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The Greenwood Remembers

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"(Y/n)" Thranduil spoke, as he lead you through the halls towards your new room. "I want you to feel welcomed here"

"That's a first..." You sighed, gripping the book Ori had given you tightly. Thranduil cocked an eyebrow and you shook your head. "I didn't mean to insult your kindness, I was just saying how..."

"How you aren't used to being welcomed" Thranduil breathed out "I know" 

Thranduil came to a stop and stood before a fair sized wooden door, one of the few in the hallway. Taking a key out of his breast pocket, he unlocked it and pushed open the door. Inside was a large queen sized bed with white sheets and a mahogany canopy and bed frame to match. Another door led to the bathroom. There was a large bureau to the right of it, and in the corner near a series of large windows was a make-up table, closet, and a dress mannequin. You walked inside, your eyes brimming with tears. Slowly you caressed the sheets of the bed, enjoying the soft feeling.

"I can't remember the last time I've slept in a bed" You said shakily, though a small smile was on your face "or if I ever have..."

 "I..." Thranduil began "I want you to know that you can come to me...for anything. Be it financial issues or...coping"

"Thank you," You said, laying down on your bed hugging the book close, not facing him "But I think I'll rest for now"

Thranduil nodded and closed the door. You waited for a bit, waited for his foot steps to disappear into the distance. Then when no other sounds could be heard you cried, you wept harder than you ever had in your entire life. Sobbing into your pillow your mind recalled all the pain today had put you through. Thorin's face flashed in and out of your mind and Fili and Kili's death. Parting ways with Bilbo and Gandalf.

That's when the shakiness set in.

Running half limping into the bathroom you emptied what little food you had in your stomach into the toilet, gripping onto the seat for dear life. You puked till your body could offer you no more, but the uncomfortable jolting never left, thats when the pain became apparent. The wounds you had earned previously felt as if they were reopening, like they were revisiting the past. A ring bounced around in your brain, a ring so loud and unbearable you thought your ears were bleeding. You raised a shaky hand to your chest and squeezed at the dirty linen as to seek some sort of consolation. Froth trickled down and out of your mouth and onto your felt like you were dying. The ringing sound took over your mind until you were consumed by black.


You jolted awake in cold sweats, panting heavily. You sat up and touched your blood. All previous feelings had disappeared but the unsteadiness in your legs told you that you had been passed out in the bathroom for awhile. Unwillingly you climbed into bed and spent the rest of the night starring into space, holding your stomach area reassuringly. 



"We will be eating in the great hall tonight, there is to be a grand celebration" Tauriel said as she helped you acquaint yourself with your new room. It had only been a day since you had moved into Mirkwood and you were already expected to attend a some stupid party. "You must wear something nice"

"I have nothing nice" You grunted plainly, putting away some of your old clothes into a wooden bureau. "Soooo, I don't have to go right?"

"We will find you something nice," Tauriel chuckled "and you're going!"

You flopped down on your large and plushy bed. "I don't see why I have to come, I'm no one to those people"

"It is to honor those who fought in the great war" Tauriel sighed, folding a random dress shirt away. As a gift from the king, he granted you clothes, casual wear really.

You scoffed, still on your back "Honor? No, he'll hold a grand feast for his aristocrat friends, the high ranking generals and such. The ones who actually fought will be serving them food and wine!"

"We needn't stay the whole time, we can slip out when everyone's drunk past their wits"

You rolled to your side and inhaled, taking in the scent of the cotton sheets, and the tall stone walls that incased your new room. 

"Look..." Tauriel began, laying down a pair of pants gently "You're frightened, you don't want those people to look at you, to wonder things...and make a joke of you" Though you hated to admit it...she was right. She couldn't be more right.

"And what about you..." You said, sitting up and facing Tauriel, a desolate look on your face "you must be scared out of your wits"

"I am scared, so scared I feel like collapsing just thinking about it. But..." Tauriel extended her reach to you, an unfolded cloth in hand. Tauriel's kind face was serious and strong, her leadership side showing. "I know where my duties lie; and if you intend to stay here, so must you" 

Nodding and returning the look, you gripped her hand. "Together?"



"Okay, okay, sooo" You said, walking out of your room. Tauriel trailing behind you and shutting the door. "When is this grand ball exactly?"

"Sunset" Tauriel replied simply. "You have time, it's barely only noon"

"Ugh" You groaned, "I just want to get it over with—Besides, what do we do from now until then?"

"We'll get you a dress—" Tauriel began.

"Ehehehhh, I mean I'm already going so do I have to..." She gave you a playful glare, shutting you up.

"Then,' She continued "I'll give a general tour of our Kingdom, or really the places you'll ever need to know"

"Why not do the tour first and the dress later?" You say, shrugging innocently. Tauriel cocked an eyebrow and grabbed you by your elbow.

"Off to the tailors!" She chimed, dragging you through the stone hallways.

After what seemed like a good twenty minutes of walking you arrived at a small building. The windows were dark, the silhouettes of mannequins, hats, and dresses could be made out. It was pretty cute and had a wooden sign hanging off to the side by metal chain. Elvish in purple ink was spelled out on sign, though you had not an idea what it said. 

"Welcome Madame Allora's tailoring and dress shop. She's the finest seamstress we common elves can afford" Tauriel said, hand on the door knob "Or, that's at least what she says" 

Tauriel pushed open the door. The inside of the shop was as dark as it appeared to be on the outside, the only source of light coming from the world beyond the window. Dust floated around in the air and coated almost every piece of furniture, fabric, and sewing tool. It looked like this place hadn't seen business in a couple of years...or a decade.

