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half light

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He wouldn't say that they're friends, really. They're not quite just acquaintances either; the more he thinks about it, Eren's not sure how to describe their relationship. They sort of... tolerate each other, in different ways.

But yeah, the more he thinks about it (and he does think about it quite often), Eren thinks that he'd like for them to be friends.


Technically, he'd met Levi four months ago, but the first time they'd seen each other had been six months ago.

There's a park not too far from the college Eren attends, and he often takes a walk down there in between the break he has between classes three days a week. Levi always sits at the table across from his, head burrowed in books and papers and such.

They hadn't talked, but he'd noticed him each day. It's two months later that they truly meet.


Eren's dutifully ignoring the paper he's supposed to be writing, instead watching the guy at the table across from him. His head is drooping a little every once in awhile, but he continues poring over the papers in front of him, scribbling furiously.

He should be working just as diligently, but it's such a nice day, with a wonderful little breeze, and Eren can't help but feel lazy. His mouth opens in alarm as a particularly nice breeze proceeds to blow one of the papers right off of the table where the other guy is sitting. He doesn't even turn to look.

Eren feels torn; they've never engaged each other before, but it seems awfully cold to just let a potentially important paper get lost just because of that. After some indecision, he stands up, makes his way over, plucks the paper off of the ground, and then stands awkwardly next to the table. The guy continues writing, seemingly not noticing that someone is standing next to him.

He shifts a little, unsure of what to do. He glances down at the paper, and sees written at the top 'Keep this, Levi.' His lips quirk up at that, and Eren thrusts the paper out, jabbing the guy in the arm. "You dropped this, Levi."

The look he receives in return is perhaps the most withering glare of all time. Eren is proud of himself for not flinching. "I don't care, I'm done with it." And with that, he turns his gaze back down to his work.

Eren can't help feeling a bit put out. He finds himself sitting down at the table, taking in Levi's state; now that he's closer, he can see the dark circles under his eyes, and the way his writing seems stilted. He's blinking a lot, and Eren says before he can help himself, "Do you need any help?"

Hard eyes meet his again, yet Eren notices they look just a little bleary. "Your eyes," Levi says suddenly, "How are they?"

Eren wonders wildly if Levi has lost his mind at some point, because the question makes no sense to him. His thoughts must be written on his face, because Levi grunts and rolls his eyes. He picks up one of the papers on the table and lifts it for him to see. "Can you read this?"

Squinting a little, Eren tries to read the page. The writing on it is small but neat, but the real issue is that it appears something has been spilled all over it. "...Yeah, pretty much," he says, after examining it some more.

Levi grabs a stack of papers and pushes them toward Eren. "My eyeballs feel like they're about to fall out. Copy these onto a new paper." Eren takes the papers after a moment of hesitation, and Levi shoves a notebook with a fresh page opened toward him. Levi goes back to his work without a word, and Eren seriously wonders what the hell he is doing with his life.

Still, he pulls the notebook a bit closer and begins doing what Levi had asked. It's not like he'd been working on the essay he had yet to begin writing or the reading that's due tomorrow.

It's a little awkward at first, but quiet, and when he finally finishes up, he realizes that Levi isn't writing anymore either. He's looking right at Eren, expression unreadable.

Levi's head tilts to the side a little, and he ignores the way Eren raises an eyebrow. "Are your eyes green or blue?"

Eren's caught off guard and his mouth opens uselessly a few times, and Levi places his chin in his hand and continues to look bored. "You don't even know? That's pretty sad. Apparently you don't have a name, because you haven't said that yet, either."

At that, Eren frowns. "Shut up, you're just asking weird questions. Who asks someone what color their eyes are when they're looking right at them?" Levi blinks lazily, and Eren huffs. "I'm Eren, Eren Jaeger."

There's a pause, and Eren realizes that Levi really doesn't know how to hold a normal conversation. Eren stares stupidly, feeling like he's missing something as Levi gathers all of his books and papers together. "Okay then, now that we've established you're still an idiot," Levi begins, standing up and ignoring Eren's outraged cry, "I'm out of here. So long, Eren Eren Jaeger."

By the time Eren realizes he's been made fun of yet again, Levi's too far off in the distance to yell after without making a scene.

It's a good thing though, because that way he doesn't see Eren's smile.


