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From: handsome soonyoung

> dude, u’re coming right? o( ╥﹏╥ )o


To: handsome soonyoung

i’m on my way. do you need anything? <



Wonwoo grabs the bag with Soonyoung’s present and checks himself in the mirror again.

He sighs tiredly, shaking his head at what he sees. The stupid glasses aren't making it any better but in the midst of all the stress caused by deadlines and exams, he didn't notice that he ran out of his daily contact lenses. He's practically blind without them so he doesn't really have another choice but stick to his glasses.


Wonwoo really shouldn’t go to that party.

It’s not like he doesn’t want to make his best friend happy by showing up. Honestly, Wonwoo would do anything to see Soonyoung smile, no matter how much the boy gets on his nerves at times. But Soonyoung's invited a lot of people from his university that Wonwoo hasn't met before and that makes him nervous to say the least.

Because Wonwoo’s just— Well, he’s Wonwoo.

He’s the guy that spent his entire summer break hidden in his apartment, reading a total of ten books within a week and watching every single season of Game of Thrones on a loop.

He’s not easy to get close to, simply because he’s so quiet and awkward and people tend to get scared off by his cool exterior. It’s gotten better since he started college but well, he’s still known as the awkward one whose jokes are bad enough to make you cry.

Meeting new people is the worst. It's mostly just them trying to make small talk and Wonwoo not knowing how to keep the conversation going and making things so awkward that the other person usually ends up leaving with a lame excuse like having to use the bathroom.

But Wonwoo has his group of friends and he thinks that’s enough. They accept him the way he is and assure him that he’s not as weird as Wonwoo thinks he is for not having had a girlfriend yet in his twenty-one years of life. Wonwoo isn’t as bothered by the fact, even if he knows that people react with strange looks when they hear about it.

It’s not like people are piling up to date him anyway.


From: handsome soonyoung
nah, just get your cute ass over here (¬


To: handsome soonyoung
i almost threw up <


From: handsome soonyoung
love you babe ★ ~( ◡﹏◕✿ )


Wonwoo snorts and puts his phone away.

He also makes a mental note to change Soonyoung’s contact name on his phone (Soonyoung saved it like that one time he came over to Wonwoo’s apartment and they got drunk on cheap wine and Wonwoo was too lazy to change it back).


There aren’t many people around yet by the time Wonwoo arrives at Soonyoung’s apartment.

Soonyoung pulls him into a tight hug once he steps inside. "Dude, you look amazing!"

Wonwoo just frowns at him, handing him the present while he shrugs out of his coat. "You’re not funny."

"I’m not joking! Your hair’s different! I like it." Soonyoung shakes the present once. "Are those socks?"

"You said you wanted socks—"

"No it’s great!" Soonyoung peels the wrapping paper off and basically looks like a child on Christmas Day going through all the different socks. He suddenly sits down on the floor, takes off his own socks (and throws them over his shoulders) and puts on the Iron Man ones Wonwoo got him. "Man, these are sick! Thank you so much." He pulls Wonwoo into another tight hug after scrambling back to his feet.

Wonwoo chuckles, awkwardly hugging him back. "It’s just socks."

"But they’re from you. I love them."

"I’m glad you like them." Wonwoo smiles at his best friend. Soonyoung grins and loops an arm over his shoulders, guiding him through the hallway to where the voices and music are coming from.

"Thank you for coming, Won. I know you hate parties, I’m sorry."

"No it’s fine. Of course I would come." Wonwoo feels a little less anxious with Soonyoung by his side but Soonyoung wouldn’t be his best friend if he didn’t notice his nervousness.

"Don’t worry. I didn’t invite a lot of people and you already know most of them anyway! Just have fun, okay?"

Wonwoo nods, lifting his eyes to meet the few faces that are already present. There are always new ones, especially since him and Soonyoung go to different colleges.

Seungkwan immediately clings to his arm and starts introducing him to the people he hasn’t met before. Seungkwan and him used to live in the same neighbourhood and after Soonyoung he’s probably Wonwoo’s closest friend, meaning that Seungkwan also knows about Wonwoo being a total moron when it comes to meeting people.

The first hour isn’t as bad as Wonwoo thought it would be. Seungkwan stays by his side most of the time because Soonyoung has to talk to his other friends but Wonwoo doesn’t mind. Seungkwan whispers details about every single person present into Wonwoo’s ears, things Wonwoo doesn’t even want to know (like who hooked up with whom last Friday, or which guy had his hand up Lisa’s skirt at Seokmin’s party the other day).

"Are you texting Hansol?" Wonwoo asks when Seungkwan stops talking to take a look at his phone.

"He should be coming soon." He nods his head, bringing his drink to his mouth. "Chan’s with him, don’t worry."

"I wasn't worried." Wonwoo mumbles which makes Seungkwan snort. Chan, his younger brother, is still in his last year of high school so Wonwoo doesn't feel all that great about him going to a college party but it's not like he can stop him. Chan and Hansol have been friends since they were in their nappies. Wherever Hansol goes, Chan follows and since Hansol shares some classes with Soonyoung, all of them kind of ended up forming an unintended kind of group that hangs out together most of the time.

Wonwoo looks around the room, squinting his eyes despite the help of his glasses because there’s a bit of smoke floating around the room and the lights are too dim. There are more people than he expected to be. There’s a group of people playing what looks to be truth or dare in the corner. There’s a girl and a boy dancing way too intimately behind the couch, the boy’s hand dangerously close to the space between her legs but it doesn’t look like she minds so Wonwoo quickly looks away.

Soonyoung is currently chatting with a cute girl at the entrance of the kitchen, and oh— Soonyoung likes her.

His eyes do the thing where they crinkle up so much from smiling that they almost disappear and that never happens with people who aren’t either his close friends or family.

Unless it’s a girl he likes.

"Yuna," Seungkwan whispers into his ear. "The girl he's talking to?" He adds when Wonwoo gives him a clueless look.

Wonwoo nods his head in understanding. "He never told me he was into someone."

"I don’t think he knows it himself." Seungkwan laughs. "But she likes him too, I can see that."

"She’s cute."

"Aren’t they all." Seungkwan sighs, leaning back against the couch. "I’m going to die alone at this rate."

"It’s your fault." Wonwoo laughs when Seungkwan tries to hit him. "Stop being so picky. It’s not like you don’t have any offers."

“Yeah, but I don’t want to settle for someone just cause I’m scared I might end up alone." Seungkwan rolls his eyes. "Why am I even talking to you about this? You have the emotional range of a teaspoon."

"Stop quoting Harry Potter. You’re not worthy."

"Oh, sorry. Forgot you had an intimate relationship with them books."

Wonwoo sighs and pushes himself away from the couch.

"Where are you going?" Seungkwan whines, clinging to his arm. "Don’t leave me alone."

