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Unbreakable Bonds

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Huge thanks to BickyMonster for beta reading this for me!

Unbreakable Bonds
Chapter 1

The sunlight shone through a gap in the curtains the light shining on the face of a young man, who groaned in annoyance before rolling over, attempting to hide his face in the warm chest of the person sleeping next to him. Another warm body pressed up behind him, a strong arm wrapping protectively around the slim waist.

Harry felt warm and content. He wanted to stay exactly where he was, but the sun was up, and Harry knew that he wouldn't be able to sleep much longer, mostly due to the fact that his blond lover would be waking up shortly. Draco was never one to just lay in bed and waste the day away.Blaise could at least sometimes be convinced to stay in bed and keep Harry warm for a few more hours while the smaller man slept. But today would not be one of those days, today was going to be too busy for them to lay in bed and just enjoy each others’ company.

Soft lips pressed against the back of Harry's neck making him shudder happily. “Morning,” Draco greeted and Harry turned so he was facing the blond man. Smiling he leaned in giving Draco a soft kiss on the lips.

“Remind me again why we have to get up so early. We don't have to be anywhere until this afternoon,” Harry said, pouting slightly, and Draco chuckled.

“We still have to go and pick up our robes from the shop, and we have to meet my mother for lunch today, and it's going to take hours to get you ready for tonight-”

“Alright, alright,” Harry cut Draco off, letting out a long sigh before pulling himself up from the bed. “I call dibs on the shower first then, before you get your pale arse in there.” Harry grinned, rolling over Blaise, jolting the Italian awake in his mad dash to get out of bed before Draco could grab him.

“Wha?” Blaise blinked in confusion when he heard Harry's laughter before the bathroom door was slammed shut.

“Harry's in a playful mood this morning,” Draco explained, leaning over to kiss Blaise good morning before also getting out of bed.

“Not playful in the good way it would seem,” Blaise said with a huff as he sat up, running a hand through his hair.

“I wouldn't complain too much. We all managed to have quite a lot of fun last night, and stayed awake far too late I might add,” Draco commented as he went to his wardrobe and pulled out a set of suitable robes for the day. He then started going through Harry's clothes to pick out his small lover's outfit for the day. It was something that Draco had started doing after they had all moved into the one bedroom together; Harry had complained loudly about it at first, but after so many years together, the smaller man just accepted it as one thing that Draco enjoyed doing, and left him alone.

Blaise had a sappy grin on his face as he stood from the bed, heading towards the bathroom. “Let Harry shower,” Draco said as he continued looking through Harry's clothes to find the perfect outfit.

“We'll save more time if I just shower with him,” Blaise said, though he couldn't keep the grin from his face when Draco looked over at him, raising an eyebrow.

“Why don't you go downstairs and start the coffee, and see what we have for breakfast, I'll pick out your clothes for today as well,” Draco said. Blaise rolled his eyes but changed his direction, leaving the room to go and sort the coffee and at least get the pans out so that Harry could start breakfast when he was out of the shower.

Blaise allowed his mind to wander as he started the coffee maker that Harry had gotten him for Christmas two years ago. Blaise was amazed at how much things had changed; the three of them had been together for nearly seven years now, their bond having formed during their fifth year in Hogwarts.

They were now five years out of school, Draco had started an apprenticeship at St. Mungos, while Harry had become an Auror. It was something Blaise wished his small lover hadn't done, but he had to admit that Harry was good at what he did, even if it was a dangerous job. It would be made even more dangerous if Harry lost control of his magic, though that was something that hadn't happened in a long time. There had been a few outbursts over the years, but nothing life threatening.

“Blaise?” Harry's voice came from the doorway and Blaise looked over at him. Harry was wearing a pair of trousers, his shirt still open in the front as he came over to give Blaise his good morning kiss. “What were you thinking about?” Harry asked, looking up into violet eyes.

“About how much I hate mornings and would rather drag you back up to bed and keep you there for the day,” Blaise said with a grin. Harry laughed, leaning up and kissing the tan man's cheek before going over to the stove to start making breakfast.

