the cafe, which consisted mostly of college girls who were either trying to grab Taehyung’s attention, or staring at him in awe. “I doubt that, Mrs Kim,” he smirked knowingly.


“What’d you bring with you, Kookie?”Jimin asked as he heated up some milk.

“Oh right, the news, good and bad. Which one would you guys like to hear first?” He announced and placed the package on the counter. It didn’t look heavy and his two barista friends peered at it from the coffee machine while Mrs. Kim frowned.


Taehyung wiped his hands on a clean cloth and went to join his best friend and mother at the counter. “The bad news first,” he decided.


“Yugyeom called me earlier and said the band had to cancel today because Mark was not feeling well; they can’t find a replacement,” Jungkook sighed.


An awkward silence dawned upon them.


“What’s the good news, Jungkook?” Taehyung’s mother asked instead.


Jungkook smiled a little and selected two parcels and gave them to Taehyung and Jimin. “The airline sent this over today and it was for one ‘Mr Kim Taehyung’ and one ‘Mr Park Jimin’,” he stated proudly.


Taehyung looked at the parcel curiously and Jimin grabbed a knife nearby and opened Taehyung’s first. He pushed aside the papers and found a card on top of a hat. Taehyung picked up the white card with fancy printed words on it.


“Mr Kim, we are delighted that you will be back and flying for us again soon. BH airline and the whole flying crew wants to give you a warm welcome back. We are looking forward to the day of your return. Warm regards, BH Airline,” Taehyung read.


His mother pulled out the black pilot’s hat and Jimin grabbed the parcel, pulling out a neatly folded white uniform. “Oh, Taehyung, I’m so proud of you!” His mother pulled him into a tight bear hug. “You must put it on now; I’m going to take a picture and send it to your father,” she declared.


Jimin and Jungkook snickered at the back and opened their own parcels too. They also noticed tables of people looking at the small exchange at the counter with interest.


“Eomma you’re embarrassing me, please let go,” Taehyung choked and pulled away from his mum. His mother ruffled his already messy hair and placed the hat on his head. “Go change!” She grinned playfully.


Taehyung didn’t want to argue with his mother, mainly because he was excited to be wearing the flying uniform again. It always made him feel like he had something to be proud of. He wasn’t wearing the right pair of shoes and his hair wasn’t styled, but it still gave him a nostalgic feeling when he cuffed those buttons and the three stripes that was oh so familiar.


When he walked out from the small changing area, a few of the staff stared wordlessly as he made his way out of the kitchen to the coffee area. He was fully aware that most tables had turned around to look at him, and his mum gasped with tears of joy. Jimin wore a similar uniform with him and they giggled as they mock-saluted each other.


Jungkook joined them in the last second with the same uniform, except his had four stripes instead of three.


“Captain Jeon,” Jimin greeted with a tease and saluted.


“Captain Kookie,” Taehyung greeted with a mocking salute as well.


The three of them burst out laughing and his mother took a picture of the moment.


The bell rang and Taehyung looked up to greet the customer only to find himself stunned and unable to move. His face burned hot, but he couldn’t look away from the man standing in front of the door with Namjoon and Hoseok.


Yoongi was staring at him with slightly widened eyes and he was staring back because Yoongi was dressed differently today. The short man had eyeliner on, wore a slim fit black leather jacket, a white shirt underneath, designer jeans, a dark red belt and a pair of black leather shoes to go with everything.


A necklace with a silver ring dangled on his neck and a bunch of silver and black rings were on his fingers. His nails were also painted black; Taehyung didn’t recall seeing any black nail polish the day before in the gym, so he must have done it after hanging out with them. He had all of his piercings back on and it made Taehyung want to drop to his knees. Yoongi also wore a loose black beanie today with an expensive looking watch on his wrist.


“-Taehyung!” Jimin was calling him.


“Y-yes?” He cleared his throat and tore his gaze away from the attractive man.


“I just said you look dashing and fine as hell!” Hoseok yelled from the door, throwing a wink at him. Taehyung didn’t realise that Hoseok was walking towards the counter until it was too late and Yoongi was a few feet away from him.


“Don’t you think so, hyung?” Hoseok asked Yoongi as the trio approached the cashier and Namjoon nodded with an approving smile.


“Yoongi hyuuunngg?” Hoseok’s voice was teasing, Taehyung noted.


Taehyung blushed even more and cursed himself. He wasn’t some teenage girl who was standing in front of her prom date in a pretty dress; he was a goddamn pilot for fuck’s sake!


“Not bad,” Yoongi coughed out and turned to look at the menu, however the corner of his eyes were still on Taehyung, an almost smirk played on his lips.


“Th-thank you, hyung,” Taehyung stammered out.


“So… a pilot, huh?” Yoongi drawled out, eyes on Taehyung’s face and a lazy smirk curled on his lips.


“Yes… I am going to change!” He announced before making a beeline to the back again.    


His mind was racing and his face was still red; Yoongi didn’t look like the type to give away praises so easily, so what did ‘Not bad’ mean? Was it a seal of approval? Yoongi was making all the right moves (whether intentional or not) to make him fall for him even more and Taehyung didn’t know what to do anymore.


By the time he finished changing and had calmed down enough, he went back to the counter just in time for his mother to place down three drinks and went to ask him to serve them to ‘the lovely food bloggers’. Taking a deep breath, he balanced the drinks on a tray and brought it to the dark corner the trio were currently sitting at.


“Cappucino for Namjoon hyung, a hot mint chocolate for Hoseok hyung and cold Americano for Yoonie hyung,” he named as he put down each drink.


Yoonie hyung, ” Hoseok teased.


“There are a lot of people today, are they here for the live band as well?” Yoongi ignored Hoseok and picked up the cup.


Taehyung scanned the cafe and was surprised at how many people have arrived already.


“I suppose so, yeah. But Mark hyung wasn’t feeling well and Yugyeom called to cancel today. I guess we have to make that announcement soon,” he said thoughtfully.   


“Oh no, dear! I hope our smol bean, Yoonie hyung didn’t hurt your friend too bad with that freestyle.”


“Oi,” Yoongi glared.


Hoseok giggled and Namjoon nudged him. Taehyung saw an exchange occurred between the two before Hoseok’s eyes lit up and he placed his drink down.


“Oh my God, Tae, let us make it up to you. I mean, it was Yoongi hyung’s fault anyways, that your friend got burned. We don’t want you to lose profit just because Yoongi hyung can’t stop showing off.”


Yoongi glared at his friend with every intention to kill and Hoseok chose to ignore the older man as best he could. “What Hoseok was trying to say was ‘let us play as an apology for what our hyung did to your friend’,” Namjoon translated.


“What, are you guys in a band or something?” Taehyung asked, tilting his head a little. He also noted that Yoongi was glaring at them both dangerously.


“Something like that, we used to rap underground,” Hoseok said proudly, arms folded.


“We just need a singer; Hoseok can beatbox and take turns rapping with me, Yoongi hyung can play the piano,” Namjoon nodded, arms crossed mirroring Hoseok.


“Would it be too troublesome for you guys?” Taehyung asked, his heart rate rising and he wanted to jump on the yes train so badly. He glanced at Yoongi who currently was in the worst sour mood he had ever seen him and then looked back at Namjoon and Hoseok uncertainly.





Both answers were said at the same time by the trio. “We decide this the democratic way- majority will win,” Namjoon proposed rationally.


“Who’s in favour of us playing please raise your hands,” Namjoon said and raised his own hand, so did Hoseok and Taehyung. Taehyung was pretty sure his vote doesn’t count but the look of betrayal on Yoongi’s face was adorably laughable.


“That’s three votes out of four, hyung,” Hoseok sang.


“When we get back, I will throw away all of your sunblocks and make sure you get a sunburn and when you do, I will tie you up and peel off your skin bit by bit starting with your fucking face,” Yoongi hissed venomously.


Taehyung doesn’t know why he was laughing, it was probably the most terrifying torture method he had ever heard and yet he laughed. It was so creative and the thought of Yoongi going through all that trouble to hide those sunblocks made him crack up.


“The both of you are made for each other,” Namjoon commented as he eyed Taehyung amusingly; that was enough to make Taehyung shut up and mumble about getting back to work as he went over to his mum and told her the change of plans.


Twenty minutes later, Jimin stood on stage with the mic Yoongi had fixed up. He went through the sound system’s setup with the help of Hoseok, and the instruments they had were plugged in and ready to be used. Namjoon sat on the edge of the stage alone and was told not to touch anything because apparently, he breaks everything he touches.


“Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. Some of you might be here for the Friday live band but unfortunately, one of the band members got sick and couldn’t make it today. However, we’ve found a replacement on such short notice and don’t worry, they are just as talented, so please don’t hate on them. Enjoy the show!” Jimin said as charmingly as he could.


“Good luck,” Jimin whispered to the band with a sympathetic smile.


They took the stage then, Namjoon sat on the cajon and Yoongi took his place on the old piano. Hoseok sat at the centre, next to Jungkook with the microphone and Jungkook adjusted the acoustic guitar on his lap. Taehyung watched, amazed at the set up.


Yoongi looked around the cafe and when he met Taehyung’s gaze, he smirked. Taehyung didn’t know how Yoongi did it, but he just made himself look even hotter by warming up his fingers on the piano.


Everyone took it as a cue to warm up: Hoseok warmed up his mouth and throat, Jungkook tuned the guitar, and Namjoon tested the sound of the cajon. Taehyung couldn’t help but feel the need to join in and he warmed up his vocal chords by himself.


Jungkook started the song first, singing one of the few famous songs that everyone knows and can follow easily.


The song hasn’t even ended and people were already clapping, all attention shifted to the small stage and Taehyung didn’t know what to say or what to think; his mind was a blank slate and his heart was racing like he had eight cups of black coffee in one go.




Taehyung tore himself away from watching and went to the kitchen to take some fresh ingredients out of the fridge. Most of the staff had stopped working by now and were crowding the door to look at the performance. With fresh ingredients in hand, he brought them to the workstation to cut the fruits up and had made fresh fruit punch as he also attempted at cooking pasta.


He was done just as Jungkook announced a fifteen minute break. The staff fumbled back to the kitchen and whispered amongst themselves as they gave Taehyung an odd smile. He wanted to stop and ask, but the jug of fruit punch and plate of pasta weren’t going to serve themselves, so brushing them off, he headed to the front to pour out the cold drink.


Yoongi was already surrounded by college girls at the piano and it made Taehyung burn with jealousy. But he was at ease when Yoongi watched his approach, his eyes were on Taehyung and only Taehyung. The girls quickly stood to the side when they saw Taehyung coming.


“You’re a really good pianist, hyung,” he complimented shyly and passed Yoongi the glass with a strawberry on the rim and the plate of pasta which the older man took gratefully.


“Tell me something new,” Yoongi answered with a smirk. He probably received compliments a lot.


Taehyung was so mesmerized by the older man that he didn’t realise he was staring until Yoongi raised an eyebrow at him.


“Eat the pasta. I cooked it myself,” Taehyung grinned and Yoongi did a double take.


“This is... pasta?” He looked at the dish suspiciously.


“Yes! Try it!” Taehyung insisted, passing a fork to him.


Yoongi hesitated and looked at Taehyung as if he was being forced to watch childbirth for the first time. He took the fork unwillingly and poked at the brown coloured lump. It didn’t look appetising at all and after a long minute, he picked up a forkful and ate it.


Only to spit it out after a chew, he wiped his mouth, and Taehyung laughed at the disdainful grimace on Yoongi’s face.


“Are you trying to kill me? Remind me to never eat anything you cook, ever,” he said harshly but Taehyung could never take it to heart.


“You’re welcome, I’ll make you kimchi fried rice too if you want,” Taehyung grinned brightly.


Yoongi took a sip of his fruit punch as he watched the younger man for a while. When he placed the punch down, he clicked his tongue.


“Just stick with making coffee from now on,” he stated and Taehyung beamed.


“I’ll make you another Americano!” The younger man got overly excited and sprinted to the coffee machine again to make a cup of cold Americano with sugar syrup.


“You should get up there Taehyung, sing a few songs,” his mother said to him when she placed a straw in the cup. “I’ll watch the counter,” she smiled and spanked his butt when he went his way out.


He handed the cold coffee to Yoongi, who was playing a tune on the piano, where a group of college girls were swooning at the side.


“Thank you,” Yoongi took the coffee from his hand. Their fingers brushed for the first time and Taehyung blushed like a schoolgirl before retreating his hand away shyly. Yoongi looked up at him, sipping coffee through the straw with a hidden smile.


“I wrote something but it’s still a work in progress,” Yoongi said and placed the coffee on top of the piano as his fingers found their way to the black and white keys.


It started off slow but the keys gradually gained passion with every note Yoongi played; it was a melody filled with sweetness and honey that ended too quickly.


“Play it again, play it again, hyung!” Taehyung clapped his hands.


Yoongi huffed out a small laugh at the excited puppy-like Taehyung and reached out to touch his hair. It was really soft within his fingertips.


“Maybe when I’m done with it,” he said softly and Taehyung’s heart almost burst. He’s so terribly crushed by this man, he didn’t know what to do.


“I’m singing the next song, Kookie!” He said quickly and loud enough for Jungkook to hear from the cashier. The younger one responded with an ‘Ok’ gesture and Taehyung took the stage.


“We are back from the break!” He announced into the mic, as the rest of the make-shift band quickly got back into positions. “I’ll be singing a slow song called-”  


Stigma .


Taehyung kept his eyes closed during his performance and opened them occasionally to peek at Yoongi’s figure move to the melody of the piano. When he finished and hopped off the stage, Jimin took the mic and continued as the singer.


Taehyung took over Jimin’s shift at the coffee machine, stealing glances at Yoongi who seemed like he was so far gone and in the zone. It was a mesmerising sight and Taehyung felt blessed to be able to witness the beauty. Yoongi looked absolutely handsome. After a few more songs, the counter got busy again and Namjoon took over the mic while Jimin helped Taehyung out. The trio did a few english raps and took turns doing a few slow rap songs.


“They can rap quite well, can’t they,” his mother commented at his side as he watched from the counter. Taehyung only nodded, he couldn’t speak at the moment and he wasn’t paying attention to anyone else except for Yoongi.


“They actually sound a lot like that group you like so much,” his mother laughed, maybe she thought it was a joke.


Taehyung’s eyes widened and he turned to look at his mother. It couldn’t be… could it? It couldn’t be, it was too much of a coincidence.


It couldn’t be, he told himself.


His mother sent him off to fetch a few slices of cake for the trio as thank you. He took a piece of strawberry shortcake for Hoseok, carrot cake for Namjoon and lastly, a black forest tiramisu for Yoongi. He make sure to cut a bigger piece for them before putting the cakes in a container; he was also debating whether to make a meal for their dinner but decided to go against the idea.


He was going to ask Yoongi out.  

Yoongi was seen drinking his water when Taehyung came out of the kitchen. A few girls were already talking to Yoongi and before Taehyung could interrupt, his mother waved for his help at the cashier. With a final glance at Yoongi, he realised that the short man was looking at him as well. Taehyung sent a smile and a promising look to the elder with a show of the cakes in hand to which Yoongi responded with a nod.

Where were his friends when he needed them to help with work?

When Jungkook returned to the cashier, Taehyung rushed off to the table where the trio were situated at earlier to find Yoongi alone, thankfully, looking deep in his thoughts.

“Hey,” Taehyung greeted and placed the paper bag on the clean table as he sat across from Yoongi.

Yoongi looked up at him and smirked. A full on smirk that took Taehyung’s breath away.

“Did you cook again?” The older man asked.

Taehyung laughed at the teasing question and rolled his eyes playfully, holding himself back from hitting the man in the arm. “No, I didn’t. My mum commented that you guys sounded a lot like Bangtan,” Taehyung laughed.  

Yoongi stared at him like he just grew a second head, he was silent for a while and Taehyung’s breath hitched. Did he say something wrong?

The older man snorted and shook his head. Instead of explaining, he said “Good to know,” and ended it with that. He finished the remaining water in his cup and Taehyung let out a sigh of relief.

“My mum’s way of saying thank you,” Taehyung explained, pointing at the plastic bag and grinned, willing his pounding heart to calm down. Yoongi nodded silently as he continued watching Taehyung with a facial expression Taehyung couldn’t name at the moment. He liked it a lot though.

“If you’re free, we should hang out tomorrow,” Yoongi said finally, a smile on his face.


Taehyung wondered why didn’t Yoongi smile as much because his smile probably just cured cancer and world hunger. But more importantly, did Yoongi just ask him out ?


“Yea- yeah,” he choked out.


“Great, give me your number,” Yoongi said and they exchanged phones to type their numbers in.

When their respective phones were returned, Yoongi snorted at the name Taehyung entered for himself.


“Sunshine emoji 4D Tae,” Yoongi read aloud and Taehyung laughed.


“Yoongi Swag with a sunglasses emoji,” Taehyung read in a teasing way.


On a Friday night where the streetlights and moon lit the street of Taehyung’s family cafe, the two love strickened boys shared a comfortable moment of silence and just looked at each other, appreciating each other’s smile and existence.

Chapter Text

How long does one have to wait for the other to call or text? Taehyung wondered, turning on and off his phone.


It was almost two in the morning and he couldn’t sleep. He was usually knocked out as soon as the clock hits eleven, but this time, he just couldn’t. He tossed and turned, counted sheep's, stared at the ceiling and looked at Suga’s instagram.


The last post was from two months ago, a picture of a plastic water bottle with the caption ‘Working hard in the studio. Fighting!’


There weren’t many pictures on his Instagram, but all of them had the absence of Suga’s face, of course. They were mostly of crowd pictures that were taken from the stage, but other than that there was his record studio, and a calculative shot of him playing basketball indoors.


That reminded Taehyung that he has yet to take a selfie with Yoongi.


He pressed on the phonebook icon and looked for Yoongi’s contact to call.


It rang for a long time and Taehyung wondered if Yoongi had fallen asleep already. But just before he could end the call, a voice spoke over the phone.


“Taehyung?” It was Yoongi. He didn’t sound like he had just woken up and Taehyung let out a sigh of relief.


“Hi, hyung,” Taehyung greeted, not sure why he called in the first place.


“Is there something wrong? Why aren’t you sleeping?” Yoongi nagged, Taehyung giggled at the older man.


“I can’t sleep, what about you?” Taehyung looked around his room to finally settle on gazing at his poster at the opposite side of his bed.


“I’m working,” Yoongi answered, not going in with more details.


“Are you at an auction house bidding on illegal materials?” Taehyung couldn’t help but ask and he could almost see the smirk on Yoongi’s face.


“Yes. You should sleep, Taehyungie,” Yoongi said, drawing out the nickname.


He wanted to see Yoongi. He needed to see his face again, to be in his presence. “I’m hungry, hyung. Let’s go eat.” Taehyung demanded.


There was a long silence that followed and Taehyung worried he might have overstepped his boundaries. What if he was actually bothering Yoongi at work? But then again, who worked at 2 in the morning? It was scary how little he knew about the man, what even was his full name?


“Yeah, okay. Send me your location, I’ll pick you up in ten minutes.”




Yoongi drove fast and loud down the highway, the streets were empty except for the lively lights emitted from the streetlamps above them. They sat in silence in the sports car however, Yoongi kept sideways glancing him from his seat.


“So… those are your pajamas?” Yoongi finally asked, eyes focused on the road now.


Taehyung looked down at the Pikachu onesie he chose as tonight’s pajamas and shrugged.


“I like it,” Yoongi complemented, making Taehyung smile gleefully.


“Thanks, hyung!” Taehyung wanted to lean in and kiss Yoongi’s cheek but held himself back.


“What do you want to eat? All shops are closed by now,” Yoongi frowned and Taehyung wanted to say he wasn’t actually hungry, he just wanted to see Yoongi and spend some time with him.


“I think McDonald’s is still open,” he said instead. “Oh my god, hyung I want the happy meal,” he urgently grabbed Yoongi’s arm; Taehyung wasn’t going to back down until he got his happy meal and toy.


He was dumbfounded when Yoongi laughed and nodded. “You’re like a 5 year old child inside a 20 something year old man’s body,” Yoongi shook his head, the smile still on his face.


“I’m serious, hyung! I want that toy!”


Once they were at McDonald’s, they went through the drive-thru as Yoongi ordered a happy meal for Taehyung and got himself a large burger and fries alongside a McFlurry. Yoongi drove them around after getting their food and Taehyung fed himself and Yoongi the fries and ice cream, uncaring of where they were going.