Soon after the door was opened a bell rang and almost on cue an extremely short women hobbled out of the back. She was the shortest elf you've ever seen in fact. She had long light brown hair that was tied up in an extremely messy bun, pencils and such stuck out at random ends. She also had small eyes that were squinting, even though there was little light in the dress shop.

"Tauriel, my dear! You're back from your quest!"

"I am, Madame Allora. I was—"

"Tell me alllll about it"

"I will, but—"

"Ohhh, you've brought a friend!" She said ecstatically, walking over to you and shaking your hand vigorously. Though she was small her grip was strong and the handshake nearly made you fall on your ass. "Helloooo, my name is Madame Allora. And yours might beee?"

"(Y-Y/n)" You stuttered, utterly surprised at this woman's energetic attitude. Tauriel sighed in the background, face palming as she watched the seen unfold. Madame Allora released your hand and you clenched your teeth in pain, the woman had a vice grip.

"A very pretty name for a very pretty pretty girl!" She pinched your cheek "Such nice (s/c) skin, and those eyes, my dear! They seem awfully familiar!" She giggled

She turned to face Tauriel again, "Tauriel, my dear! You're back from your quest!"

"Madame!" Tauriel said, her patience thinning "I need a dress!"

"A dress? Why on earth would you need a dress?"

"I-it's not for me. (Y/n) needs one for the ball tonight"

"Are you not going to wear a dress to his Majesty's celebration?"

"Of course I am, but (Y/n)—"

"Then why do you need a dress?" Madame Allora's face was scrunched with honest confusion.

You leaned over to Tauriel and whispered your best, trying to not move your mouth "this woman is batshit crazy..."

Tauriel gave you a look and you shrugged. 

 "Madame," Tauriel tried once again, more slowly and calmly this time "I need a dress for my friend"

Allora paused for a bit and smiled brightly "Why didn't you just say so?!" She ran into back at amazing speed.  

Cluttered noises and loud bangs could be heard. Fabrics, frilly dresses that looked from a different time of fashion were being thrown about viciously. "AH! Here it issss!!" She called from the back.

She hobbled over to the two of you and lay before you a dark blue dress. Slowly you traced your finger down the skirt, feeling the material. It was silky and cool to the touch. Along the low dipping neckline were that gems decorated the edges, making it sparkle. The sleeves were draped, almost as long as the entire dress itself.

"Isn't it lovely, my dear?" She said, admiring the dress as well "It will bring out those big beautiful (e/c) eyes of yoursss!" 

"Yes, it is quite lovely..." You trailed off slightly. You weren't much into dresses, to you they were a harsh reminder of your place in this world. A place under men. But even you couldn't resist the alluring shade of blue.

"We can put a waist piece on for you, my dear. Slim waisted women are the new thing! But you have that covered for the most paaart!" Allora cooed, eyeing you kindly.

"You are very kind!" You say quickly, standing up and bowing deeply "I swear I won't get it dirty!" 

"Don't bother, my dear!" She said, "It's yours!" 

Your lip quivered and you bit your tongue. "THANK YOU!!" You bowed even deepened. Tauriel smiled and Allora chuckled as the two watched you hold back tears of happiness. 


 "You've seen Madame Allora's shop," Tauriel said as you two passed through a small courtyard "now it's time to see the rest of the kingdom!"

"Speaking of the kingdom..." You eyed the various open walk ways that led god knows where and saw not a single soul. "Where is everybody?"

"Getting ready for the celebration, no doubt"

"Shouldn't we as well?"

Tauriel chuckled, "Ohh, so you care now?" 

"N-no that's not!" You blushed "I just don't want to be unprepared is all..."

"Worry not, my friend" Tauriel hummed "There's much time before this evening!"


"This is the entrance to the library" Tauriel pointed a great wooden arc. You peeked in and your eyes widened with amazing. A two story, no three story library. Each floor was stacked with hundreds of books. Lounge chairs and couches were scattered about and you just barley see a large fireplace at the near end of the library. Few elves were in the library, and the ones that were paid no mind to you two.

"I'll check this place out once I get settled in..."

Tauriel nodded in agreement "It is quite nice...Come, there is more to be seen" 

You followed Tauriel closely, suddenly your ears caught the sound of laughter and chatter. Peering over the stone railing you looked down to the waters beneath the kingdom. Shrugging it off you continued walking until the same sound echoed off the wall and back into your ears. 

"What the..." Looking down again your eyes finally caught sight of a platform kind of thing...It was fairly big and on the inside were tables and chairs along with a large barrel of alcohol. About 20 elves sat down sat down their, cheering and laughing. Aristocrats? No, it wasn't fancy enough, that's when you realized what they were wearing. The same clothes Tauriel had given you when you were impersonating being a guard, the same clothes Legolas and the other elves were wearing when the found you in the forest. "Hey, Tauriel"

"Yes?" She replied 

"What's that?" You said, pointing down at the platform.

Tauriel frowned deeply, "That is where the silvan guard usually gathers once they come back from a patrol..."

"Oh, cool. Will we visit that place too?" 

"No!" Tauriel answered quickly. "I-I mean, we don't want to bother them or anything..." She added quickly after. Tauriel pulled a stray strand of hair behind her ear and walked away "Have I showed you the common dinning hall yet?" She called out.

You tilted your head as she walked away, wondering why she reacted like that. Shaking it off you followed her quick pace "No, not yet!"