"I’m going to grab another drink. Do you want one?"

Seungkwan pouts and nods his head. "I want a mojito."

"No." Wonwoo walks away, smirking when he hears Seungkwan shout after him. He passes Soonyoung to go into the kitchen and his friend gives him a nervous look, still talking to that Yuna girl, and Wonwoo gives him an encouraging smile. Honestly, if anyone deserves to be happy, it's Soonyoung. He's not been very lucky with his partners so far. They always either betrayed him in one way or another or were just straight up too evil for someone as kind-hearted as Soonyoung. He hopes it's different this time.



The kitchen is empty when he starts pouring himself and Seungkwan a drink, using some lemon juice and some kind of white liquor that he can’t identify because someone peeled the label off. It doesn’t taste bad so he figures Seungkwan won’t make too much of a fuss.

He turns around to walk out again and he’s not sure how or why it happens, but the guy standing in front of him suddenly turns around as well. Wonwoo succeeds in not spilling his own drinks but the guy in front of him is less successful because a second later, the front of Wonwoo’s shirt is drenched in what has to be beer.

"Fuck!" The guy in front of him curses. "Dude, I’m sorry."

Wonwoo tries not to groan at the state of his shirt, the fabric cold and wet against his skin and the smell of cheap beer tickling his nose. "It’s fine."

"No. Shit. You’re shirt’s totally soaked." The guy puts his now empty cup to the side.

Wonwoo looks up into the guy’s face, not recognizing him at first sight. He’s taller than Wonwoo. He’s more tan than Wonwoo. He’s definitely a lot better looking than Wonwoo.

"I’ll get you a new one."

"It's okay. It's just a shirt." Wonwoo shrugs. He gives the guy a brief smile and tries to sidestep him to get out of the kitchen but the guy suddenly blocks his way.

"I really feel horrible. Please let me at least help you dry that thing."

"Uhm. That’s nice of you but it’s really fine—"

"Then can I at least know your name?"

Wonwoo must look really stupid, staring at the guy like that, but he isn’t really sure what’s going on right now. "What?"

"Your name?" The guy tilts his head, a sudden glint in his eyes as they flicker over Wonwoo’s face.

"Why are you asking?"

The guy laughs a bit. "Is that such a weird thing to ask?"

"It’s Wonwoo,” He finally says.

"Wonwoo." The guy repeats and something about the way he says his name sends a shiver down Wonwoo’s spine. "I’m Mingyu."

Wonwoo clears his throat when Mingyu doesn’t do anything but look at him for a few seconds. "Nice to meet you."

"Likewise." Mingyu suddenly starts smiling and before Wonwoo does something embarrassing, he gives this Mingyu dude one last smile before rushing out of the kitchen.

Mingyu turns to look over his shoulder to stare at Wonwoo’s retreating back, a strange look on his face that Wonwoo misses in his haste to get out of the situation.

"What the hell took you so long?" Seungkwan groans, still sitting in the same position Wonwoo left him in. "And what the fuck happened to your shirt? Oh my god, you didn’t throw up did you—"

"Just take your damn drink." Wonwoo grunts, pushing Seungkwan’s drink into his hand before he slides down to sit beside him, taking a big gulp from his own cup.

Seungkwan clicks his tongue at him, pulling a face after taking a sip from the drink. "This tastes like poison. You had one job—"

"Go get your own drink then." Wonwoo feels strangely out of breath and his heart is beating faster than normal too. What the hell? He knows he has his difficulties meeting new people but he never reacted like this before.

"Hey, Won. Are you okay? You look like you’re going to pass out." Seungkwan frowns at him, worry etched into his features. "Please don’t. I wouldn’t know what to do."

"I’m fine."

"You sure?"

Wonwoo suddenly hears Chan’s voice from somewhere. He looks up and finds him and Hansol greeting some of their friends. Seungkwan waves them over. Chan hugs Seungkwan and sits down next to Wonwoo, smiling at him.

It’s been a while since he last saw his brother, maybe even a month since college always keeps him so busy and his parents’ house is a two hours’ drive away from his apartment.

"Thank you for the DVD,” Chan says, reaching into his pocket to fish out a few bills. Wonwoo bought the new Captain America movie for Chan’s present for Soonyoung so that’s probably what his brother’s referring to. "How much was it?"

Wonwoo snorts and pushes his brothers’ hand away. "Keep it."

"But hyung—"

"Chan, you barely earn more than twenty bucks as it is. And it’s just a DVD."

Chan gives him an almost sad look but once Wonwoo starts glaring at him his little brother puts the money away. "Thank you, hyung."

"It’s nothing." Wonwoo nudges his shoulder. "Are you staying with Hansol?"

"Yeah. He’s going to drive me home tomorrow." Since Chan still lives with their parents almost two hours away from here, he usually only visits on the weekends so he can stay over at either Hansol’s or Wonwoo’s place.

"You know you can stay with me too."

Chan hesitates for a moment. "I know. But Hansol invited me. So."

Wonwoo knows that’s not the reason but he decides not to make a comment about it.

It’s quiet for a moment between them, Hansol and Seungkwan chatting animatedly next to them. "I missed you,” Chan quietly says.

Wonwoo automatically freezes at his brother’s words. He knows what he’s supposed to say right now. He missed Chan too, obviously he did.

"Would it kill you to admit that you missed me too?" Chan looks hurt and Wonwoo feels horrible. He feels like this a lot. Like the worst brother in the world.

Chan is the exact opposite of him, kind of like Soonyoung. Chan’s the better son, that much is definitely clear. And that’s not Wonwoo pitying himself; it’s simply a fact. Chan’s all smiles and positivity. He’s full of love, has a heart of gold, and always makes sure to tell the people around them how loved they are whereas Wonwoo is like a brick of stone compared to him.

"You know I did." Wonwoo mutters, swirling his drink around in the cup.

"Could’ve fooled me."

Wonwoo sighs, his eyes stinging from all the smoke in the room. "How are mom and dad?"

"You’d know if you’d bother to call them." Chan shakes his head, a bitter smile on his face.


"Just leave it." His brother gets up and pushes his way through the crowd and by the time Wonwoo is standing to follow him, he’s already lost all sight of him.

Great. They barely sat together for a minute and Wonwoo already managed to fuck things up again.

It should be obvious by now, that Jeon Wonwoo is kind of a big fuck up when it comes to dealing with people.


He always tends to get more thoughtful when he’s drunk or upset. Maybe that’s why, a few minutes later, Wonwoo is climbing through the window in Soonyoung’s bedroom to sit on the fire escape there. Soonyoung and him always come out to sit here - no matter how cold it is - when either of them is having a hard time.

It’s something like their safe place when things in life get too much, when they just need to have a talk with each other.