Yoongi switched on the radio as they drove further down and away from the main city. Taehyung, being Taehyung, couldn’t help but sing along out loud and letting his body jig to the music. He tried getting Yoongi to join in but the man only gave him a ‘No, fuck off,’ look to which Taehyung ignored, because whenever the rap parts came on, he held his fist holding an invisible mic and shoved it in Yoongi’s face.


The older man playfully shoved it off and leaned his arm on his left as he drove, both in different worlds within the car, but the early morning drive was something both men cherished.


The car wheeled to a stop in an empty parking lot in an abandoned area. Graffiti and trash littered all over the deserted building nearby.

“How did you come to find this place, hyung?” Taehyung wondered aloud as he followed Yoongi out of the car.


Yoongi had turned off the engine and let it cool as he held their McDonald's takeaway and cup with him. He plopped the bag in the middle of the car hood and climbed it easily. Taehyung climbed up with the help of Yoongi pulling him and they sat on the hood of the sports car with fast food in the middle of them.


The air was still slightly cold with the transition of winter to spring, but the hood was warm to the touch. Taehyung shivered a little from the cold, hoping Yoongi didn’t notice because that would be embarrassing. He shoved his burger and fries into his mouth and hummed happily at the toy in the plastic.  


Yoongi placed down his half eaten burger and removed the leather jacket he was so fond of to only drape it around Taehyung’s shoulder, pulling it close to Taehyung’s mildly shivering frame.


“Hy-hyung! Aren’t you cold?” Taehyung said with a mouth full of food, surprised and blushing.  


“Not as cold as you in that cartoon onesie,” Yoongi remarked.


It wasn’t something he was embarrassed about, and he was glad he wore the onesie instead of the pajamas his mother bought because he was blessed with Yoongi’s jacket that smells of leather, his cologne,and well, Yoongi .


“Thank you,” he mumbled and looked away shyly.


“What happened the other day?” Yoongi asked and sipped on his soda, he leaned back on his car’s window, looking up at the midnight blue sky. He must have sensed Taehyung’s confusion and explained, “The other day, when you were crying in the park.”


“Oh…” His mouth went dry a little. “Well-”


Where does Taehyung even start? Should he start from the beginning?


“It’s a long story,” Taehyung said, not sure where to start. “I’ve always wanted to be a pilot. It was all I ever dreamed about when I was a kid. Jimin, Jungkook and I used to play pretend and when we graduated from high school, we went to college aiming to be pilots. And when we graduated, we were lucky enough to be hired to fly with BH.” Taehyung found his throat dry for the next part and grabbed Yoongi’s soda from the older man and took a huge sip. If Yoongi was disturbed by it, he didn’t say anything.


“During college, I met this… guy. We met in the first year and I had never been in a relationship before and he was so charming, handsome, and we flirted a lot. He was the most gorgeous person I’d ever met. It was really confusing at first because he was sort of sleeping around and flirting with everyone. I should have known, really, but I was an idiot,” Taehyung laughed humorlessly.


Yoongi stayed silent, dipping fries into ice cream and fed it to Taehyung. The younger man smiled slightly at the gesture and took a bite of it.


“Then, he asked me out in front of the fountain in college with chocolates on Valentine’s day and it was the most romantic thing ever. I cried so hard and we started dating.” Taehyung groaned, hiding his hands, regretting his horrible mistake.


“A few months later, Jimin said he saw him with a girl coming out from a hotel downtown and Jungkook said he saw him flirting with another guy at the school’s cafe. I should have believed them but I didn't. I kept defending him and the three of us had this huge fight. I was angry all the time and I was so lonely. That was also around the time I heard Suga hyung’s mixtape; it helped me feel better and Jimin and Jungkook started listening to them too and we started talking again. I supposed it was all thanks to Bangtan,” Taehyung laughed a little, fond of those memories.


“In our second year, I caught him making out with a girl in the library and confronted him about it which lead to our break up. And during that time, Bangtan dropped their second album. With their music and with the help of Mark hyung, everything was okay for awhile. I didn’t know why, but whenever something drastic happened, Bangtan just magically saved the day without knowing they did,” Taehyung smiled, Yoongi stared at him without a word.


“But then, he came back saying he was sorry and I forgave him. We got back together even though everyone around me were flashing warning signs at my face. Look, it may have been stupid but he was really handsome. He was stupidly gorgeous and he had a dog!” Taehyung let out a frustrated groan.


“The second time we broke up was because he said he wasn't into me as much anymore and wanted to take a break. It happened nearring our finals and he was a fucking asshole for doing that. I mean, who breaks up just before finals?” He was getting a little too worked up but Yoongi didn't say anything about it, the man just looked at him with a very amused smile.


“What?” Taehyung wondered if he had ketchup on his face or something.


“I've never heard you swear before. It's cute.”


Taehyung pushed Yoongi to let out his inner frustration of wanting to kiss the man. Yoongi’s laugh probably saved dying people or maybe it was the reason to how unicorns were born.


“Anyways, we broke up and I swear it was magic or I was just blessed by the bunny on the moon because Suga hyung dropped his second solo mixtape and he was so passionate in all of his songs, even though the mixture was really depressing, I supposed I related to it in someway or another. Then, thanks to Jimin and Jungkook, I managed to graduate and we went to flight trainings and all that. At the end, I managed to become a first officer and travelled to all sorts of places.”


He licked his dry lips and huffed. “And I didn't see him for years after that but around two years ago, he started working for BH and what's worse was he was a flight attendant, and we ended up flying together one time. He was shocked that I looked even more handsome now and I was still attracted to his stupid face.”


“Are you fucking telling me that you got back together with him for the third fucking time after all the horrible things he’d done to you?” Taehyung shivered at the tone Yoongi was using. He had never seen the older man so angry.


“...Yes,” he answered, ashamed of himself.


“Oh, for fuck’s sake,” Yoongi rolled his eyes and looked away.


“I know, I know! It was really idiotic of me. The third time I caught him cheating was with a college friend of mine and apparently, I was the one who came in between their relationship. First of all, I am a pilot . I fly planes and I’m really busy . It wasn't my fault that we didn't end up flying on the same plane or going to the same destination! He used that as an excuse to say that I didn’t spend enough time with him ! I was tired. Physically and mentally and it was the most horrible time of my life. Plus, I missed the Bulletproof concert,” Taehyung moaned in pain and hid his face inside of Yoongi’s jacket.


“My dad was really disappointed that I’m back home because he wanted me to complete enough flying time and get the captain title. He thought I’m just wasting my time and my life away,” Taehyung was at the brink of crying again, his voice small and timid.  


He bit his lower lip, Taehyung couldn’t bring himself to look at Yoongi’s face. Jimin and Jungkook had given him the cold treatment when they found out he was dating the player again but they were quick to be there for him when he needed the support. They dropped everything at hand and took the long break with him back home, giving him time to self-repair.


Yoongi sat in silence for a very long time and then there was shifting. Before Taehyung could react, he was pulled into a side hug. He stayed in place and  tensed up, not sure what to do but then he heard Yoongi started talking in a soft and gentle voice.


“You will see that bastard again and when you do, I want you to remember the words I’m saying right now: you will not give in to that shitbag and you will walk away from him; you’ll walk away from that undeserving twat and hold your head held high because you are stronger than his bullshit Kim Taehyung,” Yoongi’s hug tightened and Taehyung widened his eyes, a blush creeping on his face and he helplessly gave in.


‘I like you,” was all Taehyung’s mind could conjure up at that moment.


“I…” am Suga , Yoongi wanted to confess the words but bit his tongue. He couldn’t.


Yoongi pulled away slowly and Taehyung immediately missed the elder’s warm protective hold. When he decided to peek at Yoongi a minute after, he was taken aback at the sight of the pale man with a cigarette in between his lips.  


“Hyung!” He scolded.


Yoongi raised an eyebrow at his tone. “What?” He mumbled around the lit cigarette.


“You smoke ? You’re paying them to kill you? Why would you do that? I’m so hurt right now,” Taehyung sighed sadly, turning away from Yoongi in disgrace.


“Them?” Yoongi’s curiosity had beaten him to it.


“Yeah- them ! The evil government people who are planning to destroy the aliens in Mars! You are funding them and giving yourself lung cancer! How could you?”


What threw Yoongi off weren’t the words being said to him, but the realisation that Taehyung thought that was all real . He didn’t know how to respond to the younger except with a single thought: he really really wanted to protect this guy forever. The thought of seeing him hurt or sad made Yoongi burn with boiling anger.


And so, Yoongi laughed and threw the half lit cigarette as far as he could. It made Taehyung smile at his hyung again and that was all that mattered.


“Now promise me you won’t smoke another pack of cigarettes from now on,” Taehyung said, looking at him seriously.


“Fine, I promise I won’t smoke another pack of cigarettes from now on,” Yoongi chuckled but Taehyung held out his pinky finger and Yoongi fell even harder for the younger.


“Pinky promise me. And hyung, you know what they say about breaking a pinky promise,” Taehyung said, expecting fully well that Yoongi knew what he was talking about.


“What happens if you break a pinky promise?” Yoongi prompted.


“You kill a unicorn and I don’t want that to happen. I know you’re a good hearted man Yoongi hyung,” Taehyung couldn’t possibly get any weirder than this.  


Yoongi raised his hand with his pinky finger out and hooked them with Taehyung’s. “I promise I won’t let any unicorns die because of me.”


Taehyung’s face was gleeful and proud. It had been a very very long time since Yoongi’s seen an expression like that from anybody. Of course, the fans admired him to death but that wasn’t him . It was Min Suga. Min Suga the rap god, the genius rapper who created records breaking music. Min Yoongi was a photographer and food blogger with too many self related problems.  


“Why would you smoke though?” Taehyung asked and both of them laid down once more, looking up at the far away stars.


Yoongi considered the question for a while-it was habit really, a self reflex and he never gave it much serious thought. It just happened automatically and when he ran out, there will be another pack in his pocket or his bag the next day.


“I smoke when I’m stressed out,” he decided to tell Taehyung.


Taehyung looked surprised by the answer. “What is there to stress about? You’re healthy, have a place to stay, have food and good friends. What else are you stressed about?”


My music, the fans, the expectations, the media, the next album and now… you.


“What is there not to be stressed about? Aliens could attack us at any moment and we will be forced to eat each under their command.”     


What the fuck, Min Yoongi?


He was worried of the other’s reaction but Taehyung’s laughter bubbled and filled the air and Yoongi set himself free to show a toothy smile in response. Taehyung was laughing so hard that he was holding his stomach and tears were rolling down his eyes.


The only tears Yoongi will allow Taehyung to shed from here on out.


When the laughter died down, Yoongi hummed. “You never did tell me why you make me a cold Americano everytime I visit the cafe.”


Seamless conversations flowed easily as they spoke between the two of them and he never thought he would have a non-awkward conversation with anybody else other than a close friend. Maybe Taehyung and him did grew closer over the short period of time they had.


“Because you’re like an Americano! Your first order was a hot Americano without sugar and it was my first impression of you: bitter, simple, and scary. Then, I saw you with your friends and you weren't just a scary vampire anymore- you’re cool, sweet and full of flavour, and I wanted you to know that you’re actually a really nice guy.”    


Yoongi had his eyes closed halfway through the explanation, hands tucked behind his head as a cushion, a small satisfied smile found itself back on his face and his body was warm, despite the cold air.


Yupe, this crush is not dying anytime soon.


When he heard silence from Taehyung and not his usual talkative self, he shifted his arms and opened his eyes to be met with the sight of a pink face and its soft and slightly moistened lips. Taehyung was positioned above Yoongi with both hands on either side of Yoongi’s head and the elder was still shocked as to how Taehyung even moved so silently. Taehyung’s eyes were closed and he was leaning, but Yoongi’s own eyes were shot right up to his hairline and time itself had stopped. He stopped breathing, his heart beating like crazy and he knew what was coming but nothing could have prepared him for it.


And then it happened.


Taehyung was kissing him.


But then a question rose:




Ah, fuck it.


He held Taehyung’s face gently and kissed back, pushing himself up so they both ended up sitting on the hood of the sportscar. Taehyung tasted sweet, really sweet but there was a tiny hint of bitterness, like coffee; specifically a caramel macchiato. It was wet, messy and they both didn’t know what they were doing. Yoongi decided that he needed to show Taehyung how he showed his love, how he would treat his lover.


He pulled away only to push Taehyung gently down on the car and proceeded to attack his mouth again with newfound vigor. Yoongi started again by licking at the lips he’d been dying to kiss and Taehyung immediately opened his mouth, letting out a soft moan. Their bodies pressed together, warm and perfect in the other’s presence.


What started off as an innocent kiss slowly turned into a long and consuming makeout session with neither parties wanting to stop. The push and pull of lust, tongues dancing in each other’s mouths; their heavy breathing the only sound surrounding the duo, and the ferocity of what had been kept concealed for the past few weeks burst through their hungry lips and fingertips as they skirted the canvases of any exposed skin. Time was of a small matter to the two and when they pulled away, soft pants filled the abandoned area to the brim as they escaped their swollen lips. With their eyes showing fondness to the other, body and mind filled to the brim with endorphins, their pink faces and puffed lips evidence and proof of what had just occurred.


“I made the first move, hyung,” Taehyung grinned like he won first place in a competition, which was true in this case, still panting slightly.


Yoongi rolled his eyes and pulled Taehyung back in for a kiss, he was yearning to taste more of that caramel macchiato lingering on Taehyung’s tongue; it was intoxicating and Yoongi never ever wanted to let go.


Lazy hours passed the night for the duo as they both grew tired and sleepy. Taehyung was giggling at nothing and Yoongi couldn’t even move. The younger man laid his head on Yoongi’s shoulders and Yoongi couldn’t resist the sweet scent of Taehyung’s hair. They both fell asleep just like that, on top of the sportscar without a care in the world.

Chapter Text

Saying they didn’t sleep well was an understatement. It was cold, their backs ached against the even colder sports car, and the sound of traffic and slowly moving vehicles echoed all the way to where they were. However, waking up to each other’s love-sick gazes whilst noticing the other’s discomfort both cracked them up.


The time showed it was almost nine in the morning as they both climbed inside the car. The duo drove in comfortable silence back to Taehyung’s house but before that, Yoongi secured breakfast to eat from a place he knew and they playfully fed each other in the car, laughing without a care in the world and without much words exchanged.


Yoongi slowly pulled up infront of Taehyung’s house when the younger asked, “Will you visit later?” Taehyung’s eyebrows furrowed together as his muscles ached to exit the car but he tried to smile.


“Of course I will. Get some sleep before work, Taetae ,” Yoongi teased, the nickname sounded so nice rolling out of his tongue.


Irresistible Yoongi should be his name, Taehyung decided and leaned into Yoongi to give a last kiss before they bid their goodbyes to see each other again later.


He was humming in quiet glee as he opened the door and entered the household as silently as possible. Taehyung made past the empty living room and the kitchen, almost made it to the stairs when the sound of someone clearing their throat made him freeze in place.


“Kim Taehyung, come over here- right now! ” His mother’s voice came from the kitchen.




He dropped his head and dragged himself to the kitchen. What he expected would be much less terrifying than having everyone present- unfortunately for him, they were. Jimin and Jungkook were eating toasts, his father drinking his coffee whilst reading on his tablet, and his mother was serving fried eggs. Everybody was looking at him shocked, and speechless for a moment.


“Where were you?” His mother narrowed her eyes.  


Taehyung gulped. “I went to have supper and breakfast.”


Their eyes widened in disbelief. “Where did you sleep? Who were you with? Why were you wearing your onesie outside?” His mother flooded him with a continuous stream of questions.


“Nice jacket you got there, hyung,” Jimin teased.


What jacket?


It took him a collective amount of five seconds to register the fact that he was still wearing Yoongi’s leather jacket. There was no way in hell would Jimin and Jungkook not know whose jacket it belonged to. They knew . There was no point in lying and Taehyung wasn’t planning to lie about it anyways.


“I went out with Yoongi hyung and we accidentally fell asleep on his car,” he bit his lip and looked away as the memories of last night flashed through his mind.


On his car? What were you guys doing?” His father’s raised voice made Taehyung flinch.


“Nothing! We were just hanging out…stargazing and stuff,” he trailed off.


Jungkook and Jimin were awfully quiet but Taehyung didn’t have the guts to look at their expressions at the moment.


“Just don’t forget the last time you were messing around with a guy and what happened after that. You need to concentrate, Taehyung,” his father said, eyes back on the iPad.


“Eomma thinks it’s great that you’re meeting new people and getting yourself a new love interest. Whoever this Yoongi is, I hope he treats you well,” his mother said kindly, giving him a hug.


“Thanks, Eomma. I’m going to nap and shower. Wake me up for my shift!” He said, walking out of the kitchen and heading upstairs; carefully avoiding his friends’ gazes.


Yoongi is not going to play around with my feelings. Yoongi cares. Taehyung stood in his room as he gazed at nothing.


He pulled the leather jacket off and took a whiff of it; it still smelled like Yoongi, and he smiled.




Yoongi made it back to the hotel, belatedly realising that his jacket was with Taehyung. He didn’t care though, just the thought of Taehyung wearing his clothes symbolised that he was his.


Yoongi whistled as he arrived at his suite and just as he pushed opened the door, he heard a door opened from a little down the hall.


“Hyung?” Hoseok sounded surprised. Why wouldn’t he be? Yoongi just got back to the hotel at nine in the morning in yesterday’s clothes.


“So… wanna get breakfast? Rapmon is on Skype with Seokjin hyung and we have a meeting with manager at 11,” Hoseok said, scratching his head a little.


Yoongi nodded in understanding with a little smile, he should probably call Seokjin and update him a little before he gets yelled at for not doing so. Fuck the meeting.


“No, I just ate. I’m going to bed. Don’t wake me up until 3 or 4 o’clock. Goodnight,” he told Hoseok and entered his room. A hot shower and a lot of thinking later, he laid on bed, trying to sleep.


He thought about what exactly about last night should he tell Seokjin. Should he introduce Taehyung to Seokjin? But, what will he introduce him as? His boyfriend? They still hadn’t had the chance to talk about it or discuss what their relationships status was.


His mind raced even faster.


Yoongi knew he found Taehyung adorable, sweet, naive, innocent, precious and really out of this world; someone who was too pure to exist. He also knew that he was attracted to Taehyung to a certain level that made him get out of bed before noon, which was a really big deal. Not to mention he had been seeing Taehyung a lot more lately which fueled his crush meter to an all time high, not giving the crush on the young pilot a chance to die.


Did Taehyung feel the same? Taehyung did kiss him first yesterday and the dazzling smile he reserved only for Yoongi was enough to let him feel special. Maybe it could work out after all. They both liked each other and that was all to it right, wasn’t it?


Yoongi thought of the discussion he was going to have with Taehyung later that day and debated on how he would tell Taehyung that he was also Min Suga.


The constant ringing of a doorbell broke his train of thought and he scowled. The cause was either because of him overworking his brain or he was cursed to never have peace to ever think again. Yoongi later realized it was his doorbell ringing and he stormed over and yanked opened the door to find Namjoon, Hoseok and their manager; he glanced at the digital clock on his phone and it read ‘11:13’.


“It’s an important meeting, Yoongi,” manager said and the three men entered his room, taking their seats at the dining area.


Yoongi let out a defeated exhale and joined in the meeting; they were in his room and there were no other means of escape. As he sat for the meeting, his body still ached from sleeping on his car, he registered. The manager went through a few papers and documents and the other two members were giving Yoongi an odd smile, like they knew his dirty little secret.


“Hoseok, try to hold a little back on your dancing. The group you battled at that club on monday were the nation’s top free style dancers and they represent South Korea in international matches,” the manager reprimanded, giving Hoseok a look. Yoongi and Namjoon laughed at him, like when your siblings got scolded by your parents.


Then the manager turned to Yoongi. “And you, Yoongi. Be more careful with your one night stands. You’re lucky we had her sign the confidentiality agreement or else the media would be in for a treat.” Now it was his turn to be laughed at by his two members, except he didn’t understand exactly what the manager just said and why they were laughing.


The manager fumbled for his phone and showed the news article to Yoongi. Pictures of the actress he slept with days ago popped on his screen. A picture of her leaving the hotel that night and an earlier picture of him leaving the hotel for the nightclub were placed next to each other.


The headlines were one of those typical eye catching sentences that he was so used to by now. They were calling him a player and the articled read the press even pestered the actress on what his facial features looked like and if she had heard any private information on Min Suga. The actress didn’t say anything since she signed a confidentiality agreement but Yoongi was one call away from his lawyers if she did.


