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Christmas Shopping

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Yuri, Nozomi, and Kurumi entered the store, glad to be out of the cold.


"I like Christmas shopping, but not walking through the cold..." Nozomi muttered.


"You'll warm up soon enough," Yuri said with a shrug.


Nozomi turned to Kurumi with a sigh. "So, we'll meet up here when we're done, alright?"


"Mhm. I'll see you guys later," she said with a wave, walking off.


Once she was gone, the two girls turned to look at each other.


"So, where do we start?"


"I don't know, you're the one who wanted to go shopping in the first place."


"Well you're here with me, so you have to help."


"Then..." Yuri began looking around.


They stood around for a moment, looking over what they could see of the store.


"Well, we're not gonna get anywhere just standing here," Nozomi said, grabbing the other girl's hand and pulling her as started walking.


Yuri quickened her pace so that she wasn't being dragged along. The two walked through the isles for a while, until Yuri stopped.


"What is it?"


"Do you think Miki would want cake mix?"


"...Probably... Though, that wouldn't be much of a Christmas present for anyone who had to eat it."


Yuri couldn't help but laugh. "That's true, but hey, the more she bakes, the better she'll be at it, right?" She asked as she grabbed a box and put it in the cart.


Nozomi shrugged. "I guess so."


They next stop they made was where the video games were. They walked through the area slowly, looking for anything Anko would like that she didn't have.


"Does she have this one yet?"


"Yep. I've seen her play it."


"Then... What about this one?"


"She has that one too."


"This one?"




They looked at the games in defeat, until Yuri's eyes landed on one of the newer games that recently came out. "Hey, didn't she say she's been wanting this for a while?"


"Oh, I think you're right! Let's get it, then."


Yuri tossed it lazily in the cart along with Miki's gift.


Next, they went to the garden area.


"Kurumi's gift has to be super special... but..."


"...What doesn't she already have?"


They looked around at all the plants, fertilizer, and shovels, thinking deeply.


"I have an idea!" Yuri exclaimed. "We could get her a flower, but we should wait until one or two days before Christmas to get it, since it'll probably wilt if it stays with us for too long."


"Ooh, you're a genius! Why didn't I think of that?"


Yuri raised her chin proudly. "Well then, let's come back in a few days."


After getting several more gifts, they made their way to where the books are. Specifically, the manga.


Nozomi looked over all the different books for a moment. "Hmm... Do you see yuri anywhere?"


"What are you talking about? I'm right h- oh- you meant the genre."


The other girl laughed openly while Yuri folded her arms and looked away.


"Aw, you're so cute when you're blushing," Nozomi teased, grabbing her and pulling her into a hug.


She wriggled out of the other girl's grasp. "S- Shut up. Anyway, we need a gift for Renge, right? Let's keep looking."


"Alright, alright."


Not even a minute later, Yuri tapped Nozomi's shoulder, pointing to a section of books. "Found them."


The two girls analyzed the different books, until finally they picked out a couple of random ones.


"Hopefully Renge hasn't read any of these," Yuri muttered as she put them in the cart.


Nozomi stayed put, still glancing over the books. "Do you think Urara likes manga?"


The shorter girl thought for a moment. "Uh... probably. If she does, I bet she reads it online, though."


"Good point. Well, we could probably get her some magazines and stuff. She's pretty easy to shop for, I think."


"Man, that was a pain," Yuri muttered. They had finally finished all of their shopping, and were standing in the music isle after finding a gift for Haruka.


"It was fun though, right?"


"Well, I guess. But it was still tiring. I'm not a huge fan of shopping."


"Huh..." Nozomi trailed off, her eyes wandering over to the cart. "Oh, I have an idea!"


Kurumi greeted the store employee with a smile as she put her items on the counter to be checked out.


"Thank you for shopping with us? Have you had a good day today?" The employee greeted her with a line that sounded much too rehearsed.


"Yes, thank you. Have y--"


Kurumi's polite small talk was interrupted by a sudden crash. She and the store worker both turned to look at the source of the sound.


She paled when she saw Yuri, standing on the bottom part of their shopping cart and holding onto the handle while Nozomi stood right behind her, pushing. They had knocked over a stand, sending multiple stuffed animals flying onto the floor.


"U- Um... aren't they your friends? I saw you walk in with them..."


"Ah- No, we just walked in at the same time..." Kurumi scrambled for an excuse. "They were just complimenting my coat."


"I see--"


"Hey, Kurumi! Come over here!"


Kurumi ignored Nozomi's voice, turning back to the confused employee. "P- Please just scan the items."