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Trails Dead Men Leave

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Humanity was incredibly fragile. Yes, their souls and physical matter were strong, but not their minds. They were flimsy at best, less than capable at worst. However, that sat well enough for the Royal Scientist. As he walked down the steps of his lab, and into a small hallway lit by bioluminescent fungi, he paused by a door. Like all the others it was painted a clinical white, but when he unlocked the door and opened it, the scenery changed. Gone were the white tiled floors, fungi trapped in suspended globes, and the chalk boards every few feet for his own musings. Instead the floor had a comfortable green rug, there were paintings on the wall, and a canopy bed. Sitting on it was a human, her body cloaked in a thick robe, and her hands holding a book. 

Sitting next to her was one of his experiments. A round skeletal face, with small eye lights produced more for the human's benefit than actual usability. A waste of magic, but the boy never listened. His hand was trailing along the human's exposed thigh, halting where the robe began, then trailed back down again. The human didn't seem to mind his touch, a problem that needed to be broken. 

"I see you're neglecting your duties again, S-15." 

The human jumped, dropping her book in the process, while the skeleton just gave him a lazy grin. In truth, it was the only look ever present on his face. "Just checking up on the human."

"Of course you are." Gaster gestured to the door. "Go 'check up' on the determination files. I believe Serpan has finally completed the initial repairs."

The human pressed her lips to the crown of his skull, before letting him go. The skeleton slid off the bed, and waltzed to the door, not sparing Gaster a second glance. Once the door was shut behind him, Gaster glanced back to the human. She hadn't bothered to pick up the book, and was merely staring. He made his way to the bed, and sat down next to her. The bed was still warm from where S-15 sat. Once again wasting his magic, clearly he had produced a false form of body heat for the human to indulge in.

Just to prove a point, he should run some magic drills later on. 

"I see that they keep finding ways into your room." The human shrugged. "I locked my door."

"I will repeat my warning then: Do not get attached." He pressed a hand against her thigh. He could still see her skin through the hole in his palms, but otherwise covered most of the flesh and muscle. She shuddered, but didn't pull away as he enjoyed her natural warmth. "They have a purpose, and they will fulfill it before your next steeping cycle. Whether it is a success or failure is entirely up to debate, however," He curled his fingers, his claws digging into her skin, eliciting a gasp from the human. "you are not so easily replaced. I will not have you shattered from an attachment to those abominations." 

His other hand trailed up to her chest, and parted the robe, revealing bare skin. He pressed his hand against the skin, and it began to bleed a reddish blue as he called his magic. It twisted and burrowed, before her back arched and a whine escaped her lips. He ignored the reaction as her soul floated up to him, coated in his magic. It was a royal purple that threatened to black depending on the light. There was stitches here and there that were a deep red. Outside of those, he didn't see anything out of the ordinary. Nothing that S-15 could accomplish without equipment and complex rituals, anyway. 

He pressed the soul back into her chest, and stood up. "I want you bathed, dressed, and in my room tonight."

"Yes, Sir."

He cupped her cheek, and leaned down, pressing his forehead to hers. Her eyelids fluttered shut from the gesture, and he felt her body temperature increase. Happy with her acceptance, he straightened up and left the room, locking it once again. When he turned back around, he found himself staring at a small child. This one was also skeletal in appearance, though the features were sharper. In that, it was easier to spot his parentage, even more so when he used his magic. 

He wrung his hands together, a pale, orange blush covering his cheek bones. "Is Mama not feeling good?"

"That is not how we speak, P-1."

The blush became darker, bordering on red. "I-is Mama not feeling well?"


"I-is the human-"

"She is doing perfectly well," He said. "however I have asked you and your fellow experiments to stay away from her outside of the projects."

The boy bowed his head, having the decency to look ashamed. In that regard, P-1 was superior to S-15. "Sorry."

He put a hand on the boy's shoulder and steered him around. "Now go back to your room. S-15 will retrieve you for a magic drill momentarily."