“The three of you need to start laying low; the press already know you stay here, it’s only a matter of time before they know your room numbers.”


The media men were justs so eager and desperate to get their hands on any kind of dirt on Min Suga or of the Bangtan members. That was just the reality of their lives. The manager started nagging and reciting something about their public image but it was all white noise to Yoongi as the reality of it all settled in.


The reality that Yoongi doesn’t want to drag Taehyung into.


He couldn’t hurt Taehyung like that; Taehyung is a normal person with a normal life, has a good family and friends, a good job and a life . Yoongi couldn’t be selfish and get Taehyung involved in the spotlight with him. People would hate him for no reason other than because he was dating the Min Suga. The media would pester him 24/7 for any private information they could get out of Taehyung.  


Taehyung shouldn’t be put through that shit of a treatment.


Yoongi couldn’t do that to Taehyung.




After the meeting, he tried to get some sleep but his mind was whirring. He probably should start packing for tomorrow but his body ached, his heart was a mess and his brain was doing all sorts of things.


He woke himself up, grabbed his wallet, keys and pulled his hoodie up, putting on a mask and sunglasses when he left the hotel. He drove the car around, needing some time to think to make a finalized decision.


Yoongi could come clean to Taehyung and tell him he was the famous Min Suga and brief him of the risks of getting in a relationship with him, but, that would be weird due to the fact that Taehyung was Min Suga’s biggest fan. Yoongi could start the whole long distance relationship thing if Taehyung’s up for it, that would work for him and it would be perfect because Taehyung wouldn’t need to know about Min Suga and it would be like dating in secret; except distance and time zone differences would make dating to be difficult and then they’ll eventually just fall out like all of Yoongi’s past relationships.


Yoongi groaned in frustration and let out an animalistic scream that filled his car and rung in his ears. He’ll just have to come clean to Taehyung, that’s the best he could do for him.  




The cafe was filled with people and he had to make sure he didn’t stand out at all. Unfortunately his plan backfired as Taehyung caught sight of him (he didn’t know how) and smiled at him, indicating a little at the busy counter. Yoongi nodded and proceeded to nod his head towards a corner to let Taehyung know he’ll be waiting for him around there. He took a last glance at Taehyung busying himself with orders then went over to an empty table in the middle of the cafe.


Hey Taehyung, I just wanted to let you know that I like you and you like me right? Okay cool, just one more thing-I’m Min Suga! You know, the rapper you love so fucking much!


He waited with his head down, avoiding everyone’s gaze as he went to organise his thoughts and speech. Suddenly, two people took their seats and sat down across from him and they were wearing an equally judgemental yet amused look to their faces.


“Listen, Yoongi hyung. Tae already told us everything about last night,” the man with faded red hair said, Jimin.


Yoongi blinked at them both, not sure if they could tell or not with his sunglasses. He was glad for his mask because he was definitely blushing underneath it. How much did Taehyung tell them?


“Hyung has a bad experience with dating and I think he already told you about it,” the other man, Jungkook said.


“Taetae can be a little… well… naive. We are just looking out for him,” Jimin said, giving him a serious look.


“You... seem alright. But- um...” Jungkook trailed off and looked away. Jimin looked away as well, pushing up his fake glasses.


Yoongi didn’t like where this was heading.


“What he was trying to say is… um- Yoongi hyung, you’re okay but…” they both looked nervous and neither knew what to say and it didn’t take long for Yoongi to figure it out.


“You guys know, don’t you?” Yoongi said, voice low and he had no clue what he should do now. Should he call the lawyers? He took off his sunglasses and massaged the bridge of his nose.


“Yeah,” a sigh of relief, “you’re not exactly… subtle,” Jimin laughed anxiously.


“Does he know?” Yoongi asked quickly, glancing at Taehyung at the counter. The barista had his tongue stuck out as he made the coffee, adorable as ever.


The duo snorted loudly. “God no! Hyung has no idea, like Jimin hyung said, Taehyung can be a little oblivious,” Jungkook shook his head.


“We’re not disapproving of this relationship in any way Yoongi hyung, we’re actually quite on board to be honest. Tae has been the happiest person ever ever since you stepped in here and you even helped him in his decision to start flying again,” Jimin said admirably.


“We are just concern about, your motive. And Min Suga,” Jungkook said, voice low enough that people nearby couldn’t hear him.


“Like, are you going to tell him? You know you have to at some point, right?”


“Is he one of your playthings? Because we will break your knees no matter who you are if you toy with hyung’s emotions. He really likes you.”  


The older man cringed and his migraine came in full swing, mercilessly attacking him again. “I’ll deal whatever I have to with Taehyung, it’s none of your business how our relationship will turn out and I am not playing with him. And the both of you should know better than to spread anything because I will sue,” Yoongi spat.


Yoongi didn’t want to show the indignance in his tone of voice to the two younger men but his migraine was hammering against his skull along with the what ifs of Taehyung and him and he wasn’t sure whether he would be in control of his actions if he were to slam or flip the table; how dare they assume he was playing with Taehyung? He wasn’t like that, he would never.


The two friends were taken aback by Yoongi’s silent outrage but quickly composed themselves as they slowly stood up.


“Whatever, man. Just don’t use that attitude on Taehyung,” Jimin glared, not scared one bit.


“Just don’t be a dick, Min Yoongi hyung ,” Jungkook joined, staring Yoongi down.


They left him alone with his thoughts again and when he glanced at Taehyung, he was exchanging words with his two friends, he looked happy like a kid on Christmas day morning. Then, he diverted his attention to Yoongi, their eyes met and Taehyung grinned.


Fuck, I can’t do this.


Taehyung made his way to Yoongi, a cup of cold americano in hand.


“Hi hyung, you came!” He placed the coffee down and sat opposite of Yoongi.


“I said I would, didn’t I?” Yoongi dragged the coffee closer to him, he glanced down, willing his throbbing head to stop.


“Why are you wearing a mask? Did you catch a cold? Oh no, was it because of last night? I’m so sorry, hyung--” Taehyung looked terrified.  


“No, I’m fine. It just looked cool,” Yoongi interjected, waving Taehyung’s worry off.  


“Oh, thank god.” Taehyung sighed in relief. “It got so busy today, I think your blog really did draw people in,” Taehyung said brightly. “Mum had to put up an ad to find new workers since we’ll be getting our old jobs soon and without us three here to help, it’ll definitely be difficult to maintain.” he went on.


“Tae, we- we need to talk,” he interrupted.


Taehyung quieted down instantly. “About what?”


“About us,” his voice small, he looked back up at Taehyung briefly and they held their stare.


“Okay,” Taehyung looked serious and confused. It was an odd look on him.


“We are... attracted to each other, yes?” He started, sounding stupid already.


Taehyung laughed a little, “Yes. I like you very much, Yoongi hyung,” he giggled.


Yoongi let out a huff of disbelief but he was grinning underneath the mask.


“Now that we have established that, I need to ask you, hyung. Are we dating?” Taehyung asked expectantly, leaning on the table.


‘I don’t know, ’ was what he wanted to say but Taehyung looked downright gorgeous , like a ray of sunshine and he was so close to Yoongi and Yoongi couldn’t breathe. Fuck, he lost his practiced speech he oh so careful thought through; it reminded him why he was so goddamn attracted to the boy in the beginning.


“Yes,” he answered. A simple answer and Taehyung sat straight up with an award winning grin. Yoongi then slowly realised that he would do anything for this man sitting opposite of him.


"You need to know something about me though," he started.  

I am Min Suga.

"Yeah, what is it?" Taehyung tilted his head curiously.


I am Min Suga.


Yoongi wondered if the younger man knew how he just pierced an arrow through his heart at that given moment. He stared at Taehyung, those few words on the tip of his tongue but the lump in his throat grew.


I am Min Suga!


“I- I’m actually really busy. With work. And work is starting for me soon and my schedule is really weird. I can’t be the ‘perfect’ boyfriend that goes on weekly dates and call everyday,” he said instead.


“You mean you’re too busy with kicking ass and cutting out people’s organs and stuff?” Taehyung asked, Yoongi wasn’t sure if he was being serious or not. Not that he ever understood Taehyung fully.


“Something like that,” he played along with a smirk, but remembered Taehyung couldn’t see it.


Taehyung sighed dramatically and leaned in to the table, resting his head on both of his arms. “I can’t believe I’m dating a criminal. What if your enemies found out and kidnapped me?  It happens a lot in the movies.”  


“I won’t let that happen,” Yoongi chuckled, leaning in close to Taehyung. They’re so close to each other, it’d be easy to just remove his mask and kiss Taehyung right there, but he pulled away regretfully when his phone buzzed in his pocket.


He checked his phone, a message from Namjoon saying they were checking out soon. He cursed and slid the phone back to his pocket.


“I gotta go. I’ll text you,” he stood up, looking around anxiously.


“But you just got here,” Taehyung pouted with doe eyes up at him, crossing his arms.


“That’s the kind of things you need to deal with when you’re dating me, silly,” he said, ruffling Taehyung’s hair softly. He wanted to kiss him so badly but too many people were watching and he couldn’t.


“Fine. Go kick ass, hyung!” Taehyung stood up as well, looking at him lovingly.


Yoongi needed to leave before he do something he’ll regret. Like kissing Taehyung in front of the crowd who were looking at them curiously.

Chapter Text

Yoongi was moved to another hotel, one that was further away from the cafe. The process of writing songs for their new album was over and the band had started going to the studio to work with the equipment and producers.


Yoongi was exasperated and stressed out. All he ever wanted to rap about now was Taehyung and all he can think about is Taehyung. Namjoon wasn’t helping either, being love-sick himself and missing his own partner.Some songs rejected because it wasn’t ‘Bangtan’ enough and they were forced to rewrite them. Hoseok was left to stress over writing lyrics by himself and everything was going catastrophically.


Taehyung texted him everyday without fail and Yoongi tried to visit him and the cafe as often as he could manage. Taehyung would send him texts about what they could do or where they should visit on dates. It made Yoongi feel guilty, having to reject all these various places because it was too crowded. He didn’t give any explanation and he avoided giving a straight answer because he didn’t want to lie to Taehyung.  Dating is hard work.


“I think I’m going to propose,” Namjoon announced quite suddenly,catching the attention of the other band members in the studio. Hoseok fell from the sofa he was laying upside down on and Yoongi’s hands accidentally slipped on the keyboard he was playing, making a loud disastrous off key noise.


“What, are you high?” Yoongi blurted out.


Namjoon bit on the end of the pen he had in hand, deep in thought. “There was no use in dragging it out; Seokjin and I have been together for years and the feelings are mutual. Why not just get marriage out of the way and make us an official couple? I want him to know I’m forever his and vice versa. I don’t see him in often and I want him to fully trust me, and it’s also something I want to assure myself of.”  


Yoongi stared in shock, lost for words. Hoseok, however, jumped up and down animatedly.


“Oh my god! What kind of wedding will it be? Summer? Spring? Where will it be held at? A beach wedding would be nice! Wait, how are you going to propose though?” He asked excitedly, his eyes lit up and Yoongi would bet his whole career that Hoseok had already planned out the best man's speech.


“I’m thinking of asking when I visit him in August. I want to ask him in his bakery, it’s where we reunited after all,” Namjoon smiled, fiddling with the pen.


Hoseok shrieked loudly and ran to give Namjoon a big hug. Yoongi debated whether to just pat Namjoon on the back and call it a congratulations or to give him an awkward hug but before he reached a decision, his phone rang; he opted to check it while the other two discussed further.


4D Tae: The cafe is closed today n they r throwing Chim Chim, Kookie and I a farewell party!!!

Wish u were here </3

            Markie hyung brought his puppy coco with him to the cafe!!!



U must b busy w/ work but I hope u hv a nice day!!!

I miss u!!! Fighting!!!

<3 <3 <3


Yoongi cursed and saved the photo of Taehyung with the white ball of fluff. It has been a week since he last saw Taehyung and three weeks since they confirmed their relationship status. He stayed in the studio most of the time and when he wasn’t working, he was sleeping or it was too late at night to call Taehyung.


They talked on phone as much as they can whenever Taehyung called him. Sometimes it was after lunch hour, sometimes it was just before Taehyung went to bed and sometimes it was just right when Taehyung woke up. But, most of the time, Yoongi doesn’t pick up.  


Yoongi’s sense of time was so different and he was working hard for the next album. He felt guilty and irritated for not calling or texting as much as he should be. Taehyung kept texting and he talked a lot . Always the weirdest things and the most random things that made Yoongi smile.


If you told him a year ago that he will one day laugh at stupid coffee puns, he would tell you to fuck off and get your head checked. And now, he’s dating the guy who tells coffee puns in a cafe.


You: I am working hard...

       I am jealous of the dog can u believe it?


       is Mark hitting on u? I’ll come over n beat him up if he is


       I am coming over


Yoongi stood up, putting his phone into his pocket and grabbed his jacket laid on his chair. Namjoon’s Ryan mask was the closest to him so he grabbed it along with his car keys.


“Hyung, where are you going?” Namjoon asked when he noticed Yoongi walking to the exit. “Seokjin got me that mask!” Namjoon whined but made no move to take it back.


“I’ll return it.” Yoongi rolled his eyes. “I’m going to see Taehyung before some fucker with a cute dog takes him away from me,” he said while putting on the mask.


“But we still have to finish this up, and we have some producers coming in an hour.” He was out the door before Hoseok finished the sentence.


“Tell them to go fuck themselves,” he scowled before he closed the door.




Yoongi parked his car right outside of the cafe, he doesn’t bother turning the engine off or parking his car properly in a spot since it will be quick. When he entered the cafe, everyone was staring at him, and his car but his eyes were only fixed on Taehyung. The small crowd of people present were stunned to silence at the interruption of the party.


“Hyung!” Taehyung ran up to him and pulled him into a bear hug.


When they pulled away, Yoongi grabbed his hand and pulled him towards the exit.


“Wait, wait, where are you going?” Jimin asked loudly from the group and Yoongi turned around. Everyone was still looking on in silence.


“I’m taking him out. Enjoy the party,” he dismissed and continued dragging a giggling Taehyung out.


“Cute mask, Yoongi hyung,” Taehyung giggled and tugged at the mask.


“It’s Namjoon’s,” he murmured, lowering his head once they were outside.


“Did you finished torturing men for information?” his boyfriend asked, sitting in the car and Yoongi closed the butterfly door.


“No, you’re more important,” Yoongi said once he was in the car.


He dropped the mask and immediately leaned in to kiss Taehyung eagerly. Yoongi missed it, missed Taehyung much more than he had anticipated. He missed his smile, his randomness, his genuine personality, his mouth, his kisses, his adorable face, his everything .


Taehyung tasted really sweet like caramel and he smelled of birthday cake.


“Let’s go watch a movie, yeah?” Yoongi mumbled and Taehyung nodded, eagerly kissing back.


Yoongi drove with one hand while he held Taehyung’s hand in the other.


“I start work in a few days so it’ll be difficult to see you in person for a while. I’ll text you wherever I am and I will call you when I’m back. Don’t miss me too much, okay?” Taehyung sniggered.


“Right. Also, remember what I said about that asshole?” Yoongi raised an eyebrow.


“Yes! I won’t fall for him again, don’t worry hyung! I will even brag to him that I have a better boyfriend now,” Taehyung’s grip on his hand tightened.


“Good.” Yoongi smiled softly.




They were watching an action film and Taehyung kept jumping during action scenes and he overreacted to all the explosions. He also got overexcited about whenever something cool happened. It felt so nice, just sitting there watching Taehyung instead of the movie, feeding him popcorn.


Then, his phone rang, earning him glares from people sitting around them. It was the manager, he debated whether to pick up or not.


A tug on his shirt caught his attention, Taehyung leaned close to his ears, a hand cupped the side of his face. “You should go if it’s work. It seemed important and I don’t want your ‘people’ to die because of me. I’ll call Jiminie to pick me up later.” Taehyung whispered.


Yoongi sighed and closed his eyes for a moment, he really doesn’t deserve Taehyung.


“I’ll call you when I can.” he said, pulling the mask down and kissed Taehyung quickly before answering his phone, making his way out.


“What?” he snapped, only to get yelled at by his manager.




Taehyung sat quietly in the car, the air was thick with awkward silence of unspoken word. Jimin didn’t say a word when he picked him up and Jungkook pretended to be busy switching stations, trying to squash down the silence. After a few minutes, he gave up and switched the radio off.


“...He left halfway through the movie.” Jimin finally spoke.


Taehyung nodded, he didn’t want to listen to anything his best friends had to say. It’s always the same old shit and he was sick of hearing it.


“And you’re okay with that.” Jimin continued.


“Yeah.” he answered shortly.


“Why?” Jungkook asked, turning to the back, serious eyes searching his face.


Taehyung doesn’t know what to answer. Was he asking why he was okay with it or why Yoongi left in the middle of their date.


“I am okay with it because it’s work and his work is important.” Taehyung answered carefully.


Both Jimin and Jungkook stared at him hard for a moment, then shared a look with each other, followed by more silence.


“You… know what his profession is?” Jungkook said calculatively.


Taehyung was offended, like they knew what his boyfriend work as. “Not exactly, it’s not like he told me about it or anything. I just know he works all the time and he’s busy and he’s important enough that he has to cover his face when he goes out.” he crossed his arms, a little irritated. “I think he might be working for the government. Maybe he’s a spy. Oh my god, he could be like James Bond! It would be so cool! Imagine that, Kim Taehyung is dating a spy.” he gasped.


Both of his friends looked a little worried and Taehyung shook them off. It was his love life anyways, they have no say in it.


“I think he’s actually the head of the vampire society or something. You need to be more careful with your neck, hyung.” Jungkook replied back seriously, making Taehyung grin.


“I agree, you need to start bringing stakes and garlic with you, Tae.” Jimin added, looking at him from the rear mirror.


They were back on even ground.    




Taehyung missed flying, it was like the first time he rode a bike or the first time he discovered Bangtan. It was the best day of his life. The three of them waited in the lounge area and flipping through their reports. They have attended mandatory flying training again and took some tests to check their adequacy over the past three weeks, three weeks of dating Yoongi.


You: I’ll be flying to (Japanese flag emoji) today!!! Will send u a text when I reached!!! I’ll also visit a cat cafe hehe


As usual, he doesn’t get a reply but he kept his phone visible in case Yoongi called or texted back.


“I am flying to Bangkok.” Jimin said out loud.


“Wellington, New Zealand.” Jungkook said, drinking his coffee.


“I am going to Japan!” Taehyung added cheerfully, clapping his hands.


Then he remembered something important, he quickly picked up his phone and unlocked it.





He doesn’t get a reply so he chatted with the two pilots about their schedules and what to buy at their respective destinations. Jimin left first, Taehyung and Jungkook messed around taking selfies and was getting looks from people.


His phone buzzed and he quickly picked it up, already ignoring what Jungkook was saying and his heart leaped when he saw the message.


Yoongi Swag: Japan sounds fun

                      My birthday is same as min suga’s


He gasped out loud, almost dropping his phone and Jungkook sat up in alert. Taehyung looked up at Jungkook before remembering he has to reply.


You: NO WAY!!! OMG!!! (Shocked face emoji x5)


“What happened?” Jungkook asked worriedly.


“Yoongi hyung’s birthday falls on the same day as Min Suga! Can you believe it? It’s like they’re twins or something!” Taehyung said as he imagined that scenario.


Jungkook’s tense body relaxed at that and he looked slightly annoyed.


“Hyung, what is Yoongi hyung’s first name?”


Taehyung stopped what he was doing and stared at Jungkook’s little smirk. He squinted at the evil captain, wrecking his mind for any conversations that brought up Yoongi’s first name but absolutely nothing came up.


He doesn’t even know his boyfriend’s first name.


“I… don’t know.” he answered shamefully, avoiding Jungkook’s judgemental eyes.


Jungkook only hummed and Taehyung quickly stood up, grabbing his luggage.


“I need to go now, can’t have the passengers wait for me! Have a safe slight, Captain Kookie!” he said and made a quick escape from Jungkook’s judgements. Taehyung slowed his pace once he was out of the younger man’s sight. He was at the terminals when his phone buzzed again.


Yoongi Swag: Safe flight send me a txt when u reach


The message warmed his heart so much so that he couldn’t help but smile at everyone who happened to see him.