“I would much rather do that as well, but his highness has spoken, and Merlin forbid we wait too long to pick up our robes on time, or end up being less than an hour early to meet Narcissa,” Harry joked, looking over his shoulder at Blaise. “Maybe if we behave, he'll let us leave the party early tonight.” Harry gave Blaise a suggestive smile before turning his attention back to what he was doing.

“I'm sure if the two of us work on it, we could convince him quite easily,” Blaise said, pouring himself a cup of coffee. He went to make one for Harry but the smaller man stopped him.

“No coffee for me today, I think I might just have some tea,” Harry said when he saw Blaise reaching to grab a second cup. The tan man frowned at him, a look of concern crossing his face and Harry laughed. “It's not unheard of that I have a cup of tea in the morning, my stomach is just a bit queasy,” Harry admitted, though instead of this reassuring Blaise, it made him look even more worried.

“If you're not feeling well, I'm sure we can cancel today-” Blaise tried to say but he was cut off when Harry put a piece of bacon in his mouth.

“I'm fine, Blaise, really, it's just that people are making such a huge deal about this ministry party. It's the same thing every year, I think they still feel guilty about the fact that they spent nearly a whole year denying that Voldemort had returned, claiming me to be crazy,” Harry said. “I just wish they didn't insist that I be there for a party honoring my name because I killed someone by simply losing all control on my magic...” Harry trailed off.

Although he had talked about it before, it was still hard for him, even all these years later. At the insistence of not only Blaise and Draco, but Sirius as well, Harry had spoken to a mind healer. Things had improved though, and though he still woke up from nightmares about his two day captivity, those nights were now few and far between.

“All the more reason we should just skip it this year,” Blaise said and Harry sighed, shaking his head.

“I can put up with it for one more year I think, though I think next year we can start skipping the parties. They really are becoming redundant. I swear I am introduced to the same people every year, and I still don't remember half their names like they expect me to.” Harry smiled. Blaise shook his head, setting Harry's cup of tea on the counter next to the smaller man, and was just starting to set the table as Draco walked into the kitchen.

“What's this, you're actually done showering and getting ready for the day in less than an hour?” Blaise asked in mock surprise, earning a glare from Draco, who punched Blaise’s arm before sitting down in his seat.

“It has been known to happen from time to time, I wanted to make sure that you had time to get a shower this morning as well,” Draco said, accepting his own cup of coffee from Blaise, who leaned down to kiss him.

“I know, love, I just enjoy teasing you.” Blaise said, sitting down as Harry dished up their plates with bacon and eggs, putting some toast and hash browns on the plates as well before sitting down to join them.

Draco ate as he always did, making sure everything was cut into small bite size pieces before eating slowly. Blaise made a sandwich out of the eggs, bacon and toast, eating the hash browns last. Harry, however, felt more hungry than usual this morning, and even though the breakfast tasted good, he felt as if it were missing something.

After the third bite, Harry sighed and stood up, going to look through the cupboards. He found the syrup and sat back down, pouring a little bit onto his plate and starting to dip his eggs in it. Clearly deciding that this was what had been missing, Harry poured the syrup on everything he currently had on his plate before eating quickly.

This earned curious looks from both Blaise and Draco. Neither of them said anything at first, until they saw Harry getting up to grab seconds, it was very rare that they would see their small lover eat more than one helping. Even if Harry’s appetite had increased over the years, there were still times when Harry could hardly finish what was already on his plate.

“Harry?” Draco spoke first, gaining Harry's attention as the other man was pouring more syrup onto his plate.

“Hmm?” Harry looked curiously at Draco, who gave him a questioning look, glancing at the second plate that Harry had made for himself. “What? I'm hungry. In case you forgot, I didn't get a chance to eat dinner last night,” Harry reminded the blond man before making quick work of his second helping of eggs.

“You didn't eat dinner last night because you were feeling sick,” Draco said and Harry just shrugged a shoulder.

“Well, I'm not feeling sick this morning,” Harry said with a small grin as he shoved more syrup covered eggs into his mouth. “And I’m really hungry,” Harry said once he had swallowed what was in his mouth.

Draco looked a little disgusted by that but said nothing as he stood up and cleaned up his own plate. Harry smiled as he watched him; it always made him happy when Draco did small things like that, sure it was just removing a plate from the table, and possibly rinsing it off, before setting it aside to be washed properly later, but that didn't mean it still wasn't a huge thing for Draco. Having grown up in a magical house where things were done by house elves, it was testament to how much Draco had changed since they had first been bonded nearly seven years ago.