Wonwoo would really like for Soonyoung to be here with him right now. He's not sure if it's the alcohol or Chan's behavior towards him, or maybe he just misses his parents, but he feels upset and he really just wants to go home.

Somehow he ends up holding his phone in his hand and somehow he ends up pressing the call button for home.

He doesn’t think about how late it is. Last time he checked it was only something past nine.


It’s his dad’s voice.


"Is everything okay?"

I missed you … That’s what Wonwoo wants to say. It's what a child should say after not seeing their parents for a long time, but Wonwoo can't.

"Yeah. I’m sorry for calling so late. I just— I wanted to check up on mom. I haven’t called in a while."

"I see. She's fine." His dad clears his throat.

Him and Wonwoo have always been more awkward with each other. Once Wonwoo left for college they finally had an excuse for not talking to each other more than absolutely necessary.

His dad's always been looking for a reason to cut ties with him anyway.

"Chan said you’d be at the party too. Did he arrive safely?"

It shouldn’t hurt, not at all, that his dad wants to know if his little brother is fine. Wonwoo understands. But it still hurts.

"He’s here. He’s fine."

"Good. Make sure he doesn’t drink anything."


"Are you sure everything’s fine?"

"Yeah." Wonwoo gulps, feeling a sudden lump in his throat. "Is mom there?"

"She’s already asleep. I’ll tell her you called."


"Is that all?"

Wonwoo gulps again, his eyes welling with stupid tears. "Yes. Goodnight, dad."

His dad doesn’t respond for a moment, like he isn’t sure what to say and Wonwoo hears him sigh deeply. "Take care of yourself. Don’t make your mother worry too much, will you?"



Wonwoo hangs up, huffing angrily as he wipes at his wet cheeks. "Fuck."

He knows something has to change. He knows it’s stupid for him and his parents to be so distant for seemingly no reason but he honestly has no idea how to fix it; doesn’t know where to even begin.

He knows everything is his fault but he doesn't know what exactly he did wrong except simply being the way he is.

Or you know, existing.

Wonwoo takes a sip from his bitter drink, shivers when a gust of wind hits him, the wet spots on his shirt feeling like ice on his skin. He wants to go home, but he can’t. Not before making sure his brother doesn’t do anything stupid in his absence.

It’s not that he doesn’t trust Soonyoung or the others but he knows they’re all fairly drunk themselves and no one wants to play babysitter at a party like this.

The fire escape rattles a bit and Wonwoo turns around to look who decided to come out here. He’s surprised to see that it’s the guy from the kitchen. Mingyu, right?

"Uhm." Mingyu blinks down at him, looking surprised as well. "I swear I didn’t follow you."

"Okay." Wonwoo answers.

"What are you doing here?" Mingyu asks.

"Sitting." Wonwoo realizes that his answer might come across as rude so he decides to ask Mingyu the same thing.

"The smoke in there is getting to my head,” Mingyu answers. "But I can look for another spot if I’m bothering you."

"No." Wonwoo doesn’t know why he shakes his head or why he doesn’t go back inside. He wanted to be alone so he shouldn’t be fine with a stranger suddenly keeping him company. "You can sit here if you want."

And Mingyu does. He sits down with a respectful amount of space between their legs, now holding a bottle of beer in his hands. He notices Wonwoo’s eyes on it and shrugs his shoulders. "Bottles don’t spill as easily."

Wonwoo looks up into his eyes and smiles a bit, feeling slightly flustered when Mingyu smiles back twice as brightly.

"Your shirt’s still wet."

"It’s fine."

"You shouldn’t be sitting out here though. Might get sick."

Wonwoo shrugs and stares at the brick wall in front of them. It would’ve been nice to see some city lights or something but the sad truth is that they’re facing another ugly apartment complex.

"Do you want me to shut up?" Mingyu asks next.


"You’re kind of being really quiet."

"I don’t talk a lot,” Wonwoo answers, suddenly reminded of his talk with his dad. He feels like crying again but he’s not about to do that in front of a stranger. "It’s nothing against you."

"I see." Mingyu hums, nodding his head. Wonwoo finally looks up to face him again, not really understanding what a guy like Mingyu is doing here with him. But like Mingyu said, he probably just came out here to get some fresh air. He probably felt annoyed when he saw that Wonwoo was already sitting here and now he's trying to make small talk and Wonwoo, once again, is making things incredibly difficult. "So, how do you know Soonyoung?"

"We met back in middle school."

"Wow, really? That’s a long time." Mingyu looks genuinely impressed, almost a bit like a child, and it should look weird on a grown man’s face but it kind of looks… cute.

Wonwoo feels himself blush so he quickly tries to come up with something to say. "What about you?"

"Ah, I actually don’t know him that well." Mingyu chuckles a bit awkwardly. "I kind of met him through Minghao since they used to be roommates and all. And Minghao and I are something like, best friends, I guess."

"You guess?"

"We only met a few months ago. But he said we’re best friends? Or maybe he didn’t mean to say that, actually. His Korean still isn’t that great…" Mingyu trails off, suddenly looking really concerned and Wonwoo can’t stop himself from laughing. Mingyu turns to look at him, the concerned look fading for something close to a smile.

Wonwoo stops laughing when he notices how Mingyu is staring at him. He immediately stops, clearing his throat. "Sorry."

"What are you saying sorry for?"

"Don’t know." Wonwoo shrugs. "For laughing."

Mingyu blinks at him and some of his gelled up hair comes loose at the next gust of wind. It’s unfair, how it only makes him look more attractive when Wonwoo could spend hours in front of the mirror to fix his hair and end up looking not even half as good as this guy. "You look cute when you laugh." Mingyu suddenly says, making Wonwoo’s stomach do an uncomfortable flip.


"No, wait—" Mingyu licks his lips, shaking his head. "I’m not, like, hitting on you."

"I didn’t think that."

“But you do have a nice smile."


"What's so hard to understand about that? Your smile. It's really pretty."

Wonwoo just stares at Mingyu, not really knowing what to say. "No one's told me that before."

"What?" Mingyu raises his eyebrows. "Are you serious?"

Wonwoo shrugs, his eyes awkwardly shifting around as he tries to figure out how he’s supposed to react to a compliment like that.

"You’ll just have to take my word for it then." Mingyu gulps down the rest of his beer and Wonwoo tries not to stare at the way his Adam’s apple bobs with every gulp but it’s almost impossible not to.

"Why were you crying?" Mingyu suddenly asks.

Wonwoo gapes a little at the question. He didn’t think Mingyu saw that. "I wasn’t."

"You were wiping your eyes when I came."

"I always tear up when it’s cold outside."

"Your eyes are red."

"What's it to you?" Wonwoo asks, feeling irritated.

"Nothing." Mingyu shrugs. "I thought maybe you’d want to talk about it."