It was already past Valentine’s day when he had got together with Yoongi but if he and Suga shared the same birthday, it meant it was coming soon, very soon in fact and he wasn’t too sure what to get for Yoongi.


Taehyung walked down the busy streets of Japan with his hands buried in the leather jacket’s pockets and earphones blasting indie songs that he found a few days ago. He had sent the same playlist to Yoongi just to share some music with the older man.  


He has been in Japan for four days without a single message or call from Yoongi. Despite that, Taehyung texted everyday with  ‘good morning’s and how his day went and pictures of stuff he found interesting and he always ends with a good night before going to bed.


Taehyung huddled further into the leather jacket, pulling it closer as he continued walking. A shop caught his eyes and he stopped in front of it. It was his own reflection that caught his eyes first; he looked paler with his recently dyed blonde hair. Jimin had his dyed silver, Jungkook went light brown and he went blonde. He looked cute with with blonde hair and Yoongi’s leather jacket.


He also belatedly realised he was outside a gift shop! His prayers have been answered and he looked up to the sky, mouthing a ‘thank you’ before rushing inside.


His shopping trip probably made a sizable dent in his wallet but it was worth it.


You: hi hyung! It’s afternoon here wat r u doing rn i wonder?

       I’ll be home soon so pls wait 4 me!!!


He hoped Yoongi was okay and nothing happened to him. He’s so mysterious.




When he got back to Seoul, Jimin was already flying to Hong Kong and Jungkook was flying back from New Zealand. He texted Yoongi to tell him he was back home the minute he landed but didn’t get a message back until two days later.


Yoongi Swag: welcome back babe

          sry i didn’t text everyday busy w/ work

         `will try to finish asap


You: it’s ok i understand :) Just call me if u need an americano!!!


Taehyung kept telling himself that he was fine and it was okay. Yoongi did warn him about getting busy with work from the beginning. He shut his eyes and let out a loud sigh; he hugged the leather jacket and rolled on to the other side of his bed.


He missed Yoongi so much,he decided to go make himself a cup of caramel macchiato at the cafe.




Weeks went by and he was flying as much as he could to make up for the emptiness he was feeling. Yoongi only replied once a day or sometimes once in a few days, his replies getting shorter and colder. Jimin was also flying as much as he can to have more hours with the goal to be a captain as soon as possible. Jungkook rarely seeing them due to highly different schedules and timezones.


February ended and he got his schedule for March.


You: AHHHHH!!! Bad news, hyung!!!

       I will be at Taiwan on your birthday!!!



He got a reply at midnight while he was packing for his next flight.


Yoongi Swag: that’s ok


Taehyung wondered what was going on with Yoongi. Did he do something wrong? Why is Yoongi getting so cold and distant? They haven’t seen each other for a month or so and Taehyung was struggling trying to get used to all the distance.


You: I want to c u


He bit his lower lips as he stared at his phone. Waiting for a reply was making him anxious enough that he started to drift but luckily, his phone vibrated after a few minutes.


Yoongi Swag: *image*


It was a close up of Yoongi, his hair hid underneath a black beanie, his dark circles gotten worse since the last time Taehyung saw him and he smiled at the camera even though he looked tired. Taehyung downloaded the photo and made it his phone’s lockscreen.


You: Don’t work too hard hyung!!!

        I’m going to bed now!!!

       I miss u <3 <3 <3


The scent of Yoongi on the leather jacket had mostly faded but there are still some faint smell of him lingering on, Taehyung hugged it when he couldn’t sleep to remind him of Yoongi. It comforted his ache for Yoongi. He wondered if Yoongi missed him at all.




Taehyung sat in front of his laptop, waiting patiently in anticipation for Yoongi to log on to Skype. He bit his nails, paced back and forth whilst keeping constant check on his boyfriend’s status, waiting for it to turn green. When he heard the calling tone, he jumped and quickly answered the call.


Yoongi’s image was blurry at first but once it settled, Taehyung grinned.


“Happy birthday, hyung!” he screamed eagerly in excitement.


Yoongi’s laugh sounded like music to his ears and his face had already started to hurt from all the smiling.


“Thank you, babe. I-” Yoongi was staring at him for a very long time, Taehyung thought the frame froze. “You dyed your hair.” Yoongi stated.


“Oh yeah! I forgot to tell you that. Oops.” he giggled, running a hand through his hair.  


“It looks good on you.” Yoongi complemented with a half smirk. “Hoseok said you sent me something?” Yoongi fumbled around the room before a familiar big box came into view. He put it on the table and adjusted the webcam so Taehyung could see the box and Yoongi.


“Yeah! Open it!” he bounced excitedly, like it was his own birthday.


Yoongi half smirked, “Whatever you say, babe.” he stood up and left, returning in a few seconds with a pen knife.


“What did you get me?” Yoongi asked, to which in response Taehyung gave a secretive smile.


“You’ll know once you’ve opened it.” he told his boyfriend.


The older man looked at the webcam, giving him an odd smile as cut open the box. When he opened the box, his jaw dropped, eyes widened and he slowly turned back to the webcam. “No way.” Yoongi said in disbelief.


It was like the first time he saw the art latte Taehyung made for him. Yoongi pulled out the Kumamon tumbler first and setting it on the table before taking out the Kumamon onesie from the box.


“I can’t believe this.” Yoongi said, a hand covered his mouth and he went into the box once again to pull out a plush sized Kumamon in an oversized sweater. “Is this supposed to be you?” he tilted his head, observing the plush black bear.


“Yes.” he grinned.


Yoongi stared at it for a moment before smelling it.


“It smells like you.” Yoongi noted, looking back at Taehyung.


“Yeah! I sprayed some of my cologne on it and slept with it everyday so you can have something that reminds you of me.” Taehyung giggled.

Yoongi looked so touched by it. “I really like it, thank you, Tae.” he said, taking a long sniff at the Kumamon. Those words made Taehyung smile but the happiness shown on Yoongi’s face, showing through his half crescent moon eyes was what made Taehyung swoon.


“I also sneaked some fresh coffee beans in there with a recipe to make cold americano. I even included a top secret recipe for our sugar syrup!”


“I’m glad you like it! How’s everything? How are you celebrating today?” Taehyung asked, it wasn’t like he got to see or even hear from his boyfriend everyday.


Yoongi carefully put away all his new stuff and focused on Taehyung. “Work is hectic as fuck, you know that already. Just the new people I have to work with are giving me a lot of shit and it’s stressful. Namjoon and Hoseok said they booked a room for karaoke.” Yoongi said thoughtfully.


“In that case, we should sing the happy birthday song and blow the cake before you go! Please wait for a moment.” Taehyung said and hurried to switch off the lights in the room he was currently staying at and lit up the candle on a cupcake.   

When he got back to the laptop, Yoongi was being distracted, looking up and talking to someone. Taehyung sat on the chair, waiting for Yoongi to look back at him.


“Hey, I have to go now. Something came up. I’ll try to get out of the karaoke if I can and I’ll call you. Sorry, Tae.” Yoongi said hurriedly.  Taehyung’s heart fell to his stomach. “It’s okay, enjoy your day.” he tried to force a smile and the call ended with Yoongi’s apologetic smile.


“Happy birthday, Yoongi hyung,” he said, staring at the ended call. He blew the candle as he wondered how the rapper was celebrating his birthday.

Chapter Text

Time flies when one’s busy and time waits for no one. If only Taehyung could turn back time to when he first met Yoongi.


Months went by and things didn’t improve, Yoongi had gotten even more busy than he already was, something Taehyung didn’t think was even possible. Taehyung, himself, had gotten busy as well. They started texting less and less due to their time differences and the long distance between them just made everything even worse. When Taehyung was back in Korea, Yoongi could only spare an hour or so to be with him before getting calls to return and they would both be busy with work once again.


It was frustrating and Taehyung can’t get used to it. He threw himself into his work and tried to drown out the loneliness that he felt at times,to be without his family and his close friends and especially without his mysterious boyfriend. Taehyung sat in a cafe staring at the butterflies outside.  


Due to his dedication, excellent skills in flying and hard work plus getting along with almost everyone he worked with, Taehyung had gotten promoted to fly further and somehow, he ended up on the same flight as Jungkook and Jimin to Paris. They were at the city of love and yet he felt only cravings, longing, yearning for his boyfriend, to at least just reply to his messages.


Jimin giggled while drinking his beverage with a straw, his hands quickly typing away on his phone, most probably texting his girlfriend. Jungkook, on the other hand, was taking pictures of everything and looking through the photos on the camera, deleting it and retaking the pictures.


Taehyung sighed as he looked at the black screen of his phone, waiting for it to buzz to life. He pouted, when it didn’t and leaned on the table, arguing with himself to just send the goddamn text but there was another part of him that was arguing back that he could get a text back any minute now.


Why can’t he just text back? Was Taehyung being annoying? It wasn’t like Yoongi didn’t warn him about being busy, but it was getting ridiculous, he didn’t even write a word to Taehyung. It felt like torture, both physically and mentally.


On lonely nights, he almost cried himself to sleep with his over-thinking; maybe something happened to Yoongi, maybe he was seeing someone else, maybe Yoongi was avoiding him, maybe Yoongi was in danger?


“I don’t meant to pry but maybe... you guys should take a break?” Jimin said from where he was sitting, his phone left on the table now as he looked at his friend with concern. “You look horrible and you have been sighing since we got on the plane.”


“You haven’t eaten much since we got here and that was days ago, hyung. Besides, Yoongi hyung, he… is not the type of person you should date.” Jungkook said slowly, choosing his words carefully.


Maybe he was cursed to never have a normal love life. Or maybe he was doomed with eternal loneliness. Fate was cruel to throw a perfect man at him and let him fall in love with the man to only snatch him away.


“I have been thinking about that too.” he admitted, he hugged the leather jacket that he was wearing, the scent of Yoongi had long disappeared.


Jungkook and Jimin shared a similar shocked expression. “Excuse me, what did you just say, hyung?” Jungkook coughed.


Taehyung knew they heard him perfectly fine the first time but they wanted the confirmation. Without another word, he unlocked his phone on the table and slid it to them to see. It was already opened to his and Yoongi’s messages.


There was a long message already typed out but not yet sent.


“Why don’t you just call him or Skype?” Jimin asked as Jungkook read the message.


“I tried to but he didn’t pick up. We haven’t talked for a month and he doesn’t text back until four days later and when he does reply, it was short and usually one word. I feel so far away from him now, not only physically but emotionally as well. I don’t know what’s wrong and I am pretty sure I was doing my best to work with our relationship while he’s avoiding me.” Taehyung said, eyes were getting watery.


“I am very proud of you for knowing it’s entirely his fault and not yours, Tae.” Jimin said, pulling him in a tight awkward side hug from his seat.


“Don’t worry about it too much, hyung.” Jungkook said, returning his phone.


His phone immediately rang after that and he panicked when he saw who was calling him.


“What did you do, Jungkook?” he asked in alarm.


“Oh, I sent it. Is he calling you now?” Jungkook peered at the ringing phone and nodded when his suspicion was confirmed.


“Better answer that, Tae.” Jimin said, already pressing the accept call icon for him.  


With no other choices, he answered the phone, reminding himself to breath to try to get his beating heart to slow down.


“Hi.” he greeted, walking away from the two traitors.  


“Are you breaking up with me?” straight to the point. Okay.


“Is that what it takes for you to pick up the call?” Taehyung narrowed his eyes.


There was a loud sigh of frustration from the other line, “Taehyung, I don’t have time for this! Are you breaking up with me?” Yoongi asked raspingly.


“I want to take a break. Yes.” he answered as calmly as possible.


“Because of me?” Yoongi said, voice clipped.


Taehyung shrinked and started playing with a loose string on his shirt. He held his breath because he really didn’t want to end this.


“Yes, you’re stressing me out. You don’t text back and I worry about you so much, I don’t even know what to do. I wonder if you’re sleeping alright, if you’re eating, are you sick or just something ! I feel like you’re avoiding me.”  




Taehyung let out a sigh and looked up at the blue sky so that the tears wouldn’t fall down his face. “I know so little about you from when you still visit the cafe and once you stopped visiting, I stopped learning about you. You’re so mysterious and I feel like… I don’t even know you anymore. I don’t even know what your first name is and you still haven’t told me what you’re working as, you haven’t met my parents properly, I don’t know if you’re a cat or dog person and I don’t even know what your favourite colour is!” he was crying, oh no.


There was a very long moment of silence on the other end and the only way he knew Yoongi didn’t hang up was from the sound of breathing from the other side.  

“Okay.” Yoongi finally replied.


It was Taehyung’s turn to be in silent. “What?”


“I said fine. I am sorry I can’t give you what you need, Taehyung. I tried to be but I am just… I am- Look, I’m really sorry okay? I-I don’t know what else to say.” Yoongi said, voice strained.


You are all I want. You’re the one that I need.


“So, that’s it then?” he sniffled.


“...Yeah.” Yoongi answered.


“We are officially breaking up.” Taehyung said, more to himself than to Yoongi.




Tears flowing down his face by itself and chest tighten. He swallowed the lump growing in his throat and forced himself to say, “Bye, Yoongi hyung.”


“Bye.” The line went dead. Taehyung sobbed freely, he started walking in no particular direction, bumping into people and ignoring them as all the pent up frustration, his stress and hurt took over.




More months went by and it was already mid July. Taehyung completed enough hours to go for his tests and interviews to be a pilot captain. He and Jimin sat for the same exam and had gotten their captain titles together. Jimin started seeing a girl and Jungkook went back home to visit his parents.


“You know, Min Suga has been so emo lately. All he ever posts about are those cheesy ‘I miss you’ crap on his Instagram.” his copilot commented while they waited for the air steward to bring them their overdue meal.


“It's ruining his whole badass image.” the other pilot added. Taehyung was only half listening, he was more interested in the plastic spoon and stirring his tea.


“You guys talking about Bangtan? Didn't they just released a new album? I heard it on the radio this morning before leaving. It sounded more angry than usual.” one of the crew member said, finally bringing them their food.


Taehyung perked up at the mention of a new album.


“I think Suga had enough with the press and fame.” the other crew member said. “I mean, with that kind of success, there's no way he could have peace or date someone or even have some alone time.” the lady added thoughtfully. “It's really kind of sad.”


Taehyung nodded silently and took his meal from them.


“Hey Captain Kim, you wanna go visit the Santa Monica pier together when we landed?” the two ladies asked, just like many of other crew members that he flew with had.


With a smile, he turned to them. “Sorry, but I can’t. I have some place to be. Maybe next time?” he said and quietly ate his meal.


After all the procedures of landing was done, he changed into a black and white striped t-shirt, black jeans, a scarf and the black leather jacket that had become a constant. He switched on his phone and carried his carry on with him as he exited. Taehyung smiled and gave all the crew members a thumbs up for another successful and safe landing before going to get his luggage.


“He rejected Janis and Jennifer as well. Can you believe it?” those hush words caught his ears and he knew it weren’t meant for him to hear.


“He’s wearing that leather jacket everyone kept talking about too.” another crew member said and he had enough of this already. Taehyung went to his phonebook and dialed the number as he waited for his luggage. The phone was picked up after two rings.


“I have arrived safely, mother .” he grinned.


“Oh, thank god. I am fifteen minutes away. I’ll pick you up at Gate D, wait for me there.” Seokjin said and he hummed an affirmation.


This flight was his last flight for a while and he was given two months off before he had to fly to Germany and then back to Korea. It was compensation for having worked through the busy holiday seasons. It was a coincidence that he was to land in California and when he told Seokjin, the older man was thrilled and insisted he stay with him at his bakery.


Seokjin ‘retired’ from working as an air steward four years ago and moved to Santa Monica to open up a small bakery, where he lived apartment just upstairs from his bakery. It was where he met his mysterious boyfriend years ago and he thought it was meant to be because his boyfriend happened to come across his small pink bakery and was a visiting korean. They have been together ever since and Taehyung found himself somewhat jealous of it.


While waiting for his hyung, he downloaded the new album from Bangtan and listened to it.  The first few songs were alright, they rapped about the unfairness of society, about how the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer, how people are wasting their time studying, working and not giving time to their loved ones, then it got darker and deeper, like the ocean. Rap Monster started rapping about the pain of distant love, J-Hope rapped about how angry he was at not being able to express himself and Min Suga… he rapped about how much he hates the media, the fame, the attention that he doesn’t want anymore.


‘I would rather die. ’ he ended, voice full of regret, anger and frustration.


Taehyung wasn’t aware that his face was wet until he felt the cold breeze and he shivered. He wiped away the tears on his cheeks with the leather jacket and paused the music before he cried even more. Min Suga’s voice reminded him of Yoongi, the Yoongi he missed, the Yoongi he was restraining himself from texting, the Yoongi he was trying to forget.


A honk made him jump and realise that he was at the airport in California and Seokjin will be there soon to pick him up. He will be staying here to forget.


Chapter Text

Seokjin had changed quite a bit from the last time Taehyung had hanged out with him. He had grown older, wiser, better at cooking and baking but most importantly, he was so unconditionally in love with the guy he was dating.


He was so smitten by him and that's all he ever wanted to talk about. Taehyung had learned to tune out whenever Seokjin had that odd smile on his face, the silly smile which lit up his eyes. It was dreadful to look at because Seokjin still hasn't told him who he's seeing.


Taehyung helped at the bakery while Seokjin baked at the back. He took care of the pink cashier and packed up cakes for the customers. It was quite similar to the job at the cafe except he doesn't have to make the coffee, not that he'll want to make another coffee anyways.


He blanked out, as usual, and mindlessly watched Seokjin mixing the hot pink batter together with a spatula. Seokjin has been baking for the past two hours, explaining each step to Taehyung who wasn't listening.


All he could think of was Yoongi’s soft lips, his small, cold hands on his face, his soft blond hair, his rough yet sultry low voice, and the intoxicating taste of his mouth, bitter yet minty taste from those cigarettes he smoked, the smell of the musky cologne with a little smell of something sweet that was purely Yoongi.


“Have you heard the new Bangtan album?” Seokjin asked suddenly and brought him back to the present.


“Yeah.” he answered shortly, resting his chin on the work counter, his chin was probably covered with flour already. Seokjin looked expectantly, probably waiting for him to go into a long worshipful rant of how good the album was and every single detail about Suga.


But he didn't.


Something felt weird about the new album, it was too… familiar in an odd way. The concept of the album was mostly anger and a lot of regrets. For some stupid reasons, he felt that Suga was going through a hard time, probably a heartbreak or something similar to that. Taehyung didn't know what else to say about the album except that it just reminded him of Yoongi way too much.


“You miss him,” Seokjin stated knowingly. “I know how that feel.” the baker sighed, putting down the mixing bowl.


“We aren't even together that long and it has been months since we broke up but I still miss him, hyung. I barely knew him but when I’m with him, it felt like... “ he trailed off, he sounded stupid even to himself.


“Like you’ve known him for years?” Seokjin finished for him with a soft motherly smile.


He nodded, chin back on the flour covered surface. The younger man breathed out loudly through his nose, the white flour flew everywhere. He’s probably got flour in his hair now too.


Seokjin murmured, “I don’t get youngsters these days. You fall in love and then you break up still liking the person. It’s all so complicated. Something similar happened to my boyfriend’s friend and he’s going through a hard time right now. He still obviously cares about the person he was in love with but broke up due to his… circumstances .” Seokjin got lost in his own thoughts before remembering Taehyung was there.


“Anyways, I'm sure your guy has his reasons too. From what you’ve told me, he seemed really into you too.” Seokjin said, picking up his bowl and scraping the mixture into a piping bag.


“What are you making, hyung?” Taehyung asked and got an annoyed look from the baker. “Didn’t you listen to what I’ve been saying the past hour?” Seokjin scolded, lining a baking sheet on the baking tray.


Taehyung smiled sheepishly, “Nope.”


Seokjin sighed, there was nothing he could do about Taehyung anyways. “My boyfriend is coming over today, if nothing comes up and he loves macarons so I am making some for him.” Seokjin explained again. Taehyung blinked, taking in what was being said.


“Oh my god, I am going to meet your boyfriend?” he realised, saying it out loud. “Oh my god! I have to tell Jiminie and Jungkookie. They’ll be soooo jealous!” Taehyung was already heading towards the counter area for the coat rack by the door.


“Kim Taehyung, don’t you dare!” Seokjin followed hurriedly, stopping him. “My boyfriend is a very private person, that’s why nobody’s seen him yet. I don’t want a word out about this, are we clear?” Seokjin used his mother tone on him and he obeyed like a scared little child.   


