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A Knitting Story in Four Quarters

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Getting access to the Yarnathon at 11PM instead of midnight on New Year’s Eve may not be the best part of moving to Indiana, but Finn thinks it probably runs a very close second.

“It’s 11,” Finn says, poking Puck in the shoulder with one finger. “Hit refresh.”

“I am! Remember, we’re going to be switched to a different team before the names switch.”

“I know, I know. I’m not gonna panic if we’re temporarily Hippopurlamus,” Finn says, refreshing his own laptop screen. He isn’t actually in Hippopurlamus, however. He’s a Stranda Bear. Finn leans over slightly to look at Puck’s screen: also Stranda Bears.

Puck glances at Finn’s screen and nods. “I think they know better than to put us on different teams by now. I bet there’s a sticky note on the computer and everything.”

Finn laughs. “Yeah, probably. Refresh again and see if it’s updated.”

“I’m refreshing, I’m ref—Cubs!”

“Yes! Me, too!” Finn says as his screen refreshes. “Want to do some Candyland colorway shopping or wait for morning, just in case?”

“I think I’m almost legally obligated to buy the one for the ‘Pucker Patch’, don’t you?” Puck says. “Plus, we barely have a quarter of the yarn room filled up so far.”

“I’m so happy we bought a house with a yarn room,” Finn says, for about the fiftieth time since they’d moved in four months ago.

“I’m also really happy we didn’t tell the realtor why we wanted three bedrooms instead of just two. He assumed we were planning on two kids, I’m pretty sure.”

“There’s absolutely nothing wrong with two adult men having a room just for storing and winding their yarn,” Finn says, somewhat defensively.

“And photographing it,” Puck reminds him, leaning over and kissing the corner of Finn’s mouth. “You’re getting really good at capturing the true color even with a lack of natural light.”

Finn shrugs. “The new camera helps.”

“You’re too modest. Oh, look! We can combine projects this year for yardage on the badges!”


“Mmmhmm,” Puck says, looking a little bit like he’s scheming. “And two badges for hats.”

“Hey, they made one just for you,” Finn says. He ruffles Puck’s hair.

“They practically made the entire booster club for us this year. Rainbow all the way!”

“I love it. We have to earn every single goddamn thing.”

“Oh yeah. I wish there was a rainbow badge,” Puck says. “I don’t know who Melanie Berg is, though. Do I?”

Finn shakes his head. “I don’t think so. I was kinda hoping it would be Stephen West so I’d have an excuse to knit something really crazy.”

“I’m going to look her up,” Puck says. He types furiously for a moment, then squints at the screen of his laptop. “Well, there’s… a lot of shawls.”

“And all the models are ladies again,” Finn sighs. “I like this Quist hat, though. Oh, and the Neverwhere shawl! Maybe I’ll do that one.”

“I’m going to do one of the ones with all the stripes. Maybe Joker and the Thief. I can get the candy mini-skein set, and we can give the shawls to our moms.”

“Oh yeah! I’ll pick one of the candy colors for Mom’s, so it’ll coordinate without being too matchy,” Finn says.

“They can wear them at the wedding,” Puck says, his eyes gleaming a little.

“We could knit Kaylee a little shell that matches, too. A different stripe color from Mom’s,” Finn suggests. “Maybe we could even make Jake and Kurt and Blaine some ties that match Kaylee’s.” He laughs a little. “Why did it take us this long to realize all the knitting opportunities that a wedding has?”

“We’ve been distracted for years now by the many, many knitting opportunities a baby would provide?”

“Sooooo many tiny sweaters, Puck!”

“Tiny socks,” Puck says.

“And the little hats,” Finn says. “Hey, do you think we could do a baby blanket version of the Persian thing?”

“Maybe we do twenty-four hexagons but graft them into two or three smaller blankets,” Puck says. “You know if we ever said this to non-knitters, they’d think we only want a kid to knit for it.”

“That’s not, like, the only reason.”

“It’s just a huge benefit that only knitters understand.”

“Oh yeah. Huge. So much cute baby stuff!” Finn agrees. “You want to go eat some pizza and wait for the countdown?”

“And cast on a hat?”

“Race you to the stash room.”