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The Alpha Mates

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Around 23 years ago, a screaming baby boy was born on a full moon into the Luna Pack. A pack that started centuries before his time, a pack that he soon would have to lead. His mother, the female Alpha at the time had made plans for her little boy, plans that would seal his fate and protect his soul if ever she were to leave too soon. The boy’s father, a man of honor and integrity, was never known to smile or show any affection but the moment, the pack doctor placed the screaming boy into his arms, the man turned to look at his exhausted wife and lets out a laugh so loud, his pack member from outside could almost feel his joy within themselves.

And they knew, from that very moment that the little wolf would be the change they have been waiting for.

“What will we name him?” Whispers Claudia as she watches her husband hold their son.

Noah, without taking his eyes off his son replies, “Mikolaj.”

Claudia lets out a soft chuckles. “Are you preparing our little boy to be a solider already, Noah?”

“No,” He whispers, as his little boy opens up his eyes for the first, his dark brown orbs meeting his father’s pale blue ones. “No, he is Mikolaj… He is Our Victor."

Everyone was happy for their future Alpha was born but their happiness was short lived.

Tragedy strikes one cold night. Hidden in the shadows, a predator seeking prey, finds the Luna Pack. The man wastes no time, racing across the entire land with supernatural speed, sinking his teeth into every living member of the pack.

Claudia awakes from the sound of her people screaming but it is all too. On instinct and that alone, she runs towards her son’s room. Sweeping the screaming boy into her arms, she takes off, pressing his face into her neck, hushing him as she runs.

Her pack lay decimated at her feet but she keeps running.

She runs and runs until she hears it, the small whimper from her mate. She stops, turning and looking around and then she finds him, laying on the floor with someone over him, feasting on his neck.

“No!” She screams.

The thing pulls away from husband’s neck, his eyes glowering an unnatural yellow. Not the yellow of a wolf but of something else entirely. The growl that leaves her throat, causes her son to tense in her arms.

Slowly Claudia lowers him onto the ground, her eyes fixed on the beast before her.

“Mama?” Her son whispers.

“Run, Mikolaj. Do not look back, baby boy. Run.”

The moment his feet hits the ground, Mikolaj runs as his mother commanded.

He doesn’t look back, he ignores the feeling of lose that falls upon him with each step that he takes.

He runs, ignoring the screams of his mother that echoes through the entire forest.

He runs faster, when he hears the loud thudding of footsteps following him. Followed by another and another and another. He wants to cry but Mikolaj doesn’t. He needs to be strong, like his Papa and Mama.

Suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere, a man appears in front of him. Then another one behind him. The man’s clothes before him is torn and bloody and Mikolaj can smell the blood of his mother and the blood of his father.

A growl rips through the boy’s throat as he bares his teeth, his eyes glowing bright yellow before he lungs to the man. The man steps out of the way, letting out a mockery laugh as Mikolaj falls on the ground.

“Oh, the little Alpha Pup wants to play.” He mocks.

Mikolaj turns around, growling before trying to grab the man once more only to be met with the same fate, this time the man grabs his shirt and all but throws him towards another man.

The second man hums with pleasure as he buries his face in Mikolaj’s neck. “Hmm, he is going to be a lovely feast for the guys back home.”

“Oh, do tell me you two aren’t foolish enough to believe you have a home to return to.”

Everyone tenses at the new voice.

A man steps out the shadows, a smirk on his lips and blood coating his mouth and chin.

“Klaus.” The man holding Mikolaj whispers.

“Surprise to see me, Adam?”

Mikolaj looks at everyone, his brown eyes wide with fear as he takes in the strange new man. He squirms, turning his head to get out of the hold.

“Why would they have expected you at all, Niklaus?” Someone from behind them says.

In a fit of panic, Mikolaj bits down on the forearm of the man that holds him, ignoring the disgusting taste of blood that pours down his throat, holding the bite until the man releases him, tossing him away.

Mikolaj flies through the air, and the little boy shuts him eyes just as his side come into contact with the thick, hard trunk of a tree. He hears something crack inside him and the little boy lets out a painful cry, this time letting the tears fall down his face. He cries, trying to gasp for breathe, trying to breath but nothing. He gasps, clawing at his chest as if to tear it open, desperate for anything that would help him breathe.