“Great, now come help me with the buttercream frosting.” Seokjin smiled.




The bubblegum flavoured frosting tasted pleasantly sweet and it was so odd that it wasn’t from the chewy candy. “Is this what the locals like?” Taehyung asked and dip his index finger into the bowl for more.


“Yeah, generally. It was quite a shock to me as well,” his hyung laughed. “Don’t finish eating it, I need that and help me cut out the circles from the cake.” the baker pointed at a raspberry sponge cake and a small circle cutter.


He did as instructed while Seokjin put the baking tray in the oven. “I named it Namjin because it represents my relationship. I used two years to perfect this recipe and it was always a mess when I made it with him.” Seokjin laughed and helped Taehyung with cutting the cake.


Taehyung only nodded his acknowledgment, one of the things he had learned from the past weeks of staying with Seokjin was the man won’t shut up about his boyfriend, both good and bad. He was so in love that Taehyung just imagined them getting married already. Taehyung wondered when will he ever get the same treatment as Seokjin and what kind of cake will be served at the wedding. Will Seokjin bake the wedding cake?


“It’s not easy, you know.” Seokjin smiled, cutting the cake expertly.  


“Cutting the cake? It seemed really simple for me, hyung.”


That made Seokjin laughed with his whole body, “No, no. I mean the relationship. He’s miles away and he’s extremely busy while I am here, baking cakes. I only ever see him in person twice a year and four to five times if I am lucky.” Seokjin revealed.


Taehyung’s hands stopped working, his attention was on Seokjin, eyes wide in shocked. Seokjin continued working with a small smile, he doesn’t look sad though.


“How did you manage to cope with that? Don’t you miss him?” Taehyung demanded to know.


“Nothing’s easy, Taetae. You need to put in effort, trust, a lot of understanding and a lot of sacrifices. Communication is key but it doesn’t mean that you have to be with that person or talk to that person every single day . For some people, it worked but for some others, it didn’t. Like us for example, we try to Skype or call every three to four days and we would talk for hours . I still love him, he still loves me and it makes everything so much more rewarding when we spent time together in person. You just need to figure out what is it that both of you want and then work with both of your tempos.” Seokjin advised.


“We also send each other packages every month or two with stuff we found interesting or made. He would send me some of his mixtapes and clothes that smells like him and I’ll send him some crocheted sweaters or DIY stuff. We included a diary that we write everyday; which includes some of the shortest and most boring entries like me doing my laundry and he sleeping in the car. It’s all silly but it’s what works for us.” Seokjin smile fondly.


The timer rang and the baker quickly went to shut it off and pulled open the oven.


“When did you start being so… I don’t know, philosophical, hyung?” Taehyung complained, popping a small round cake into his mouth.


“Am I? This is the proof that being in a relationship changes a person without them knowing.” Seokjin grinned, pulling out the hot tray with pink gloves.


“You're making me feel lovesick, hyung.” he groaned with a mouthful of cake.


“If all you want to do is be sad and mope around, you can do that with my boyfriend's friend. The one that just got out of a relationship. You two can talk and be sad and complain about your exes all day. I have some extra chocolate frosting in the fridge, if that helps.” the baker rolled his eyes, done with today's youths. “And stop eating all my stuff! I need those!”




Namjoon was on edge all day, his usual calm and relaxed persona fell apart as soon as they landed in California. He rushed everything which resulted in dropping his passport, dropping his phone, dropping his wallet two times and losing one of his shoes.  


“Come on ! We need to get out of here!” he whined, walking quickly past the shops in the airport. Paparazzi and journalists were waiting outside for them to arrive, they could hear the fan chant from inside but none of that mattered because Namjoon is going to see Seokjin soon, hopefully in an hour.


Yoongi can't even glare enough at the younger male because he was so blinded with love, he doesn't see anything else. Namjoon won't listen and he doesn't want to talk to a sleep deprived Hoseok, no other choice than to listen to the odd music Taehyung sent him age ago.


The small Kumamon was visible in his carry on bag and he shuffled to bundle it around his scarf so nobody sees it. He doesn't need anybody pickpocketing it and selling it on eBay just because it belonged to Min Suga. He needed the special Kumamon to help him sleep, thank you very much.


Within the hour, they made it out of the airport and to the hotel, despite a thrashing and complaining Namjoon. At least he was cool enough in front of the cameras and fans, Yoongi scoffed. They were escorted inside the hotel they will be staying at and forced to stay put until the coast is clear for them to sneak out.


Yoongi just wanted to sleep and try to get used to the timezone but he could already hear Seokjin nagging in the back of his mind and giving him a disappointed look.


That's how he ended up in a car in the late afternoon, heading towards Seokjin’s bakery. Namjoon was the only one with energy left in him, Hoseok, the usual hyperactive and happy go lucky, was dozing off in the corner of the car while Yoongi tried not to think of anything. He's exhausted, has been for the past few months and he's beyond stressed.


Now that the album was released, they were even more busy, with clothes fittings, going on interviews, practising for live performances, getting followed literally everywhere and no amount of coffee seemed to help.


He was complaining about coffee almost 24/7 and people just can't make his order right. Hoseok had told him that it wasn't the barista’s fault but Taehyung’s because he ruined Yoongi’s taste for coffee forever.


Yoongi thought it was ridiculous and tried to make the cold americano himself with what Taehyung had given him for his birthday but it tasted terrible, something just wasn't right about how it tasted on his tongue.


Upon reaching the small pink bakery, Namjoon paid the fare quickly, carried his carry on and rushed into the building. Yoongi had to shove Hoseok to get the younger man to wake up and they got out of the car together at a more relaxed pace. They made their way inside and was greeted by a scent of sweet baked goods.


“Baby, I'm home!” Namjoon announced, dropping his carry on on the floor and waited for a reply with a huge grin.


“Joonie! Hold on!” came Seokjin’s voice from the back before the door leading to the baking station opened and the tall man ran towards his boyfriend. It looked like one of those scenes where the soldier returned home from war and their wife or lover was waiting for them.


Something I could have had. Yoongi thought bitterly.


They hugged for a really long time, whispering stuff into each other's ears and there were tears in Seokjin’s eyes.


“Good to see you too, hyung.” he said dryly and sat down at one of the small table meant for two people.   

“Yeah, I'm going to borrow your bed. Wake me up when dinner’s ready or- something.” Hoseok yawned, making his way upstairs.


Yoongi took off his jacket and hanged them on the empty coat hanger, debating whether or not to join Hoseok for a nap but decided not to, due to the younger man’s strange sleeping patterns.  How can someone sleep comfortably with their legs up on the headboard and body skewered to the side?


He needed a good cup of coffee months ago.


Seokjin gave Yoongi a disapproving look but a smile formed on his face, Namjoon had his arm around his boyfriend's waist.


“You can be more sarcastic, Min Yoongi.” Seokjin raised an eyebrow and Namjoon laughed, nuzzling his face into the crooks of Seokjin’s neck.


They were disgustingly loving together and it made Yoongi’s stomach twist.


“Come on, I made macarons.” Seokjin said, guiding them to the back.


The hot pink macarons sat on the table like a display. It looked like something that jumped out of a baking magazine. Colourful sprinkles scattered on the pink macarons and the cream that sandwiched between them were bright blue.


Yoongi immediately went in for one and bite it into half, surprised by the raspberry sponge cake in the middle of the macaron.


“It's so good, babe. I can't believe you didn't wait for me to get here to bake with you.” Namjoon pouted as Seokjin fed him the small french pastry.


The older man scoffed, “As if I would let you touch any of my equipments again after that disaster two years ago.”


“Okay, I kept telling you that I didn't do anything! I swear that motherfucker just got on fire when I opened the oven!”


Yoongi rolled his eyes, looking around and hoping to drown the lovebirds out. The bakery looked neat and clean, as usual but there was something out of place; a pair of really nice blue headphones were left on one of the empty counters, the ones that reminded him of Taehyung again.


“Where is that friend of yours? The one that you said is staying with you for now?” Namjoon asked.


“He should be back soon. He went to get a room in a hotel nearby for two days since you'll be staying here.” Seokjin winked and that was just too much information for Yoongi.


“Keep it in your pants. I don't need a mental image of you two going at it. Fucking hell.” Yoongi slid the fresh pack of menthol cigarettes out from his pocket and put one in mouth, after putting on his jacket, he made his way outside to the corner of an alley.


His lighter was in the other side of his pocket and it would be so easy to just take it out and light the cigarette. Just a smoke and he'll be fine, smoking always helped him relax a little, didn't it?


He stood there for a long time, he wasn't sure how long. It could have been minutes or hours but in the end, he dropped the unlit cigarette on the floor and stared at it. He let out a sigh, rubbing his hands together and walked away from the alley.


The unlit cigarette left untouched just like all the other cigarettes he tried to smoke the past rough months.


When he returned to the bakery, he froze halfway of taking off his jacket. A black leather jacket that looked just like the one he used to have, was right there hanged on the coat hanger.


“Hey hyung, who's leather jacket is this? I swear I used to have the exact same one-” he froze again once he opened the door to the baking station.



Taehyung tried to hum or whistle a song but nothing seemed to fit in his mood. He forgot to bring his headphones with him and the only other way to entertain oneself without a headphone is to make your own music. He jumped from songs to songs and gave up in the end, walking down the streets without music.


He heard on the radio that Bangtan was going to attend to some award show or something in a few days. Taehyung wondered where they were at the moment and if he would accidentally bumped into one of the members.


Jungkook had texted him a few days ago about the outroar in Korea when Bangtan announced their first concert for the album will be held in the United States, then Europe and slowly make their way back to Asia. There was no specific answer as to why they planned it this way but it seemed like one of those mysteries that won't be solved.


The three of them had stayed up all night or day, different timezones, trying to reserve the VIP tickets or backstage tickets but ended up with normal tickets. It was a little disappointing and anticlimactic but Taehyung just prayed that he'll be back in Korea and his schedule is free enough to attend the concert.


As he closed in on the bakery, he wondered what kind of man Seokjin was dating, wondered why he was so secretive about it. When Seokjin told the three of them that he was seeing someone, for a very long time they thought it was a joke but after seeing how much happier the man was, they started to think otherwise.


Taehyung shrugged off the tingling feeling he felt as he entered the bakery and slid out of the leather jacket and hung it on the coat hanger.


“I'm back, hyung!” he announced and looked around for his headphones.


“Welcome back! You left your headphones on the workstation!” Seokjin, the life saver, said.


Taehyung quickly made his way to the back and took the headphones from Seokjin’s hand. “My boyfriend's upstairs putting away his stuff. We're probably going to order some pizzas and watch a movie. Feel free to join.” Seokjin ruffled his hair.


“Pizza sounds so good right now actually-” he started.


“Hey hyung, who's leather jacket is this? I swear I used to have the exact same one-” the low rough yet silky voice. The one that Taehyung missed so much. He held his breath and his body froze in place.


There was a long stretch of silence and after gathering enough courage, he slowly turned around in disbelief, only to be confirmed that he wasn't hearing things. Taehyung could recognise the slouching figure, the pale skin of Yoongi anywhere.


Yoongi stood at the door, unmoving, jaws clenched and Taehyung would’ve bet Yoongi’s eyes were as wide as his underneath the shades.


Seokjin watched the exchange in confusion and in silence.


“What leather jacket?” Namjoon’s footsteps grew louder as he made his way downstairs but stopped when he saw the scene in front of him.


“Oh--” Namjoon said, eyes wide and he looked between the two of them.


Seokjin immediately took the cue to leave, closing the doors behind him as he dragged Namjoon upstairs again. The air in the workshop was thick with unsaid words, and Taehyung doesn't know what to do. It felt so unreal, like he was dreaming but he wasn't sure if it was a good or bad dream.


“You… you dyed your hair.” he cleared his throat.


“Yeah.” Yoongi removed the baseball hat and readjusted it so that his hair was hidden underneath it.


More silence and Taehyung shifted side to side, looking everywhere else than at Yoongi, who was staring at him.


“You… Can you make me a cup of coffee?” Yoongi asked and Taehyung quickly nodded, anything is better than nothing.


They exited the baking area and Yoongi sat at the counter as Taehyung took his position behind the counter. It was like deja vu all over again, him standing behind the counter while Yoongi was at the opposite side.


Taehyung swallowed down the lump in his throat as he argued about what to make. Would an Americano be too much?


“An Americano is fine.” Yoongi said suddenly, he must have noticed his fidgeting.


Taehyung only nodded, not trusting himself to say anything because all he wanted to do was say stupid shit and cry in Yoongi’s shoulder again, to touch the man. As he made the coffee, he could feel Yoongi’s heavy stare at his back, it was making him edgy and tensed.


The coffee machines and equipment weren’t the same as the ones they had in the cafe but he tried the best he could to recreate the ones he used to make for Yoongi. He grabbed a cup nearby and filled it up with hot water and mixed in a few drops of vanilla extracts, brown and white sugar to create the sugar syrup before mixing it into the cold beverage.


When Taehyung turned around to serve the coffee, he was slightly taken aback by the man that he knew had been staring at him the whole time. His black hair was slightly messy from the hat, it contrasted nicely on his pale skin, his dark circles were more terrifying in real life and he looked like he had lost some weight with how prominent his jaws and cheekbones looked. It was like the first day they’ve met long ago, except this time, Yoongi really did look like a vampire.


Those lips still looked soft and pink, like Yoongi had been biting on them. Taehyung caught himself staring at those lips and quickly turned his attention back to those eyes, those black eyes that were staring holes into his.


“Americano. It’ll probably taste different from the ones I used to make.” his voice soft and he looked away as he put the cold beverage on the table. Yoongi sipped on it silently, eyes never leaving Taehyung.


The older man’s moan caught him off guard and he looked up at the man. His eyes were closed and he hummed appreciatively.


“Thank you. I really needed that. Fuck, I needed that so much.” Yoongi said just as quietly, making Taehyung flush.


What does it even mean?


“We need to have a proper talk.” Yoongi said suddenly, his eyes fluttered open.




They walked in silence, an awkward silence and the huge gap in between them, probably large enough it could easily fit two more people in between. Taehyung was thinking too much but at the same time not sure what he was thinking. He tried to make sense of everything that just went on.


Why is Yoongi here? What is he doing here? What do you do with an ex? Why did he agree to walk with him? What should he do now? What do they even talk about? Why is Yoongi here!?


They ended up at McDonald's and Yoongi ordered them a McFlurry with fries.


“What are you thinking about?” Yoongi asked, sitting opposite of him at the table.


“I'm trying to process everything.” Taehyung blinked.

The fast food reminded him of that night.


“In my defense, I didn't know you're friends with Seokjin hyung.” Yoongi dipped a fry inside the ice cream and hold it out for Taehyung, the action too familiar and Taehyung was too weak to reject it.


“We used to fly together and hyung’s really good at cooking so most of us tend to choose to live with him when we travel. He also takes good care of us.” Taehyung said while chewing.


Yoongi nodded and hummed in agreement before telling him his side of story. “I met him through Namjoon, they went to school together and lost contact of each other but met each other again here. I think it's a huge conspiracy shit. How can someone lose contact with someone only to meet them again halfway across the earth?” Yoongi said thoughtfully.


It made Taehyung laugh, it broke the icy barrier between them. Yoongi grinned a little and fed Taehyung more fries.


“Seokjin hyung won't shut up about how Namjoon hyung keeps breaking stuff.” Taehyung complained, taking some fries, dipping them into the ice cream and feeding it to Yoongi as well.


“And Namjoon won't shut up about Seokjin’s cooking. Like, I get it. You're in love, now please shut the fuck up for a second.” Yoongi rolled his eyes, chewing the fries being fed to him.


Taehyung couldn't look away now that he's looking at Yoongi. He missed those pale skin, those black eyes, those perfect lips and that beautiful smile, that addictive voice and Yoongi’s scent.


“Why are you here?” he blurted out. He really needed to know. But he has a feeling of what answer he would get.


“Work.” Yoongi said without hesitation, dipping more fries.


“Right. I still have no idea what you work as.” Taehyung said bitterly, looking away. He can feel Yoongi’s eyes staring at him but he didn't want to look at Yoongi, or his soft lips.


“How are you? I know I'm an asshole but I still care about you.” Yoongi said.




Taehyung thought he was hearing things or imagining things that Yoongi still cares about him. It was impossible since that’s one of the reasons they broke up but Seokjin’s words suddenly echoed in his head loudly.  


He seemed pretty into you too.


He swallowed, trying to shake off the bittersweet feeling.


“I'm a captain now and the airline let me have my holidays now but I have to work during Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks.” he said and wrecked his mind to only tell Yoongi the highlight instead of everything else. “Oh! Jiminie, Jungkookie and I also reserved tickets to see Bangtan live in Korea.” he added.


“You're still listening to them?” Yoongi said distastefully.


Taehyung frowned and hit him, aiming to hurt the man but not too much.


“Ouch!” Yoongi scowled, rubbing his probably bruised arms. He didn't explain why he hit him because he expected Yoongi to know better. The question was offensive and stupid after all.


Taehyung pouted and the older man winced while rubbing his hurt arm. He rolled his eyes and tried his best to hold in the giggle that threatened to come out of his mouth. Yoongi was such a drama queen.  


“Did it help?” Yoongi said after a while, still rubbing his arm.


The younger man looked up curiously. The older man asked the most stupid questions sometimes. “You should know better than to insult Bangtan, so no, hitting you doesn't make me feel better!”


Yoongi stared at him with a half amused and half confused smile. Then he laughed. Oh God, Taehyung missed that laughter. He should probably record it so he could play it on repeat.


“I-I meant did their music help with the breakup, Kim Taehyung.” Yoongi said between laughter, he was holding his stomach. Taehyung blushed, hid his face behind his hands and looked down; his face was probably bright red. When the laughter died down a little, Yoongi asked again. “Well, did it?”


Taehyung groaned, still embarrassed. “Honestly, no. I haven’t listened to the entire album but the songs I’ve heard are good, as always.” he said honestly, debating whether to give his full opinion or not.


“What about Suga?” Yoongi stirred the ice cream.


The question threw him off guard. Yeah, what about Min Suga? His parts seemed off, fans have been theorising and spreading rumours about him quitting Bangtan to go solo or quitting music entirely.


“I hope he figure his stuff out soon, he seemed to be in a lot of pain and suffering. I hope he gets help. Nobody deserves to feel that much pain.” Taehyung decided to say, eating dried fries.




Walking back was less awkward, there was only a person sized gap between them and both of them didn't talked about what they both really wanted to talk about.


Every time Taehyung wanted to bring it up, he didn't know how to. Yoongi seemed to know what he wanted you ask or say but nothing happened. They avoided the topic like the plague, hoping the other person would just talk .


Clearly, the feelings were still thick and heavy in the air. Longing, wanting, craving, hurting, aching, confusing .


Yoongi seemed really on edge for some reason when they left the fast food place and he kept looking around, his footsteps were getting quicker and eventually, leaving Taehyung behind. The younger didn't want to catch up, tired of catching up with the older man so he walked slower and looked down at the path as he walked.


Then, a cold hand grabbed his wrist tightly and pulled him forward quickly, to his surprise. Yoongi continued to lead the way while making sure Taehyung doesn't get lost. It made his heart flutter, which wasn't a good sign or something that he hoped would happen.


They reached the bakery but Yoongi dragged him down a little further past the bakery, to the alley next to the bakery, before he could ask or protest, he was slammed towards the wall and Yoongi trapped him in between his arms.  


The position was a little awkward due to the slight height difference between the two men. It was like a scene in those dramas he used to watch, when the guy slammed the girl to make her feel vulnerable and the guy was being domineering.


Taehyung lowered himself just so Yoongi appeared to be taller than him since he was supposed to be the female lead role in the situation.


Yoongi stared at him in with a slightly shocked reaction that quickly turned to hilarity. “You are unreal, Kim Taehyung.” Yoongi laughed lowly, shaking his head. “You are also the most intelligent idiot I've ever met.” he added.


Taehyung looked up at the older man with wide innocent eyes, watching the pale face, those black eyes that showed more emotions than his facial expressions and those beautiful lips he was dying to lean in and claim as his once again.


“I don’t want to sound desperate. I really hate people who sound desperate, but you, Kim Taehyung, make me a desperate man.” Yoongi said, his voice low and his eyes droopy. Both of their breathings hard, hot and heavy.


The older man raised one of his small cold hands and touched his warm cheeks, rubbing them gently and lovingly; Taehyung gave into the touch, leaning into those hands, wanting more.     


