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Mine To Own, Ours To Keep

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Draco went crashing through the foliage, his rough breathing loud in his ears, sweat covering every inch of his skin as he ran as fast as his legs could possibly carry him. And he may just be imagining it, but he could swear he was getting faster with every passing second, the wind whipping past him, mussing his hair, howling in his ears, branches and twigs scratching at his skin, ripping it open in places, his thin arms soon covered in countless scratches, some of them bleeding in scarlet trickles.

And yet Draco didn’t pause. Draco ran.

Because Draco’s body was becoming too big for his skin; because Draco’s insides were threatening to explode like a virtual bomb; because Draco could see as easily through the dark, as if it were a bright and sunny afternoon; see suddenly see a hundred new colours, could smell a hundred new scents, could hear the faintest whisper that sounded hundreds of yards away – because Draco was manifesting.


Draco Malfoy manifested at 2:09am on the morning of July 31st, on his soon-to-be claimed Alpha’s twenty-sixth birthday.

His Alpha had followed him as Draco had burst out of the mansion and fled into the woods behind it, his body wracked with shudders so powerful that the frail Omega was already moaning in pain as he ran.

Instantly shifting into his wolf form, so as to be able to smell and track his soulmate easier, Harry Potter had kept a close eye on him as he ran several yards behind, never losing sight of the thin figure that sped through the trees, the head of golden hair glinting in the moonlight that filtered in through the leafy canopy above them.

Draco had sobbed as he’d torn the clothes off himself, tripping several times, landing on his hands, stones and twigs tearing the delicate skin open. Harry’s wolf had growled in distress as he’d smelt the blood easily, yearning to go lick the wounds clean, heal them.

But Draco had to do it by himself – there was nothing Harry could have done for him anyway, not until his darling had fully manifested. He’d been close, just seconds before his body would give away, would embrace the wolf that was snarling to get out. The fight that his human form had put up would barely last – it had already been weakening.

Draco had run all the way to the little stream that cut across the woods. It had gleamed in the dark, the cool, sparkling clean water throwing off beams of moonlight, shimmering like there were a thousand diamonds under the surface.

Harry had dug his paws into the dirt, forcing himself to come to an abrupt stop, his wolf whimpering at him to keep going, to leap forward and help his Omega.

For Draco had collapsed onto all fours, stark naked, and had been screaming in pain and fear – he’d been losing the last few strains of his weak human form, the wolf finally ready to burst through and establish for itself a stronger, more resilient body.

Harry’s wolf had pawed desperately at the ground but the Alpha had stood still, his green eyes not blinking once as his soon to be mated Omega had writhed on the ground and then quite abruptly, jumped to his feet, taken two huge bounds forward, and in the most graceful leap Harry had ever seen in his life, sprung up high into the air, the long lines of his pale body caught for one quick second against the silhouette of the full moon in the sky, Harry quickly committing it to memory, holding his breath as awe and love filled him to the brim at the sight – it was breathtaking in the literal sense.

And then, mid-leap, mid-air, Draco had manifested – his body had transformed, turning into a wolf with fur that was brighter than the moon itself, its high, piercing howl renting the air, making Harry’s own wolf throw its head back and howl right along in joyous, elated triumph.

The Alpha finally had his Omega.


The small, pale form jumped in the air as a human, and fell back to the ground as a wolf.

The new wolf had fur in gold that was as light as gold could get without actually being white. Its enormous eyes were in a soft shade of grey, and seemed to brim over with feral joy. Its paws thudded loudly as its small body fell to the ground, immediately bounding forward in an experimental run, amazed at its own unbelievable speed. Its body was stronger than the human had ever felt, and it was in that momentary sense of amazement that it didn’t notice that its new body still shook with light tremors, its sleek, fur covered legs buckling under its weight.

It leaped forward towards the little stream that babbled away across his path and then yelped helplessly, snarling in fear and alarm as it was tackled to the ground by a much bigger wolf – more than twice as big, jet black and with eyes that made it whine with a sudden yearning.

The last thing the wolf remembered was crashing into the cool stream under the weight of the Alpha, before everything around it seemingly disappeared.


When Draco awoke, he had already leaped to his feet before consciousness fully claimed him.

Panting and staring around Harry’s massive bedroom, Draco assimilated; he was dressed in his silk pyjamas, the curtains were drawn tight and he couldn’t make out what time of the day it was, and he was alone in the room.