“Are you finished?” Blaise asked and Harry glanced back around to look at his Italian lover, before looking down at his half eaten second helping. Taking a few more bites of the eggs, Harry nodded.

“Now I'm finished,” he said after swallowing the food. He watched as Blaise stood and gathered the dishes from the table, giving Draco a kiss on the cheek as he put the dishes in the sink.

“I'm going to go take my shower. We can go and pick up our robes for tonight as soon as I'm dressed,” Blaise promised. Draco nodded, turning his head slightly to give Blaise a quick kiss on the lips, and watching as the tan man made his way out of the room, pausing briefly at the table to give Harry a kiss on his way by.

“Do we really have to go to this stupid party tonight?” Harry asked, looking over at Draco. As much as he had assured Blaise he was okay to go, he had mostly wanted to avoid starting an argument between his two bondmates and was far from looking forward to the evening. He knew talking Draco out of them going was a long shot but he thought it was worth a try.

The blond sighed. “I know you hate the party, Harry, but it's never as bad as you think it's going to be,” Draco pointed out, turning to face Harry who was pouting at him. Draco rolled his eyes. “Honestly, you're twenty two years old, Harry, don't you think you're a bit old to be pouting about things?”

“No, since it usually get's me what I want,” Harry said with a shrug. “Except for getting out of going to this stupid party,” he sighed and Draco nodded.

“You are the guest of honor,” Draco reminded him.

“Yeah, I know. I've been the guest of honor every year since we finished Hogwarts. They never stopped to think that maybe I didn't want to remember any of what happened, and Merlin forbid that I actually tell any of them that,” Harry sighed, running a hand through his hair.

Draco frowned as he watched Harry. There was more to it than what Harry was saying and Draco sighed, moving over to sit in the chair next to the smaller man. Placing a hand under Harry's chin, Draco tilted his lover's face up so that he could look into those bright green eyes.

“I am sorry you hate these parties so much, Harry, if I had known you were this upset about them, we never would have accepted the invitation,” Draco told him. “However, we've already said we would go, and we have paid for the robes. Can you put up with it just one more night?”

Harry sighed but nodded. “I can survive one night,” he agreed.

“We can leave right after dinner, and I will insist that they not make you give a speech this year,” Draco promised and Harry couldn't help but smile.

“Thank you, Draco,” Harry said.

“I'm going to go and pick out Blaise's clothes. We should be leaving to go get our robes in about twenty minutes,” Draco said, standing up.

Harry nodded. “I can finish the dishes while you do that,” he said, moving to do just that. Draco grabbed Harry’s arm as the smaller man walked by, pulling him into a kiss. Harry sighed happily, leaning into the kiss, taking a moment to enjoy the closeness before he pulled away.

“Love you,” Draco said with a small smile, happy to see how Harry seemed to brighten at hearing those simple words.

“Love you too,” Harry said, beaming back at Draco before turning to do the dishes so Draco could go help Blaise get ready.


Harry frowned as he looked at himself in the mirror, even though everything he currently had on had been custom made. The dark-grey, straight-cut trousers were far tighter than he thought they should be, and the rich green-coloured robe felt far too tight over his midsection. Harry turned sideways to look at himself from a different angle, and his frown deepened as he noticed that he seemed to have put on a little weight.

“Harry? Everything alright in there?” Draco asked through the curtain and Harry sighed.

“The robes don't fit,” Harry said, turning away from the mirror when the curtain was pulled aside and Draco stepped into the dressing room with him. Harry allowed himself to be turned around by Draco, as the blond man pulled at the robes, inspecting them for himself. Turning Harry around once more, Draco pulled the robes shut and frowned as he too saw what Harry was talking about.

“They do seem to be a bit tight,” Draco observed. “Wait here a moment,” he said, turning and leaving Harry in the dressing room.

Harry sighed and looked back at his reflection, pulling gently at the robes. They didn’t look bad, Draco had chose a nice color scheme for him as usual, it was just that they were obviously a little too tight, making it look like he was wearing robes that he had outgrown a year ago.