“You’re always so warm.” Yoongi murmured, Taehyung almost missed it. The older man was closer to him now, Taehyung could feel his breathing and it would be so easy to just lean up a little and connect their mouths together.


But he waited, swallowing his saliva and waited for Yoongi to make the first move.


That didn’t happened; Yoongi pulled his hand away and pushed himself off the wall. He turned away from Taehyung, as if nothing happened and slid his hand into his pocket. Taehyung stood up, huffed in a mixture of disbelief and anger.


“Yoongi hyung, can you stop making me make the first move? You’re supposed to be the vampire knight in sparkly cool armor!” he took a step forward and stopped when he saw what the older man held in his hand. .


Yoongi held the pack of cigarettes tightly in his fist that he was trying to hide from Taehyung. They were quiet then, Yoongi looked at the other side of the alley and Taehyung absorb in the situation.


I smoke when I am stressed out.


That was what Yoongi said long time ago, when they were still talking. The situation in front of him, the realisation that Yoongi was smoking again, felt like someone stabbed him in the heart multiple times. It hurt so bad .  


“Are you stressed out right now? Is it because of me?” Taehyung asked shakily.


Yoongi opened and closed his mouth.


“I tried to forget you, I came here to forget you. I worked and worked, trying to forget you. I was so lonely for so long. I trusted you. I-I... “ he couldn’t finish his words and he bit down on his lips as tears fell down his face in a constant stream.


His vision was blurry and he couldn’t look at Yoongi anymore. But through his blurry vision, he saw the wounded look on Yoongi’s face before being pulled into a hug. It smelled so good, Yoongi smelled so nice, like home and lazy Sundays and rainy days.


“Shhh… shhh…” Yoongi held him close and tightly, the pack of cigarettes fell on the floor. He continued to sob, letting out all the pent up sorrow.


“I am sorry. I really am. I don’t know what I am trying to do. I thought I was protecting you by pushing you away, I was aware that you were hurting but I still did it and everyday, every night I told myself, it was for your sake. Maybe that was really selfish of me, maybe I was trying to save myself too. Taehyung, you deserve better. You really do.” Yoongi said into his ears, it was filled with regret and Taehyung doesn’t know why but he started crying even harder.


“I really really like you, Kim Taehyung.” Yoongi confessed, holding him closer and stroking Taehyung’s head caringly.


“I don’t- don’t understand.” Taehyung cried. “I tried to but I never did. Why are you so secretive? Wh- why can’t we just be together like normal people?” he nuzzled into Yoongi’s neck, fully aware that his tears and snots were getting everywhere.   


Yoongi stopped stroking and tensed up. “Because I… am…” the pale man took in a deep breath, looking up at the bright sky. “I am a man with conditions. I am busy, I travel, I work everyday and I don’t go home. I can’t have a normal life and I don’t want you to be stuck with me, going through that too.”


Taehyung pushed himself away from Yoongi and stared at the man with determination. “Yoongi hyung.” he started, wiping away his tears and snots. “When people like each other, they work it out. They communicate and try to find the common ground. They deal with the crosswind. You are literally running away from the problem than facing it and dealing with it. You're a coward!”


Yoongi blinked blankly like he doesn’t understand a word that Taehyung had just said. Most of the time, actions speaks louder than words. Taking a few steps forward, Taehyung pushed Yoongi to the opposite wall and leaned in, kissing Yoongi.  




When the both of them entered the bakery again, Seokjin, Hoseok and Namjoon were sitting at the chairs waiting for them. Seokjin got into his feet immediately, darting his eyes from Yoongi to Taehyung before plastering a fake smile.


“Welcome back, guys! Er- How are… things?” the oldest man asked, fidgeting.


“We talked.” Yoongi filled in the blanks.


“So... “ Namjoon interjected, raising his eyebrows.


“He rejected me.” Yoongi said, rolling his eyes and strolling towards the cooler for a drink.


Everyone turned to Taehyung in shocked.


“What?” Hoseok gasped dramatically and Taehyung giggled.


“We are taking things slow.” he grinned, walking towards Yoongi for the drink the older man was drinking.


“For fuck’s sake! I was worried for nothing?” Seokjin cursed and the other two men sighed in relief.


“Wait, what do you mean taking things slow?” Hoseok asked skeptically and Taehyung returned the drink back to Yoongi.


“We’ll just do our thing and try to make things work. Yoongi hyung has to show me his effort into working this out.” Taehyung said expectantly, looking at Yoongi.


“Yoongi-ah, you better try harder or else this cutie will run away before you know it.” Seokjin teased, smiling for real this time.


“Not letting that happen again.” Yoongi mumbled, protectively pulling Taehyung closer.


“Great! Pizza, anybody?” Hoseok grinned and jumped out of his chair.




“Are you really not going to tell me what you work as?” Taehyung asked.


“Not now. Why is it important anyways?” Yoongi raised an eyebrow.


It was two in the morning and Yoongi walked Taehyung back to the hotel he was suppose to stay at. Hoseok took a taxi back and offered to drop Taehyung at his hotel first but Taehyung had refused, choosing to walk and burn off some calories.


Yoongi decided to walk him back then, claiming that he doesn’t want Taehyung to get murdered by his enemies and sold in the black market in America. “My English is really bad.” Yoongi had said and Taehyung couldn’t stop laughing. “I won't be able to communicate.”


They walked hand in hand, Taehyung hugging his ex-boyfriend’s arm and leaning on his shoulder as they strolled back to the hotel. The cold air was nice and there was a very faint smell of the salty sea in the air. They shared Taehyung’s earphone and the music was on shuffle.


“It’s extremely important! I need to know so I can come up with jokes to make you laugh about it. You look so serious all the time, if I am dating you, I want you to be happy all the time!”


Yoongi chuckled and shook his head. “Being happy all the time is tiring. I am tired already, I don’t know why we didn’t just take a taxi with Hoseok. You are making my life difficult, Kim Taehyung.”


Taehyung grinned at that as they got closer to the hotel. “Good! Some challenges are good for you. Life would be so dull and boring without a good challenge.” he giggled even more.


Yoongi sighed with a small smile, his eyes were sparkling and Taehyung fell in love all over again.


Out of the corner of his eyes, he saw something; something big and weird. “Oh my god, is that a cactus?” Taehyung pushed himself away from Yoongi, rushing over to the huge cactus plant outside of someone’s house. He heard a loud chuckle from Yoongi.


“One day, Kim Taehyung. One day, I will understand you. And when that day comes, I will marry you.” Yoongi promised with a confident smirk and walked up next to Taehyung, he wrapped their hands together tightly.


Chapter Text

It was too early but everything was perfect. It smelled like hot chocolate in the winter, it felt warm and safe, and when Taehyung opened his eyes, it was beyond perfection.


Yoongi was cursing in a string of swear words, shirtless and looking for his ringing phone, the source that woke them both up.




Taehyung smiled with drowsiness and memories from last night flooded back. Yoongi walked him back to his room and they kissed goodbye at the door but neither of them wanted to let the other go and continued off in the room.


Their lazy make out session lead to a handjob then lead to a blowjob and Taehyung sucked so many hickey on Yoongi’s body that he lost count. They went to bed at dawn and Yoongi was the big spoon while Taehyung willingly became the small spoon.


“What the fuck? Spit it out! Do you know what time it is?” Yoongi yelled at the phone.


Taehyung hugged the pillow that Yoongi slept on and giggled at the grumpy man.


“Fuck, I had a late night okay? I'll be there in 10.” the angry man threw his phone on the bed and groaned loudly, stretching himself out.


Taehyung smiled evilly at Yoongi, who probably had no idea about those love bites all over his body as he looked for his shirt and pants.


“It's already noon, we slept like pigs.” Yoongi said as he pulled on his wrinkled clothes quickly. “I have to go, I'll see you tomorrow.” Yoongi said, making his way to Taehyung and kissing his forehead.


The younger man frowned. “Why not later? Or tonight?”


“Work, baby. I can't skip, it's actually what I am actually here for.” he said, looking at Taehyung apologetically.


“I’m not your baby, not yet anyways. But, promise to text me?” Taehyung’s mouth pulled to a cute pout.


“Definitely.” Yoongi smirked, he looked really good with messy bed hair.


Yoongi placed another kiss on his forehead and he was out of the door, leaving Taehyung with butterflies in his stomach and an unshakeable grin.




Seokjin was busy, really busy with a last minute order for a custom made cake for a customer's 69th birthday and wedding. It was two ladies who requested for a simple yet odd cake with cacti, dildos, some show icons and stuff. It was amazing to watch Seokjin work those details out.


“They told me there's going to be snakes too because one of the wives have like 4 pythons. These old ladies are even crazier than youngster these days.” Seokjin laughed good heartedly.


“Why didn't you refuse the order? Aren't you supposed to spend time with Namjoon hyung?” Taehyung picked up another piece of “garbage cake” and popped it in his mouth.


“And let those crazy ladies down? Hell no! Not on my watch! They deserve happiness and if they waited until they're 69 years old, there must be a reason for it. And besides, Namjoon left this morning. You want to watch the broadcast with me? We can order some food and watch it.” the baker rolled the pink fondants out.


“What broadcast?” Taehyung tilted his head.


“The award show tonight? Bangtan will be there. They got nominated in two categories.” Seokjin said proudly.


Taehyung’s eyes widened. “I can't believe I didn't know that.” he said, disgracefully popping more crumbs of cake into his mouth.


“How are things with Yoongi, by the way?” Seokjin asked. Taehyung knew that was the question everyone must have been eager to know.


He grinned sheepishly, “We are together but not together. I’m giving him a second chance and he said he’ll prove to me that he’s really worth it.” Taehyung sighed dramatically.


Seokjin had stopped rolling out the pink stuff and giving him a careful look over. “Umm, do you know what's Yoongi’s family name?”


Taehyung shook his head, he made a mental note to ask Yoongi later.


“It's Min.” Seokjin said, looking at his reaction carefully.


“Min Yoongi.” Taehyung tested out the full name, smiling. “It’s nice! Why didn't he tell me that?” Taehyung wondered.


Seokjin looked almost like he wanted to slap Taehyung or face palm but ultimately, he shook his head and went back to work.


“Namjoon said he wants to visit the pier tomorrow evening before they leave the day after.”


“They're leaving so soon? Where are the going?” Taehyung choked on the cake.


“Didn't Yoongi tell you anything ?” Seokjin looked annoyed and Taehyung shook his head.


“That boy, I swear…” the older man murmured.


Taehyung shrugged, not caring about the details anymore. He was happy enough to have Yoongi back and they'll take things slow. He believed that the man will open up and tell him eventually. It just takes time and patience.




“And the winner is…” the actress said before opening the card. The pause was long and both Seokjin and Taehyung held their breath.


“Bangtan! Congratulations!”


Both of the men threw their hands up gleefully and cheered as if they were there. The camera zoomed to the masked trio as they made their way up the stage gracefully.


“They look so cool.” Taehyung said in admiration as he watched Suga standing behind Rap Monster.


When the clapping stopped, Rap Monster looked at the award and then back at the crowd.


“Thank you everyone for your support. This is the third time in a row that we got best hip hop group award and I want to thank the fans, the producers and that special someone watching at home right now. Without all of you, Bangtan won't be here. Once again, thank you so much and we will work even harder for our next album. I love you, baby!” Rap Monster kissed his hand and throw it to the screaming crowd.


Seokjin was in tears but Taehyung was stunned by the speech. “Rap mon has a girlfriend waiting at home?” he said turned to the older man who was wiping away tears.


“Why are you crying, hyung?” Taehyung asked, worried and pulling Seokjin into a hug.


“Oh nothing, nothing. Just happy they won.” Seokjin patted his head, smiling like there's something Taehyung doesn't understand.


Bangtan performed two of their songs along with some other artists as the award show continued. The second category that Bangtan was nominated was album of the year; everyone was on the edge of their seats, especially the two fan boys at home.

The camera zoomed in on all of the artists nominated for the award to catch their reactions and Taehyung focused on Bangtan. Rap Monster and J-Hope whispered among themselves while Suga looked uninterested; and texting underneath the table. It would be rude, but Suga was known for his ‘I really do not give a fuck’ attitude. It was what the fans loved about him.

Taehyung’s phone vibrated and he retrieved it from his pocket to be pleasantly surprised to find a text from Yoongi.

Dickhead: wat r u doing

Taehyung giggled at the nickname he had given Yoongi when they broke up. He wanted to delete his number but he couldn’t muster enough courage to do it; glancing up at the laptop, the host was introducing the bands nominated for the award and Taehyung took the time to quickly type in a reply.

You: watching live award show bangtan is in :P

A reply came not long after.

Dickhead: enjoying the show so far?

You:YAS! Bangtan performed 2 of their songs from the album :)))
       won one of the categories :DDD
       now waiting 4 the announcement who won best album owo

Dickhead: I c… work is tiring…

“Congratulations to… Bangtan again!” the lady announced with a Hollywood smile. Everyone stood up clapping and the cameras zoomed into the three men who were sitting there in s

hocked. They quickly gathered themselves and approached the stage, shaking and fist bumping some of the artists along the way.

“OH MY GOD!” Seokjin jumped up and down excitedly.

Taehyung screamed and threw his phone, jumping up and down even more aggressively than before. “Bangtan Bangtan Bangtan!” he chanted. The both males only calmed down when the trio took the award and J-Hope took the microphone.

“We really didn’t expect to win this since there were many great albums this year.” J-Hope laughed. “We are in complete shock but like Rap Mon said earlier, we worked really hard for this album and there were a lot of things going on while making it. It feels great to see that our efforts didn’t go to waste. Thank yo-“ J-Hope was closing the speech when Suga took the mic away from him.

“Hey, I know you’re watching this right now on the laptop with Rap Monster’s sweetheart. I just want you to know that everything will be revealed. Soon.” Suga said in a low voice, everyone screamed and Taehyung almost dropped dead at how his idol said it.

“Wait, what does he mean by that? What?” Taehyung looked at Seokjin who was grinning like a shark. Taehyung jumped back a little defensively. “Do you think he has a girlfriend?”

“I guess we’ll see, won’t we?” Seokjin laughed beautifully.


The following morning when Taehyung woke up in the guest room in Seokjin’s home, it was quiet. He checked his phone for any missed calls or messages to find three messages all from Yoongi around 4 in the morning.

Dickhead: work is so tiringgg
                I don’t like these people
                c u tomorrow will text u

You: u got me curious again >:(((
       who works at 4am???

While waiting for a reply, he got out of bed, made the bed and prepared for his day. He didn’t see Seokjin at the work station and saw a pink sticky note on the fridge.

Tae! Gone to deliver the wedding/birthday cake! There are some cupcakes I baked this morning in the oven, frosting is in the fridge! -Jin

Taehyung spent his morning lathering frostings on cupcakes and texting Jimin and Jungkook, updating them with the current news about him and Yoongi.

Jeon Kookie: so… u r back together?

You: we’re taking it slow
       testing the water etc etc...

Park Chim Chim: if he hurt u again we could probably smuggle a gun in

You: the objective is to not hurt each other, jiminie
       wad do u guys think bout the show last night???
       did u even watch it

Park Chim Chim: ofc!

Jeon Kookie: I watched it earlier today

You: any theories on wtf is going on???

Jeon Kookie: they r dating obv

Park Chim Chim: Rapmon n Suga hyung r seeing someone

You: but who? Suga hyung’s gf must be the happiest girl ever n rapmon hyung was so sweet

Jeon Kookie: maybe he’s dating a guy

Park Chim Chim: I don’t think Min Suga is a good bf

You: r u kidding me??? he’s probably the sweetest bf
       also, Min Suga is not gay!!!

Park Chim Chim: who said so

JeonKookie: he could be bi

You: wad bout rapmon?

Park Chim Chim: RIGHT! I NEED TO ASK U


You: nope went out for delivery

Jeon Kookie: HIS BF IS THERE W/ U GUYS??

Park Chim Chim: U MET HIS BF DIDN'T U

You: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Jeon Kookie: HYUNG!


You: Oh! I gtg! A cat came in!

The man quickly put his phone away to avoid telling his friends about Namjoon. How did they come to the conclusion anyways? Taehyung will probably never know. He decided to spend the rest of the day listening to Bangtan and learn their new songs properly so he could scream or try to rap along with them during concert.
Seokjin came back from the delivery after lunch hour due to the jam and because those lovely old ladies invited him to join them. Seokjin told Taehyung that they actually invited him to join them to a strip club later that night but he had refused because he promised to bring Namjoon to the pier. Taehyung connected his phone to a Bluetooth player while helping the baker with his baking.

“Did you hear anything from them today?” Seokjin asked while measuring the flour.

“Nope, last I heard was around 4 in the morning. Yoongi hyung said he’ll text me but he hasn’t.” Taehyung pouted.

“I am going to call Hoseok in an hour if Namjoon doesn’t call back.” Seokjin frowned. “It’s weird that he didn’t call me, especially after last night.” the older man said, more to himself than anything else.


“Let’s just hope they get back soon or at least call us, hm?” Taehyung smiled, trying to change the atmosphere of the bakery.




Yoongi was told or at least seen enough movies or whatever to know that proposing to someone was a difficult job, there were many things to consider such as how, when, where and with what or who. Being Namjoon’s closest friends automatically made Hoseok and Yoongi proposing wingmen and so, they have no other choices than to help their best friend out.


After the award ceremony, they were forced to show up at a nightclub to mingle and shake hands with influential people. It was all a show but that’s still important work. The three of them whispered among themselves, more because Namjoon wanted to make sure everything goes according to plan when he propose the next day at the bakery.   


Yoongi’s job was to calm the both of them down while Hoseok think of creative ideas and proposing scenes. Namjoon recited the proposing speech the whole night and trying his best to not freak out.


They were interrupted a few times by fellow artists congratulating them and telling them they did a great job. A lot of people approached Hoseok to dance with them and normally, Hoseok would but he didn't that night.


Of course, usually these kind of party or gathering would usually lead to one night stand offers and then sex with the prettiest or most charming person at the party but that didn't happen. The reasons for Namjoon and Yoongi were obvious but Hoseok, on the other hand,was just being the most loyal friend and rejected all the offers to help plan the proposal.


After the party, they went back to the hotel they were staying at. Yoongi was beat; all he wanted to do was get the makeup off his face, shower and call or text Taehyung before sleeping. But after a hot shower, Namjoon barged into his room, pacing back and forth without a word. Yoongi tried to get the younger man out of the room but he was too tired to do so. And that's how Hoseok ended up coming into his room and watched Namjoon pace back and forth.


“Namjoon-ah, can you stop that? I want to sleep.” Yoongi said warily.


That got Namjoon to stop but when he turned, facing both of the men sitting on the bed, he had an odd facial expression. He looked like the expression he had when he couldn’t figure out how to do an easy math question and he wanted to cry. Hoseok and Yoongi shared a worried look and both men quickly sat Namjoon down.


“What if he said no? I know it’s really stupid to think of it now but it could happen.”


“Namjoonie, you are going to take in deep breaths and think. Seokjin hyung loves you and there’s literally no way he would say no.” Hoseok started.


“Seokjin saying no to you is so stupid. You’re smart, you should know that. Get it together and just stick to the plan and nothing will go wrong.” Yoongi said reassuringly with a small smile. It has been a really long time since they just sat down and talk about personal stuff and if anyone understands Yoongi more than himself, that person would be Namjoon.


“Hoseok, run through the plan again.” Yoongi ordered, laying down on his bed.


“Alright, we are going to eat breakfast, go for the photoshoot and pick up the flowers and balloons on the way, the camera crew will be here to start filming at six, and we’ll go to the bakery after the photoshoot, you propose and then you guys have a reservation for two after that and then we’ll head to the pier for the final shots.”


“Don’t forget to bring the ring.” Yoongi added.




Namjoon didn’t forget the ring but he decided to do the next worse thing, dropping the ring somewhere and then accidentally forgetting about it. They didn’t even realise it until they were a block away from the bakery that Namjoon left the ring in his normal clothes. Since they rushed from the photoshoot to the bakery, they were all still in their photoshoot clothes except for their masks and disguise for obvious reasons.


So, they rushed back to the flower shop and the photoshoot place to look for the proposal ring. By the time they rushed back to the bakery, they were already late for the lunch reservation. Hoseok quickly changed the plan for Namjoon to propose during the lunch and that he’ll have a staff put the proposal ring in the desert or something so Seokjin would be pleasantly surprised by it.


