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Today had been a nice day. Of course, no birds were to be chirping in the dead of winter, but the snow was falling, and other than the occasional shout of kids playing in the snow, the streets were quiet. Anyone could agree that it was peaceful.


There was one exception, however. While the majority of the population were in their beds, wrapped in blankets and drinking hot chocolate, Renge was trudging back home with a bag in hand as the cold stung her face.


She finally reached her apartment building, making her way up the flight of stairs until she reached her own room. As soon as the warm air hit her she breathed a sigh of relief, closing the door quickly and walking into the kitchen, putting the bag on the table.


After taking rubbing her hands together and breathing on them until they were warm enough to function normally, she pulled the contents out of the bag, revealing several mistletoe plants.


With a smug smile on her face, she grabbed a roll of duct tape and one of the mistletoes, dragging a chair to the kitchen entrance and standing on it. When she had successfully hung it over the doorway, she got down, dragging the chair to another doorway.


Once each important entrance in the apartment was being guarded by a mistletoe hanging above it, Renge put the chair back in its original spot, throwing the plastic bag away and putting the tape back in its drawer. With a content grin, she collapsed on the couch, pulling out her phone.


Now the only thing left was to wait.


She opened her chat with Asuha, typing out a quick text.


Renge: Hey~ will you be home soon?


Less than a minute later she received a reply.


Asuha: Yes. I'm getting in the car now, I'll be back in about ten minutes if traffic is light.


With nothing to say, she left the other girl on read, closing the messages and turning off her phone.


Sighing, she stood up, despite having just sat down. "Might as well do something while I wait," she muttered to herself, walking into the kitchen.


Nearly twenty minutes later, Asuha walked in, taking off her coat and boots before brushing the snow off of her hair. "I'm back!"


Upon hearing the familiar "Welcome home," she looked over to see Renge leaning against the kitchen door frame with her usual grin on her face. It took no time at all for Asuha to see that she was planning something.


"I made hot chocolate," Renge said nonchalantly, her arms folded.


The shorter girl hummed in acknowledgement, making her way closer to the kitchen with Renge's eyes on her. As soon as she stepped into the doorway, her path was blocked by the other girl.


"Look up."


Asuha did as she was told, her eyes landing on a plant taped messily to the top of the door frame. She examined it for a moment before looking back down to see Renge closing her eyes as she leaned in--


"That's holly," Asuha said matter-of-factly, walking around her.


"Wha-" Renge straightened up, turning around. She looked at the holly, then back at Asuha, multiple times until her brain processed the information.


"Asuha!" Renge exclaimed as the other girl sat down at the table, taking a sip of the not-so-hot chocolate.


"What? It's the truth."


"The person who sold them specifically said that they're mistletoes."


"Well, they lied. Mistletoes have white berries, not red."


Renge huffed, her eyebrow twitching as she stared at the other girl, who took another sip of hot chocolate. "Can't you just accept the romantic gesture? You don't have to take every opportunity to be a smartass, you know."


Asuha shrugged, her eyes wandering to the other entrance to the kitchen, where more holly was hung above the doorway with tape. "Did you put holly above every door in the house?"




She sighed, standing as she put the mug of hot chocolate back on the table. "Well... since you did all that work..."


A bit hesitantly, she put her hands on the taller girl's shoulders, putting their foreheads together before giving her a short kiss. "There."


Renge wrapped her arms around her, pulling her closer. "I hung up more than one holly, you know."


The corners of Asuha's lips curved into a grin. "Oh? I guess I'll have to pay you back for all that, then?"


That was all that needed to be said before their lips connected again.