A moment later, Draco was back with the shopkeeper in tow. “What appears to be the problem, Mr. Potter?” the shop keep questioned.

“The problem is that someone didn't take the proper measurements,” Draco said imperiously, giving the shop keeper an accusing look. “And now the robes that he needs for tonight do not fit him properly.” Harry rolled his eyes at how dramatic Draco was being about this.

The shop keep frowned, stepping forward so he too could inspected the clothing. “I assure you, I did take the measurements properly,” the shopkeep defended himself.

“Clearly you did not, or they would fit him properly now,” Draco snapped.

“Draco,” Harry said quickly, feeling his blond lovers temper rising. “It was an honest mistake,” Harry said and looked at the shopkeep. “Will you be able to fix these?” Harry asked.

“I should be able to have them done within a couple hours,” the shopkeeper said with a nod.

“Then we will just do that,” Harry said, looking from the man over to Draco. “We can go have lunch with your mother, then stop back here to pick up my robes before we get ready for the ministry party,” Harry reasoned

“Fine, that is acceptable,” Draco huffed, still clearly annoyed.

“I'll just change back into my normal clothes for now, and let you have these back to fix,” Harry said, shooing both Draco and the shopkeeper out of the dressing room before closing the curtain again.

“What's going on?” Blaise asked as he came out of his own dressing room. His slim-fit, black trousers and burgundy robes fit perfectly, accenting his long legs and complimenting his skin-tone. Draco, however, still moved forward to inspect them.

“Harry's robes don't fit, so they need to be worked on a bit more,” Draco said, gently turning Blaise around so he could inspect the backside of the robes. “We should still have them in time for the party, and we can pick them up in a couple hours,” Draco told him, running his hand over the smooth fabric that Blaise's robes.

“They don't fit? What, are they too big?” Blaise asked, turning back around to face Draco. The blond man shook his head.

“No, they are, in fact, too small. Which means either Harry was measured wrong, or he has actually put on some weight in the past three weeks,” Draco said.

Blaise grinned and laughed. “Has our Harry been eating too many sweets?” Blaise questioned. The curtain to Harry's dressing room was pushed aside and their smaller lover came out, narrowing green eyes at Blaise.

“No, I have not been eating too many sweets,” Harry snapped, moving passed the tan man over to where the shopkeeper was. He handed the robes back to the man. Blaise followed him over, not seeming the least bit phased by Harry snapping at him.

“It’s not a bad thing,” Blaise said, leaning against the counter as Harry stood there getting his measurements taken again. Harry did his best to ignore Blaise, knowing that the tan man was just trying to irritate him. “Though, if you are putting on weight, we may have to go buy you a whole new wardrobe.” Blaise chuckled at the glare Harry sent in his direction.

“Shut up, Blaise,” Harry growled, before turning his attention to the shopkeeper, who was writing down the last set of numbers.

“Alright, I will get started on these,” the shopkeeper said.

“Thank you,” Harry said politely, turning to look at Blaise once again. “Are you going to wear those to afternoon tea?” he asked, indicating the dress robes that Blaise was still wearing.

“No, he is not,” Draco answered for Blaise. “Go change, we are going to be late to meet my mother,” Draco said, herding Blaise back towards the dressing room.

“You know, it wouldn’t kill you to be late for something once in your life,” Blaise grumbled, but he moved to go change out of the robes regardless. Draco shook his head, letting out a small sigh before he turned his attention toward Harry.

“Are you okay?” he asked.

“Of course I am, why wouldn’t I be?” Harry frowned feeling the concern coming through his and Draco’s bond. “Really, I’m fine.” Harry moved forward and wrapped his arms around Draco’s waist. “I just want today to be over with,” Harry said, resting his head on Draco’s shoulder.

“You’ll survive today, just like you did last year, and the year before that,” Draco smiled, resting his hand on Harry’s head.

“And this will be the last year,” Harry said with a small smile. “That thought alone will help me make it through tonight's party.” Harry pulled back from Draco just enough to lean up and give the blond man a kiss.


Despite Draco’s insistence that they were going to be late for lunch with Narcissa, they were still an hour early, much to the amusement of Blaise, who enjoyed teasing Draco about how punctual the blond was.