That was until they forgot that they have a Kim Taehyung with them.


“We should get pizza! It'll be cheaper and everyone will have a good time!” Taehyung said when the manager of the French restaurant said the reservation is only for two and they can’t ‘pull the tables together’. Taehyung was rather annoyed and Yoongi wasn’t sure if he was amused or exasperated. Hoseok was absolutely horrified but he can’t say anything when Seokjin agreed with Taehyung.


The camera crew followed them and were filming secretly, capturing every moment. Hoseok was wracking his brain for ideas while sitting at the corner ignoring his pizza. Namjoon looked like he was about to have a mental breakdown while Seokjin and Taehyung chatted happily about something, oblivious to the other two men.


Yoongi was enjoying himself, he rested his arm on Taehyung’s back and he couldn’t help the smirk that was on his face as he watched his boyfriend-not-boyfriend laugh at the smallest thing Seokjin was saying.


“You guys are dressed up nicely today.” Taehyung said to the three men, grinning widely. “What’s the occasion?” he asked innocently.


Was it possible to get diabetes and a heart attack at the same time because Taehyung probably just made it happened with his cuteness. Then, Yoongi turned to Seokjin but only to see a look of disappointment on his face. Yoongi knew that it was the ‘I-Can’t-Believe-You-Haven’t-Told-Him-You’re-Min-Suga look.


“Nothing special, don’t worry about it.” Yoongi answered since the other two men were still freaking out and leaned in and placed a kiss on Taehyung’s head.     


“Babe, we should go to the Santa Monica pier tonight, yeah?” Namjoon suddenly said and Hoseok brightened up immediately. “Yeah! It’ll be fun and that’s where you guys went on the first date, isn’t it?” the man jumped in.


Seokjin smiled shyly at Namjoon and nodded. “Yeah, good idea Joonie.”  


“Ohhh, there’s a ferris wheel and stuff right?” Taehyung added, already excited which Seokjin responded with another nod.


Yoongi could already understand Namjoon’s plan and nodded at Namjoon when their eyes met, Hoseok joined in and they had a quiet conversation just by exchanging looks. Yoongi smiled a little when he saw the camera crew with the flowers and balloons, they were going to hold on to that until tonight.


Hoseok pulled out his phone and started typing furiously, ignoring the conversations and food while Namjoon and Seokjin talked about the plans for later. Taehyung had his phone out, scrolling and typing while Yoongi fed him pizza.


“What’s so interesting?” Yoongi peered at Taehyung’s phone, mildly annoyed.


His annoyance disappeared almost immediately when he saw the screen being filled with posts and pictures of him, Hoseok and Namjoon from yesterday’s red carpet. They were all dressed in black leather from head to toe, the bandages that wrapped around his eyes and  both Hoseok’s and Namjoon’s mask. It was the weirdest outfit they have worn so far in their career but it was praised by many.


“Kinky.” he smirked at Taehyung who turned to him so quickly that Yoongi was afraid that he broke his neck.


“It’s not like that! I mean it is really hot but that’s not the point! They would have won the best dressed category if there’s one.” Taehyung mumbled.


“What do you think of their performance last night?” he asked nonchalantly, leaning back on the chair and pretending to inspect his nails, from the corner of his eyes he could see Seokjin roll his eyes and let out a snort but he ignored it.


“Oh my god, it was fucking amazing! And Bangtan won two categories that they were nominated for! Like oh my god, they’re fucking brilliant. I can’t wait to see them live!” Taehyung gripped Yoongi tightly and squealed.


Yoongi raised his pierced eyebrow and Taehyung giggled. “You better prove yourself worthy before I run off with Suga hyung.” he teased.


But I am Min Suga.


Yoongi couldn’t help the smirk that formed on his face and he took a sip of his drink to avoid saying anything. He imagined the look at Taehyung’s face when he finally knew his real identity. The younger man continued to look at his phone adoringly and looking as adorable as always.



It was almost eleven when Hoseok insisted it was time to get on the ferris wheel. So, they got on it, Seokjin and Namjoon first, having the whole gondola for themselves. Taehyung pouted and argued to join Seokjin when Yoongi pulled him into the next ride with him and Hoseok.


“I don’t know why we can’t all just ride together.” he continued to pout like a little kid.


“Because Namjoon is going to propose, Tae.” Hoseok said tiredly.


“NAMJOON IS GOING T-” Taehyung exclaimed but his mouth was quickly covered by both Yoongi and Hoseok. Both of them quickly looked slightly up at the couple who were unaware and sighed.


“Yes, please keep it down.” Hoseok hissed and only when Taehyung nodded did they let go of him.


“Holy shit! I had no idea! Thank you for not telling me, not!” the blond rolled his eyes and Yoongi chuckled. “You probably won’t keep it in and babble it  before Namjoon gets the chance to pop the question.”


That earned him a kick to his leg from Taehyung. “Min Yoongi, I am more trustworthy than you think.” he crossed his arms and turned to another direction angrily.


It took the air out of Yoongi. Did he hear wrongly? Was he paranoid? Did Taehyung just call him Min Yoongi ? More importantly, does he know? He looked at Hoseok with panic in his eyes and the younger man shrugged.


“Hey, Taehyung? How did you know hyung’s last name?” Hoseok coughed.


Taehyung turned to Hoseok and tilted his head a little, “Oh, Seokjin hyung told me. It’s not a big deal, I don’t know why hyung didn’t tell me earlier.” he glared at Yoongi pointedly and Yoongi let out a breath of relief.


“I was going to tell you soon anyways. Sorry.” Yoongi said. He raised his hand to touch Taehyung’s face and placed a gentle kiss on his forehead before wrapping his hand with Taehyung’s.


“I’ll make it up to you.” Yoongi said softly and Taehyung huffed, “You better.”     


Then there was a loud ‘Yes! Oh god, yes!’ and then there were fireworks. Hoseok was grinning proudly and Yoongi was pleasantly surprised at Hoseok’s proposal planning skills. Maybe he should ask him for help next time. Yoongi gave Hoseok a ‘not-bad’ nod of approval to which Hoseok beamed proudly.


When he turned his gaze back to the cute, tall blond, Yoongi regretted not bringing his camera because Taehyung was an amazing sight. His face was in awe, his mouth opened slightly in amazement and his eyes twinkled at the bright colours exploding in the night sky. Yoongi would stare forever if he could but the scene ended quickly and Yoongi was left wanting to see that expression again.




Taehyung pulled on the leather jacket that he made Yoongi spray some of his cologne on and looked at the bakery a final time. Seokjin was tearing up a little by the door.


“It’ll be so quiet without you here especially since Namjoon and the guys left as well. Taehyung-ah, call me whenever you can, okay?”


Taehyung grinned and pulled Seokjin into a bear hug. “I will, hyung. Thank you for letting me stay here. You should come back to Korea for new years! I might be celebrating my birthday back home too.”


Seokjin smiled and pulled away from the hug, “I’ll see what I can do.”




It was really cold back home and Taehyung was upset, confused and angry.


His day started great but turned bitter almost immediately; he landed at home at midnight and went home to sleep. He was given some days off and he would like to think that it was because the airline people liked him so much to let him have days off to celebrate his birthday. Taehyung was only scheduled to return to flying after new year.


Jimin texted him the next morning when he woke up that Bangtan changed the date of their concert to be on his birthday which was approaching quickly. Things would be better if Yoongi texted back but that didn't happen. The last text they had was before Taehyung’s flight back to Korea and Yoongi had already left to somewhere else.


Things went south at noon, he received a text from Jungkook who was supposed to have arrived hours ago but hasn’t yet due to bad weather.  


Jeon Kookie: hyungs! Listen!! our tickets are snatched by some fans for higher price! u need to go to the ticket booth and pay in cash b4 its 2 l8! Right now!!


Park Chim Chim: wtf!? Im volunteering rn! Tae tell me ur free?!?!!?




Jeon Kookie: * Location * THX HYUNG




Taehyung jumped out of bed and almost broke his ankle but it didn’t matter because those tickets were on the line. He didn’t even bother to change out of his pajamas before running out of the house. He called whoever was on his phone to pick him up and that’s how he ended up in Baekhyun’s car.


The location Jungkook sent was almost one and a half hours away and he was worried that the tickets were being snatched already. He kept fidgeting and biting his fingers, worrying. Baekhyun tried his best to calm Taehyung down by making lame jokes and singing to him; singing always makes Taehyung feel better.


However, when they reached the destination, it was an empty spot. Nobody was fighting for the tickets, no bloodshed, no war and no people; Taehyung’s heart probably stopped beating, thinking that it must have been over and everyone left and it took Baekhyun fifteen minutes to shake him out of it and answer his ringing phone.


“Hey hyung, um- sorry to say this but it was false information. I just got off the phone with the people actually. Sorry!” Jungkook said on the other line, he doesn’t sound apologetic at all.


“Jeon Jungkook! You gave me a fucking heart attack! And I got Baekhyun hyung to drive me all the way here only to drive all the way back!” Taehyung scolded but he let out a sigh of relief that the tickets were secure.


“Oops, sorry sorry. Can you put hyung on the line, please? I’ll apologise to him.” Jungkook said in a hurry and Taehyung frowned before passing his phone to Baekhyun.


They talked for a while, Baekhyun nodding and smiling secretively and Jungkook talking on the other line, it was suspicious but Taehyung doesn’t want to say anything.


“Alright, alright. I’ll see you guys soon then. Yes, okay. Bye.” the older male smiled before giving the phone back to Taehyung and started driving back.


“What did Jungkookie say?” Taehyung demanded.


Baekhyun chuckled, one hand on the steering wheel and the other covered his mouth. “He’s just apologising for the false information and he’ll buy me a drink next time we party.”






“Thanks hyung! I’ll buy you dinner next time!”


“Don’t sweat it. Enjoy yourself!” his hyung said with a charming smile and Taehyung cocked his head. But before he could clarify, the car had already driven off and he was left alone on his driveway.


He shook his head and entered his house, announcing to his mother that he’s back.


“Welcome back, dear! Please go to your room!” she voiced out from the kitchen, where he can’t see her.


“Why?” he asked, walking towards the kitchen.


“Kim Taehyung! I said to go to your room! Get ready to go to the cafe in five minutes!” she yelled in a warning tone that made him switch track immediately.


“Okay okay! I’m going!” he rushed upstairs to his room.


The door was closed, but he was pretty sure he didn’t close it when he left; it must have been his mother cleaning his room for him.


“Thanks for cleaning my room, eomma!” he yelled from upstairs but his mother didn’t reply and he opened the door of his room.


“OH MY GOD!” he screamed, turning around with his hands covering his eyes in disbelief only to turn back to make sure he wasn’t seeing things.


He wasn’t.


There on his bed sat a man with ruffled black hair, wearing an oversized black shirt with white semi-thick stripes, dark jeans, new converse shoes, and an overcoat with a simple necklace, his hands were stacked with thick black rings that matched the piercings on his ears, white bandages wrapped around his eyes.


“Kim Taehyung.” the low voice said and the man looked directly at him, Taehyung couldn’t breathe. He stood frozen outside his room, staring at the man.


The man stood up with lazy confidence, taking a few steps towards Taehyung, his cold hands reached out and pulled Taehyung inside the room. It felt too surreal and Taehyung, eyes wide,  could only gape in disbelief.


“You kept me waiting,” the man said, leaning into Taehyung’s personal space.


There could be a smirk underneath the mask and Taehyung quickly looked away to avoid the embarrassment he felt. His room was dark, the curtains were closed and the lights were off and somebody had hung fairy lights in his room; only then he realised that he’s in his room, alone with the Min Suga.


The rapper must have noticed his attention wasn’t on him anymore and said, “Do you like it? Jimin and Jungkook helped me hang them up.”     


“What? I me-mean um- what? How? Why are you- I have so many questions! Oh my god! First of all, I really really like your rap, you are like a God! And and and- you are like legend! Why are you here? How? Is this an early birthday present? I can’t believe this, oh my god.” Taehyung continued to blabber until Suga interrupted.    


“You... know who I am, right?” the man said softly in a low seductive voice.


“Y-yes! You-you’re Min Suga .” he gasped softly as he looked up at his idol. The one who was in front of him, inches away and in his room, the same room that has a huge poster of said idol. Taehyung’s cheeks coloured red at that realisation.


Suga was silent for a while and he looked down for a moment before chuckling and nodding, as if he just remembered something. “Yes, I’m yours truly, Min Suga. Can I get a hug first?” the rapper was leaning in for a hug.  


“Wait, we can’t!” Taehyung quickly took a few steps back, away from his idol. Hugging counted as cheating, right? Yoongi might not approve of it.


“I have a boyfriend! But not really a boyfriend, I am still waiting for something to happen between us, figure out our complications and stuff and I really want to hug you but at the same time,I don’t want to cheat on him even if you are the Min Suga.” Taehyung rambled on. He liked Yoongi above everything else after all.


The rapper didn’t looked offended, more amused, in fact, going by the smirk. “It’s just a hug, I am sure your ‘ boyfriend ’ wouldn’t mind.” Suga said but didn’t force the hug on Taehyung, something that Taehyung found respectable.


“He’s not! Not yet anyways. I’ll call him just to make sure, hopefully he picks up.” he quickly whipped out his phone and called Yoongi.


Suga stood to the corner that had his poster on and admired the poster while giving Taehyung some space to call his boyfriend but it went to voicemail. Taehyung didn’t want to call again incase Yoongi was busy with work and would probably get in trouble if he called back. He doesn’t want to annoy the older man too much either and with that decision, he put his phone on the table.


“He didn’t pick up?” Suga asked easily, turning back around to look at Taehyung.


The younger man caught a glimpse of a black mask, the one he recognized that Suga always wore while travelling. With that in mind, Suga probably just came back to Korea and immediately came to meet Taehyung, the question was why ?


The rapper stared at him for a long time before he realised he haven’t answer the question yet. “Oh, yeah.” he scratched his head, face flushed. “He’s really busy.” he shrugged and laughed a little.  


Both of them moved to Taehyung’s bed, sitting at the edges with a respectable gap between them. For some reason, Taehyung had mixed feelings about the situation. He was starstrucked and in awe that his favourite rapper of all time was in his room, chatting with him but at the same time, he felt warm and comfortable like spending time with someone you knew for years.


It wasn’t even the fact that Taehyung gets along with people, he was pretty sure he didn’t do anything other than ramble at meeting the rapper but something about Min Suga was just right .


“Must be tiring waiting for someone like him, huh?” Suga said, breaking his train of thoughts.


“Hm? Oh, yeah, we kinda dated for a while ago and it was really stressful because he’s so busy and he didn’t reply to my texts or calls for days. It’s not that I don’t trust him, because Yoongi hyung is not the kind of person to cheat on others, he was really loyal and he cared about me when we were together. I don’t know what happened in the middle of the relationship; he just started to reply with less and less words and then eventually stopped texting me and he doesn’t pick up his fucking calls and I get worried, like what if he’s sick or something bad happened and he needed me there to comfort or take care of him? I wouldn’t know because he doesn’t tell me anything . I wanted to show him that I care and that I really wanted to be with him but he seemed to always shut me off and… I don’t know. But we talked it out some time ago as best we could and now we are taking things slow. He’s trying his best to spend more time with me and I’m going to try my best to wait for him to be comfortable with me.” Taehyung sighed then gasped loudly and covered his mouth with his hands when he realised he just told Min Suga his entire relationship with Yoongi.


“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to ramble so much and you’re probably bored-”


Suga waved his hands dismissively, “No, you’re right. It’s important to communicate properly. I’m actually here on Yoongi’s behalf.”


Taehyung’s eyes widened again at the announcement, jaws dropped. “No way, how? Do you guys know each other or something?” he choked.


Suga chuckled beautifully and it sounded familiar, so did his gestures and body movements. “We hate each other very much. Actually, it’s sort of a love-hate relationship. I’m sure he didn’t tell you for a good reason, well to him at least.” Suga chuckled more, “Min Yoongi is an odd person, Kim Taehyung.”


Something about the way his full name being called by the Min Suga made him swoon, but he can’t shake off the feeling that he had heard it somewhere before. Like it has happened before, but that couldn’t be it since he has never met Min Suga in real life and Min Suga--


“Wait… Min Suga… Min Yoongi…” he drawls, squinting, realising the similarity between his ex-but-not-ex boyfriend and the rapper in his room. Suga tensed up where he sat and stared at Taehyung from behind the bandages.


“You guys are twin brothers, aren’t you?” he concluded, shocking himself with his detective skills.


Suga continued to not move for a minute or two, probably blinking underneath his signature bandages before an audible exhale could be heard and some mumbling. The younger man waited eagerly and anxiously for an answer, scooting closer to the rapper for him to admit he’s right.


“He’ll explain to you soon, I’ll just leave it to him to tell you. Please come to the concert on the thirtieth. Yoongi asked me to pass this to you.” the rapper inserted his hands into his coat pocket and fumbled around before finding the thing he was looking for.


He handed a shiny black badge and ticket for him in which Taehyung took with shaky hands. “No way…” he said softly, gawked at the backstage pass to Bangtan’s concert.


“Yoongi wants you to have it, I already gave Jimin and Jungkook theirs, they are downstairs by the way.” Suga stood up, stretching around. “I gotta go, Yoongi will probably call you in a bit. I’ll…”


Suga stepped closer to him as if to hug him or something but quickly backed away like he just remembered Taehyung has a boyfriend.  “Um- yeah, see you at the concert.” Suga said almost awkwardly, his swag act dropped. It was almost the most adorable thing Taehyung had seen.




As soon as Suga left the house, Taehyung’s phone buzzed and he checked it quickly; sure enough, it was the devil.


Dickhead: did u like your first birthday present?


You: which one? the backstage pass or MOTHER FUCKING MIN SUGA IN MY ROOM!?!?!?!


Dickhead: Im thinking maybe both

                 more presents on their way




Dickhead: just b patient u brat


You: I wanna c u

       I miss u

      where r u now


Dickhead: I’ll c u soon




Yoongi doesn’t call back or reply to his texts for the next few days up to his birthday. However, after the Suga incident, he received a box of small souvenirs such as keychains, snow globes, music boxes, magnets and other small items that he suspected Yoongi got it for him when he travelled.

The day after that, he received a black photo album, it looked old with scratched marks and different kinds of stains. Inside were photos of sceneries and next to the photos were little handwritten notes by Yoongi. It was either his thoughts on the places or about the food, music he was listening to at the moment, his moods and some occasional notes that looked like lyrics.

One of it caught him off guard; it was a picture of the Americano he made for Yoongi the first time he visited. The note next to picture was the yellow paper he remembered the older man was scribbling on that day. There were coffee stains on it and a lot of scratched off parts on the paper but Taehyung could make out some of the words he had written.

Pure innocence. You are so cute, undeniably adorable with your blinding smiles that makes even the sun jealous. I wonder what’s going on in your head. Are you real? How are you real? I want to know. Need to know.

The photos that followed were of when they had ice cream at the parlor, the day Taehyung cried in front of him and the notes on that was, I hate the look of you crying, never want to see it again.   

Then a black and white photo that was most likely took in a hotel room, a picture of two laptops on a messed up bed and a pack of cigarettes discarded on the edge, an astray was left on near the laptop, a lit cigarette resting on it.

I need to work but you’re occupying my mind. Get out of my head, you entered without permission. I hate when people enter without asking.

Taehyung giggled at that and flipped to the next page. It was two selfies of them at the car park and he was asleep with his mouth opened slightly, Yoongi smiled softly looking at the camera in the first picture and the one below it Yoongi was frowning with a playful pout.

We had our first kiss and you tasted like caramel macchiato. You texted me while I was stressed out and we ended up eating supper and watching the stars in your pajamas. I also really like my clothes on you. What are we? A cliché from dramas? At this point I don’t care anymore. I just want to see you sleep next to me and wake up next to me, preferably not on my car next time. Kekeke.

I have so many things to tell you but I don’t know where to start. Will we even last? Can we begin?

Taehyung bit his lips and flipped to the next page, a picture of Namjoon and Hoseok at a table, both looked serious like they were discussing something important. The note was on a white piece of paper.

I should have come clean and told you everything at the café. It’s killing me not to tell you anything and to kiss you when I want to. Too many pairs of eyes. I am sorry.

The next picture was of half eaten food on trays, it looked like room service and a laptop sat next to the food on the table.

I felt so sick. I don’t have the appetite to eat, I think about you all day, all night and all I want to do is write about you when I am not supposed to. Namjoon said that I am love sick and the only cure is you. What the fuck is happening?? Please leave my head.