"Well, I don’t." Wonwoo didn’t mean to snap but he suddenly feels like his emotions are controlling him when it’s usually the other way around. His heart is racing and all he can think about is how much of a complete disappointment he is to his family.

Even his little brother who used to admire Wonwoo so much when they were younger thinks of him as a lost cause and it hurts because Wonwoo doesn’t think he’s ever done anything specifically for everything to turn out like this yet there’s no one else to blame but himself.

"Dude— wait, why are you crying again?" Mingyu sounds and looks like he has no idea what to do. "Look, I’m sorry. I’ll leave you alone, shit, I didn’t mean to make you cry—"

"I’m not crying because of you.” Wonwoo huffs. He shouldn’t have had so many drinks. He always gets overly emotional when he’s drunk. Usually that’s not such a problem. Soonyoung and him just end up crying together anyway. But this is a stranger and Wonwoo's never like this in front of strangers.

"Then why…?"

"I’m just being stupid." He angrily wipes the new tears from his cheeks but his nose hurts from prickling so much, which in return makes new tears well up in his eyes. He’s suddenly thinking about the time everyone back at home threw a party for his mom and how sad his mom sounded because not only did Wonwoo not show up for it but he also completely forgot about his mother’s birthday; two years in a row. Or how he missed Chan’s first dance solo at a talent show.

Or how he didn’t even know his dad had a heart attack until three months later because no one wanted to worry Wonwoo and he didn’t bother calling to check up on them as much as he should’ve.

"I’m a bad son."


"I'm a bad son." Wonwoo mumbles, his voice coming out all wobbly and he just bursts into tears again. He turns to face away from Mingyu, not wanting to look like a crybaby in front of him as he wills himself to stop shedding more tears. It's not like things are going to get fixed by crying over them.

"Hey…" He hears Mingyu’s soft voice behind him. "Look, I don’t know what happened and all but I’m sure you’re not a bad son."

Wonwoo doesn’t bother protesting. He just shakes his head, chin wobbling as he stares at the ground several feet below them.

"Do you want me to get Soonyoung?"

"No!" Wonwoo turns to look at Mingyu over his shoulder, momentarily startled by the worried expression on his face. Mingyu probably just feels sorry for him. "Don’t tell him, please. I’ll be fine. I just need a minute."

"If you say so." Mingyu sighs, his eyes never leaving Wonwoo’s blotchy face. Wonwoo turns back around and pulls his legs closer to his body, hugging his knees to his chest. "Do you want me to tell you a story?"

"I think you should go back inside." Wonwoo sniffs a bit.


"Why are you still here?" Wonwoo asks, pressing his face against his knees.

"I can’t just leave someone alone when they’re upset." Mingyu mumbles. "And I still feel bad about doing that to your shirt. So consider this me trying to make it up to you."

Wonwoo bites down on his bottom lip, not really knowing what he’s supposed to say anymore and after a beat of silence Mingyu starts talking.

And Wonwoo just listens.

Mingyu tells him about his childhood, about the silly things he did and how he always got himself and his friends into trouble. He tells him about stupid things that happened in high school because even then, Mingyu was still a troublemaker that all the teachers wanted to hate but no one could because he was too charming and good-looking (those were Mingyu's words).


While he listens to Mingyu’s admittedly soothing voice, he stops crying and even cracks a smile here and there. His back is still facing Mingyu when the latter stops talking after what seems like hours. Wonwoo didn’t think it was going to work but he feels a little better now, the heavy feeling on his chest having disappeared as well as the lump clogging up his throat.

He clears his throat, wiping the remaining wetness from his cheeks. "Thank you."

"Do you feel better?" Mingyu carefully asks. Wonwoo shuffles to turn around, looking up at the boy for a moment.

"I do."

"Good." Mingyu gives him a toothy smile. Wonwoo's eyes are drawn to his pearly white teeth automatically.

"Your teeth look weird,” He blurts.

Mingyu’s smile falters for a second. He reaches up to his mouth. "Really?"

"Your canines are too long. Are they like… medically okay? And your front tooth is a bit crooked. There are invisible braces these days, you know, if you're worried about your handsome face." Wonwoo honestly doesn’t mean to come across as an asshole but alcohol makes him do and say things he normally never would.

But to his luck, Mingyu doesn’t seem to be an easily offended person because he just shrugs his shoulders, smiling that much wider at Wonwoo. "But I'm still handsome, right?"

Wonwoo shrugs, huffing slightly. "You look okay, I guess."

"Just okay?"


“Don't you think I’m handsome?"

The question catches Wonwoo off guard. His eyes flicker over Mingyu's features, his intense eyes, the shape of his dark eyebrows, the gentle slope of his nose. He has full lips and a sharp jawline. To be honest, Mingyu has got to be one of the most good-looking people Wonwoo's ever met. But he can't say that out loud without making a fool of himself.

"You’re asking me like you don’t already know." Wonwoo snorts, fiddling with the hem of his shirt.

"But I don’t."

"The girls in there couldn’t keep their eyes off of you."

Mingyu blinks at him. "Maybe. I’m asking for your opinion though."

"Why do you care about my opinion?"

"Why do you question everything?" Mingyu asks back. "Can’t you just answer?"

Wonwoo feels himself shrink at the question. Mingyu doesn’t sound angry or annoyed but he manages to make Wonwoo like shit anyway. He knows he can be annoying as hell with his constant questions but it’s not really something he can control.

Before he can open his mouth to answer, the fire escape rattles once again, a guy cursing as he steps out of the window to join them. Mingyu and Wonwoo both turn around to look who it is.

"Here you are,” The guy groans, looking at Mingyu. Wonwoo doesn’t recognize him. "Dude, we’ve been looking for you everywhere. What the hell are you doing here?" His eyes flicker to Wonwoo. He looks Wonwoo up and down once, something like a scowl appearing on his face. "Made a new friend?"

He makes it sound like a joke. Like the thought of Mingyu befriending someone like Wonwoo is funny. Wonwoo tries not to feel hurt by it.

"Shut up, Hyungwon." Mingyu sighs, his eyes flickering to Wonwoo as if to check that he’s okay. "What do you want?"

"Come back inside!" Mingyu’s friend rolls his eyes. "Yuna wants to introduce you to her friend. You know, the hot one with the legs we saw at the party last weekend—"

"I’m kind of busy."

"Busy?" The guy scrunches his eyebrows up, looking between Mingyu and Wonwoo. "With what? Him?"

It could’ve easily been an insult, because it sure as hell sounded like one. The way the guy is looking at Wonwoo definitely speaks for itself.

Wonwoo gulps and quietly stands up. He doesn’t speak another word as he pushes past Mingyu’s friend, carefully climbing back inside.

"You’re a fucking asshole, you know that?" He hears Mingyu say but he doesn’t stop to listen any further.