He distantly hears a fight happening far away but as his lungs fail to take in oxygen, his vision starts to blur. The world around him becomes hazy and there is a constant buzz in his ears that makes it difficult to hear much of anything.


Is the last thing the boy hears before he dies…




“How could you! He is just a little boy!”

“Well then, dear sister, maybe you should ask Elijah instead of screaming my ears off. Seeing as it was our noble brother who requested I turn him.”

“Oh, you selfish bastard! You dare turn a little boy all because your ego was wounded due to Marcel’s choosing to leave this horrid excuse of a family!”

Mikolaj whimpers at all the screaming.

“This horrid excuse of a family that—”

“Enough, the both you. The boy is waking.”

There is silence after the calm voice speaks and Mikolaj sighs. He turns around, burrowing deep into the blankets and burying his nose into it, seeking his mother’s scent but instead, he is met with a fowl one.

Eyes flashing open, Mikolaj sits up with a start on the bed. His eyes glow yellow as the little boy stares, locking eyes with the three people surrounding him. Suddenly his stomach turns painfully and an overwhelming wave of hunger strikes him.

Mikolaj growls, bending over and grabbing onto his stomach.

“Klaus. Feed him.”

Hands grab his shoulder and Mikolaj fights as a man forces his bleeding wrist over his mouth. Mikolaj fights, wanting to move his head but the rich scent is alluring and soon, as if giving into an instinct, he opens his mouth and sucks. He drinks down the thick liquid, groaning as the warm blood sates his hunger.

“There you go, Little Wolf.” The man, Klaus, says.

Little wolf.

Mikolaj rips his mouth away from the wrist, shoving the man's chest as he jumps off the bed. He looks around, scenting the air for his mother.

“Whoa there, Little Wolf. It’s quite all right, we won’t hurt you.” The woman with blonde hair says as she walks over to him with her palms up. “Now I’m sure you must be very scared. My name is Rebekah—”

“Where is my mom? And my dad?” Mikolaj interrupts her.

The woman, Rebekah, swallows as she looks at him. She glances behind her and Mikolaji follows her eyes, watching as the two men look away too.

Mikolaj recognizes the look. He has seen his parents give the look to pack member who have lost someone to death.

“No.” Mikolaj says to Rebekah. “No, I want to see my mom and dad now.”

Rebekah turns to the little boy who stands before her with an angry look in his eyes.

“I’m sorry, Little Wolf. But your mom and dad… They didn’t make it.”


An overwhelming wave of anger washes over Mikolaj and he growls and lungs at the woman. He hears a swishing sound and something wrap around his waist, pulling him away.

“No! Let me go! Let me go! I want my mom! I want my dad! LET ME GO! LET ME GO!”



Learning that he had lost his family and his entire pack took a toll on Little Mikolaj. The people here, Elijah, Rebekah and Klaus, who Mikolaj had found out where vampires… Originals for that matter, helped him through the grief.

Klaus offers him a means of distraction.

Rebekah offers comfort and a shoulder to cry on.

Elijah offers words of wisdom and an ear.

“So, what is your name, Little Wolf?” Rebekah asks two weeks after Mikolaj had woken up for the first time in this place.

“Mik-Mikolaj.” The little boy forces out.

They have been calling him Little Wolf since he had arrived here.

Rebekah lets out a laugh. “Well, with a name like that, you must be very important. But a little boy like you should not have such a proper and powerful name.”

Mikolaj turns and frowns at her.

“I think,” She goes on to say, “We should give you a nickname, you know like the one we have for Klaus. What do you think, Elijah?”

Elijah turns from where he is standing by the balcony of Mikolaj’s room. “I think, that is a fantastic idea.”

“Hmm.” Rebekah turns to grin at the little werewolf.

“How about Kol?” Klaus says as he enters the room with a glass of whiskey in his hand.

“We are not naming Our Little Wolf after our backstabbing, bloodthirsty brother, Nik!”

“Stiles.” The little boy whispers.

All the Originals turns to him.

Mikolaj turns to Rebekah as he explains, “My dad’s father was in a war once and he went by the name Stilinski. The people there… They called him Stiles.”

“Stiles, you say?” Klaus asks with a smirk.

And since then, No longer was he referred to as The Little Wolf or Mikolaj …

Since then, he has been known as Stiles, The Werewolf Hybrid in the Mikaelson family.