A photo of city lights were next, it was taken from inside of a hotel room at night, Yoongi’s reflection was blurry on the window that looked out to beautiful sceneries of Hong Kong.

I am at Hong Kong while you were at Japan and I kept dropping hints for you to pick up. I don’t know if you knew or not. For a smart person, you’re really dumb you know that? I really miss you but I can’t do anything about it. It’s pathetic that I am so helplessly falling for you.

The next one was a picture of a birthday cake and Yoongi blowing the cake with a smirk.

It’s raining on my birthday and I have to work. I felt so guilty, I hate myself, I hate my work, I am so frustrated. You don’t deserve this. I might have to try avoiding you so that you will stop liking me so much.

Taehyung’s heart ache just flipping through the album, Yoongi felt as bad or worse than how Taehyung had felt. His fingers flipped to the next page carefully.

A picture of a clear day at a park and pigeons were eating bread crumbs on the ground.

Half of me ignored your calls and messages because I was hoping that you would get bored of me and break up with me. I know I am not enough for you, I am too busy and I am a horrible person. But half of me just wants to be selfish and hold on tight and never let you go. I don’t know what to do. What do I do now?

You messaged me about feeding pigeons in a park when you were in Amsterdam and I tried it out today in London. You’re right; something about it is fun, not as fun without you though. I want to hold your hand and walk around the park with you. You’ve successfully turned me into a sappy and mellow old man.

With so many miles between us, I wonder what you are doing. Are you eating? Are you well? How are you today? I want to smoke so badly but I am holding myself back.  

The next page was a picture of a glass of water in a dimly lit room.

We broke up and it hurt more than I expected. I am regretting everything. What the fuck is wrong with me? Why am I like this? Should I have hold on? I couldn’t possibly be that selfish, can I?

Now I understood those stupid breakup songs. I just realized that I love you. I really love you.

There were more pictures of sceneries from then on, some of Namjoon and Hoseok and beers, with little to no notes with a few exceptions of I hate myself , I am sorry , I want to see you and apologise , I hope you’re not crying as much as I am.


There was a picture that stood out however, a black and white one. A bunch of unlit cigarettes were thrown on the floor with teeth imprints and most of them looked crushed but no sign of anybody smoking it or lighting it up.


I am so fucking stressed out. I can’t sleep and nobody makes coffee like you. I want a cig so bad, I crave it so bad and yet all I can think of was your disappointed, hurt and crying face when I have a cigarette in my mouth. I didn’t dare to light it up. I put one in and I thought of you. I would argue with myself that you’re not here, I shouldn’t care anymore. It has been a while anyways, you probably might have been over me, I should move on too. But I can’t.




But I want to. I want to see you again. I’ve lost the sun in my life.

The last picture on the photo album, a cold Americano from Starbucks with a note on the brown tissue paper.

Can’t believe you’re taking me back after all that shit. Maybe it was fate that let us run into each other again halfway across the globe or maybe it was just my charms. Whichever it is, I am thankful because I don’t have to drink shitty coffee anymore.

I’m going to tell you everything. Just wait a little longer. Let’s make more memories together and fill this album up, okay? You truly are a dangerous obsession of mine.

Taehyung wiped away his tears with a smile. “I will wait, Min Yoongi.”


On the day of the concert, Taehyung was anxious and excited, he puked once before he got in the car with Jimin and Jungkook. His mother and father celebrated his birthday with him in the morning and he spent the afternoon with all his friends at the bowling alley.

When evening rolled around, they all changed into their band shirts and left for the stadium. Fan signs, lights and cameras in hand while they rapped as best as they could loudly in the car. Taehyung got a video message at 12 midnight from Yoongi.

Yoongi smiled at the camera. “Hey Tae, happy birthday. I hope you’re sleeping right now or else I am taking back the box of presents. If you’re seeing this in the morning, have a great day and I’ll see you tonight. Enjoy your big day.” His not-my-boyfriend-boyfriend made a heart shape with his fingers before ending the message.

Taehyung tried to call him to say thanks but it went to voicemail no matter how many calls he tried.

When they reached the stadium, the security guards escorted them backstage and the stage manager came to give Taehyung a bouquet of flowers and a secretive smile without context. Jimin and Jungkook gave him a suspicious smile and wiggled their eyebrows. He was only left blushing and confused, wondering where the hell was Yoongi.

Seokjin joined them at the VIP seats shortly to Taehyung’s pleasant surprise and the older man told him that he’ll be staying for a few weeks before going back to America. They chatted animatedly as they waited for the concert to start, the stadium filled up with excited fans and it was buzzing with anticipation and excitement. Fifteen minutes before the concert started, the fans were chanting for the band, everyone joined in eagerly.

Everyone screamed when the lights dimmed and a beat started. The rap started and silhouette of the three members came to view before they entered the stage, earning loud screams. Taehyung was on his feet, jumping up and down, and shouting, cheering loudly for the trio.

Rap Monster had his sunglasses on, J-Hope with his infamous spiked mask that covered his mouth and Suga with his eye bandages. After the first song ended, the trio panted and looked around the stadium with huge grins.

“Hello A.R.M.Y.s! I hope you guys are having a good time right now! Thank you for coming to see us live tonight.” Rap Monster said energetically.

“We are sorry to switch the dates of the concert, we are sincerely and deeply sorry if you can’t make it to the concert tonight. We’ll be giving out free albums and personal meet-n-greet if you can’t make it today. But to the rest of you, enjoy the show!” J-Hope grinned before the song started and Suga started the verse.

After four songs, the trio went to the backstage for a break. Taehyung’s heart raced faster than it had before and he tried to breathe in and out while three of his closest friends laughed and talked frantically about the concert so far.

“They’re coming this way.” Jin said suddenly and the four of them looked up at the direction the rappers was heading towards them.

Jimin and Jungkook were giggling while Jin smiled hugely at the band. Taehyung just tried to look as calm as possible and look at everywhere but Min Suga.

“Hi guys, hope you guys are having a great time.” J-Hope wiggled his eyebrows and everyone laughed.

“We are, you guys are great!” Jungkook said.

“Taehyung can’t stop screaming ‘Min Suga!’” Jimin teased and Taehyung widened his eyes in shock at his friend because he
did not scream Min Suga. Not that loudly anyways.

Suga chuckled darkly. “Really? I’m glad.” He smirked and something just looked s
o familiar but Taehyung can’t pinpoint what it was. “Happy birthday, Tae.” Suga smirked widen and grabbed his hand and placed a kiss on Taehyung’s knuckle.

Taehyung was left stunned and blushing, he quickly pulled his hands back from Suga because he has a
not-my-boyfriend-yet-boyfriend and he wondered how the hell was he going to explain this to Yoongi.

Oh, your twin brother kissed my hand. I don’t know. His lips are soft, just like yours and I kinda dig it.” No!

“We have to get back on stage, we’ll check on you guys after.” Rap Monster said with a soft smile, looking at Seokjin mostly. Taehyung was horrified even further because Seokjin was
engaged for God’s sake! He can’t make eyes with a famous rapper just because he’s a fan!

When the band returned on stage, Taehyung turned sharply at Seokjin.

Hyung ! You are engaged to Namjoon hyung, you can’t just flirt with Rap Mon because you’re a fan!” he hissed. What on earth was going on?

Seokjin stared at him for a long moment before turning to Jimin and Jungkook; both of them shrugged with a stupid smile. The older man scowled and shook his head without any explanations. Their gazes were back on the stage when the lights focused on the trio again.

After another five songs, the trio took turn to do their solo tracks from the album. Seokjin left for the toilet when Rap Monster got off stage and Taehyung was fighting internally on what to tell Yoongi and how he was going to face Namjoon after clearly witnessing Seokjin cheating on Namjoon with Rap Monster.

When Seokjin returned, Rap Monster was with him and Taehyung was trying really hard to not glare at the both of them. Suga finished two of his songs and got off stage when J-Hope took over. He was chucking a bottle of water and wiping away his sweat at backstage, a few meters away from where Taehyung was and the younger man couldn’t take his eyes off the rapper.

He looked so sinfully good and mysterious, making Taehyung’s mouth dry inside. But something was bothering Taehyung, it’s like an itch that couldn’t be scratched no matter how hard you tried, a piece of puzzle unfinished because you lost the last piece.

Then, Suga turned to him and a smug smirk grew on his face that made Taehyung blushed madly. Can Suga even see behind those bandages? Obviously he can with how he was jumping and performing perfectly fine on stage. The fact made him blush even further and he looked away. Where on earth was Yoongi?

Suga made his way towards the group and they all quiet down before Rap Monster demanded to take them all on a tour. A soft cold hand grabbed his wrist before he could follow and he was left alone with Min Suga.

Everyone was busy around them and nobody paid them any mind. He was cornered to the wall by Suga and it instantly reminded him of Yoongi, he turned his head to look at the other side as to avoid being any closer to the rapper, but nothing helped to calm his flaming blush.  

“I-I can’t do this. I have a… not-my-boyfriend-yet-boyfriend! Please respect that!” he rushed out.

Suga laughed at that like that’s the funniest thing he had ever heard.


“You’re really a piece of art, Kim Taehyung. I can’t believe you still haven't figure it out.” Suga said in disbelief in between chuckles.

One of the staffs stopped nearby them and informed Suga that he has to return to the stage. The rapper nodded and let Taehyung go regrettably. “For a smart person, you’re really dumb, Kim Taehyung.” Suga said before heading out to the stage again, leaving the younger man with a stunned face and his racing mind.

“Good evening everybody, I am sure some of you here have supported us since we debuted, some probably dragged in by boyfriends or girlfriends or ‘ just friends ’,” the fans cheered and laughed and Suga grinned. “Either way, I am Suga, nice to meet you.” he bowed and there were more screaming. A guy screamed ‘I love you Min Suga!’ from the back and everyone started doing the same.


Suga smirked but Taehyung felt his chest tightened as he glared at the crowd.


“Thank you, thank you. But, I am sorry to say I am already taken.”


That announcement made the crowd go silent and shocked almost everyone.


“With work, guys. I am always busy writing and composing new songs. I don’t have time to even sleep properly, leave alone date anybody.” Suga laughed and the tension was gone. However, Taehyung tensed up uncomfortably because that sounded eerily similar to Yoongi who has still yet to show up.


The rapper walked to the white grand piano on the stage, invigorating fans screaming, Taehyung would join in too because Min Suga doesn’t play the piano often and it’s only a rare sight. Taehyung felt a lump in his throat and he was trying to figure out how to breathe properly.


“I wrote this song some time ago but it’s not in the album. I promised someone special that I'll play it it when I'm done,” Suga glanced at the backstage, Taehyung swallowed. “I'm playing it for you.” the rapper said, eyes still on Taehyung before he turned his gaze back to the piano and settled on the stool comfortably.


Those pale hands hit on the first note and the melody started, Taehyung heard the song before, it was like a dream. Where did he know the tune from? As the sweet sound of piano went on, Taehyung was hit with the sudden realisation and he found himself lost in an odd world. His body couldn’t move but his mind was racing, his heart pounding so fast it’s probably not healthy. He existed in this world with Suga and the piano.


The piano was old, secondhand and sounded ancient. It was warm, cozy and smelled like coffee and pastries here.


It was the melody from the cafe.


The one that Yoongi played for him.


Taehyung couldn't breathe.




When Suga got off stage at the end of the concert, Taehyung stomped towards the rapper with a frown.


“Hi.” Suga said as he drank the water.


“Don’t you ‘hi’ me! What was that about? What are you trying to tell me? Who are you ?” Taehyung could cry from frustration and the mind games. “Who are you to Yoongi? Where is Yoongi?” he felt himself tearing up without his permission and he blinked them away angrily.


Suga looked taken aback by the outbreak and held him instantly; Taehyung tried to shrug it away but he was tired, mentally and physically, his legs hurt from all the jumping and his throat hurts from screaming and cheering.


The rapper scoffed at first but turned to look at Taehyung, lips pressed into thin lines.  “You still don’t get it?” Suga asked gently but it was genuine shock.


“Get what?” Taehyung demanded, he didn’t mean to but he felt left out. One thing that he couldn’t stand was to be left out. What Suga did next made him stunned into silence again.


Suga pulled away from him and there was a few feet between them before the rapper pulled at the back of his head. Slowly, the bandages fell and the rapper unwrapped it slowly. When the bandages were removed, Suga dropped the white rolls and Taehyung’s jaw dropped opened, he couldn’t believe his eyes.


The man took a deep breath and exhaled before looking directly into Taehyung’s eyes. “My full name is Min Yoongi. I am a rapper from the group Bangtan and I am also known as Min Suga. I have talked to your mum about dinner plans so I can meet your parents officially as your boyfriend. I have a dog that stays with my older brother named Min Holly, he’s a brown poodle and my favourite colour is white.”


“I know so little about you from when you still visit the cafe and once you stopped visiting, I stopped learning about you. You’re so mysterious and I feel like… I don’t even know you anymore. I don’t even know what your last name is and you still haven’t told me what you’re working as, you haven’t met my parents properly, I don’t know if you’re a cat or dog person and I don’t even know what your favourite colour is!”


Those were the words Taehyung had said when they broke up.


“I know you’re still trying to trust me and I promise you I’ll wait for you to recover.” he pulled a silver string from his pocket and dangled it in front of Taehyung’s face. There was a thick silver ring dangling on the silver necklace, it looked like the one Yoongi was always wearing, and currently wearing.


“This is your last present of the day. This necklace, it’s my promise to be with you, only you and I’ll tell you everything you want to know about me. If you can put up with my busy schedule, my shitty attitude and everything that’s fucked up about me, if you are willing to accept me as Min Suga and Min Yoongi, I want you to wear it. Wear it when you’re ready. I’ll be with you for as long as you’ll have me, Kim Taehyung.” Yoongi said, eyes not drifting from Taehyung’s own watering eyes.


Something overcame the younger man at the moment. He wasn’t sure what it was; anger, confusion, relief, shock, happiness but something just clicked in his head. He doesn’t know what to do so he just did the first thing that came into his mind.


He grabbed Yoongi’s thick collar coat and pulled him into a kiss. The rapper was startled at first but quickly kissed back, hungrily and with twice the passion. It was messy, wet, hot and too much too quickly and Taehyung bit Yoongi’s lower lips and pulled at them, causing the older man to yelp.


“Baby, let go please?” the rapper begged as best he could.


“I am so mad at you! Why didn’t you tell me?” Taehyung let go of those lips, Yoongi mewled and sucked his lower lips.


“Because you’re a fan and you’ll die knowing I am Suga all along.” Yoongi explained with an eye roll and the younger male laughed.


“You’re probably right.” Taehyung pulled Yoongi into another tight hug. “But I’ll tell you a secret,” Taehyung leaned in closer to the older man until he was next to his ear, “I actually like Min Yoongi more than Min Suga ever since that day at the ice cream parlor.” Taehyung whispered with a grin and bit Yoongi’s ears playfully.


“We still have a few hours left, where do you want to celebrate? We can go to anywhere you want, do whatever the fuck you want.” Yoongi growled in his ears, hands wrapped around his waist possessively.  


“How about my home and we just talk, cuddle, make out a little- okay, maybe a lot, and sleep?”


Yoongi pulled away with an odd smile, satisfied and grateful smile. “Why did I ever let you go? That’s the best thing someone has ever said to me. You’re like an angel right now.”


“Min Yoongi, help me put on that fucking necklace and kiss me.” Taehyung said aloud with a sunshine grin.


“Kim Taehyung, I am never going to let you go.” Yoongi said and helped Taehyung put on the silver necklace. Once it was on and secure, he pulled Taehyung into another affectionate kiss.


“You still taste like caramel macchiato.” Yoongi mumbled and Taehyung giggled.


And you started to taste like a bittersweet cold Americano.



Chapter Text

You received a video message from Grumpy Americano six hours ago.


“This is Min Yoongi to Captain Kim. I just finished the show in Toronto. It’s so cold here, I think my dick might fall off. Anyways, I hope you’re doing well in Jakarta, I heard it’s really hot there. Make sure to not wear black or any of your sweaters and wear extra sunscreens. SPF 50 for your face and SPF 30 for your body. Call me when you landed, I’ll show you around Toronto. Miss you till then, 156 days to go.” Yoongi smiled at his phone and waved goodbye before ending the video message.


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You received a video message from Caramel Macchiato eleven hours ago.  


“Hyung, I just landed! Seokjin hyung came on this trip with me-" he said to his phone and Seokjin came up next to him, catching himself on the camera.


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"His landing still needs practices, do not get on board." the older teased before going off screen with a huge smile at the two lovebirds. 

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"Anyways, I saw the award show last night! Congrats on the big win! I miss you, call me when you are done with the interview! Tell Namjoon hyung that the we are going to pick up the kids now! 112 days left!” Taehyung kissed the phone and ended the video message.




You received a video message from Grumpy Americano 27 hours ago.


“Good morning sunshine, we are going on a live broadcast show tonight. We are suppose to play some games or something, I’m not sure what the fuck is going on but hopefully your flight wasn’t delayed and you can watch it. But if you can’t, you can always just watch it online or something. I also sent a package to Seokjin hyung’s bakery. Hope you like it. 89 days to go.” Yoongi poked his cheeks repeatedly in an adorable way. "You owe me so many kisses, Kim Taehyung." 

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You received a video message from Caramel Macchiato 4 hours ago.


“I can’t believe you wore that Kumamon onesie on stage! And you used the Kumamon bottle at the fansign! You looked so adorable! I miss you so much, hyung. You need to send me more clothes, I already sent my sweaters to your dorm! 62 days!” Taehyung squealed.


"Also! Watch me make a sandwich in my onesie!" he said kissing the camera before putting it down and turned around to the fridge to get some ingredients, in his Pikachu onesie.

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You received a video message from Grumpy Americano 7 hours ago.


“I was on stage, spotlights and thousand of fans screaming my name but I was thinking about you. I want to kiss you, to touch you, it’s so frustrating craving someone.” Yoongi rapped before looking at the camera. “That’s a sneak for the next album, don’t tell anybody or I will have to punish you.” Yoongi winked, he’s wearing one of Taehyung’s oversized sweaters. He showed Taehyung around the recording studio briefly. “I’ll bring you here someday and you can watch me work. 34 more days.” Yoongi licked his lips.


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You received a video message from Caramel Macchiato 10 hours ago.


“Holy shit, did you see that? That’s a huge elephant! We have to come here next summer together if you’re done touring, hyung! I think they have this water festival in April that last for a few days, it’s like a huge festival too! We’ll have to buy water guns and stuff and join in the fun. I’ll be flying back to Seoul in two days, miss you till then! 3 more days!” Taehyung jumped up and down excitedly.


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You received a video message from Caramel Macchiato 6 hours ago.


"Hyuuuuuuung, Seokjin hyung made me wash all your clothes and now I have nothing to wear except for my clothes. I miss you so much..." he pouted. "I am tired, think gonna take," he yawned. "Take a nap and go pick you up later." 


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Yoongi finally reached Seoul, after the five hours of delay. He was tired, grumpy and it ached everywhere . He scowled when he was greeted by screams and flashlights even though he covered up with dark sunglasses and Taehyung’s scarf pulled up to his nose. Hoseok followed behind him, tired but waved at the fans and camera. Namjoon stayed in California with Seokjin and their adopted kids for the holiday while the other two came back to Seoul.


The older man looked over at Hoseok and both of them nodded briefly, understanding each other before Yoongi sped off away from the spotlight. The bodyguards and security guards helped to cover him up as he changed into something simpler, a t-shirt, jeans and a beanie. As soon as he was done, he went to grab his luggage and went to the terminal.


A tall man waited outside, the only man that stood out anyways, in an oversized sweater, jeans, Yoongi’s leather jacket, a sheepish smile and a plastic cup in hand. He waved at Yoongi enthusiastically with a blinding smile before running towards the rapper.


The taller man literally jumped on him and all soreness was gone, Yoongi smiled and hugged the man tightly. He doesn’t want to let go, ever. “I’m home, baby.” he said, Taehyung smelled like birthday cake.    


“I missed you so much, hyung. Welcome back!” Taehyung cried.


“I’m tired and I missed you too.” Yoongi whined and wiped Taehyung’s tears away with his soft cold finger.


Taehyung sniffled with a huge grin. “I made a cold Americano with sugar syrup.”


Yoongi grinned widely and and pulled the sun in his life kissed those lips that tasted like warm caramel macchiato and home.







The End.