Wonwoo walks into the kitchen and refills his cup with whatever liquor that’s still around. It tastes awful and makes him want to puke on the spot but he doesn’t really care anymore.

There are even more people around now and he has to push his way through them to get to the couch where he last saw Seungkwan. Some of them give Wonwoo annoyed glares and one guy laughs when he bumps into Wonwoo and nearly makes his glasses slip from his face.

Seungkwan is not sitting on the couch anymore, but Hansol is, chatting to a girl but he immediately waves Wonwoo over when he spots him. Wonwoo shakes his head, not wanting to interrupt them but Hansol just stands up and grips his wrist.

"Hyung, where have you been? Seungkwan just went to look for you."

"I was getting some fresh air."

"Oh. Okay. Are you fine?" Hansol tilts his head.

"Yeah, of course." He gives the younger a smile, turning his head trying to spot Chan in the mass of people.

"Are you looking for Chan?" Hansol asks. "He just went to the bathroom. He didn’t drink anything, don’t worry."

"Thanks for looking out for him." Wonwoo gives Hansol another smile but it must be a sad one because Hansol’s face falls a bit. He reaches out and squeezes Wonwoo’s shoulder.

"Hyung. Chan isn’t mad at you. You know how sensitive he is. He’ll come around."

Wonwoo gives Hansol one last thankful smile, reaching out to pat the boy’s shoulder. "Don’t drink too much."

"I won’t." Hansol smiles brightly at him and Wonwoo gives him a push.

"It’s not nice to keep ladies waiting, you know." He tilts his head towards the pretty girl on the couch who gives Wonwoo a shy smile when their eyes meet.

Hansol laughs, rolling his eyes. "Sorry, I forgot you were the dating expert here."

Wonwoo is about to hit him upside the head but Hansol ducks away, cackling loudly as he walks back to the couch to join the girl. Wonwoo smiles a bit and turns around, deciding to try and find Seungkwan.

It doesn’t take too long, because he finds Seungkwan in front of the TV, playing karaoke with a few other people. He’s singing so loudly he’s almost overpowering the music blasting through the entire apartment. Wonwoo snorts. Seungkwan has the attention span of a goldfish. He probably got distracted on his way to find Wonwoo.

"Wonwoo!" Someone throws an arm around his shoulders, pulling him into their body and when Wonwoo turns to glare at them he sees that it’s his very drunk best friend. Soonyoung’s face is flushed but he looks so extremely happy that Wonwoo doesn’t even have it in him to tell him off for already being this drunk. "I missed you. Thought you went home. Don’t go home."

"Why are you already so drunk?"

"I’m not drunk." Soonyoung leans closer to whisper into his ear, Wonwoo hunching his shoulders up because he’s too sensitive around his ears and neck. "I’m. In. Love."

"Is that so?" Wonwoo chuckles, pushing Soonyoung away from him. "Let me guess. Yuna?"

"How did you know?!" His best friend gasps. "Fuck, Won. She’s the love of my life. I gotta marry her. She’s the one."

"Does she feel that way too?"

"I don’t think so." Soonyoung’s face falls all of a sudden. "She’s too pretty for me. She’s rich and intelligent and so pretty. Won, I’m depressed." He stops to let out a quick burp. "I’m in love with her."

"I’m sure she likes you too." Wonwoo rolls his eyes, awkwardly patting Soonyoung’s back. "Why aren’t you with her?"

"She’s talking to Mingyu."

Wonwoo freezes at the name. "Mingyu?"

"Yeah. He’s Minghao’s bestie. He’s also Yuna’s cousin or something. You haven’t met him yet?"


"Come on. I’ll introduce you. Gives me an excuse to talk to Yuna again."

"No, wait you idiot—" But Soonyoung already has a death grip on Wonwoo’s arm, forcefully dragging him through the living room towards the hallway. They pass a guy who looks like he’s about to puke.

"Don’t even think about throwing up here Jun I’ll fucking come after your ass." Soonyoung mutters groggily, whistling when he sees Seokmin making out with a girl on the other side.

"Soonyoung, I already know—"

But it’s too late because they’re suddenly standing in front of Mingyu and Yuna who are both leaning against the wall, stopping whatever they were saying to look up at them.

Yuna stares at Soonyoung and Mingyu stares at Wonwoo and vice versa.

"Sorry for interrupting but Wonwoo really wanted to meet Mingyu." Soonyoung grins at them.

Wonwoo’s entire face is on fire. He’s sure of it. He can’t even meet Mingyu’s eyes anymore. Said boy is still quietly staring at Wonwoo.

"We already met,” Wonwoo finally manages to grit out.

"Oh, my bad." Soonyoung doesn’t sound sorry at all. He’s still staring at Yuna like the girl hung the moon and stars. At least Yuna smiles back at him, her cheeks slightly flushed so Wonwoo guesses Seungkwan was right about the attraction being mutual. "But you haven’t met Yuna, right? Yuna, this is my best friend Wonwoo."

They quickly shake hands and Wonwoo finds that Yuna has a really sweet voice and she’s even prettier up close.

"Hey, Gyu. Can you keep Wonwoo a bit company?" Soonyoung asks. He’s trying really hard to act sober in front of Yuna, that much is clear. "He’s a bit shy."

Wonwoo grits his teeth together, one second away from dumping what's left of his drink over his best friend’s head.

"Sure." Mingyu smiles. Before Wonwoo can even protest Mingyu pushes away from the wall, looping his arm over Wonwoo’s shoulders like they haven’t only known each other for less than an hour. He walks into the kitchen and starts pouring two drinks, handing Wonwoo one after he’s done.

“Thanks," Wonwoo mumbles. He feels way too awkward, especially with several people looking at Mingyu and thus automatically looking at Wonwoo with confused expressions. He quickly gulps down the whole content of the cup, pulling a face at the strong taste.

Mingyu lets out an amused laugh. "You should slow down."

But Wonwoo doesn’t want to slow down. He wants to get drunk. Well, drunker than he already is. "Can you give me another one?"

"I actually think you’ve had enough—" Mingyu starts but Wonwoo just pushes him aside and pours the drink himself. He takes the cup and is about to leave the kitchen but Mingyu suddenly grips his arm.

"Where are you going?"

"Somewhere else."

"Soonyoung told me to keep you company."

Wonwoo frowns at him. "Soonyoung just said that so he can be alone with Yuna. You don’t have to stick with me."

"Well. Maybe I want to." Mingyu shrugs, taking a sip from his drink. Someone shouts Mingyu’s name. Mingyu looks up and waves at them, smirking a bit.

Wonwoo rolls his eyes. "Do whatever you want." He walks away, aware that Mingyu actually is following him. He wants to go back to the fire escape but he figures it’s too cold for that now so he walks down the hallway, hoping that the seat on the window sill isn’t occupied.

