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A promise of life

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Reader's POV~

Ichigo Kurosaki is 8 years old. He was a shy yet bright child. He loved his family. He loved life. But he did not see his fate. He did not know what was to happen that day. Ichigo was walking home from school. His mother told him on the phone at school to wait because she would be late. But he wanted to get home. It was his birthday.

He saw something in the trees as he rounded the trash can in the middle of the park. "That is a monster!" he ran through that part, but fell. "Help me!" he cried. But it was too late the monster saw him.

Isshin Kurosaki POV~

I felt Ichigo's fear. I knew he is in trouble but it has nothing to do with humans. So I got my soul candy dispenser out. "Isshin what are you?" Asked Masaki. I sighed as I popped the soul candy in my mouth. "A disturbance in ichigo's spirit pressure." I said low since Yuzu and Karin were in the next room. Masaki's eyes widened as she whispered. "Go." I nodded. I shunpo out of the house in my soul reaper form.

I ran towards the park. "Please do not let me be too late!" My mind screamed. Then my son's scream broke me out of my thought, his blood curdling scream. "HELP!" He screamed out so loud my heart was tearing in pieces. He is as small as 3'6". His usual bright honey brown eyes are filled with tears and he is bleeding. He could barely move and now the hollow just ran him through before I could reach him. He went limp.

I raged at the hollow. "BURN ENGETSU!" I raged. The hollow was killed within minutes. Ichigo was thrown after the hollow dissipated "Ichigo!" I yelled as I ran up and caught him. I cradled him to me, trying to keep him from bleeding to death. "Daddy.." He opened his honey brown eyes and looked up at me through those crying eyes.