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Killer Romance - the Complete Series

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Chad's not scared of Jensen.

He's not.


Just because Jensen's some kickass, assassin-type guy with mad skills, and fast hands, and dead fucking eyes that are boring into Chad's skull and down to the very depths of his soul doesn't mean that Chad's scared of the guy.




Jensen keeps staring at him, but Chad is not going to flinch, or fidget, or fling himself from his office window in terror. He's no punk ass, dammit. He's the motherfuckin' man, and Jensen had better recognize!

Jensen's dead, doll eyes roll towards the ceiling as he snorts. "I don't know what you're thinking right now, but I'm pretty sure it's stupid."

"Oh, yeah," Chad says, "well so's your face."

"Oh, God." Jensen rubs at his temples. "I just want you to know I'm in pain right now."

Chad perks up.

"Saying this is giving me physical pain," Jensen continues. "But I think we need to... Christ... We need to get along."

"Fuck no, we don't," Chad says. "I hate you. You hate me. I think our mutual animosity is working well for us."

"Oh, don't get me wrong," Jensen says, "if it were up to me, I'd have your skin suit drying over my shower curtain rod-"

"Dude, gross."

"But I can't kill you," Jensen says. "Or gouge out your eyes with a spoon. Or pull out your tongue with a pair of pliers. Or-"

"Put a lot of thought into this, have we?"

Jensen shrugs. "You're Jared's best friend. For some unknown, unholy, unbelievable reason. He... likes you. As a person. Or whatever."

"Me and the Sasquatch have been through a lot together over the years," Chad says smugly. "Lots of years. Way more years than your pretty ass has been around."

Jensen closes his eyes and takes a deep, long, slow breath. Chad studies him.

"Skin suit?" Chad guesses.

"Tongue pliers," Jensen says. "That's my favorite. I only pull out the skin suit one on special occasions."

"Oh." Chad frowns. "Like what kind of special occasions?"

"Like when you interrupted our anniversary dinner."

Chad almost cringes. "In my defense, that was before I knew you two were for real and everything. I still mostly thought you were some kind of long-rent hooker. You know, like how some people live in hotel rooms?"

Jensen closes his eyes and takes a deep, long, slow breath.

"Skin suit," Chad asks again.

"Yep," Jensen says. He opens his eyes and practically pins Chad to his chair. "Anyway, like I said, we need to start getting along. I love Jared, and I think you care about him too, in your own unique, odd, little way. And Jared loves me and has some sort of strange, Godforsaken affection for you. So... Therefore... Fuck it. Let's just try to not get on each other's nerves too badly, okay?"

Chad looks from the gleam of insanity in Jensen's eyes, to the tick in his lower jaw, to the steady clench of the fingers of his left hand, like he was imagining choking the life out of someone.

"Whatever," Chad says. "But, know this, you break Jay's heart and you and me are gonna have words. Skin suit or not."

Jensen stares at him for a moment. "You're not all horrible, are you, Murray?"

Chad smiles. "I do have my moments."