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Super Powered Love

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You can hear a voice, calling out to you, begging, with such anguish it tore at your heart strings…

“You’re gonna make it, you’re gonna make it!” The voice keeps calling out your name, over and over and over and over you think you might just be imagining it. Maybe your subconscious is trying to make sure that you at least remember your name before you die.

You feel a hand on your cheek but only for a brief second before your body goes numb again, but the momentary touch wakes you up just a little bit more. Your eyes flutter open for a brief second and all you can see is blood and smoke, and perhaps the flash of brown and pink that you couldn’t quite figure out what it was. Your head is pounding and causes you to close your eyes again in hopes of giving it peace, but nothing seems to work.

Your world is slowly fading to black, the voice the only thing in your mind. It brought you some sort of joy to hear it, something about it was familiar and comforting even while you were in such a confusing state.

When you wake up again, the world is white.

You have to blink and rub your eyes a few times to help your eyes adjust, but when you do you recognize the setting of a Hospital. A TV is on, turned low (perhaps not to wake you too soon), while some sunlight peaks through the darkened curtains in the room. You have no sense of time, which bothers you, but when you turn to see if there’s a clock beside the bed you’re in, you realized that your arm was being held down by someone else’s grip.

Pink and brown flash before your eyes again but they come together to form a girl, one who you recognize this time around.

Your hand touches the back of Uraraka’s head, petting at her soft hair which only causes her to briefly stir from her slumber. When she continues snoring, you decide it’s best not to bother her, especially since she seemed so… dirty and exhausted. The events of the previous day are still blurry, and trying to bring it back causes your head to throb, but you can briefly remember her crying out for you to move, and then hearing her call your name repeatedly.

While you’re stuck in your thoughts, more of the battle coming to you, Uraraka begins to wake up, moving away from you so she can stretch adequately. It takes her a second to notice that you’re sitting up and awake, but when she does she jumps up from her seat with joy.

She’s so excited to see that you’re awake that she has no words, and can only grab either side of your face to pull you in for a loving kiss. She’s teary-eyed as she kisses you, but you don’t push her away even if her tears are making the cuts on your face sting. The feeling of her lips against yours is a euphoric moment that you couldn’t possibly pass up, even if it meant putting up with a little pain. She had never acted this way towards you before and, despite having heard the other girls tease her about a crush, you had never suspected it would be you.

You’re not complaining though.

When she finally pulls away she wipes away any stray tears, offering you the brightest smile she could muster before she begins to rant about what a relief it is that you’ve finally woken up. Only a day or two had passed since the villains attacked, and you had been caught off-guard and hurt during the battle. She had seen you go down and had headed to your side immediately, trying to keep you conscious until you could be rescued while also fending off any enemies who headed your way. It seems that there were no real winners during the battle due to massive causalities, but at least you had survived.

“I’m just so happy…” She whispers, grabbing your hand and squeezing. There’s plenty of pent up feelings that she’s hiding, but you don’t push it any further, at least not until you’ve left the hospital. You’d be sure to get a full love confession from Ochako Uraraka by the end of the week if this kept up. “I’m sorry I couldn’t be there to protect you.”

“Don’t worry about it.” You squeeze her hand back, hating to see her in such a sad state. “I’m just glad you’re here now.”