About a hundred new sensations assaulted him in a single second, and his mind reeled from it. He could spot the grains in the wood of the dresser that was across the room from him. He could hear the gardener sneezing four floors below and around the back of the mansion. And most of all, he could smell; he could smell everything.

And oh, he could smell Harry.

Harry’s woodsy, cool, fresh scent seemed to invade every last atom in his being –nearly paralysing him for a second with how badly he wanted to see the Alpha.

Draco turned around, and with a soft snarl that shocked even himself, he was running. He burst out the double doors of Harry’s chambers, and he was sprinting through the corridors, Harry’s scent getting stronger by the second, thickening to the point where Draco nearly went blind from it—

And then Harry burst around the corner down the corridor Draco had just turned into.

Both men froze for a second, Harry’s eyes widening, his face lighting up with such warmth and joy that Draco whined with happiness.

Draco flew – he flew forward, his eyes, his nose, his very mind, all brimming over with the only thing that mattered to him; the only thing that would ever matter to him – Harry.

“Harry!” he leaped into the air, still several feet away from his Alpha, but that didn’t matter, he wasn’t worried – he would never worry again in his life.

Because Harry had run three huge steps forward, opened his burly arms wide and had snatched Draco right out of the air, bringing him into his chest, crushing Draco’s body against his own.

Draco knew his previous human form would never have survived the embrace – even his new, sturdier body could barely stand to be crushed like that.

But yet Draco pressed closer, wrapping both arms and legs around his soulmate, sobs of mindless joy escaping him as he felt their hearts beat as one.

“Harry,” he pressed his nose into the crook of his Alpha’s neck and breathed in the heady scent, moaning out in pleasure – nothing could or ever would smell as incredible as this.

“Draco,” Harry whispered, still holding him as if he was never going to let go. “Oh, precious. Oh, you were perfect, so beautiful, so absolutely beautiful.”

“You were there?” Draco pulled back at last, so he could look into the handsome face. “You saw me?” he held Harry’s face with both hands.

“I saw you,” Harry smiled, his arms tightening further around him. “And you were absolutely brilliant, my love.”

Draco’s breath caught at the endearment but he pushed forward with more questions instead. “Then what happened?” he frowned lightly. “I remember feeling like I was being torn apart and put together all at once – and then I could feel the earth below me – I felt one with it.” Harry nodded knowingly at that. “But then what happened?” he went on. “Why don’t I remember what happened?”

“Well, you had just taken on a new form, a new body,” Harry said tenderly. “And you’d undergone such strain before that.”

“But I thought my wolf form made my human form stronger,” Draco said, confused.

“It does,” Harry said with a nod. “And your body is stronger right now – as I’m sure you can feel.” And Draco could feel it; he hummed with a strength he knew he didn’t previously possess. “You just needed some time to shut down and reboot,” Harry smiled, and then pressed his face into Draco’s neck, humming yearningly as he breathed in his scent. “I’m sorry I wasn’t there when you woke up, I’d only just stepped out.”

“It’s alright,” Draco breathed, his body pressing into Harry’s at the feel of the Alpha’s lips against his neck. “Harry,” he whispered.

Harry pulled back, green eyes ablaze, and Draco helplessly leaned forward, bringing his lips to the Alpha’s, his body already quivering with anticipation as Harry tightened his grip on him and slanted his head slightly—

“Hey, kiddo!” an excited voice made them jump apart with identical gasps – so lost had they been in each other that neither had smelt nor heard the Beta approaching them. “Oh, shit, did I interrupt something?” Ron grinned as he walked up, and although Draco wanted to snarl at him in frustration, he couldn’t help but feel a strong strain of friendly warmth for the red head.

Harry gently placed him back on his feet and took his hand firmly in his own. “He just woke up,” he said softly to Ron.

“Congratulations, you’re officially one of us now,” Ron mussed his hair gently and Draco laughed. “Harry, I’m so horribly sorry, I know you want to be with Draco now, but the guests have already started to arrive. Don’t you want to get dressed?”

Draco looked up with a confused frown. “Guests? Dressed?”

“The Alpha’s turned twenty-six today,” Ron smiled.

Draco gasped. “Oh my god, I forgot!” he hissed, slapping his forehead.

Both Harry and Ron chuckled. “And understandably so,” Harry said gently, kissing the back of Draco’s hand. Draco shivered lightly and turned to wrap his arms around the Alpha once again.

“Happy Birthday,” he whispered into his neck, inhaling his scent, rubbing his face against the burly shoulders. Harry’s arms clenched around him, making him gasp on a smile, his face heating, his cock stirring.