He sits down, ignoring the couple making out almost right next to it.

He doesn’t expect to see Mingyu sit down on the other side. He looks up with a slight frown. The seat isn’t big enough for the both of them but Mingyu still sits down, forcing Wonwoo to pull his knees to his chest. "You really don’t have to stay with me."

"I already told you I want to." Mingyu sighs, watching Wonwoo as he gulps down his drink in frustration. His vision starts swimming. That was definitely one drink too much.

"You’re weird,” Wonwoo blurts after both of them look at each other for a while.

"You know, if I were someone else I’d be hurt by now. First my teeth and now you’re insulting me as a whole?"

Wonwoo shrugs. "You’re obviously here with your friends. They’re probably looking for you."

"Nah. They can survive a night without me." Mingyu stares at Wonwoo who does everything to avoid his eyes. "I’m starting to think you really don’t like me."

Wonwoo finally looks up at him again. "I didn’t say that."

"So you like me?" Mingyu starts grinning.

"I didn’t say that either."

This makes Mingyu chuckle. It's quiet between them for a while. He hears someone scream and it sounds a lot like Seungkwan. He hopes the guy isn't doing anything too crazy. He's known to lose all sense of self-control when he's drunk. "Hey," Mingyu speaks up again.

Wonwoo looks at him to show him that he’s listening.

"I'm sorry for earlier," Mingyu says. "My friend's a bit of a douchebag when he's drunk."


"It’s fine."

"No it’s not." Mingyu sighs. "I know you were upset. Don’t try to deny it."

Wonwoo shrugs. He leans his head back because everything’s spinning all of a sudden.

"Are you okay?"


"I think you had too much to drink."

"I think you talk too much."

"Wonwoo." Mingyu mumbles, quietly, and Wonwoo feels his neck prickle, hearing Mingyu say his name like that. "Stop ignoring me. I’m a nice person, you know."

Wonwoo smiles a bit. "I never said you weren’t a nice person."

"Then why are you like this?"

Wonwoo blinks his eyes open, chuckling softly when he sees the pout on Mingyu’s face. "Like what?"

"I don't know. Cold, I guess."

Cold. That's a good way to describe Wonwoo. His mom always used to call him cold-hearted when he pulled away when she tried to kiss him. "That's nothing personal. It's just how I am."



He's not sure how long they sit there in silence, with Mingyu quietly studying his face and Wonwoo getting more and more drunk with every passing second as the alcohol starts to affect his system.

"Mingyu! Dude, get your ass over here!" It's the same guy from before. Wonwoo turns his head away to look out of the window. Mingyu shifts in front of him, his knee moving until it's pressed against Wonwoo's foot. It makes Wonwoo freeze but at the same time, he finds that he… almost likes the touch.

"I’ll be there in a minute." Mingyu calls back. Wonwoo thinks he doesn’t actually want Mingyu to leave. He groans a bit. Too many thoughts and too many sensations right now. Mingyu needs to get away. "Wonwoo, you really don’t look too good. I’ll get Soonyoung—"

“No," Wonwoo mumbles. God, his level of intoxication just went from zero to hundred real quick. He shouldn’t have had four drinks in the span of half an hour. Nope. Stupid Wonwoo. Stupid.

Mingyu leans closer, his hand suddenly on Wonwoo’s arm "You’re so drunk."

"I know." Wonwoo smiles like an idiot and Mingyu smiles back softly.

"Come on." Mingyu grips Wonwoo’s shoulders and pulls him away from the wall.

"What are you doing?"

"You need to lie down somewhere,” Mingyu answers. He helps Wonwoo stand up and quickly wraps an arm around Wonwoo’s waist when he almost trips over his feet. "Woah, you okay?"

"I’m drunk,” Wonwoo mumbles groggily.

"Yeah, I think we’ve both established that." Mingyu snorts. He starts walking and Wonwoo thinks he’s walking too. He’s not sure. He’s just doing what Mingyu’s arm around his waist is telling him to do.

He doesn’t really understand what’s going on. One moment he’s walking through the crowded hallway, people laughing and screaming and the music blasting through the room way too loud and the next moment his back hits something soft, his legs being moved until his entire body is resting on something that must be a bed.

Wonwoo blinks his eyes open in the darkness, sees that Mingyu is leaving. "Where are you going?"

"I’m getting you some water." Mingyu is gone after that and Wonwoo is left alone with his pounding head and a sick feeling in his stomach. He’s in Soonyoung’s bedroom. He really hopes no one hooked up on his bed before because that’d be slightly disgusting.

"Here." Mingyu’s voice makes Wonwoo jump when the boy returns a minute later. Wonwoo sits up and drinks the water Mingyu hands him. "You should sleep now."

Wonwoo nods and lies back down. Mingyu is about to leave again. Wonwoo really doesn’t want him to leave.

"Don’t leave."

Mingyu stops at the door, turning to look at Wonwoo. "What?"

Wonwoo blinks at him, reaching his hand out. "Stay here."

The other boy stays at the door, silently staring at Wonwoo. "Are you sure?"

And Wonwoo is too drunk to even think about how is invitation might come across even if it’s definitely not meant to be like that. This is yet another fact people should know about Wonwoo; he doesn’t only get emotional when he’s drunk, he also turns into the exact opposite of sober Wonwoo.

He’s clingy as fuck. As Seungkwan likes to put it.

Drunk Wonwoo pats the empty space beside him on the bed until Mingyu finally moves. The bed dips beside him when Mingyu sits down, careful to leave a considerate amount of space between their bodies.

"Lie down with me,” Wonwoo mumbles.

Mingyu frowns down at him. "Wonwoo…"

"You don’t want to." He reaches up to rub at his eyes under his glasses. They’re burning really bad. He forgot to use eye drops today. "Okay."

"No!" Mingyu hastily whispers, his face falling. He must think that Wonwoo’s crying again when he rubs at his eyes like that because there are suddenly fingers curling around Wonwoo’s wrists, pulling his hands away from his face. "Don’t cry. Please."

"I’m not,” Wonwoo mumbles, fixing his glasses. "My eyes hurt."

"Oh." The other boy still doesn’t let go of Wonwoo’s wrists. Wonwoo looks down at them. Mingyu’s fingers easily wrap almost all the way around it.

Mingyu follows his gaze and suddenly his thumb rubs over the prominent bone at the back of his wrist. "You’re really skinny."

"It’s hard for me to gain weight." Wonwoo’s starting to slur. His tongue feels a bit heavy and he doesn’t feel like talking all that much. He wants to sleep. "You can just go. Fuck. I’m sorry.”

Mingyu keeps staring at him, keeps rubbing his thumb over Wonwoo’s skin gently. The touch feels nice.

