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Second Sight

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You're walking your way through me

With a smile I let you right in

It doesn't make life so easy

But don't let go


The four sat down at a candlelit restaurant, the whole restaurant giving off a warm vibrant feeling. Dressed in his pajamas, Richard was incredibly out of place in the classy restaurant, his tablemates dressed up in suits and dress. His companions certainly weren’t judging Richard for being dressed down, though, they knew he really had no choice. Considering how hard it was to get a reservation at Tsuchiya’s, they really had no time to get Richard changed into something more suitable before going off to dinner once he finally fell asleep.

Steve smiled at Richard from across the table. Sure, they couldn’t always be together in reality, but it was delightful to see him in the dream world. He reached across the table and squeezed Richard’s hand. Richard smiled back at him.

“I reckon I’ll have the octopus,” Andonis said, a smug smile on their face. “With extra special sauce.”

“Oh, you wouldn’t,” Sylvia said with a glare. “Just because I’m paying for dinner...”

“It’s not my fault you lost the bet, Sylvie!” Andonis said with a singsong voice. “Do you think I should order an appetizer, too?”

“No!” Sylvia shrieked at them and Andonis cackled.

“I’m not very hungry,” Richard admitted softly.

“Aw, c’mon, Rich, you’ve got to eat something!” Steve said. “It’s Sylvia’s treat, after all.”

“I’m really not hungry,” he said again. “And I’m not a huge fan of fancy food.”

“Well, look, they have some non fancy items on the menu!” Steve said, leaning over the table and showing him the menu.

“Like what?” Richard asked. Navigating menus always made him rather dizzy.

“Well... Right here there’s pizza,” Steve said with a smile, pointing to an item on the menu.

“Oh!” Richard’s face brightened and the two shared a warm, knowing smile.

“Want to split it?” Steve said.

“Do you even need to ask?”

Steve smiled. “I guess not.”

The waiter came around the table and the four ordered their dishes--Sylvia ordering a vegetable noodle dish, Andonis ordering the octopus, and Steve ordering a pepperoni pizza for him and Richard.

“Pizza?” Andonis teased after they had taken their orders. “We’re at Tsuchiya’s! Why order pizza when you could have almost anything else?”

Some people are polite enough not to order the most expensive dish they sell here!” Sylvia said defensively, to which Steve laughed at.

“Exactly, Sylvia,” he said with a smile, giving Richard a knowing look. That wasn’t really it. It had been over pizza when Richard had really felt like he’d met Steve, it had been over pizza that Steve had gone out of his way to convince Richard he was his own person. For Andonis and Sylvia, it might just be bread, cheese, meat, and red sauce, but the two boys couldn’t help but remember more, those days where they struggled to understand what was going on, where they struggled to get onto the same level of understanding. And yet, here they were, perfectly in touch, three weeks later, sharing a pepperoni pizza again.

The waiter brought out the pizza and Richard asked for a fork. Andonis gave him a crazy look. “You’re kidding me, right?” Steve laughed.

“I don’t want to burn my tongue just because I’m in a dream!” Richard said defensively. “It might still sting when I wake up!”

“I don’t think a fork will help much with that...” Andonis pointed out.

“And if you did burn your tongue, I could whip you up something to get rid of that really easily!” Sylvia added.

“Aw, just leave him be,” Steve told the others with a small laugh. “Let him sin without being bothered.” Richard grumbled but didn’t stop cutting the tip of his pizza slice off with a fork and eating it daintily.

“We are at a fancy restaurant, you know,” he pointed out.

“I know, I know,” Steve said. “And I love your awful pizza-fork habits,” he added before taking a big, sloppy bite of his own pizza.

“Steve! You got tomato sauce all over your face!” Richard cried indignantly.

Steve swallowed and frowned. “And burned my tongue too, I think.”

“What did I tell you!”

“Oh, don’t worry, I can fix that when we get to my house later, Steve, dear,” Sylvia said reassuringly.

“Yeah, with your magic potions and all,” Andonis said, taking a bite of octopus.

“Science!” Sylvia insisted, but they all laughed. And life was good.