“Too late to cancel the party,” Ron’s voice sounded firm. “Keep it in your pants for a few more hours, boys.”

“Could you seriously just fuck off for a second?” Harry said grumpily.

“No,” Ron said at once. “Come with me, I have your suit laid out in the parlour downstairs; come get dressed. And Draco, I’ll have some tea sent up for you, kiddo, and then you can get dressed too.”

“Tea?” Draco looked around bewildered. “Just how long have I been asleep?”

“Over fourteen hours, I believe,” Harry checked his watch and then smiled at the way Draco’s eyes popped in shock. “Like I said, you needed to recover.”

“You look great,” Ron offered kindly. “Atleast now you don’t look like you’re simply going to shatter like a china doll,” both he and Harry laugh teasingly.

“Don’t make me rip your throat out, Weasley,” Draco narrowed his eyes.

“How cute,” Ron turned away with a grin, beckoning to Harry. “You could try, kiddo. You could try.”

Harry, looking rather miserable now, released Draco’s hand with a last kiss pressed to it, the look in his eyes both dejected and heated as he walked away from Draco, longingly looking him up and down, Draco’s sheer want for the man returning with ten-fold the intensity of the last few days.

It was going to be a long, long evening.


Draco picked up another glass of champagne and tried to find a corner of the room that wasn’t occupied by guests, all of them lazily chatting and sipping on the expensive champagne and nibbling on the hors d’oeuvres being brought in by the tray-fulls.

Tugging at his collar once more, Draco sighed, leaning back into the wall, the cool surface giving him some temporary respite. His skin felt uncomfortably hot and prickled with constantly building need. Harry’s scent filled his senses to such an extent that he was nearly dizzy.

The Alpha stood somewhere across the room, surrounded by guests, and Draco watched him quietly; at his calm smile, his perfect posture, the way his suit clung to his perfect body, the elegant way he held himself in general.

He knew Harry was watching him too – he could actually feel the Alpha’s eyes on him as the green gaze burned into him. For the first few hours, Draco had stayed by Harry’s side, being introduced as the son of a close family friend. But ultimately, Draco had to walk away and put some distance between himself and the Alpha – the fact that they were standing so close and yet couldn’t touch was making Draco want to weep with need.

He was hard in his trousers and he knew Harry was too, because he could actually smell the musk of his arousal, and he finally understood what it must have been like for Harry in the weeks before his manifestation – he was nearly mad with desperate need for the man now.

Whimpering under his breath, Draco finished his champagne in a single gulp before walking across the room to the back entrance, gratefully slipping out into the cool night, drawing deep breaths, grateful that Harry’s scent was just that tiniest bit less intense out here in the fresh air - the tiniest bit possible.

Smiling unseeingly at passing guests Draco drifted around the back garden, whimpering constantly now, his cock rubbing against the fabric it was trapped inside, his arse turning wetter with each passing minute that he wasn’t filled by Harry.

He entered the little leafy arch that was tucked away in a nook and that’s when he heard it – that familiar growl.

Barely one second to turn around and then Draco was being shoved into the thick hedge, a warm, wet tongue swiping up and down his neck in frenzied strokes, Harry’s scent flooding his brain, nearly enough to make him faint.

His legs crumpled under him and Draco moaned, clutching onto Harry and biting the Alpha’s shoulder through the plush, expensive fabric of his suit. Harry growled again, lifting Draco up once more, sucking large bruises onto his neck.

“Do you even know how delicious you look this evening?” Harry said in a harsh voice, his hands sliding down to squeeze Draco’s arse. “And fuck, I honestly wanted to give you a couple of more days to recover but I don’t think I’ll make it even a few more minutes, forget days,” Harry whined, licking under Draco’s ear.

By that point, Draco could barely even hear anything else apart from the rush of pure, unadulterated lust that was roaring inside him, and he whimpered involuntarily at the way his cock twitched and strained against Harry’s stomach.

“Please, Harry,” he whispered, his head hanging to one side, his eyes rolling back. His breath came out short and shallow. “Please,” he repeated in a pleading whimper, his body twitching as Harry sucked over his jugular.

“Fuck it,” Harry growled. “Fuck this party, fuck my birthday. I’ll deal with Ron if I have to.” And then Draco was being swiftly carried across the back garden until Harry finally came upon the staff entrance, and moving noiselessly, Harry snuck back into his own home like a randy teenager, Draco held in his arms like a prize he never intended to part with.