The boy sighs and Wonwoo closes his eyes for a second and when he opens them again Mingyu is beside him, lying on his back, facing the ceiling. Wonwoo slowly turns his head too, his eyes focusing on the cracks on Soonyoung’s ceiling.

Mingyu’s hand is still on Wonwoo’s wrist. He really wants to know what Mingyu’s doing. Why would a guy like him voluntarily touch Wonwoo, let alone lie in the same bed as him? It doesn’t really make much sense.

"Did Soonyoung pay you?"

Mingyu turns his head to face Wonwoo, a frown etched into his features. "Pay me? For what?"

"To look out for me tonight."

"What?" Mingyu laughs but when Wonwoo turns his head to the side, meeting Mingyu’s gaze, he stops laughing because he notices that Wonwoo’s question was meant to be serious. "You’re being serious."


"Of course he didn’t pay me." Mingyu sighs. "I hope that’s the alcohol speaking. Otherwise I would be mad."

"No. Don’t be mad. It wouldn’t suit you." Wonwoo mumbles, his eyes almost slipping shut.

"What suits me, then?"

"This." Wonwoo shrugs. "Being nice. And smiling. With your teeth."

Mingyu grins at him. "Do you have a thing for teeth?"

"No. Just yours." There’s no brain to mouth filter present anymore, that much is clear. Sober Wonwoo wouldn’t have ever said that.

Mingyu’s grin slowly fades but his eyes never leave Wonwoo’s. "Can I tell you something?"


"I lied to you. Outside."

"About what?" Wonwoo blinks slowly. Someone outside screams again but this time Wonwoo has a hard time telling if it’s Seungkwan or not.

"I— Uhm. I actually was hitting on you."

"What?" Wonwoo can’t make sense of the words.

"Do you know what that means?" Mingyu looks confused, and slightly scared. "To hit on someone?"

And that somehow makes Wonwoo angry. "I do know what that means. Don’t get fooled by the nerdy glasses."

Mingyu shakes his head. "No! You just— you looked so confused. Ugh, Wonwoo. I didn’t think that, okay? Your glasses are great."

Their hands are only inches apart on the comforter, knuckles almost grazing. Okay, but, what is happening? Wonwoo frowns at the boy beside him, the eye contact too intimate all of a sudden. "Is this a dare?"

"What?" Mingyu makes a disapproving sound. "What are you talking about?"

"I don’t know." Wonwoo shrugs. "You’re telling me you were hitting on me— what am I supposed to think?"

"Just that." Mingyu looks almost frustrated now. "Why do you think I have some kind of agenda?"

Wonwoo doesn’t answer, because he has no answer to that and they stay silent for a while, Wonwoo trying to wrap his mind around the fact that maybe - just maybe - a human being might actually have interest in him.

"Are you gay?"

"I don't think so,” Mingyu answers, sounding like the question caught him slightly off guard. "I don't really care if someone's a girl or a boy."

"So you’re what…?"

"I don’t know. I’m Mingyu."

"You’re weird."

"You already said that." Mingyu starts grinning again and something really strange happens; Wonwoo’s chest starts feeling tight, the heart underneath fluttering when he notices how Mingyu’s eyes almost disappear when he smiles.

And his teeth. Wonwoo himself has pretty nice teeth, straight and all. Mingyu's aren't perfect but they're just... they’re really cute? They’re cute. Oh man.

"I just…" Wonwoo starts. "I just really like your teeth."

Mingyu doesn’t even look taken aback at the statement. "Well, I mean. That’s a start, right?"

They both stare at each other for longer than Wonwoo deems appropriate, and he’s not sure if he should say something but Mingyu beats him to it anyway.

"Can I hold your hand?"

Wonwoo stops breathing for a moment. All he can think is that he's drunk, and that he's lying in a bed with a stranger.

A good-looking, popular kind of guy-stranger.

And the first thing he wants to do when Mingyu asks him this question no one has ever asked Wonwoo before is to open his mouth and ask why?

But he turns his head and looks Mingyu in the eyes, feeling slightly breathless because really, it’s not just his teeth Wonwoo feels drawn to.

"You want to hold my hand?"

Mingyu nods his head, a shy smile on his face. "Can I?"

"Uhm. Yeah. Suit yourself."

Once he said that, Mingyu’s tongue peeks out to run over his lips once, his eyes flickering over Wonwoo’s face as if to check if Wonwoo’s being serious. And then Wonwoo feels gentle fingers slip between his own.

Mingyu presses their palms together tightly and Wonwoo feels this excited kind of sick feeling in his stomach. Like hundreds of little bubbles are exploding inside of him. Either that or he’s about to throw up.

But his heart is pounding hard against his ribs, because he hasn’t ever held anyone’s hand like this.

It feels nice.

He takes another calming breath, and then Wonwoo curls his fingers to hold on to Mingyu's warm hand.

Mingyu doesn’t really move, but after a moment of hesitation, he starts rubbing his thumb over Wonwoo’s knuckles and Wonwoo feels his skin prickle all the way up to his elbow.

"Do you, like… want to date me?"

"W-What?" Mingyu freezes at Wonwoo's question, turning to give him a wide-eyed look. The boy looks positively scared for his life.

"What?" Wonwoo shrugs. "I’m just wondering why you wanted to hold my hand."

"Oh." Mingyu relaxes again and resumes with stroking the back of Wonwoo’s hand. Wonwoo really doesn’t want him to stop. "I just think you’re— you know. Kind of cute."


Has anyone ever called him cute before? Wonwoo doesn’t think so.

Mingyu nods, his eyes flickering over Wonwoo’s face.

"I think you're the one who needs glasses." Wonwoo giggles like an idiot and Mingyu snorts at him, his eyes looking soft for some reason.

"So cute." Mingyu smiles.

Wonwoo lets his eyes roam over Mingyu’s face again. The way Mingyu’s eyes linger on Wonwoo’s lips for longer than appropriate shoots another thrill through his body, his stomach heating up pleasantly. He’s still pretty convinced this is all just some kind of prank. That any second a bunch of guys are going to storm into the room and laugh at him for even thinking that a person like Mingyu might be interested in a lowlife like Wonwoo.

"You're cute too. I guess." Wonwoo mumbles sleepily, squeezing Mingyu’s hand for emphasis.

"Thanks." Mingyu hums, his eyes sparkling from the light of the street lamp standing outside. "It’s a pity you’re so drunk."


"You probably won’t remember any of this tomorrow."

"Oh." Wonwoo thinks about this for a second before he nods his head. "Probably not."

"Yeah." Mingyu sounds slightly disappointed and Wonwoo doesn’t like that. He turns to lie on his side, their faces quite close like this.

"You’re like… ridiculously good looking." He sighs, slightly annoyed by the fact and it makes Mingyu smirk at him.

"I know."