The boy did as he was told, his feet plodding hard against the tile. Seeing as that was out of the way, Gaster returned to the stairs and began making his way up to the lab. The mushrooms slowly became light bulbs, the silence, chatter, and the cold became warm. He opened the door, and it swung open to reveal a bookshelf. He carefully shut it back, and went to the large chair situated in front of a wooden desk. It creaked under his weight, and the leather molded to his body. He leaned back and put a hand in his pocket, extracting a box of cheap cigarettes and a lighter. He put the fag between his fangs, and flicked the lighter on. Smoke filled the room, and sparked against the magic that made up his being. His shoulders relaxed, and he felt himself lulling asleep. It had been awhile since he had a chance to rest, not with all the preparations for the Core going on. 

As if someone heard his thoughts, a heavy knock sounded at the door. Gaster let a billow of smoke escape his mouth. "Come in."

The door opened, a large worm monster slithered into the room. It stopped in front of him , and dropped a thick file from its maw, and onto the already cluttered desk. "These are the current levels of power the magic converter has created."

Gaster plucked up the file, keeping the cig between his teeth. It was going to be a long day. 

You fiddled with the night dress, your hand looping and unlooping the lacey hem between your fingers. You could no longer hear the chatter and banging of the scientists, the work day had long since ended. Gaster was prone to working long hours, but when he asked for you to come to his room, that usually meant he had a time he intended to stop. It had been awhile since either of you spent a night like this. Usually it was sitting up and playing chess, putting together a puzzle, or reading a book. 

Your thoughts ground to a halt as the door opened, and Gaster entered the room. He stared down at you, the empty sockets silently checking to see if you did as he asked. When he found nothing amiss, he took of his tab coat and hung it on a hook next to his door, before unbuttoning his white shirt. Once it was removed, you caught sight of the cracked and hardened husk of his exoskeleton.

He sat on the bed, and pat his lap. You crawled over to him, and did as he asked. Without missing a beat he kissed you, it was hard and his fingers dug into your hips, ripping through the night dress. When you felt the need for air, you pulled back, lips swollen and a metallic taste in your mouth. He had never been one for foreplay,at least with you, so it was no surprise when he began buckling his belt and a black and red dick made its way out of a small slit in his pelvis. It was slick with fluids, and already throbbing with need. 

"On your knees."

"Yes, Sir."

You scrambled off his lap and onto the tiled floor. The cold sent a shiver down your spine but it didn't stop you from getting between his legs, and slipping your mouth over his girthy cock. He always tasted vaguely of chemicals and lemons, almost like a liquid cleaner. When this all started two years ago, to you anyway, you had quickly learned not to complain about the taste. You gave a hard suck to his tip, before pushing your head forward. You couldn't take all of him in your mouth,he was far too long,but you did the best you could. What you couldn't fit in your mouth, you curled your hands over the sensitive flesh. 

At first he seemed unaffected. His gaze set in his neutral stare as you worked him, but slowly his mouth parted, and a hand fisted in your hair. When he became close, he bucked his hips and dragged your head up and down his shaft, taking over the roll completely. Spit escaped the sides of your mouth, and moans bubbled to your tongue. You could feel a slickness between your thighs, and it took everything you had not to dip a finger between your legs while he was using you. 

A hushed growl of your name, and your mouth becoming free, were the only warnings you got before something hot splat against your face. Two more got your chest, while another hit your collar bone. You had no time to lick off the offending mess, as he dragged you up by the hair and back into his lap. Two fingers pushed themselves into you. 

"So wet," His voice was deeper due to lust, and only served to make you that much more aroused. "and from sucking me off alone. Such a dirty slut."

He slipped his fingers out of your pussy, and a long tongue with a hole in the middle unfurled from his mouth. It was thicker than a human tongue, and was a similar black and red as his dick. His tongue curled around his fingers, prompting a low moan from you. He gave a low laugh and let his fingers go, before grabbing you and stabbing you on his cock. your walls stretched and burned, fighting to adjust to his size. Your hands flew up to his shoulders, and your fingers curled into the hardened 'skin' as he bucked his hips into yours. 

He leaned down and put a bruising kiss to your lips for just a moment, before making his way down your throat. He left harsh bites, marks, and all manner of magic that you would never be able to pick up. You were being thoroughly used, marked, and owned. Your only purpose in the Underground, as decreed by their king, and reinforced by their genius.