Eren feels a little confused about the whole thing, and doesn't have enough courage to plop himself down at Levi's table the next time he sees him. Levi doesn't acknowledge him either, and Eren wonders if he had been viewed as a nuisance after selflessly providing his assistance. He frowns.

It's just... weird. When two people know each other, they usually say hello or... something, at least. Especially when they're sitting in the same vicinity for over an hour.

He finds he doesn't get any of the reading he'd meant to do completed at all, instead staring at Levi the whole time.

Next time, he'll talk to him.


He does, and it's awkward in just the same way as before, but leaves him smiling just the same, too.


They don't really talk about anything important, and Eren does most of the talking, to be honest; he supposes that the first time they'd spoken, Levi may have been a little chattier because he'd been tired and not himself.

But he tolerates Eren. And when Eren finally manages to say something that makes his lips turn up in a smirk, even though he keeps his eyes trained on his book, Eren can't help but feel pleased.


It's just over four months into their - whatever-it-is, and he hasn't seen Levi in over a week. He's not at his table any of the times that Eren is there, and for some reason, he feels panicked.

Levi had been reliable; they'd never promised to meet or anything like that, but he'd simply gotten used to seeing him every time he'd come to the park, and he'd never been let down.

But they're not friends, so he doesn't have Levi's phone number, or his email, doesn't know where he lives, or who his friends are, so he has no way of finding out where he is, or if something happened to him. It eats at his gut, and he feels a little stupid, but mostly just worried.

He's sitting at Levi's table (he's taken to sitting there after three days of not seeing him, sort of like he's saving it, or something), tapping his foot anxiously, when someone sits beside him. He almost jumps a foot in the air before he sees that it's Levi, and then he does jump out of his seat. "What happened to you?!"

Levi looks absolutely grumpy, but that isn't what's unusual; it's the bandage above his eyebrow and the nasty-looking bruise on his arm. "Why are you at my table?" he grunts, clearly avoiding Eren's question.

"Shut up," Eren dismisses him easily, sitting back down, and the half-formed thought pops into his head that it's not really just Levi's table, it's sort of his, too. "So what the hell happened?" He feels his lips twisting in concern, and he tries not to show it too much, but Levi still looks away.

There's a beat. "I got hit by a car."

Eren almost jumps out of his seat again, but settles for leaning forward, mouth agape. "Oh my god! Levi!"

Levi shoves his shoulder hard, grousing out, "Shut up, you moron!" His eyes scan the area, but Eren knows that no one is around, and who cares if they are, anyway.

He rubs distractedly at his shoulder and continues, "I can't believe it! I was so worried! And then it turns out you got hit by a car, for gods sakes!" Eren feels like getting up and pacing, he's so worked up, but he tries to remain still.

Levi is looking steadily grumpier and grumpier, and Eren isn't sure why. "It was nothing," he says finally, scratching at his ear. Eren suddenly wonders if he's embarrassed at Eren fussing over him. For some reason, the thought makes him smile.

He turns away from Levi for a moment, opens his forgotten notebook and scribbles on the page, then tears it out. He presents it to a bewildered Levi before shoving a pen into his hand. "That's my phone number, now give me yours."

The look on his face is downright comical, but Eren simply tears out another piece of paper and puts it in front of Levi. "Come on, you jerk. I was really worried and I didn't even know how to contact you."

Levi purses his lips and scratches at his ear again; Eren tucks away the gesture in the back of his mind as something Levi does when he's flustered.

Eren nudges his foot under the table, and Levi looks so affronted Eren can't help but laugh. "Fuck you, my leg could be broken or something, you little shit."

Eren laughs again, and taps a finger on the blank paper before Levi. "Come on, don't make me beg. It's not the end of the world to give someone your phone number."

"I don't like random people having it," he grumbles, and Eren's unsure why he's in such a good mood when Levi clearly isn't.

It must be his good mood that makes him say, "I'm not just a random person, I'm..."

His boldness leaves him rather quickly, and he absentmindedly starts tapping his foot under the table again. Levi doesn't say anything, and Eren stares down at his own knee for a moment.

"You're Eren Eren Jaeger, I guess you've forgotten that already," Levi says, and when Eren looks up, Levi's pushing the paper back towards him, only now there are numbers written down on it. His cheeks feel warm.

It's the stupidest thing to be happy over, but Eren thinks that finally he can say that he and Levi are friends.