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She had the world

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Following their sunrise watching, Beca and Chloe proceeded to kick off the blanket wrapped around them and make their way inside. From there they made breakfast (despite it only being 5:30am) and sat at the small dining table, eating it at a leisurely pace.

Beca pushed her cereal around its bowl with her spoon, ate a mouthful, grimaced and then put the spoon back into the bowl.
"Ugh, someone needs to make cereal that doesn't turn into baby food when you add milk to it." She complained, pushing the bowl away from her.
Naturally, Chloe giggled at this, continuing to eat her more appetizing (as Beca now realised) scrambled eggs with exaggerated enjoyment. "Well," Chloe smirked, "you could just not put milk in it…"

Beca shrugged non-committedly, replying "Nah, all good cereal needs milk."
Chloe shook her head with a smile, and placed down her fork. "You're such a dork, Beca."
"Don't tell anyone." Beca loudly whispered, winking at Chloe playfully before she stood from the table and threw the rest of her cereal into the trash, sighing with discontentment when she finally placed the bowl in the sink.

"Was your cereal really that disappointing?" Chloe grinned with amusement.
"Yep." Beca replied simply, instead deciding to focus on her orange juice which she sipped slowly, watching as Chloe finished her food.

"…So, we've got all of today and until like 10am tomorrow." Chloe said after a small pause, "what should we do?"
Beca shuffled in her chair and shrugged, "I don't know…I mean, I don't really want to think that it's gonna be over tomorrow, y'know?"
Chloe reached out across the table to link her and Beca's hand; she gave it a reassuring squeeze, "hey now, "she cooed, "we'll always have the memories, Bec' and look at us!" she waved their joined hands as to prove a point, "we have each other!"

Beca smiled softly, "you're right, Chlo'."
She disentangled their hands so she could push her chair away from the table and stand, so in turn she could walk around the table and wrap her arms around Chloe.
Beca hummed lowly as she planted a gentle kiss to Chloe's cheek. Chloe reciprocated with a giggle and a blush, her smile only deepening with Beca's tender touch.

"God, it'd be so nice if I could see this side of you always." She said absently as Beca continued to embrace her.
Running a hand through Chloe's ginger tresses, Beca replied with a slow and thoughtful tone, "Well, you could, y'know…I mean, if we uh, told the Bellas and you could maybe stay at my place sometime?"
Chloe grinned, "Are you sure?"
Beca breathed in and let out a shaky exhale, "Nope, not at all," and then she gave a breathy laugh, "But, it'll be easier, for both of us."
Chloe closed her eyes, still smiling as she breathed out with contentment; she craned her neck and pecked Beca's lips before she murmured, "I love you."
Beca's expression lightened, "I love you, too."

There was a brief silence where they simply stared at each other, adoration in their gazes. Then suddenly, Beca's expression began to widen. Her mouth opened and curled into a mischievous smile, one that provoked Chloe's imploring nature into trying to figure out Beca's abrupt train of thought. Beca gave a small, self-assuring nod of the head, then said "Hey Chlo', I just remembered somethin'."
Chloe's brow knitted into a thoughtful scowl, "what?" she asked, mystified.

"So…do you remember last week? Like, Aubrey seemed really uptight about this whole thing?"
Chloe nodded, baring a humoured smile that seemed to acknowledge her best friend's behaviour from their last meeting.
"Well, I never told you this but according to her, she knew all about my crush on you and she asked what my 'intentions' were." Beca revealed this with a cheeky grin and with the same air quotes gesture she had used when Aubrey was interrogating her just over a week prior. Then she continued to watch with enjoyment as Chloe's expression broke into bewilderment and the redhead, of whom couldn't believe what she was hearing, erupted into a melodious laughter.
"Seriously?!" Chloe gasped out, giggling uncontrollably, "Jeez, it's been a while since she's done that."

"A while?! You mean she's done this before?"
Chloe nodded, her expression nostalgic, "Yep. She used to do it all the time but I told her to stop…"
"I wonder why." Beca smirked.
"I still can't believe she did that to you though Bec'. God, I have to talk to her about that…"
Beca flicked her wrist dismissively, "Nah it's cool, just thought I'd tell you. Let's just focus on today, yeah?"
Chloe's grinned, winking playfully at Beca, "Yeah yeah, whatever you want babe," She wriggled free of Beca's embrace and stretched out her arms; with a yawn, she added, "What do you wanna do, then?"

Beca scratched her head and looked around the kitchen, hoping as if something interesting to do would just magically appear in front of her – She unfortunately, had no such luck. She hummed a thoughtful tone and pouted a little, "I honestly have no idea…"

"What time is it?" Chloe asked.
Beca looked at the clock, "6:30am" she replied, a little surprised as she had forgotten how early they had gotten up and moreover, surprised that she wasn't tired at all. Chloe's fingers drummed a pattern on the table's surface but then she turned away from the table to face Beca and she grinned a smile of sudden inspiration. Although, she did have to cough to make Beca look away from the clock.
When Beca finally saw Chloe's expression, she smirked. "I know that face," she humoured, "What have you planned now, Beale?"
Chloe continued to smile widely, "Just get dressed, I'll tell you after."


