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Deadly Game

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He's always eager to please. Like a young puppy running after its owner, hoping for a treat. Why everybody seems to be blind to this side of him, he doesn't understand. They call him cold and emotionless. How could he ever be?

It's worse with his father.

He tried everything. Standing with him, as support; standing against him, to show he can have his own opinion and fight for it. But it's never enough, never the right thing.

But that's not why he hates his father so much.

He hates him for making him want this, want to try, want to care. Because he has seen the result of this game. It had claimed Zak's life. It might claim his life, too.

Zak had done everything their father wanted. No matter the costs. Even Kara had played into his hands. No matter the consequences.

Was that his faith as well? Die trying?

Or would his father open his eyes and see. See what he was doing. The pain, the anger, the hurt, the loss, the no return.

And the others? Would they come to recognize him as what he truly is? One of them. Fighting for them, dying for them.