“It is always best to be early, rather than late,” Draco said as he leaned back in his chair. “Besides, if I wasn’t so insistent that we be on time for everything, between the two of you, we would never get anywhere,” he added, giving Harry a look as the smaller man was unable to hold back his laughter.

“Hey! Don’t bring me into this,” Harry said, holding his hands up. “I think that you’re both right, of course,” Harry said with a smile. “I think you could learn to loosen up a little bit, Draco, but I also know that if you didn’t make us get moving this morning, I would probably still be hiding under the blankets,” Harry said with a grin.

“I believe that you each bring something to your relationship,” Narcissa said, setting down her cup of tea. “I can not express how proud I am of the three of you,” she said, looking at each boy in turn. Harry was practically beaming at her from the praise given, and Narcissa smiled back at him.

Lunch was served, and Harry let the conversation continue around him as he filled his plate. Much like he had done that morning, he made quick work of the food there, before helping himself to seconds.

“Maybe you should slow down a little bit,” Blaise whispered as he leaned in close to Harry. “Wouldn’t want you to outgrow your new robes too quickly, unless you really want to go on another shopping spree with Draco?” Blaise chuckled.

Harry narrowed his eyes at Blaise, his temper rising far quicker than it had in a long time. “I’m not going to get fat from having a second helping! I’m hungry, and in case you forgot I didn’t eat much yesterday because I wasn’t feeling good!” Harry huffed.

Draco and Narcissa blinked at Harry’s sudden outburst, the former feeling the swell of Harry’s temper through their bond. Neither of them had heard what Blaise had said to the smaller man and were rather taken aback by Harry’s reaction.

“I never said you were getting fat,” Blaise pointed out with a frown, “I just suggested that you might want to slow down a little.”

“You said I was going to outgrow my new robes to quickly.” Harry pushed his plate away, not really hungry any more with his anger burning under his skin.

“Harry, it was a joke,” Blaise said, reaching out to brush his hand through Harry’s hair, only to have his hand smacked away. “Harry,” Blaise sighed, reaching out again to touch his smaller boyfriend.

“Don’t touch me!” Harry snapped.

“I won’t, if you calm down a little bit,” Blaise said, worried that Harry’s magic could get out of hand if Harry couldn’t get a hold on his anger.

“No, I want to be angry right now,” Harry said and he stood up from the table. he took a moment to look at Narcissa. “Please excuse me,” he said politely as he could manage before he stormed out of the dining room.

“What was that about?” Draco asked with a frown as they watched Harry go, still feeling his boyfriend’s anger through their bond, though it was mixed with sadness too. “That’s the second time today that Harry has snapped at you,” he pointed out.

“I’m not sure,” Blaise said, looking concerned. “Maybe he is just stressed about tonight?” he suggested hopefully.

“Okay, but that doesn’t account for the whole last month,” Draco pointed out looking thoughtful. “And I get the feeling that there is something else bothering him,” Draco said with a small sigh. Narcissa sat quietly in her seat watching as Blaise and Draco discussed what they should do, it was not her place to interfere with their relationship, which in some ways was still growing.

Though she could not be happier for her son, and the relationship he had with Blaise and Harry, she also felt a little sad for the three boys, who had been bonded at such a young age. In some ways they were closer to one another than any other people she knew, though at the same time, they had never truly had the chance to get to know one another.

“Mother, I am sorry for cutting our visit short,” Draco said, Narcissa smiled at him, nodding her head in understanding.

“Go see to Harry,” Narcissa said, standing to give her son a hug. “If there is anything I can do, please let me know,” she said, before turning to give Blasie a hug as well.

“Thank you, Mrs. Malfoy,” Blaise smiled, returning the hug, before he hurried out of the dining room. Draco also thanked his mother, before following Blaise out. He wasn’t worried that Harry was in danger, but he could feel his lover through their bond, and Harry was clearly very upset.



Well, I did it. I didn’t think I would, I certainly had no official plans to continue this story. The first one left off in such a nice place and I thought that was the end. My muse and the plot bunnies thought otherwise, apparently there were a few loose ends that needed to be tied up which has spawned this sequel. I truly hope that everyone loves it as much as they did Unwanted Bonds! I do hope this one doesn’t take me three years to finish though.