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"Be careful," Jack told the Doctor as the two of them stood outside of his TARDIS. He kissed the Doctor chastely on the lips trying to stall him for just another moment. He didn't want the Doctor to leave without him, but he couldn't go with him every time he left. He instead had to trust that his lover would return to him at the end of the day.

"I always am," The Doctor responded kissing Jack quickly back. Kissing in front of others still made him uncomfortable and he glanced over to make sure that the members of Torchwood hadn't noticed the open display of affection. He squeezed Jack's hand briefly before disappearing into the TARDIS and closing the doors tightly behind him. He glanced at the monitor seeing Jack standing there still waiting for the TARDIS to leave. He pressed his fingers briefly to the screen, then pulled the handbrake to send her on her way. He spent his day happily traveling around the universe. He saved a small civilization from the food shortage that had plagued them for years killing off most of their people. He then saved a little girl who had been taken hostage by one of the neighboring civilizations. Feeling accomplished, he stopped off on a small moon to pick up extra red bananas before making his way back to Cardiff. He was almost there when the TARDIS picked up a strange signal coming from London. Curious, he landed the TARDIS in a small alley in the heart of the city. He thought for a moment about bringing Jack into help but quickly pushed the thought away. Jack was busy in Cardiff and if he actually needed help he could bring Jack in later. Digging in the drawer under the console, he dug out a small device then made his way over to the door letting himself out.

He made his way confidently down the street, strolling as if he owned the place. People went around him, leaving him to his business as he watched the screen on the detector trying to find the anomaly that had alerted the TARDIS. As he walked a ball rolled out heading towards the street with a little boy chasing after it. He stopped the ball with his foot then knelt down to pick it up. The little boy approached cautiously as the Doctor held it out for him.

"Thank you, mister," The boy smiled as he reached out and took the ball. The Doctor stood making his way down the street again. He was about to give up and head back to the TARDIS when the detector finally signaled that he was close to his destination. He put it in his pocket switching it out for his trusted sonic. Scanning the area, he headed down the closest alley. As he walked someone stepped out of the shadows in front of them. He opened his mouth to question them when he felt the sharp pinprick of a needle pressing into his arm. Panicked he turned to run out of the alley as his legs gave out. He crawled as far as he could as the darkness overtook him. He woke up to find himself laying on the thin dirty carpet of an old home. His arms were tied behind his back and his legs were tied together. He tried to figure out how long he had been asleep for but the drugs still racing through his system made it impossible to think. His eyes felt heavy as he forced them over to see the strange man from the alley looming over him as a second man stood nearby.

"Let me go," The Doctor demanded with all the strength and anger he could manage. Even he had to admit, however, that he just sounded tired.

"No," A familiar voice spoke up from the other side of the room, just outside of his vision.

"Ianto?" The Doctor questioned turning his head towards the sound. It had been almost a year since he had last heard that voice but he still remembered it clearly. While Jack and Ianto had fought constantly the last few weeks Ianto had worked at Torchwood, the Doctor thought that he and the young Welshman had remained on semi-good terms despite what happened. In fact, he didn't even start dating Jack until Ianto had officially quit. "Why are you doing this?"

"Because the Captain needs to pay for what he has done," Ianto answered coming closer and kneeling down so that he could look the Doctor in the eyes. "Your death will only be the beginning of his suffering as he races to find you, only to find that it was too late to save you."

"You don't have to do this," The Doctor tried. A gag was shoved into his mouth effectively cutting off his words.

"Oh, Doctor, I'm not going to do anything," Ianto informed him, turning to leave the room. The Doctor's eyes widened in fear as the two men approached him. He fought desperately against the men as they took his body for their own pleasure over and over again. He begged for Ianto to come back and put a stop to his suffering but help never came. It was almost a relief when he felt the sharp prick of the needle push into his skin again and once more the darkness overtook him.

He moaned as he came slowly came back into awareness. The first thing that he was aware of was the fact that he was now laying on a cold wooden floor. The second thing was that it couldn't have been a floor as he was curled up on his side with no room to stretch out. His legs ached from being pushed up towards his chest and his whole lower body felt as if it were one giant bruise. He whimpered softly as he tried to move finding that he was unable to. He opened his eyes to find that he couldn't see anything in the darkness, not even the hand in front of his face. He moved his arm, his elbow bumping against the wall as he tried to find his sonic before remembering that those men took his clothes. He shuddered as he fought not to be sick. He took a short breath as he tried to get his bearings. Feeling along the sides, he figured out that he was in a small wooden box. There was no room to move trapping him on his side. There were less than five centimeters between the top of his shoulder and the lid of the box. He lifted his arm pushing on the box, but there was no way to dislodge it. He tried not to panic as he pushed harder desperate to free himself. No matter how hard he tried, though, the lid remained in place. Fear washed over him causing him to twist in the small space. He kicked out at the bottom of the box and pounded on the sides as hard as he could.

"Pease Ianto, just let me go," He cried out hoping for an answer that in his hearts he knew would never come. It wasn't like he hadn't been a prisoner or had his life threatened before. When you were over nine-hundred years old and had space and time at your fingertips, you were bound to make somebody mad or break a strange law that you didn't even know existed on some far off planet. This was different, however. He knew the man holding him captive but up until he woke in that room, he would have never imagined that the young Welshman could be capable of something like this.

"I demand that you release me," He yelled, but still he received no answer. There was little oxygen in the small box and it made it hard to think. He might have been able to find a way out of the box if only he could remember how he ended up here in the first place. All he knew he was cold, sore, in pain, and more afraid than he had been in a very long time. This box was his cell and he had a sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach that this box would also be his grave. Curling into himself as much as possible, he hoped silently that Jack would find him in time.