Beca emerged from the bedroom, having gotten ready after Chloe. The redhead was sat at the table flicking through a magazine; Beca approached her silently. She watched for a moment as Chloe hummed a little tune to herself and at that, Beca smirked.
"Enjoying yourself there?" She asked playfully, smirk only increasing as Chloe jumped from her seat at the sudden noise.
"Jesus!" Chloe yelped as she stood with dramatic prose, magazine rolled up in her hand defensively.
Beca chuckled," Nope, just me." And she winked at Chloe's embarrassed pout.

"You're such an ass, Beca"
"Really? You called me Jesus just a second ago."
Chloe hit Beca on the arm with the magazine.
Chloe shook her head, but giggled anyway. "Okay come on, seriously now, are you all ready?"
"Yes I am, thank you for asking." Beca replied as she snatched the magazine from Chlo, hit her back and then tossed the booklet onto the couch of the open plan living space adjoined to the kitchen, smirking as Chloe mocked a shocked reaction.
"…Okay, now I'm ready." Beca said after a second.
Chloe rolled her eyes good naturedly. She grabbed Beca's hand and lead her through the kitchen/living space to the door, explaining as they went.

"Okay, so I remember looking through some leaflets about this place before we left and I distinctly remember some talk of there being a cute little village nearby that's apparently a great place for tourists. Apparently there are old fashioned bars but also some small tea shops and like, those independent quirky stores that sell-"
"Chlo'," Beca interrupted, "you wanna go there, right?"
Chloe bit her lip, "Was it that obvious?" She asked sheepishly.
"Yeah but I don't mind. Sure, visiting a 'cute village' isn't exactly my thing but who knows, I might be pleasantly surprised…this whole week has been a massive eye opener, honestly."

By that point, they had left the cabin, locked its door and reached the car. Excitedly, Chloe kissed Beca and hugged her tightly, pushing the smaller girl against the car door to which Beca chuckled uneasily.
"Thank you Becs, you're the best!"
"I know I know," Beca wheezed, "but I'm kind of pushed against the door and you're crushing me so please move." She said quickly.
"Oh!" Chloe yelped out, "Sorry," she apologised, stepping away from Beca quickly.
"Don't worry, now c'mon let's get moving."

They got into the car, did up their seat belts and Beca started the ignition. The car purred into life; the radio came on and began to play quietly in the background as Beca backed the car out of the cabin's gravel driveway. Slowly, she did a 3 point turn and finally drove the car out onto the road they entered from nearly a week prior with Beca giving a quick glance to Chloe as to which direction she should head in –The answer being to turn left at the end of the small road that lead from the main path to the cabins. They drove in almost silence, the quiet hum of the road playing (by a not all too hilarious coincidence) 'Titanium' enough to satisfy the need for sound. Chloe murmured along with the words whilst Beca focused on the road, though with it being so empty she occasionally looked over at Chloe and smiled in adoration of the redhead's interest in watching the passing nature and her gentle singing voice, unhindered by those pesky nodes of hers.

After a few moments, Beca came to a small realisation. She smirked.
"Y'know, we never actually went fishing…even though there's a massive fishing lake no less than 25 metres from our cabin."
Chloe, in her daze, jumped at the sound of Beca's voice and unfortunately, took a small while to process the sound. She stared at Beca and scowled thoughtfully, "Hmmm, you're right...We don't even have any fishing rods so it's not like we could anyway."
Beca's thumbs played a rhythm on the steering wheel as she drove into a turning she had almost missed. After a mumble of curses, she nodded, "Fishing's kind of boring so I'm not too bothered by that." She said, shrugging.
"Same here." Chloe agreed before turning back to the window to continue her singing.

The drive wasn't long, perhaps 20 minutes at the most. Though, in that short time the gentle quiet of the radio had raised until both Beca and Chloe were singing along to the music; Chloe bobbed along enthusiastically and although Beca would've liked to, she was still driving and so she kept her movements to the minimal. When they drove up into the village (Which wasn't nearly as small as Chloe had seemingly described), they gained a few odd looks as Beca looked for a spot to park. Though, this may have been because it was still very early and the only people out were either jogging or on their way to work and most likely had not expected a car with two young adults to randomly drive into their peaceful little lives.

Beca drove into a parking spot on the side of a street and pulled the handbrake. Her lips were pulled into a line that made her expression comically awkward and she gave a small humoured sigh.
"Chloe," She said, gaining her girlfriend's attention, "Its 7:10Am."
Chloe smiled knowingly, as if she knew that was what Beca was going to say.
Beca's brows rose in disbelieving fashion; her gawking expression only leading Chloe to giggle, then she leant across the car and pecked Beca on the cheek. "I know," Chloe murmured, "It gives us more time for fun."
"More like more time for you to spend on buying stuff." Beca deadpanned in reply.
"You know me too well!" Chloe returned, voice chipper and cheeky as ever. She opened her door and then gestured across the street. "Look Becs', there's a diner over there."
Beca rolled her eyes, "You've already eaten." She stated, though she still opened her own door and followed Chloe with compliance, because who was she to deny food?
"Yeah, and?" Chloe queried with a shrug.
"Well…nothing, I suppose."
Chloe grabbed Beca's hand to quicken their pace. Almost excitedly, she pulled Beca towards the diner, the Dj in tow simply shaking her head with a fond smirk on her face.

"It's our last day," Chloe unfortunately reminded, "So, we better spend it well!"