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Good Night

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Sakura was in her pajamas, laying peacefully under the covers of the bed she was to share with Hinata. She scrolled through her phone, relaxing while the other girl changed. It was quiet, save for the sound of crickets chirping outside.

When she was done changing, Hinata pounced on the bed, landing next to Sakura. Putting her phone away, she turned around to look at Hinata in the moonlight from the window.

"Isn't this so exciting?" Hinata exclaimed, crawling under the covers.

"How so?" Sakura asked tiredly.

"This is our first time sharing a bed! We can talk, and play games, and--"

"Or we can sleep," Sakura cut in, turning onto her other side, facing away from the other girl.

Hinata wrapped her arms around the lighter-haired girl. "But Sakuraaaa! That's so lame!"

"But Hinataaaa! I'm tired!" Sakura mimicked her tone.

The shorter girl huffed in frustration, still hugging Sakura from behind. "Fine! But tomorrow, you have to spend time with me."

"Don't we always spend time together anyway?"

"Still, you get the point..."

Sakura couldn't help but smile. "Good night."

"Good night, Sakura."


Nearly an hour had passed, and Sakura felt like she was finally falling asleep. Hinata's warm, soft body was still cuddled against her in a hug, contrasting against the cold room, and Sakura was just barely able to feel her gentle breathing against her back.

Sakura's breathing slowed into a steady rhythm, and she relaxed, finally falling asleep--


She jumped, startled awake. Grumpily, she turned around to look at Hinata, but she was fast asleep, her eyes closed peacefully and her mouth slightly hanging open.

"Hinata..." Sakura whispered. But Hinata must've really been asleep, because she didn't start smiling.

Sighing, Sakura watched Hinata's sleeping face for a moment, one of her hands brushing the hair out of her face. Hinata mumbled something inaudible, her grip tightening around Sakura.

A tiny smile found its way to Sakura's face, and she pressed her lips gently to Hinata's forehead. Hinata nuzzled into Sakura's neck, muttering something else that she couldn't hear.

Sakura wrapped her arms around the dark-haired girl, closing her eyes until she finally drifted off to sleep without interruption.