"And a narcissist." Wonwoo adds.

Mingyu rolls his eyes and the way he’s still caressing Wonwoo’s skin turns a lot more gentle, almost affectionate and if Wonwoo were a cat, he’d be purring by now.

"Feels good,” Wonwoo whispers, eyes fluttering shut.

Mingyu brings their hands up until they’re resting between their torsos. "This?" He softly asks.

"Mhm. Don’t stop." Wonwoo shuffles a bit closer, feels Mingyu turn to his side as well which makes their knees press up against each other. He rests his head on his own arm which makes his glasses dig into his face uncomfortably but he’s almost asleep by now so he doesn’t care.

Wonwoo slowly blinks his eyes open when he feels Mingyu remove his glasses gently.

"No— I need them. Can’t see…"

"You’re going to sleep anyway,” Mingyu mumbles quietly.

"Please don't break them. They're expensive." Wonwoo shuffles even closer until he feels Mingyu's chin on his forehead. He knows this is too close. His skin feels really warm from the intimacy of all of this, but Mingyu smells so nice. He smells like… like some kind of fresh body wash, like coconut.

"I won’t break them." Mingyu shifts a bit and Wonwoo sighs contently when he feels an arm slowly wrapping around his waist, pulling him even closer until he’s all snuggled up against Mingyu’s chest. Mingyu is brushing his thumb over Wonwoo’s clothed back, and it’s like a mini massage and if everyone’s touches would feel as nice as Mingyu’s Wonwoo honestly wouldn’t mind skinship at all.

They’re cuddling. Wonwoo never cuddles, not even with Soonyoung (he lets himself be cuddled at most, because there’s no use in fighting his best friend. Soonyoung’s like a human puppy, needing physical affection all the time).



"You make me feel funny."

"I do?"

"Really funny." Wonwoo slurs, leaning into Mingyu’s warmth. He pulls their joined hands closer to his chest, pressing it against his sweater there. "Here."

"Your heart?"


Mingyu is quiet after that but his arm tightens around Wonwoo’s waist, pulling him closer. "You should try to sleep."

Wonwoo hums again and the last thing he feels is Mingyu brushing his bangs out of his eyes.



When Wonwoo wakes up again, it’s already light outside and his head feels like it’s going to explode. He groans a bit, blinking his eyes to try and come to his senses. He sleepily looks to his side when he hears a loud snore.

And then, with every confused blink of his burning eyes, he starts to remember everything that happened.


Wonwoo sits up too fast, groaning when it shoots a stabbing pain through his temples.

Oh god, no.

Why was he like that? Why the hell did Wonwoo cling to that stranger like that?


He knows he’s clingy when he’s drunk but it’s only with his friends, or people he knows, not a complete stranger and not in a suggestive way like that.

Mingyu. His name was Mingyu.

And Mingyu called him cute and Wonwoo said all those things—

He suddenly feels like throwing up.

Wonwoo groans again, burying his face in his heads. He really wishes he was the type that forgets everything that happened the night before after getting drunk but sadly, that’s not the case.

"Stop groaning." A groggy voice complains and when looks down he’s almost relieved to find that the lump under the covers isn’t Mingyu but Soonyoung.


"Stop talking,” Soonyoung almost sobs, curling into a pathetic ball on the bed. "I’m dying. I’m dead. Kill me."

Wonwoo pats his jeans to find his phone and when he checks the time he sees that it’s already well past noon. It’s a Sunday today, meaning there’s no work and no classes, but that’s about the only thing that cheers him up a little bit in his miserable situation.

He feels a wave of panic wash over him when he notices the lack of glasses on his face but he spots them on Soonyoung’s bedside table and remembers how Mingyu took them off for him.

Wonwoo feels his face heat up in embarrassment. He reaches out for them with slightly trembling fingers and puts them on his face. There’s a full glass of water standing there too and Wonwoo knows it couldn’t have been Soonyoung who put that there.

Was it Mingyu? Either way, he drinks all of it in one go and proceeds to sit there like his entire soul has left his body.

No. No, it's fine.

Wonwoo isn’t going to see that guy ever again and it’s not like anyone but the two of them has witnessed what happened so he’ll just keep his mouth shut about it and pretend it never happened.

"Need to talk,” Soonyoung grumbles suddenly.


His best friend sits up on the bed, looking like he died and came back. He yawns, rubbing his head as he leans back against the headboard. "Tell me what happened."

"What are you talking about?" Wonwoo asks, trying to act nonchalant.

"Why the hell were you cuddling Kim fucking Mingyu in my bed last night?"

Well. Fuck.



"So did you get his number?" Soonyoung asks. They’re sitting in Soonyoung’s kitchen after cleaning most of the mess in the apartment, sipping on some coffee to ease the hangover they’re both experiencing.

"Why would I?" Wonwoo asks him. He lied and said that Mingyu fell asleep when he helped Wonwoo get into bed and that they must’ve started cuddling while they were asleep. He obviously didn’t tell Soonyoung all the things they said, especially not what Wonwoo said or did because that’s just something that someone needs to erase from his mind asap because he keeps physically cringing whenever he thinks about it.

"Because Mingyu is hot? Or is it because he’s a guy? Dude, we’re not homophobic!"

"No, that’s not it." Wonwoo sighs.

"Wait, are you into guys?" Soonyoung tilts his head. "I don’t think you ever even looked at a dude like that."

"That’s because I haven’t."

"But you do think Mingyu is hot, right?"

"Why does that even matter? I was drunk." Wonwoo shrugs, feeling uneasy. Of course he thinks Mingyu’s hot. Who wouldn’t think so? But he couldn’t ever admit that.

"I could get his number from Minghao if you want."

"No!" Wonwoo almost shouts. "No, Soonyoung. Just drop it please. I don’t want to think about it anymore. We were both drunk. It was nothing."

"If you say so.” Soonyoung pouts a little. "I just thought that maybe you finally found someone you might want to get closer to. Why not Mingyu?"

"That's a bit dramatic, don’t you think?"

"Not really. I’m not saying it’s bad that you’ve never dated anyone before. But you have to commit to a relationship if you want to get over your commitment issues. Face your fears, you know?"

"I know that. But trust me, Mingyu probably doesn’t even remember what happened and even if he does he’s probably embarrassed about it so I honestly don’t want to make a big deal out of this."

It's not like Wonwoo expected Mingyu to stick around, but the fact that the boy left without a word or like, you know, getting Wonwoo's number just proves that all of it was to blame on the alcohol the both of them had in their systems. Wonwoo doesn't really care.

(He does).

"But you know you’re going to see him again, right? He’s Minghao’s friend after all."

"I can avoid him." Wonwoo shrugs.

"I don’t think that’ll work." Soonyoung grins.

Wonwoo sighs.

He should know by now that Soonyoung’s always right.